Anyone Staying at JMSpa this week that needs a buddy??

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I have been wanting this since 2009. I am 25 now...

I have been wanting this since 2009. I am 25 now and I saw an email back in 2009 for a quote on a BBL. I dont even remember wanting this since that long especialy becuase I had a nice body. I think I just wnated a bigger butt. :) Who doesnt? Well now I am older and gained waight and it is more to get rid of all my fat and why not put it in the right place.

I finally have the money do do something this crazy. Never did I think I would go as far as the DR though.

MY QUOTE: It took exactly two weeks to get a response to my email with my quote. It felt like forever!!! When I finally got it I was shaking and soo excited I could not even read it correctly.
I was quoted $3000 for BBL on abdomen,sides,back,and waist.

I was also quoted extra for arms: $250, thighs $300,chin $200, knees $250.

Also $80 for arm garment
$250- Medicantions
$310- Massages 10 @ 31 each
$250-Blood Transfusion, if needed
$150-Extra garment

I plan to get all of this or at least take enough incase I need to get it. .

I have my flight ready and I am all packed. I am...

I have my flight ready and I am all packed. I am arriving to Punta Cana and taking a bus to Santo Domingo. A litte nervous because I do not want to get lost :( , but i am so ready to go and do this! I juist want to get it over with and turn out safe and happy with my results.

I plan to stay at JMSpa, hopefully I can find a roomate so that I can save a little bit of money. I went on Jacquelines web site and I looked at the photos they have of the facility and it is not so bad. The facility looks cute. I noticed its also a salon which is sort of weird. I hope that the nurses there are nice and helpful.

So yesterday I got an email from Yiyl's assistant...

So yesterday I got an email from Yiyl's assistant wanting me to confirm my appointment. I was able to confirm and also verify that the surgery needs to be paid in cash. Thats pretty scary because I am going to be in another country with a bunch of cash!!! I hate that idea.

I also called JMSpa just now and to be honest I am scared as hell! I am nervous and just overwhelmed. She told me to be very careful and to try to get there early to get a room. I told her I was taking a bus and might arrive around 7pm.

The first thing they asked is what nationality I am and If I am comming alone. She said that where do I plan to keep my things during surgery? She started describing Yily and told me DO NOT TRUST ANYONE! Only until I recognize and see Yily. She said the DR was dangerous and kept asking me if I understand how important it is that I tell them the time I am arriving to the city.

She said to call her once I arrive to the city tomorrow. I am just so scared now after talking to the nurse. She was only trying to help me out but it scared me. She said I should try to arrive earlier than 7pm and I can stay there and leave my things in my room and they will give me my key. Otherwise she was very worried about where I will take my things and if I go directly to the clinic I will not be able to know if my stuff is safe or not.

I am going to try to get there ealry and get a room. I told her I do not mind sharing a room. So hoepfully it all works out .

Ill let you guys know where I end up staying!

I ended up booking a private ride from Punta Cana...

I ended up booking a private ride from Punta Cana Airport directly to JMSpa. It was through caribean dream transportation. They seemed to have good reviews and seem safe. I called and they answered so that was a good sign. I tried calling other places and didnt get a live person. It cost $170 one way.

Thank you ladies for all of your advise! I will keep updating you guys and eventually post a few pictures.

Round Two w. Dr Yily- Any one going in May??

I am planing to stay at JMSpa in Santo Domingo sometime in May, Need a Roomie! Anyone going in the month of May?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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