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So far Dr.Mallol's office has been very...

So far Dr.Mallol's office has been very communicative! i am very excited for my surgery on July 1st. I inquired with Dr Baez,Cabral, Manon, and Duran but none of them had the same responsiveness as Dr.Mallol. I have read some previous reviews and most of his patients seem more than happy with thier results. I cant wait to see mine

Flight confirmation!

It feels like it is happening so fast yay! I just put my deposit down to stay at the Villa Armonia recovery house

More wish pics

I want something subtle yet noticeable if that even makes sense lol

Kind of freaking out

I just have 20 days left before my flight to Santo Domingo and it is really starting to sink in. I'm a firm believer in speaking things into existence so I am trying to think only positively and I am constantly telling myself that I know I will have a successful procedure and will love my results! However in the very back of my mind, I hope I am not doing to many things at once and it kind of worries me. I am getting lipo to upper back lower back flanks, abdomen, arms, chin and a BBL. do you guys think I'm going over board and setting myself up for a disaster or am I doing the right thing?? Please help, currently overthinking and freaking myself out! Lol ladies please comment your thoughts below!!

Wow I found my ultimate wish body!!!

That slim thick look is definitely what I am going for

Yessss gorgeous

But Demi rose mawbys body is more of what I'm going for

Just ordered my booty buddy!

I love how they have a whole recovery kit!!

Question about Fajas!

question ladies.....i see how quickly some of you ladies shrink out of your rajas. So i want to bring a few back ups but i don't want to order wrong sizes and end up wasting my money before I even get there and know what my body ends up looking like.So would i be better off just going to the Faja stores down there?

Second guessing

Hey ladies in the process of getting some quotes most doctors tried to upsell a tummy tuck to me, Mallol didn't... But I was thinking I'm young and never had kids so lipo will be just fine and My skin will snap back . Now I'm having serious second thoughts after being glued to real self and I hope I'm making the right choice with just lipo.... Do you ladies think I should do the tummy tuck? ****the picture makes it look like its loose skin hanging but the skin feels tight and doesn't look as bad in person & I got stretch marks due to quick weight gain :)

Flying to DR tomorrow!

I am flying out late tomorrow night and it feels so surreal. Surgery on friday. I just really need everyones prayers and positive vibes right now. thank you all

Waiting at JFK

Next stop Santo Domingo!

With faja on

More for pics

How long before you ladies started feeling better?

Hey ladies so I am 4 days post op now and I'm feeling better and popping less pills but how long did it take you girls to feel stronger? My flight is on Thursday and I want to feel at least 90% before I fly because I am already bad with airplane pressure.... What are your thoughts?

Updated pics

Faja burn

Formed an abcess infection

So I am happy with my results but since I've got back I was having pain in my left buttock that wasn't getting better. I went for ultrasounds and they said no abcess was there it was just cellulitis but as time and antibiotics went by it was not improving. So today my doctor decided to just go ahead and make an incision to see if anything needed to be drained and low and behold I had a massive abcess that had been festering for the past month. He drained as much as he could but now I have to go see a plastic surgeon tomorrow to see if anything else needs to be done. I'm praying that it is almost over I already feel better now that most of it is drained but I still have some leakage and I just pray there are no more complications I just wished that they would've caught it earlier when I first went for my ultrasounds then maybe it wouldn't have gotten as bad. The feeling of the puss was warm and disgusting trickling down my leg and the smell was foul. I just pray that this is almost over and I can enjoy my body. I would appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers during this time, thank you so much dolls

Updated review!

Hey guys sorry I abandoned y'all I just had to deal with my speed bump. Ok so the infection cleared and my incision finally healed up so now I have a very small noticeable but not life stopping dent in the crack of my left buttcheek haha! Here are my updated pictures and I just want to clear somethings up with you guys. When I got sick I stopped going for the remainder of my massages because I was getting IV antibiotics up to 3 times a day at a point and I just couldn't fit it in to my days. I also stopped wearing my garment because it became too big and it really wasn't compressing anything anymore. I ordered a size smaller but it didn't fit past my thighs so I just gave up. Now guys as you can see I have fibrosis and this is due to me being negligent!!! Even though my excuse was being sick I still feel like my results would've been outstanding if I did those two things more thouroughly. Another thing is if you look at my bum immediately post op compared to this picture the bum is almost twice as big before! So maybe ask your doctor to give you a little more just to cover for the fat that will be lost. The small rolls that are trying to reappear are due to wearing a tight bra that was causing pressure to be put onto that part, forming the line. STAY AWAY FROM TIGHT CLOTHES!!! For a couple months after surgery. These definitely affect your results. I wasn't eating properly or exercising regularly post op but now that I feel better I got myself a trainer that I see 3x a week and I'm TRYING key word TRYING gradually to go vegan. It's tough y'all hahaha I love chicken. But all in all this was an experience like no other. The only thing I would've changed was going with someone I felt very alone even though I found good company in BRENDOLL shoutout to you girl!! I definitely want to go back for round 2,for more booty and more arm lipoand a breast reduction (depending on how much weight I lose) and rhinoplasty . I'm hoping to go in the spring of next year or December. Let me know how your surgery journeys are going dolls!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am getting a BBL because i have always wanted a more perky butt. I decided to go with Dr.Mallol because he was the most responsive Dr and he seems very caring. I cant wait to meet him on the 1st! i am just deciding on my RH right now, does anyone have any suggestions?

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