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Hey Everyone! I'm sure like many girls on here,...

Hey Everyone! I'm sure like many girls on here, I've been reading other's blogs but I've never thought of writing my own. I guess you could say it's probably cuz I was still unsure whether I wanted to actually go oversees for this surgery. I'm contemplating getting a bbl with lipo on my abdomen, waist, back, armpit, arms & thighs. And I emailed Yily and she quoted me $3600. I'm excited that I got a quote but i'm still unsure whether i want to get my surgery with Yily.
Maybe I'm being paranoid but I've been reading so many 'recent' reviews of ladies saying how their experience was below average and how she's over booked & how she's forgetting to do certain procedures... All those things combine make me not even want to do the surgery at all.. But who am I kidding. Lol
I feel like this is an opportunity for me to revamp myself and flourish into some fabulous diva! (Lol I know my metaphor is horrible) Well I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to be wayyy above average & i truly believe that this is it for me.
I'm *confusingly* debating between Duran & Yily... But I've emailed Duran but I haven't heard from her back. && I heard some people say they actually call her office but idk how to do that... Any advice guys??

Still waiting on a Duran quote..

I still haven't heard from Duran.. & it has been two weeks now.. UGH! I added her on Facebook and she had posted as her new email so that's the one I had used. But Lisi29 just suggested that I email her at Sooo I forwarded the message to that last one.. Hopefully she responds. 1983mommyof3 suggested that I 'stalk' her FB on the weekends in the evening.. SOo i'm definitely going to be brushing up on my STALKING skills. Ahahah!
I feel like I still have some time ahead of me because I want to get this done 2nd week of January. But like someone mentioned below, it's safer to lock in a quote this year before she gets a little too business savvy. :D
Until next time Ladies! Muahhhh!
O! Also I added two wish pics (Is it realistic for me to think I combine the front of one body & the back of another to make perfection?? Plz enlighten me!! Lol.)... I'm not really looking for a HUGE DONK like a video vixen, I want to look.. hum.. "Fabulously Proportionated".. So crossing fingers for that quote!!!

The Love! <3

O! I almost forgot! I really didn't think anyone was going to comment on my blog, & I come back on it & so many of you had commented!! I mean.. I don't even know how to explain the love I felt!! :) Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Muahhhh!


Sooo I just read this review about Duran & I am literally reconsidering this whole thing... Ughhh!! hint:(solidgold)

It Happened!!

OMG!! I finally heard from Duran! She wrote me back on FB this morning while i was on my way to class!!! I was so excited all I kept on saying to her is 'Thank youuuu' ahaha!! So she quoted me $3500 for lipo & bbl (&& apparently inner thigh lipo is included!! Yayyy!)+ extra $300 for arm lipo + $130 for insurance + $150 for post-op meds. Next step is to call her office, send my deposit & secure my date!! :D woop woop!

My Current Stats:
Age: 22
Height: 5'7
Weight: 180

I currently don't have a measuring tape handy so inches will have to be posted later. *Kisses*

New Pictures!

Hey guys! I just added my pre-op pics. They look kinda crooked because i had my roommate take them & she was being lazy. But when it comes to getting Duran to respond, i think it helps if you add, your age, weight, height, & health status in your email. Till next time!


Hemoglobin Level

Does anyone know where I can get a blood work done to find out what my hemoglobin is??? I don't have insurance & I can't recall the last time i went to the doctors... Any input would be really appreciated.. #HELP

*Deep Breath*

Omg Girls! I know I've been MIA as far as updates on my BBL journey but I must say this has been the most stressful summer of my life! I quit my job back in April because I was commuting over an hour to work & it wasn't working for me at all & my car ended up having major issues. :(
I ended up taking 4 summer classes, with no income coming in so you can imagine how i was ready to pull my hair out! Ughh. So my advisor suggested that i take out a loan, which i did. But because the senate kept on revising the APR for the student loans, my loan wasn't released to me until literally two weeks ago!! I was so swamped with bills that the minute my loan came through it disappeared. :(
Welp I'm doing better now, my car is fixed & I'm starting a new job in my area in a week or two. But as far as my BBL I was planning on having it in January of 2014 & i'll have to wait until May of 2014. I'm just trying to stay positive with everything thats going cuz I want his surgery so bad that I HAVE to make it happen. I sent my security deposit to Duran soo that's one thing out of the way... now i'm just looking to call change my date and start dieting/working out in order to be in the best shape for surgery. I hope all of you are doing well, and that you're not letting 'life' make you loose sight of your dreams.

Surgery in Two Days.

I'm flying out to DR in less then 12hours and "i think" i'm super anxious. It's not like i'm scared but you know when you've been anticipating something for so long and its finally happening and you just can't believe it? And you want to make sure every little thing is in place so nothing falls apart.. Welp that's exactly how i'm feeling.

By this time on wednesday i'll be a Duran Doll. & I can't even begin to express how excited and thankful I am that God made a way for me. To prepare my body for surgery I juiced Kale, Spinach, Celery, Pears, Apples, Cucumber, lemon and Pineapple. I literally would drink that concoction 3 times a day. On top of that i took Geritol every morning along with arnica and bromelian pills. So at this point if my Hemo isn't to the roof, then someone is def playing me! Lol.

I ended up hiring the services of Bella Vita Consultants and both Jazmine and Jazelyn are super helpful. I follow Jazmine on IG and omg her transformation is beyond beautiful!! She did her nose as well, so it definitely got me thinking about getting my nose done while i'm in DR. So i'm currently exploring the possibility of doing rhinoplasty with Contreras. (he was jazmine's rhino)

I'm not sure if i'm gonna bring my computer with me, so i probably won't be able to update my page as soon as everyone would expect but i'll try my best!

Till' next time


Duran Doll

Anyone knows if I can purchase Anti Embolism Stockings in DR? The first ones I purchase got lost in the mail then the company sent me a 2nd pair but they never showed up. I have to leave for the airport in a little over 5 hours and i'm freaking out!! HELP PLZZZZ!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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