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I am 21 creeping up on 22. I have no kids and I...

I am 21 creeping up on 22. I have no kids and I want to do this for me. I have always been top heavy and in school people always make fun of me and I was shaped like the letter "P." Well lets just say when they see me in 2015 their mouths will drop. I am 5 ft 2 and I weigh 140 pounds. My measurements are as follows:
Breast: 36 in
waist: 29 in
Hips: 38
I would love for those to be 36, 25,41. I plan on having my sx in December (possibly in Aug if everything goes right). I know it is far off but does anyone know any good recovery houses? Also, any recommendations for flights? I am not trying to spend any unnecessary money.

Quick question

I e mailed Yily jam 19. Does anyone know how longs it takes for her to respond?

Ugh... I'm so impatient...

Although I still have not heard back from Yily I am looking around. I am trying to save money (don't want to spend what I don't need to) and I figured out that it would be 159 dollars cheaper to ride a greyhound from Cincinnati to ATL and then fly from there to Santo Domingo. Also, anyone any know any good/cheap recovery houses? Any promos or discounts? I'm just a college student trying to make this work :(

I'm flipping out right now....

In a good way. It's is Feb 5, I e mailed Yily with pictures and info Jan 19 and I still have not heard back from her yet. :( So I went ahead and contacted some other surgeons. I reached out to dr salama and this dude wanted 8000 dollas!!! I was like sike naw. So then I contacted Baez and for the BBL with lipo she so graciously wanted 2800 :) and THAT was the highlight of my day. She said she had summer appointments open and that is when I wi go. I wanted to wait until December on my winter break because I was not sure if I would have the money to do it before but now... I'm gonna do it no matter what. I am planning and everything is falling into place!!! I was not sure about a couple of thins though. 1) Flights. I was going to fly straight from Cincinnati to santo Domingo but that would have cost me like 800 dollars. Instead I will take a greyhound bus from cincy to AtL (60 dollars) and then fly from there which wi be 650. Also, I was not sure which recovery house to stay at. I will try to get a partner to cut back on cost and the low price I estimated was Yasmin with a 14 day stay (with a partner) for 770. If anyone know someone or read of other recovery houses that were nice and reasonable price please let me know. And if you know a lil something about flights that can save me some chance let me know that as well. ALSO IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU WANT TO KNOW IS GOING IN THE SUMMWR LET ME KNOW AS WELL. We may have different doctors but we can stay in the same recover house. That is all for now. Ta ta

Oh my gosh yal.....

Mid finally got it all!!! 5000 dollars. I had 1000 saved already from a while ago and my tax return will be the icing on the cake!!! Fuck December I'm doing this shit THiS summer or late spring if I can. I just messages dr Duran too. I was looking into her work and she a beast too. I would like Yily but I would be lying if I said I wasn't biased because I been specifically following he me these last 2 years. I'm already talking to Baez but she young in the game. Maher skills aren't at 100 percent and she still has some learning to do. If Duran gets back to me before Yily, I'm sorry yal but Yily going out the window. It's creeping up on a month since I sent her my pictures requesting a quote and still have nothing. Anyways...I have become obsessed with this site. I have been stalking this place for 2 hours knowing dam well I'm supposed to be sleep because I got school tomorrow. Oh well. I will keep you updated

My bad about those typos

Sorry about those typos. I'm doing this from my phone and it has a mind if it's own.

It's getting real

Like the title say, this ish get more real every day. I will be putting my deposit down for May 2nd and I'm gonna be staying with lovlibre!! I am planning flights and buying vitamins already. I will be another woman in 10 weeks. Imagine that. I posted some pics so I can have a good before and after. I do have some questions though. Since we are only given one garment, which brand and type should I buy after the one Yily have us? And what brand/kind of waist cinched is/works best? I should be posting about once a week until sx. That's all got now :)

Got my quote

Oh yea. I got my quote it was 3500 for lipo of abdomen,flanks, waist etc with transfer to butt. Mine is a extra 300 because I want inner thighs done to. I have been reading and the inner thigh takes your hemo down and she won't do it it's too low so I am going to see if I can find a hemoglobin tester and start taking iron vitamins. It's also hard to try to work out (I'm in the army) and gain a lil weight because I have to stay fit for the military :(

More pics


I'm so mad

I been trying to send this 300 dollar deposit to Yily and NOTHING is working. Western union only gives me the option for recipient pick up not bank transfer. Xoom keeps canceling my transactions and riA transfer not working. Mage don't do paypal and my bank want 85 dollar to wire transfer the money. I'm so frustrated!! either than that I bought me some epic foam, a Squeem vest, and my vitamins and some things for the trip. The suitcase shall sit in my couch partically packed until I am read to go! QUESTIIN: what type of faja should I buy after the one Yily gives us is too big?

