Much Needed Makeover: BBL, TT, Breastlift W/implants - Dominican Republic

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I became overweight very young,started in 3rd...

I became overweight very young,started in 3rd grade. My heaviest was 245 lbs at the age of 23 or so,married the whole 9. I have gotten older, lost weight currently 170lbs, 5'3. During these years I've had 3-C sections and breastfed my kids and lost weight. Needless to say my breast paid the price. I was a full 36C now well they look like the female dogs tits once they have given birth to puppies, lol (smh). I'm happy I lost the weight but now I have loose skin. I'm not trying to be a size 2, I like being thicker. I just want to be thick in the right areas and it look good. I want a BBL, TT, Breastlift w/implants to become size D-cup and I need a armlift. I have been searching all over for doctors: Dr. Salsma, Dr. Curves, Dr. Ortega and Dr. Fisher. All was asking too much and wanted to space it out. I have kids, bills and I can't keep taking off of work like that! I need a one hitter quitter, be over and done with. I have other important goals need to be addressed and financed. During my research I ran across this lady on you tube talking about her journey in the Dominican Republic, which at the time I didn't think twice about going. Until it came up some more during my search, so I began searching and I came up with Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily and I feel in love with Dr. Yily's work. So I choose her,I want that hourglass shape, to be snatched by Mrs. Yily herself! I am afraid to go there alone. I'm from down South in Florida, so I am looking for a sx buddy. I will leave February 22 and surgery February 23rd. I will stay at the R.H.for 10 days. I'm tired of staying home, not wanting to go shopping because I hate how I look in clothes. Or I always have to wear a faja. Always being self concise of my body, it affects all aspects of your life in every form. I'm ready to do something about it and complete my journey.

Sx day February 23, 2016 need a sx buddie.

I sent my $300.00 deposit through my bank account (pop money), on October 26, 2016 around 7:00am . I got my email from Dr. Yily same day around 5:41pm, securing February 23, 3016. I just screen shot my information, then emailed her with it, that's it. So now I'm looking for a buddie. I'm excited, and looking forward to becoming a Yily Barbie, but I'm afraid of going alone. I need someone who we can look out for each other, so we can go home in a better state that we came. More than being afraid, I'm tired of not being able to look good naked in front of my husband. Who will not be able to go with me. He didn't want me to have any sx, he would tell me "he accepts me the way i am"But after seeing how unhappy I really am, and effecting our sex life. He slowly came around. I'm doing this for me, my self confidence and self esteem. I am currently buying supplies, that I need so I don't have to do it all at once. Next thing im working on will be Airplane ticket round trip, from Orlando, Fla. I don't want any more kids, so I can focus on myself some, well deserved. I'm still researching more concerned of post op. These are more wish pics.

Starting going back to the gym!

I was going to the gym faithfully and going to boxing boot camp. But I began doing overtime on my job, and of course it became too much for me. I became burned out, and stop exercise all together. But I didn't really gain weight just few lbs. most of the time I watched what I ate,lol. Anyways yesterday I went back to the gym. I'm going 3-4 days a week, watching what I eat and drinking more water. I do stair master for 30-40 min, burn around 400-500 calories and I lift weights for 20 mns, 3 sets of 15. I want to be around 160-165 when I go for surgery. I'm 5'3" I don't want to be skinny, just thick in the right places. What all my surgery don't do I will tone and seal the deal at the gym once I've healed, but I want her to get it close or get it done. So then I can just maintain. Being realistic I thinks best, so even if your results are better than its a plus. But I've read to exercise, be in shape before sx, it will help recovery more better. Also to eat real pineapples before and after sx, will help you heal quicker. I only take multi vitamins and B 12.

Change of Doctor.

I had my mind set on Yily, doing my surgery. I sent the deposit off three different times, all three times wasn't successful. The deposit was $300.00. She didn't receive the deposit, not on my behalf. She sent me a email that it was now $500.00 deposit. My quote was for the $300.00 deposit, I felt that should have remained as the $300.00 agreement. So I decided to look for another doctor. I found Dr. Medina, she responded quickly and I have found a doctor I'm more comfortable with. The deposit is paid and my February 23, 2016 date is secured. So next is passport and then plane ticket. Time is ticking fast! I have been buying supplies, night gowns, slippers etc.., already. I would like a surgery buddy, if not I will go alone.

