Yily Doll to be in June /July 2016 BBL Tummy Tuck ETC - Dominican Republic

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Quote Total: $4,400 USD The above quote total...

Quote Total: $4,400 USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Tummy Tuck
· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

the extra $300 was For Fat Injected into my hips to give me a curvy shape

Dr yily is very good with getting back with you every time i have sent her a email it took her no longer than a week or a few days to get back with me at one point i was thinking bout just not doing the whole surgery thing my family is very supportive of what am doing my mom plan on going with me i have to lose at least 4o pounds to have surgery done i have posted pretty much the same thing on my last post i am a plus size girl i just don't have any curves and no ass at all lol i got the boobs but thats about it i don't have any kids and plan on not having some for a while am just not ready for that depending on how my surgery results come out i will come back and get a breast lift not sure about the date it could be late next year or june 2016 but i plan on paying my deposit before this year is over i don't mind sharing rooms if the cost is cheaper so hmu with nice recovery houses

Update still hoping to become yily doll in 2016

I still plan on having surgery some things came up where I wasn't able to save like I wanted to but am still hoping to become a yily doll in 2016 early 2017 if things go my way I just sent updated pics to yily waiting for her to reply and go ahead and start getting my money together for my deposit and surgery am so excited have been waiting this forever this time am so ready to do what I have to to get this done

Updated Quote 2015

Hi Everyone Sorry i Have not Been Consistent with my updates From now Till my Surgery Date in 2016 I will Try my Best To be Update at Least Once a Month I plan to Pay my deposit in October The time frame that I'm looking to have my surgery is in June ,July of 2016 that will give me time to have all my money and a lil extra for emergencys etc.....
Dr.Yily has Sent me a Updated Price Quote and it was 5,500 the procedures that i would have done would be
Tummy Tuck
Lip of Abdomen,Full Back, Flanks,and Waist
10 days of Stay In RH in DR
Post Op Meds

What to bring To Dominican Rep For Surgery (Update List 2015)

Here is a List That Yily's Team Sent me Of the Items Like i would need if anyone knows about any other items let me know i would like to go ahead and start buying the pricey items now because before you know it that time will be here

More Wish Pics

Heres a Few Wish Pics of mine i love the shape of her(lena Chase) body i still would love to keep my plus size figure also

Questions about surgery with yily 2016

if you get your lab work done the day before what the loaction of the place your staying the night before im confused because i know the quote package says 10 days in recovery house but does that included the night before or just the days after you have your surgery ? somebody please answer my question

FMLA (Dominican Republic)

Does dr Yily fill out Fmla papers for you ?

How Is Dr Diaz ? (Dominican Republic)

I recently got a review from Diaz his quote as everything sounds good but for now im still going with yily !!!

Buying luggage and getting passport soon !!

Hi everyone has of today my plans are to still go to Yily today I bought a nice piece of luggage and applied for my passport I still haven't set a date or paid my deposit because I have a entrance exam in November (wish me luck) for the nursing program so if I get accepted in I have to start in april and there is no why I will hVe 10 days to spare unless I plan on getting surgery before then but the nursing program is only a year so all else fails it will be next april that will give me a lil more time to get things together I have been also losing weight for survey 50 more pounds and I'm there

Having Mixed Feelings Yily Doll 2016

Hey yall im currently having so many mixed feelings about this i dunno what to do i really want my surgery next year around june/july i need to go ahead and send in my deposit and just leave it in gods hands i will be going next year

More wish pics (Yily doll 2016)

I'm still getting surgery guys

Just a update I still plan on getting surgery but it's set up for January 2017

Anyone heard about dr omulepu in Miami ??

He has a special for 3800 that's great ughh in Miami that would save me $2000 I can get the done now and go for round too with Yily

I've been working y'all saving this money 2016 going to be Yily doll 2017

I've been working saving money For my surgery I've wanted this so long it needs to happen

Looking For Tansport to and from cipla and private nurse ?

anyone have info on a private nurse or also i will need transport to and from cipla my plans are getting a house instead of a recovery room im going in august 2017
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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