Did some reading

I did some reading and the nippy pillow is confusing. We are not supposed to sit on out bottoms after sx but on a bboppy pillow that's exactly what we will be owing right? Either way, I decided I will using a rolled up yoga mat. And instead of sitting on it I will place it under my thighs, that way the butt is completely off the seat and safe :) I have a pic showing it on a hard table but I may get a thicker one so I can be 100 percent sure my butt will not be jeopardized. Still trying to send Yily the $$. Western union won't let me do a bank wire for some reason and it's really making me sad. I can feel people booking the date I want because I can deposit the money. I will keep trying.

Just booked my flight

I just booked my flight!!! Ain't no turning back now. I sent Yily my flight details and since I could not send the money, she took my flight booking as good faith and booked me for May 2. I will be flying in May 1 and staying one night before sx. I purchase a Squeem vest for after sx and some things I will need overseas. I am excited. Just gotta get this semester out the way and I am golden :)

Epi foam?

So I got the epi foam today. MIT has 3 paper sized sheets. I tried and hey wouldn't even fit all around my waist. Do I need more? How do you wear these?

Epi foam delima

So I went ahead and bought some epi foam. The foam is really soft and had a medium thickness, however the sheets are only the size of a 8 by 11 piece of paper and would not go all around my midsection. Do I need to by more? Do the only go on specific areas?

More wish pics

squeem and garment

So i revcieved my vendette squeem in the mail yesterday and boy does it make my waist look good!!! But i also can breathe lol So this is a question about the garment wearing. Do we put foam, garment then squeem ? Do people just use the foam and squeem? How long after six should we wear the epi foam?

deposit down :))

Just out my deposit down for Upscale for the days if May 1-16. Booked with yily for May 2 and i received ny tax refund in the amount of 4300 which equal everything is covered!!!!!! I started my vitamins a few weeks ago and have been taking then religiously since. I need to go to the doctor and get a blood work test done. I also need to know if there are any immunizations i need to go on this trip?
On a completely unrelated not i just did the big chop and now my hair is 100 percent natural. My curl pattern is a 4c and i am nervous because my hair feels dry even though i moisturize it every morning. Does this mean my hair is brittle or needs deep conditioning? I have been searching the internet but i keep getting different answers and they have product list for hair but that stuff is super expensive. If anyone knows anything that would greatly help. Im scared i just cut my hair just to have break off some more

confirmation from upscale!

Check. In May 1
Check out May 16
Surgery May 2
Surgeon Yily

16 days, 15 nights - 2 nights free
13X$85 is $1105
RT airport trans $50
Total $1155 minus $100 deposit
Balance due at check in $1055 each person

Got the confirmation from upscale. Flight book deposit down. The only hard part Naw is staying focused in school and not letting this money burn a hole in my pocket lol. My suitcase is half packed. A lot of girls say not to over pack but them again not everyone is there for half a month. If i can i will see if i van squeeze everything into a carry on so i wont have to pay that extra baggage fee. Im so excited. In exactly two months i will be embarking on one of the biggest journeys of my life. I finally told a family member (my sister because she will be taking me to the airport and picking me up) and she did not agree with the bbl. She said she van see why i wantbit but that i dont need it. Then have the nerve to ask me how much lipo and a tummy tuck would be lol she said i i had told her longer ago she would probably have go be with me and gotten herself done up. I told her to take her time and when she do go (i can tell she wanted to) i will go again to help care for her and support her :)

BBL video

I been watching these videos. This ish Make me squeamish lol i hope im not one of the girls that wake up during this

boy some girls on here..