Dr. Tania Medina sx date changed

I put in for Senorita Vacation, didn't get the exact date I requested. So I got most just short 1-2 days. So I changed sx date to February 25, 2016. I emailed her asked for a change in date. Emailed me back same day, with the change. Perfect!

Order supplies : Free bloopy pillow BBL

I ordered my bloopy pillow from site: . The discount code is for $40.00 code: boopy4bbl all you pay for is shipping $14.99. I ordered supplies from amazon: flattening abdominal board,Liposuction foam,female urination device,bio oil 2oz, Arnica Cream, Rose Oil, Scar Away Treatment. Pass Port for first timers at Court House: $110.00 money order or check, Pass port ID from Walgreens $13.00 at Sam's Club I was told half that price for the picture, $25.00 process application fee Total $143.00 it takes 4-6 weeks to come in the mail. I have bought supplies during the whole time I was deciding if I would get surgery. So it's just few things left. Next project is Airplane ticket.

Income Tax Refund

The first day to file for refund is January 19th. I am using my refund to pay for my surgery. No one is getting anything from this year's refund, 2016 is my year! I have a good year around career, so my kids stay straight. But it seldom that I do for myself.

Have everything, now the count down begins!

I recieved my passport, Air plane ticket booked n paid, all my supplies came from Amazon, and I got the rest from Walmart. Income tax refund is accepted and it will arrive any day til February 9th. Got Feb. 24th until March 10th off work. I plan to stay from Feb24th to March 1st, not staying 10 days unless need be. Air plane $365.00 round trip but I have to go to Miami, Fla which is 1 hour 1/2 hrs away from home. It's getting real, I cant wait im excited and scared all at the same time. Just thinking of my results.

Supplies and 13 days and a wake up! Want bubble butt bbl.

Medina text me to check up on me to see if I'm ready for sx. Also to send her my information of airplane ticket. She also asked if I would need George for transportation. If I don't do my breast I will get thighs liposuction that's $300, for both thighs. I asked her about the amount of cc she put into bbl. I personally want 2,000 to 2,300 into each cheeks I want a bubble butt with some projection. Do it big or don't go at all. I'm not small framed so 300-400cc wont make much difference for me. She said it depends on the amount of fat she can get. I have enough, lol that's no problem. I'm off work today so I took all supplies out wrote them down, and packed it all up. So I can know if it fits. And how much I will have to pay for luggage's fees. I got wheelchair on travel back home. No stop going or coming it'll take 2 1/2hrs going and coming.

5 days and a wake up, getting my blood work.

I went through Labcorp, CBC and HIV test $109.00. Results come within 48 hours, they will email me results. The wait for taking testbwas very quick 10 mins total. I took HIV test few months ago. Dr. Medina asked for current test, which ment more money to spend, smh. I want to take as much money as I can, as well as leave some behind for the kids. Everybody wants and needs something or" mom buy me this, i need that"14 yr old daughter want to go everywhere all of a sudden. Nope I'm being frugle (tight), with the cash,lol. I got to do this for me and I ain't gone let no one get in my way, I keep telling myself. To be honest you feel its selfish, n my kids always come first. Especially I already knowbi have to do a second round in order to achieve my desired results. Which is OK I guess, as long as round 2 is not for the same exact surgery. I'm not scared just yet. Actually I'm just busy with life. I think about it. Reality comes when I leave to go to the Air plane. I hate yo fly, but I'm going. When my results come in I'll let y'all know what's what. O and I'm eating liver daily. This last week I'm doubling up on iron pills.

