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Thanks to the ladies on RS I decided to go with...

Thanks to the ladies on RS I decided to go with Dra Yily. I just got my quote and I'm so excited! I'm getting a BBL. What should I expect? How much is Healing Haven? For my ladies that have already done this, how much did you end up spending in total when it was all said and done? I'm excited and nervous. I have so many questions and I don't know where to start! What if I can't stay the whole 2 weeks?


I'm having a hard time justifying spending so much money on a RH because my fiancé is coming with me. A hotel charges per night for the room, not per person so I'm thinking about going that route. I got a quote and it was more than half the amount of my procedure. I can't justify that.

A little bit about me.

I have 5 kids... Count em... FIVE. Lol I'm getting married to my best friend in May. That's why the procedure can't be after Feb because I'm not wearing a faja on my honeymoon! Lol my fiancé wants me to be happy but he's not a huge fan of this surgery. Everyone but a select few are trying to talk me out of this procedure. I'm not out to make anyone happy other than myself. On a lighter note, I've already got a sitter set up for my travel dates. Going to get my passport on December 14th. Now I'm gonna start checking things off of my list that I need to start collecting. I'm so ready to go! If I had the money now, I would be gone already. Lol #teamYily!

Some Wish Pics and Concerns

I'm 5'8 and I teeter between 130-135 lbs I'm soooooo nervous that I won't have enough fat to graft. I don't need a DONK and I have some booty but I want more projection and a smaller waist. Kids will do that to ya. Lol I have a good amount of fat in my tummy but I've never been able to gain any real weight. I'm gonna try my damnedest for these next few months before surgery. Pray for me y'all!

It's getting closer

I haven't even started gathering supplies and I JUST realized I only have 2 months to go. I've been busy with work and school and the kids, the time just FLEW by! Do any of my dolls that have already gone have a list of stuff they actually NEEDED and used? I really need to stop procrastinating. The fiancé and I go for our passports next week. I'm getting excited. I quit smoking 22 days ago! (Woohoo!!) so I got that out of the way. I've gained some weight. Last I checked was like 2 weeks ago and I was 140 lbs. I wanna be about 150 when I leave. Before I had my daughter last year, other than the fact that I wanted a bigger butt and hips, I was pretty happy with my body. She gave me a little extra meat and I was cool with that but it's not in the right places. I can't wear my bikini anymore. Lol I didn't get any stretch marks from any of my kids but I'm not comfortable with this pouch in front of me. The weight I gained makes me uncomfortable but I know it's for the greater good! My daughter keeps telling me I'm fat and my babysitter keeps asking me if I'm pregnant again. Lol hot mess. Here are some before pics. I really just want more projection and my waist back and some HIPS! My shape wasn't bad before but I really wanna be curvy. Here are some pre baby #5 pics, some now pics, and some wish pics. I pray that Yily has enough to work with and hooks ya girl UP! When should I start taking the vitamins?? Happy Healing to all my dolls and good luck to those that haven't had their transformation yet!


That pudge tho..


Boobs or no?

I'm considering a BA with Yily. But I don't see many out here and I'm not too impressed with the few I've seen. Any opinions??
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