Some girls on here a re ridiculous!! I was in that "list of recovery houses" discussion and these two checks kept telling everybody "go to healing haven" and "HH is really good you should go there." First of, healing haven doesn't even have 3 meals over day included and it is a extra 25 bucks over day for food do that was instantly crossed off my list. Then the firms hassle people for tips and $$. These chicks pushing HH on people have profiles but no doctor reviews!!! Like WTF. They must be working for them. Im like dang let them look around and do some research and come down to a couple of places to choose from before bombarding them with "go to healing haven!!" Its madness. Is t the site supposed to block that?? Cause when i first got on here some chick was doing the same thing with yasmin then i checked her out, like did some major digging, and i was no for yasmin. Its not fair when they do that because some girls are thinkin they can trust then then go to the RH and it is crap. so there. That is my rant for the day. And i got weighed in at 147lbs today (highest i ever been) bit i am gonna trybto keep that steady so yily will have enough fat to work her magic lol

passport question

I know it should have been done earlier but i have been really busy with school and work. I am going downtown tomorrow to apply for my passport. For those of you that do have it, how long does it usually take for you to receive it?

getting ready

I applied for my passport and i have a doctors appointment today so i will see if i need any immunizations and will also see if i can get my hemo tested. It is in a few hours and i hope everything is green!!

got my shots today

So i got my shots today for the trip. Hep A and Tetnis and my passport will be here by nod april hopefully. I was not able to get mt blood drawn and looked at since it was a pre travel physical by i have another one in two days and maybe they can do it then. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

things going worng

The days get closer amd closer to surgery!!! I have my calendar marked and everything. But i swear, its like life don't want me to do this. It something can go wrong, it is happening. I am behind in my school work, i need to get a second job cause my first one cut my hours almost in half and my apartment building may be closing and i may have to find somewhere else to live :( i have been saving foe this for TWO years and now that i have everything set up its like other things are falling apart. The other day i just sat here and cried. Im like, i can spend this money and be good and have to wait a undetermined amount to time to be ready for sx again or i can stand my ground and go with it. Im so mad. I get one thing together and everything gets messed up. But i will go through with this. It is either now or never.

Just got my passport

I just got my passport and it says the expiration day was March 21 2014. Is that wrong? Do i have to call them and have them send me another?

disregard that last post lol

I was reading it wrong like a idiot

time to buckle down

The day is drawing closer and closer. I CLAY out in 30 DAYS!!!!!!! I am excited and nervous and happy and scared all at the same time. Last week i was like, im not going because of the girl that died but like i said, its either now or never. I wanted to save $$ cause i wanna get a car this summer, so i was like, how much would it be for first body lipo (abdomen, back, arms and thighs) and i was like i might as well just stay with the bbl!! So i will. My partner and i decided to. Change our days. Instead of staying 14 days after sx we will only stay ten. We will be saving a little bit of money. Its 200 to change flights though :( i will see how everything out and what we will do

more wish pics

Three more weeks to go. Im ready yall. I been gaining a lil weight so yily can have more to work with. Yesterday came in at 5 foot 3, 145 pounds and my measurements were (breast) 36 (waist) 31 and (hips)34. (38 befor was wrong) I gained 5 lbs since february and im hoping after sx i can drop back to 140. Maybe even 135

Some advice for the young ones

If you are in college and want to get this procedure I highly recommend that you 1) either plan it on your breaks or 2) wait for it. I say this because I have been running myself ragged trying to plan this trip, and in doing so I have been neglecting other areas of my life that are more important. Yes, I planned this trip while in school, and believe my when i say that it is reflecting in my grades. Last semester I made the deans list goofing off, now I would be LUCKY to get out of this semester with two C' and two B's. I am just glad that this will be over soon and this fall I can focus on reconstructing my GPA.

Now on a brighter note, I am 23 days pre and in the final stages of ordering things and packing. I need to purchase a compression garment for when I get home but I honestly do not know what kind to get. Is the ass part supposed to be out or naw? What brand of garments is the best? Should I get the zip up or clamps? Most importantly, what size should I get. There is not way I will be able to determine what size I am after sx or how much I will shrink after swelling. I need heklp from a vet and I post questions on their reviews but they are busy responding to other people that they do not get back to me :(

is yily really my best option?