12.8 hemoglobin need a 14, help by 2-24-16

Results 12.8 already taking Feosol and Vitamin Code, once a day 5wks before now. Have to up my game. Went to store got some Orange juice, Beet carrot juice, cooking liver and onions and Geritol liquid. Needless to say Geritol is nasty, but o well. I have start taking them 4 times per day. Eat liver twice daily. Orange juice helps absord the iron intake. Two more points ill be at level 13. Dr. Medina requirements for surgery:
Under 12 no surgery
Level 12. 1 surgery
Level 13. 2 surgeries
Level 14. 3 surgeries
I want BBL, TT and breast lift w/gummy bear implants size 36-38D.
If I only can do two surgeries it will be BBL and TT.
If only one I'm not sure. I need it all, I'm stressing! I don't have extra days to get iron shots nor extra cash to burn. Jesus I don't ask for much, please let me come back home a happy women.

Why now with all the questions and concerns?

I wanted sx for a long time, because I need it to correct some situation I have. So when I began planning for my journey. I expressed to my husband exactly what I wanted to do and explained why. He is in shape and is muscular toned, so he just don't understand. Needless to say haven't carried our children nor breast feed them either. He has asked questions before. But now its a few days away, now its really serious questions he should have asked months ago. So he is normally like this anyways, but didn't. So I think he assumed I was just talking that I wasn't really going through with this. Now he see shit real, and I'm 100% on this. Now you want to ask all these question a few days before I leave. I'm already going through enough emotionally all I need is emotiomal support, not dought. Especially and he will not be able to go with me, I'm traveling alone. SMDH. I expressed my feelings, he expressed his. I hope that's over with I do understand its stress and worrying on their end also. Do now just focus on this and stay prayed up. So I can feel better about myself, a better version of me.

10 minutes late missed Airplane.

10 minutes late missed airplane. Lady's make sure your at check in at least 1 1/2 before departure time. I had to make next flight which was 12:37. Made flight got the Dominican Republic airport. Had to stay there over 3 hours, before George came to get me. He did come earlier but I missed my original flight. So phone dead, left charger home long story short it started off wrong. Dr. Medina and My Revery had been emailing to see if I was okay did I miss my flight and was I okay. Bewteen WiFi and dead phone equal a long night. George came three hours later, he apologized and so did i n off we went. Went to Clinic to do bloodwork and he took me to My Revcovery Home, they welcomed me I ate and went to sleep.

Day of surgery

Picked up from a black guy named Moses not George. Took me to clinic and I signed paperwork and played for surgery. I paid $6425.00 mommy makerover, transportation, 4 massages, insurance and -$300 from deposit. Then George took me to get X Ray and back to the clinic. I explained how bad I need a phone charger to contact NY family I'm ready to g et out the car n walk into a store! Came back got a room and these girls look normal. They aren't all fine dolls like a lot of females on real self is claiming them to be. They look normal. But Medina and her assistant bad, I did see a few bad ones. Just a few. My hemoglobin was 13, dolls all that geratiol I drunk the whole bottle. So I only could get a BBL, lipo and TT. Take blue pills. And my eyes open but you can feel anything. You can hear them talking, but if you don't understand Spanish that's no good. I went back to sleep and was so drousy whenbmy eyes was open, who knows the difference. I'm okay liitle drowsy dose on and off no pain yet sore. Medina came to check on me a hour ago and said she cut off a lot of skin. She has pictures, she will show me tomorrow. I will show you too.


So I made it to D.R. missed first flight. Second flight was 12:30ish for there little before 2. Their time is a hour after ours. Got there no George. Only can use wifii n they charge you for that have this have credit card, which only brought cash. So i was sitting in D.R. airport for about 3 hours looking for George. He comes its night time. He takes me to Medina's Clinic I get blood work done, EKG done. He takes me to Armonia Recovery House. Lady that owns place very nice they fix my food, and I go to bed. Next morning George picks me up at 8:30a.m. to go to finish my test. Everything good I go back to Medinas I have to talk to physiatrists and all, sign paper work. Go in with her assistant and pay. I pay for TT, BBL, breast lift w/ implants, R.H.,transportation, 4 massages and insurance. They deducted $300 from my deposit off my balance. She explains if I don't get something done they will give me my money back, gave me a receipt. After that they give me my room. I dress out,take blue pill and they put me on IVs. Dr. Medina comes in take my gown off and she ask me what I want marks me up explain everything to me. Then I find out I have 13 hemoglobin, so no breast for me only T.T. liposuction and BBL. She explains when you have major weight loss you don't have much fat, but more lose skin. So I told her to put as much fat as she could in my butt.


