BAEZ DOLL 1-26-2015!!

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Ok, so I've been stalking this website for about 3...

Ok, so I've been stalking this website for about 3 months now and finally decided to go through with getting the BBL I've been wanting for so long. I'm 26, mother of 1, and I live in Houston, TX. I'm Nigerian and Cuban and all of my sisters have the bodies to match that..... except me of course. I've always been smaller, an athlete, was a size 4 in hs and a size 6 in college. Then I had my son, thought I would get thick and just got saggy boobies and muffin top lol. Sooo... cut to lol and here we are. I spoke to a few Dr. and got quotes (some of which were outrageous) and researched a bunch of Drs. Now there are a couple drs in houston and atlanta that i thought did great work but all of the before pictures were of big girls (who I think are ideal for this surgery and easier to work with). It's girls like me where you really have to find the fat to make the curves that I think show that a Dr. has some skills. Hence my decision to become a YILY DOLL!! WOOOO!!! A lot of her clients have bodies closer to what I'm working wit, few pounds here and there, muffin top and some back fat lol and from what I've seen she will give you REAL CURVES! I hate to see girls pay 7-10 grand for a BBL and leave with no hips and a 40" butt. It doesn't look natural and it doesn't look good. Sooo... cut to, I received my quote and a super long email of instructions from Dr. Yily and I'm so excited and nervous and not sure what to do next. My date is booked. I'm not sure what recovery house to stay in, I'm leaning towards staying in a recovery house for the first 3-4 days and then going to a hotel like another realselfer did. Any advice would be most welcome. Any one else going this fall?? Any advice for a realself newcomer?

Possible Dr Change?????

Ok Ladies!
Any advice on this would be most helpful but..... I think I'm changing to Dr. Australia Baez! I've seen reviews for her and pictures of her work and I think she does a great job but even more important, she's faaaaar more responsive than Dr. Yily. I've emailed Dr. Yily 3 times in the last 3 weeks and received 1 response. I've emailed Dr. Baez 2 times in the last 24 hours and recieved 2 responses! She answers all of my questions, I don't feel like I'm getting automated responses from her and when it comes to getting sliced open, I kinda don't wanna be a number I need to be an individual who receives individualized attention. Dr. Yily being awesome and being busy is great, that means shes about her stuff but it's also kind of a negative (at least to me). Anyone who has any advice would be awesome!!


I am back on RS, ready to make moves and so much has changed!! I am all set and booked for my surgery with Dr. Baez on January 26, 2015 and I cannot wait! In the time that Ive been gone, a whole lot of soul searching has taken place. For a while, I had decided that I wasn't going to go thru with surgery, that I was just gonna hit the gym hard and whatever results I ended up with would just be what I got. Well I stuck to that, hit the gym hard and with the help of Shaun T and his T25 DVD's (he tried to kill me yall!), I lost inches and pounds I forgot I had! I was feeling myself yall! Then I got a new job, was spending all my time in the office during the day and chasing a 2 year old at night and me and Shaun T had to part ways. When I tell yall that late night eating andthem sedentary work days got the best of me bae bae!!! lol I found every inch I lost and was crying in a corner lol. I got to the point where I was like you know what, this is what I want, my man is willing to cover everything, I don't have to feel ashamed of my decision either way and I gotta be happy for me so here we are! I'm beyond excited and confident in Dr Baez and her work. I'm supposed to be headed down there with a Soror but she waiting on a refund check ya'll...... so she probably wont be making it lol so if anybody is going around that time LET ME KNO YALL!! I will not be staying in one of those struggle recovery homes tho lol I've read one too many horror stories on here. But I'm here for it yall!!! I'm still considering posting pre-surgery photos on here lol but I might hit yall with some measurements or something. Ok bye boos!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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