My date is may 2 with yily and I'm starting to have my doubts with her. She is really good with taking inches off the waist, however most people that go to her usually have to get a round two. AND on RS a lot of her recent patients have been having clotting and embolism issues. I know once the lipo is done I will have a good shape, but I dont wanna have to do a round two. And with my date so close, I might not even be able to change doctors :( I am more concerned with my booty size and projection than my waist.

coming along

Now I dont usually believe in fate but something, or someone somewhere wants me to go on this trip. Everything that I was stressing out about before has been fixed. Yesterday was the last day of the semester and my grades are looking good. I found a new place and I will be moving as soon as I come back. After buying my last minute supplies and boxes for moving I was like, $$ kinda tight. I dont believe in superstitions but Thursday my hand was itching. And on friday I got a nice lil check from my bank reimbursing me for some payments I didn't even know I made!! So now all I have to do is pack my apartment up and pack for this trip and the rest is smooth sailing. :)


So here is my packing list. Some items are optional and I will update afterwards to add things o should have taken and inform you on what I did not use so you dont over pack:
Granola bars (snacks)
Nutrition drinks
Pill organizer
Lipo foam
Maxi pads
Icy hot spray
Gauze pads
Stool softener
Antibacterial soap
Arnica gel
Tooth paste
Toilet paper (just in case)
Swim suit (optional)
Granny panties
Iron pills
Vitamin c
Loose pants
Abdominal board
Laptop and phone charger
Cough drops?
Baby wipes x2
Shower shoes (flip flops)
Hand sanitizer
Wife beaters
Arnica pills
Band aids
Tylenol extra strength
Tooth brush
Compression socks
Folic acid
Vitamin b 12
Loose shorts/ leggings
Fave wash
Spanish dictionary
Maxi dress

I know this is alot so bear with me. I also took a picture that you can just save to your phone if you are lazy like me lol. For some name brand medic and feel free to get generic. I did. There is no need spending $$ we dont have to. Also, be aware of your options. I was searching for a lipo board high and low. Some places wanted like 50,dollars for it and I was like hell nah. I found it on hourglassangel for 20,but it was out of stock. I then got it from lipo express for 25 and 10 for shipping. Is, save money when you can. I also went to my bank and got 60 dollars in Santo Domingan pesos so I dont have to pay 50 for cash transfer over there. Log story short I'm ready like Spongebob lol

here is the packing list pic

because I'm happy!!

I got a call back from the library and I am hired!! And I got a second summer job lined up :) I'm almost all pack and I am ready for this. My bestie took me shopping today because she is sad and scared something will bad happen to me. I can understand where she is coming from but the best I can do is tell her everything will be ok and pray that it will. I am beyond pumped. This surgery will literally be a life changer. I will be coming home to 2 new jobs and a new house. (Just gotta sucker someone into helping me move). I am offically putting in my resignation at the call center. I will leave this place and come back a new person.

Now on a unrelated note, is anyone with sprint? They suckered me into getting a framily plan and my service is terrible now. I'm roaming in my bedroom! I was up at t mobile and they are doing plan but outs. And so is version. Either way I will have to buy a whole new phone. Bit with t mobile my bill will be 70 dollars, right now with sprint its 93
I pay the money so I dont screw up my credit but I am fed up with sprint lying to me and taking my money. I'm finna be coming home to a new phone too lol

Im ready

I'm ready. I am all packed for the trip and slowly packing my apartment because I am moving when I come back. I have a lot to do in the way of packing my home however im making slow progress. I'm trying to get it donw before I go but I might not. I still gotta work monday and tuesday and I'm taking Wednesday off. I am excited and looking forward to this and in the same way I just want it to be over and done. I think the hardest thing to do when I get back is take care of my new body. My eating habits are terrible And I dont exercise like I should. Hopefully the food I eat in the DR will push in the right direction on my way to healthiness. I'm trying to be like buffy the body lol

