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So I've literally been thinking about this for...

So I've literally been thinking about this for years, then I had my son my mind is made up and it's been hard financially and all you dolls know bbl is very costy I'm leaning towards Duran but honestly it's hard to reach her but I'm so tired of the messy body I'm desperate...I want this done feb 2017 hopefully by then with help from you guys I can get everythibg straighten up

Diff Doc

So I've been looking at other doctors such as Yilly and Baez and also Manuel Diaz...the only difference I see is Duran gives you the heart booty but I also want the waist of a lifetime..any suggestions would be great posting some pics it's a bit embarrassing but at least I'm on the verge of trying to get it fixed


So I got a quote from Dr.Mcadoo posted a screenshot of everything that's included in the price and a deposit 1000.. He's Miami I've seen some of his work and although I like his work not enough on the waist.. I breathe and sleep bbl I'm just so tired of the way my body is the other day I posted a picture and some girl asked me if I was pregnant I was so hurt and depressed

Baez Gave Me a Quote

So late last night I received an email a quote from Bae. The email was very well detailed I screenshot a pic for you guys to see what it includes. I've read so much reviews it kinda left me double thinking is all that truly included or will I end up paying extra anyway ... Well after reviewing and thinking of all the expense I would need about 6,000 over all because massages alone is 300$ per her email so now I'm waiting for Duran and Diaz to send me a quote so I can see which would be best financially then lower to the best 2 surgeons

I'm still debating????????

Alright so dr.Manuel Diaz reached back nd honestly he's been great with communication especially on whattapp I posted a pic of his quote to me..I don't know if I need a tummy tuck the scar scares me plus I already have s cection scar I don't want anymore I was hoping a little lipo would help me instead

Yily Dolly

Hello dollys so dr.yily got back to me after I harassed her on whatsapp Lool it worked I got an email back she quoted 4,050 but it includes 6 days in a triple room recovery but I was really thinking of getting my own little space and just hire a nurse for 2 nights any ideas of close by place please help because my husband is coming with and its like an extra 65 for guess per night so we decided to get a bit more privacy. So now without the recovery house Yily says to deduct 550 out of the quote making it 3500 but it doesn't include massages sighhh so in reality I'm trying to leave with 4500 just incase I change my mind and do a recovery home but I've made my redivision..Yily it is!!! I want to see more of her work I posted some wish pics tell if you guys think their possible to reach...will be making my 300$ deposit next week

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