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Ok, so I decided to actually write something. I...

Ok, so I decided to actually write something. I was shying away from writing anything considering all the drama and backlash I've seen unravel in a place where were all supposed to support each other. Anywho, ive heard of people stealing pics. I will not be posting any up, I will however send some if I get close to any girls on here. So, my surgery is 11 days away ahhhhhhh!!!!! Everytime I say it I swear my heart skips a beat lol.....also if anyone knows any massage therapists in the NYC area please lemme know. So, I've gathered lists from different girls here of what is absolutely far I have.....

Bobby pillow
Maxi dresses
Underwear two sizes bigger
Wife beaters
Tank tops
Epi foam
Maxi pads
Protein shakes

Please let me know anything else I might absolutely need.

Oh I forgot to mention my mom n I will both be getting the surgery on the same day. With dr yily. I absolutely have fallen in love with her work. Anyway, I have to go soon I'm going to get my passport today At The same day office.....ill get back to u dolls soon! :)

So I finally got my passport ...yayyyy me!!! Super...

So I finally got my passport ...yayyyy me!!! Super last minute I know. It was so quick though and such an easy process. I was in the office for less than two hours overall. Anyway, I've started dreaming of the surgery.....not nightmares more like thinking I was in surgery but awake so I was afraid to move and when I wake up I'm confused as to where I am. Oh, also I have a sore throat -_- and my period and I leave on Tuesday, my surgery is Wednesday. Biggest pancake face ever. Ughhh!!!! Also ill post my measurements tonight when I take them. I'm also going to start packing.....I forgot to give u girls some background on myself first time I posted so here it is. I'm 24 years old. I have one child and my husband isn't completely against the surgery but does think I don't need it. He just keeps telling me he's gonna miss me, I'm gonna miss him sooo much too. Him and my son. Well yea I'm going with my mom and I'm getting a bbl done i was quoted 3000 from dr.yily confirmed for the 21st of may . I will arrive the 20th and I will be taking at jmspa for 4-5 days then at my aunts. Anyways be back tonight with my measurements.

Four days til I becomes yily doll!!!!

Omg it's four days awayyyy!!!!!!! I can't even begin to explain my nerves lol ...but I'm oh so excited as well. Leaving my husband and son is definitely going to take a toll on me but I know this is only temporary.

Oh my!

Tuesday is almost here, my nerves have officially taken over!

At the airport...

I'm at the airport going to board at 1: 13... Recieved an email that j.m spa is unavailable for our stay because of renovations so they won't be picking me up.....yily sent an email saying her driver will be there for us...thank su so much to her because n.m spa didn't even let us know yesterday we called and they confirmed. Super upset about that....will get back you girls on the other side.pray for me!!


So dr. Yily is NOT working with j.m spa any longer......I repeat she is NOT working with them, her assitantyira claims that they left a few of us hanging, and they are very disappointed. They did my blood work tonight and are searching for a recovery house for us to say at right now I'm at a family members house. Get back to u girls soon

Going in....

Ok girls going to the clinic keep me in ur prayers!!!

Just met...

Just met n jadore26 hey guerrilla!!! Lol got my EKG every was great ow waiting for my chest x ray and room!

Out of surgery/Cipla

I'm out of surgery, this pain is no effin joke I HATE the nurses here even yily says they're shit in massive pain get back on later

Healing begins

In lost of pain bruising and stiffness but forward we go. Tomorrow is my first massage. Ill let u ladies know go,w that goes and will be able to give u a full review once I feel better.

In pain.

So ladies I'm at Cipla overnight because there is a stabbing pain in my ass that won't let me even sit in it without crying like a baby they are doing a sono n trying to figure out what went wrong.


Tell me how I squirm for a needle the size of your middle finger to go in me and this piece of shit ugly ass bitch ass assistant doctor gets mad n yells at me, so I told her I'm in pain n she said her job is to ad,insisted injections not hear moaning n groaning from patients, I told her if she didnt like to hear moaning from patients then she should've picked a different profession. At this point, were both yelling at the top of our lungs. I told her to get out of my room, n she leaves yelling some crazy shit so I'm yelling crazy shit back n she lunges at me like if she's gonna hit me!!! I was like bitch plllleeesaaaassseee hit me pleaaaaassseeeeeeeed ill have ur whole fucking career destroyed n own all ur shit before even getting on the plane to NY smh no fucking professionalism. That shit would never fly in n.y. Ugh

So the pain....

Ladies if ur allergic to penicillin get ready for the pain. They took a sono of my beautiful new booty and it revealed that when they inject the fat obviously it sticks together since its in a foreign, they give u penn. to make them soften up after and avoid so much pain.........I'm allergic. So I have pain meds and a newly found patience. I do breathing exercises n get strength where I don't have it. Because I was not going to allow this pain to overcome me, I have a husband and son awaiting me desperately n I need to be strong for them.

The stay at Cipla and $$

Forgot to write, they wanted to charge me. For the stay, the tests, the nurses, the food, the medicine, everything even the water. -_- GOD BLESS MY DOCTOR YILY she took care of half the bill without even us asking her. I have had complications, but none at all have been because other, she truly showed how much she cared, and felt for her patients and wanted the best for them. She cried when I was frustrated n was crying like a baby, we laughed together, and she even paid for it. And my body not to mention looks freaking amazingggggg!!! She's is an excellent doctor, a compassionate woman, and she possesses a beautiful soul.
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