Update part 1

I missed my flight on May 1, so I had to re book for May 2. I was really upset because I thought that i would not be able to see Yily the day of me sx because I will be touching down in the afternoon. That turned out not to be an issue. Right after landing and going through customs I walked out the airport and there was Angel, Upscale's driver with a sign with my name on it. He helped me with my bags and we went straight to CIPLA. I got there around 2:30 (traffic is terrible here and people dont believe in lanes, signals or stop signs) and I went straight into the testing. Once everything was done I made my payment and took the pill. All I remember is watching TV. Then I woke up and was confused. The nurse I hired (Paulino) was a god send. She stayed with me the whole night. Every time I woke up she did to and she would give me water and rub my arms or head until I went back to sleep. She spoon fed me my soup and snacks and then her shift was over at 7. I tipped her an extra ten dollars because she was amazing. After she left things were not so well. The new nurse came in all smiles and asked me if I had wipes. I said no and she told me it was ten dollars for some wipes. I know that that is way too much bit I was tried to argue. I have her 1000 pesos to cover it and she disappeared for almost two hours. After laying there alone for an hour I panicked because no one else came into the room to check on me. So I got up and walked out there wrapped in a bloody sheet dragging my pee and blood bag. I almost passed out and the nurses at the desk came to take me back. They fed me again after that and gave me some pain meds. She came back with pads and wipes amd my faja and gave me my change. After they put me in the faja Angel came to take me upscale where I am currently residing comfortable.

Update part 2

My first night at upscale was not too bad. The hardest parr was finding a comfortable sleeping position. The nurses told me to sleep in a sitting position but I thought we were not supposed to be on out butts after sx. I did anyways. The next morning I had no appetite. They tried to get mw to eat and I couldn't. I kept feeling like I was going to vomit every timer I smelled the food and I was dizzy as hell even when I was sitting. I also couldn't breathe too well. I could only so short rapid breaths. I went back to CIPLA and I was given three bags of fluids. One was iron. One was vitamins and another was for dehydration. After four hours they let mw come back. All I could wat after that was fruit. So they kind of put me on a light diet since I can't take anything else. So now I am on day three post op and everyday moving and walking gets eaiser. However I am having drain problems. Two separate nurses cleaned my drain twice already in the last 20 hours because ir was clogged. No it has stopped working completely. They think it is clogged on the inside and one Nisei said to watch it and if in doesn't drain in 30 mins she will have to take it off and massage the fluids out. Well lucky me. Its massage time. She had nor come up yet but I could not ear all of my lunch. I can feel and hear the fluid sloshing under my skin and it is gross. Every bite I took the faja for tighter until I stopped. Since its a holiday CIPLA is closed and I have to wait until tomorrow to get a new drain. I know this will hurt because there is so much fluid. But it needs to be done.

feeling little better

So the drain was clogged from the inside and without any pain meds or sedatives, The nurses took the drain out and drained the fluid from my back and stomach by hand. I cried like I was having a baby. It hurt a lot bit it feels so much better now. I never wanted to pass out before but I did then. Since the drain is gone this is the only way they will be able to drain me now.

every day im getting better

Slowly but surely i am regaining movement and flexibility. I am ready to go home, for multiple reasons and the main one being that the food here is not that good. Sometimes it is so nasty that i put it in a small container and throw it in the garbage to pretend that i ate it. There are some issues that I have personally with the RH and i will later post the letter that i sent to Liz, who is the owner of upscale. I have not been out as much as i would have liked to be but it seems like it rains almost every day here. I will update some pictures from my phone soon

my letter to Liz

During my stay at Upscale there are some issues I would like to bring to your attention that you may not be aware of. My stay is from May 3-16. Due to some miscommunication I did not make my payment until May 9th. On May 6th payment was supposed to be collected from me but it wasn't. That day and the next two following my friend and I (even the other girls) noticed a changed in the way the nurses were treating us. Their attitudes went sour and when one of us pushed the button for assistance it could take up to ten minutes for someone to respond.

Relating to you, I understand that you are a busy person, however it would be in the best interest of your business to come by and check the status of things every now and then. My stay here has been very frustrating. I am writing this May 10, and out of the 7 days I have been here, the internet had worked properly for only two. I am on the second floor and have no internet signal at all in my room. I have to travel down the stairs to even get a signal, and the service still would be unresponsive. Under these circumstances I have scarcely talked to my friends or family. They haven't heard from me in days because of the bad internet service. If I was to have health issues how would I communicate with my family in the States? Should I need to contact my bank how would it be done?

Another thing I would like to complain about is the response time from your staff. I pushed the assistance button and waited five minutes, no one came. I pushed it again and someone finally came after three minutes. It takes only 12 seconds to climb the stairs. I don't understand what is taking so long. Had I been having a medical emergency my injuries or death would be on their hands because they did not respond in a timely manner. There have been several times when I did not get my medication on time or at all. One night the nurse forgot to give me my shot and on multiple occasions I had to remind the staff to give me my pills.