I was rolled into room. It was about 5-6 people in their getting ready. I remember getting on the table bed whatever and laying down after that I was out did not wake up, during sx. When I woke up I was back in my room andbin pain. A nurse spent the night with me. Even thought I said I didn't want one. I ate breakfasts next morning. I was on IVs all night and pain meds they put in IV max allowed for pain was 3xs. In the a.m. a landy came for my first massage n cleaned me up, changed my sheets and I noticed my monthly had came on I'm not sure when. Medina came in to check on me after that. I was to leave at 11:30 nurse came to help me I was too dizzy and sweating and in pain. So I got back in bed, I got more pain medicine. Few hours latter I felt better. Enough to walk to the car.

At Recovery House

I got to Recovery House I began feeling dizzy and hot all over again. A nurse came out to help me she went a got freshly made pineapple juice. I drunk it I felt better I got out when up stairs to my room. They had pillows set up already in my bed. Then they sent for my medications. I was in so much pain first few days I didn't even check to see how I looked, how I felt I didn't even care right then. As the days past I did began to peek. I was black n blue on my sides and back I had back fat aka back rolls that had been liposuctioned. My butt was hard n very sore. My stomach hurt a lot. So here it goes.


I was scheduled to leave Recovery house and head home March 1st. I was so ready to leave n get back home to my family and in my own bed! I had to go to Dr.Medina to be cleared in order for me to be able tobleave D.R. back home. She checks you, and they clean you up. I also got my $1,500 cash back then. I went to see her a day before I left for home. I'm 9 days post op. I am still sore, and swollen in areas with liposuction. I have 14 year old daughter I have her massage my back daily for 8-10mns. I'm walking straight still can fill tightness. I still have my drain not a lot of fluid. Not in a rush to take it out. Because either way must deal with fluid. I rather have drain, than not and developed a seroma which I would have to get drained or be permanate. O and I did wheelchair at airport please do that before hand it helped so much no walking just like first class all the way to your car.

What I Ordered.

I orderd some stuff from Amazon. A smaller fajah, waist trainer and a butt lifter. To help reduce swelling and to train my shape and lift this butt!


Round 2 Arm lift and breast lift w/gummy bear implants.

I didn't get breast lift, So the next round is arm lift with him breast implants with gummy bear implants size 34-36 D. Dr. Medina said I can get it in 4 months. So I need to save up maybe Summer time or after. But i know it won't be as bad as tummy tuck. I talked to several women that has had several procedures, that the tummy tuck is the hardest surgery to have. Estimated price is $5,000.00

1st day back to work!

I had to do CPR revert.class, hard to sit it felt like my TT incision was tearing the fact that I had to sit straight up. My pants was too tight I couldn't button it at the top. I'm a C.O. so my belt was to tight I had to let it out 2 holes. I'm not worried because I know, why. The areas I had liposuction are not as dark most of my color is back. But I'm still hard around my flanks middle of my back and my stomach is flat but still swollen. Which means better results are to come! My co workers noticed I was hunched over some so I had to straighten up more. I was sore during the night. Got up walked around and I'm okay. I took off 2 1/2 weeks, paid vacation. I have more time but I'm not gone use it all. Time to get up, life must continue. Have anyone had arm lift and or breast lift w implants? If I take a week off work its that enough, how was the pain etc...?

Round 2! Armlift and Thighlight w/ liposuction.

I done tummy tuck and bbl, last year with Dr. Madina. Love my results still. Gained 20 lbs????. Stomach is flat still and ass got fatter???? Anyways im on a diet currently to loose 20 this is not my comftorable weight. Although im on the thicker side. But I want Armlift, thigh lift and I want my breast done too! Havent decided if im doing arm lift and thigh lift? Or arm lift and breast lift w/ gummy bear implants n get my thighs liposuctioned. Im thinking the arm lift must be extended so will that naturally lift breast some because my skin need to be pulled tight in bra area anyways. Has anybody gotten a armlift and know the answer to that? Surgery will be with Dr. Yilly in March 23, 2017. She was the only one that is willing to do arm lift and thigh lift at the same time.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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