I would also like to discuss the meals that are prepared here. Most of it is recycled and contains no nutritional value. By recycled I mean that I'd we had pork for dinner one day there would be pork pieces in lunch the next day. The salad is old and discolored and served without dressing. The fruit is dry and browning and it is always warm, never cold. The storage of the food is another concern. In the deep freezer they do not put foil or plastic over the containers. They just stack them on top of each other with no covering or anything to separate the bottom of a dish from the contents of another. That severely increases the potential for cross contamination and makes eating comfortably very hard.

Also laundry is another issue. I have been wearing the same dirty shirt for threw days because they have nor washed. I am not sure if they have a laundry schedule but it was very obvious that I was in need of clean clothes. My faja was dirty and I thought Santana had taken it to be washed (around 11) since she asked me of it needed to be cleaned. She said she will see if someone can wash it and left. I was dressing myself and not paying attention to if she took it or not but I assumed she did since she asked. Another nurse came in and pointed to my mound of dirty clothes on the floor and I said si. She picks up the clothes to wash and right on top is my faja. Yily said not to go without it for more than 45 minutes and I have been sitting here for an hour thinking my faja was being washed when it was just sitting on the floor. It took them 3 hours to wash my faja. For that I could have just scrubbed the dirty part in the sink and put it back on. However I didn't have any shirts to because they were being washed so I couldn't put my faja back on. When they did give me a portion of my laundry back at 7 pm (7 hours later) they were upset with me because I put on a squeem vest with foam in the front and back. They said I should not have put it on and I told them that I have been without my faja for 7 hours, literally all day. Dra Yily said not to go without the faja for only 45 minutes at a time. I put this on after three hours because I did not want to ruin yily's work and waste my money because they were taking their sweet time washing my clothes.

The language barrier is a big set back here as well. I was prepared and I downloaded translation apps but they are useless because there is no internet. There was a time when Patricia had left and i was leaking fluid. My faja was soaked and there was no one in the house to help me. I had to go downstairs and have one of the girls that were healing to help me take off my faja and change the pads and bandages that were soaked as well. Neither of us are medical professionals and even if we were that was not and should not have been our job. My thoughts were why am I paying someone for this when I am doing it myself.

-My air conditioner has went out a total of three times and all I had to rely on was the ceiling fan.
-There are mosquitoes in my room because the bathroom window is open and they will not close it so I have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times as well as the room door because they come in that way too.
-I was under the impression that there was a designated driver for the house. However, within the first week I made three trips outside and two of them were in a taxi and I was charged 800 pesos for one trip and 1000 for another. I would have loved to go sight seeing but being overcharged by estranged taxi drivers each time I leave this house is ridiculous.
-There are not many food options.

some pictures

some more pictures

the deeded salad

Yo this salad is practically clear. All nutrition is gone and it isn't even green. And for some reason all fruits and vegetables that should be cold are served warm -_-

just waiting on my flight

I for two more hours before I'm off to the airport and I can't wait to be home on my couch. After I sent the e mail to Liz she responded the next day and we talked on the phone. She apologized for everything and then purchased 5 massages for me ny Zara (her massages are amazing). I'm 100% sure she spoke to the staff because everything has gotten better. The food, the nurses, the amount of staff on hand and all. However for the last two days the TV s have been out so there really isn't anything to do. Yesterday I asked yily for a note for my job and she said she couldn't give it to me because I have to ask for it two three days in advance. All I need Is a paper saying so and so can't do this and that for blank long, she was acting like I was asking for some pills or something. The whole time we was having that conversation she could have wrote something up by hand but I shrugged it off. The first thing I will be when I get back is go to the doctor and have then write me one. I am curious though, when we come back do we have to pay 20 dollara again like we had to when we got here? If so, are pesos ok?

here is a update

Sorry I disappeared on yal. I have been working nonstop since I got back. My flight left at 12 from SDQ and I didn't get to the airport til 11.I was waiting at Upscale but i guess Angel was busy so after 30 minutes they decided to call someone else. After going through all the lines I made it to be gate when they were boarding thankfully. I made it home fine and I am staying with my friend this week so she can help me until I'm feeling a little better. My back is still really really hard and stiff and I dont know what to do about it. I can't even bend over. I'm still waiting for this "fluffing" to happen because I'm not really happy with my size.

On another note I was at the hospital yesterday. I had chest pains in the morning and I couldn't breathe really. Shortness of breath. So I went there and they did the most, I say that because it took 7 hours for me to leave that hospital when they did 3 test. And everything came back good. My something was high and they thought I had clots in my lungs but a very uncomfortable CAT scan came back clear. They believe I over exerted myself by going straight back to work and my body was having trouble compensation and keeping up. I would post some pictures but I am a terrible picture taker and they really don't do me any justice. But I will try.

Sorry I dropped off the map

I know I got ghost as soon as I came back to the states. I came back and went straight to the hospital pretty much. I got a new job that keeps my busy and the military is wearing me out. I moved as soon as I came back and I just now got internet. So, everything has been ok. My measurements are decent but not quite where I want them to be. Yily took 3 1/2 inches off my waist and it is now a 26 and before it was 30/31. Oddly enough though, my butt is still the same size? She got my right right but I feel like my ass is still the same, like I only went for lipo. :( oh well, I have booty greed and I am not ashamed of it. One thing I am still not used to is the extra attention. Mind everyone, I did this for me. I was having body issues with myself and this was a solution. When I picture a woman I have the image of curves and before I did not have any. If it wasn't for my breast people would have been mistaking me for a boy I feel. So now that I do have that image of a woman to myself, I am a lot more confident and I carry myself with much more style and grace. Men come at me left and right every day but I am still focused on the healing process. I will be in hot ass Calli doing training for the next 4 weeks and that's gonna be hell. Because it would the be the last month for me to have to wear the faja. So I just wanted to do a quick update before I left. I come back Aug 4, and that will be the 3 month mark for me. YAY. However,since my butt is not as large as I would like it to be, I will start wrapping to make my midsection look smaller to give it the appearance of those proportions. Since I came home, the hardest part have been the diet. Gurl, healthy food cost a arm and a leg but I am dedicated to this. I spend about 40 dollars a week at the grocery store stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies but it is worth it. Everything is softening, and my back is the only part of my body that is still pretty hard. And the skin where I had lipo is still VERY sensitive. Someone pinched me and I had to stop myself my tagging 'em. I sold the phone that I took to the DR with me so all photos posted will be from a old one. So forgive the pic quality but I will be putting some up soon

No excuses, I'm just hella late

I alive and well. Everything is great. I like my body but I feel like it could be a lot better. I follow yily on IG and when I see her other patients I feel pretty shifty because their results are better than mine. My waist is at 26 1/2 inches and I love it. I just wish could have gotten more ass. It looks good but I would have liked more projection, but everyone and their results are different. I work out 4 days a week, try to eat clean and bike/run. I noticed that a lot of women have larger thighs so when their waist gets smaller the results are more dramatic. Idk. I guess im just down with a case of booty greed. -_- my stomach isn't completely flat either. There is still that little annoying bit of belly fat on my lower abdomen. Im trying to work it off but I don't wanna work my ass off in the process. I need to find some kind of cleanse or something to help with that and also slim my thighs down so my results are more noticable


I an one year post op and I mean satisfied with my results. However, I have notices that one of my hips has slightly more fat in it than the other and makes them look un proportional. Since I ame far enough out, I am ready for round two. I'm still in a relationship and has not had children yet. I'm hoping un the far future when I do my hips will get even wider. I got my stomach fat back but it's nothing like pre op. Just a little jiggle and far from a pooch. I have been looking around for a round 2 doc and I am REALLY likin Dr. DURANS work. Since this will be my round 2 I am just looking to magnify the results of round 1; smaller waist and bigger butt. My waist is 27 and around my hips is 40. I would like to get my waist down to 25 (my dream number) and I like my butt and hip size, I just really would like my hips evened out. And this time instead of harvesting the fat just from my midsection, it would also be my thighs and arms. No matter how hard I work out or how much I lift I can't get away from these thunder thighs so I got a lil sumthin for em. For my round 2 I'm shooting for June/July of next year. I gonna be out of country from jul 15 to apr 16 and then I will be moving out of town. So I was hoping by Jun/Jul u would be settled. Duran does really good work. I feel like my buto has more volume at the top and it looks super perky and I would like more filling in the bottom for a more natural look. I know some new RH's have popped up since I went there so I will look into those too. For now here are my one year post op pics.


1 year PO pics

Round 2 anyone???

Yaaasssss homies. The booty greed is real. I can say it's back but I never left lol I am currently deployed and I want to go for my round 2 when I get back. The first time I went with yily but now I can afford to spend a bit more but my heart is sooooo set on Dr Duran. Why round 2? I can :O early say I haven't been eating g as clean as I should but I do work out and I lift and not matter what, I still can't run off or burn this though fat. I just have a small pooch on my lower belly but after my first round my stomach was never truly flat. I want more ass. Just more. MORE. It's nice and full on top top but now I feel like my ass sits too high and I need to fill the bottom..also my hips aren't all the way even. My waist is a 27 and I want a 27. My fist round I started with 30/31 I believe. This time i know what I'm in for and up a against so I will be ready. I Wil get lipo of the lower (and maybe upper) abdomen. Thighs and possibly arms. I want bigger hips as well. Some ppl tell my leave alone because I'm fine but they don't get IT. If I'm not happy no one is happy. I'm not trying to be a video vixen but I like to know I look like the ish when I walk out my front door lol When I go down to the Dr I will also be getting porcelain veneers on my top and bottom front teeth so I will have that million dollar smile with the million dollar body :)

Deciding on a doctor

So I have my mind and heart set on round 2. And thus time I'm going for the more permanent sx of implants instead of fat grafting. I do the implants I will get lipo and fat grafting to my hips to even them out and add more volume on the implants. I like my results however it's not what I dreamed. I wanted a nice bubble with defined projection and a microscopic waist. Yily did take off 3 inches but now that my body has healed completely I think it can go down some more. I so feel like there is more fat in the top of my butt than the bottom. From the side there's no finite line of when my butt stops and my thighs start, they just merge. And I want that fixed. I'm at 36-27-40 and use would like to be at 36-24-45. Greedy right? Lol what's didn't know the first time around I learned afterwards so I will be ready. I found out that after lipo girls are wearing an actual corset on top of their faja when they are still healing so the waist stays small. I contemplated a breast reduction but when my butt is bigger my books won't look soon huge compared to everything else. I sent an e mail to Dr Jimmerson and Dr. Jacqueline M and I'm waiting on responses. I know jimmerson will be a lot of money but I will have it, and his results are flawless. He offers financing which I will use because I would rather have that other money aside for a rainy day. I wanted to get my porcelain veneers in the DR which I will be but that would have to be a whole separate trip. And the dentist is in Santiago, not Santo Domingo where the surgeon would be so I don't know how long of a drive it would be. Plus, if I stay here in would have to come up out these pockets for a hotel and bring someone with me or hire a nurse since I don't know anyone in the area but I'm sure just can rent a room somewhere for the time being. I just really like Dr Jimmerson's results but the price again though. I'm gonna ask about a special or discount but I doubt there is one. One girl used the financing and says she will be paying 218 a month for the next 24.months to pay it off. And she also said it was worth every penny. Decisions decisions...... these photos are me 2 1/2 years after bbl. I feel like Yily didn't get all my lower belly fat because when intent for a visit there was still a small area of fat and she pinched it and frowned and said I just needed to get it massaged out. I want this washboard stomach and I hope I can get it


Photo 2 1/2 years after Yily bbl


So I have decided on doing a BBL round 2 instead of implants. Two reasons, the round 2 is cheaper and I also want to see what my results will look like before I resort to Implants. I am aiming for move volume and projection wider hips and of course a smaller waist. I have decided on Dr Cabral for my round 2. I'm not sure if I will have to start a whole new review or not though. I e mailed carbral my info and pics now it's just the waiting game

Pics of me now

finally uploaded photos

Finally got over the photo uploading issue. So here are some pictures of me now. I'm am currently 36-27-40. I think I look weird because I more curvy from the back than looking at me straight on. I want the area under my butt liposuctioned so there is a definite line between where my legs stop and my butt start.

Dr cabral date confirmed!!!

I have confirmed my date with cabral. I will be seeing him June 15!! I'm excited all over again burn this time around I know some stuff indigent know then first time. And I will be getting my own faja to take with me. I have been to the DR in so long and I'm sure some new RH's have popped up and I have research to do. I will be making a new review for Cabral. Ttyl
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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