My BBL Journey - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey everyone! i finally got the courage to join...

hey everyone! i finally got the courage to join the site. ive been stalking and decided to go through with the surgery. im 20 years old with no kids. Ive had the gastric sleeve about a year and lost over 60 pounds, now i want my curves! ive contacted over 6 doctors and only 2 have written back. im looking to get a date in the middle of May its between Yily and Duran. Duran gave me two quotes, 2000$ apart so idk what to say about that and it takes her forever to respond. im leaning now towards yily she is in my price range and does great work also. my only question now is HOW DID YOU GIRLS DEPOSIT TO DOCTOR YILY?


Well , I'm sending my deposit to Yily today. My total is 4500, and I will deposit 300, does anyone know if this will come out of my total ? Making my total day of survey 4200$

hotel or recovery house?

im looking for places for me and my mom to stay. dr yily says we have to stay 10 days. but we are only staying 7 or so. the recovery houses seem pricey! and i found a good hotel and flight for half of that. my question is what should i do

Deposit sent

Deposit sent yesterday. I have called the clinic many times to get my confirmation and date saved, they say I am confirmed and the money has been taken out if my account but still no email, ladies on here say it will take a few days so I am giving here till Friday. I also have uploaded my personal pre op pics of me now.

By the way I'm on a strict 1200 calorie a day diet and exercise. Im currently at the limit 35 BMI that they can operate on. I have less than 2 months to get my weight to 200 or below so I can have a safe BMI of at most 31. So stay tuned I will keep you posted when I get my date confirmed, weight loss journey, and getting ready to departure

Date confirmed! Preparations

Yes! I finally got my confirmation email , and my surgery date is MAY 23rd 2014! I will be getting bbl,lipo of arms and abdomen.

Now I can't really get prepared , let me give you more info on me. I'm 20 years old no kids , I recently had weight loss surgery in 2012, now I need my curves.

- I have started taking my vitamins, I got my hemo checked last week and it was at 12.1, which is good but to be safe I want to raise it by 3

- I am on a strict diet , and exercising for a hour a day . I know I can lose 20 pounds in two months because I've done it before , only thing now is have a even bigger motivation !! I'm 5'6 and 220 my BMI is right at 35, which is the highest they will do surgery on. So I'm losing 20 pounds so I can be at 30/31 by the time of my surgery. And for me to be the weight I am I carry it well . I will keep u updated

- I have started emailing recovery houses hoping for armonia

Wish pics, be realistic

Ok one thing I've seen on here is ladies posting wish pics that could never be them . Not to be rude but u have to be realistic . I have been searching and searching for pics because I want pics of girls with similar bodies . Example, I have a long torso and short legs, thick thighs, and I do have a stomach but not that much of one. So I posted wish pics that I found I found get a much similar look , as far as waist, flat stomach and butt size. :)

Some vitamins

Here the the vitamins I'm taking , from GNC. And my quick trim fat pills I'm also taking along with my diet and exercise

more pre op pics of me.

These are pics of me with my face cropped out
1- Im a very confident person, and for me to be 220 i carry my weight well.
2- a lot of people might ask why am i getting the surgery, my answer is the way i look in these pics is all an illusion lol. i wear certain clothes, take pictures certain angles, so i can look a certain way. im getting this surgery because i want to look the same on and off camera and in clothes and out!

weight is coming off :)

updating on my journey:
- so its been over a week since i started my diet and exercise . I started on March 10th, and i was 220. Today March 17th, i am 216.4. I know that i will make my 20 pound goal by the time of my surgery which is May 23rd, maybe even more. so stay tuned.
- I have started emailing recovery houses, its between Upscale and Armonia. Armonia gave me the better price for me and my mom accompanying me. Just waiting on them to email me back on how to send my 50$ deposit. in the email they gave me a bank account number for bbt, but it doesnt say if its for pay pal, western union, or wire transfer. and for wire transfer and western union you need a lot more info. IF ANYONE HAS SENT THEIR DEPOSIT TO ARMONIA I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW, PLEASE COMMENT OR MESSEGE

officially 2 months till surgery

yep today makes it officially two months till i have surgery! just updating you on what progress i have made towards it.
- My mother is booking our flights tonight
- once booked i will give Armonia the info, apparently they dont need a deposit just basic info and the flight info
- sill taking my vitamins wont get my hemo checked again till it is closer to my surgery maybe the first week of may, also when ill get the meds that i need for post op
- my weight loss and diet is doing great! ive lost 6-7 pounds since i started which was March 9th, making me at 213 pounds right now. mind you i want to be at most at 200 by my surgery on May 23rd. at this rate i KNOW i will be there, maybe even smaller :)
-i also uploaded more pics of me now and another wish pic.

Flight Booked!

So my flight is booked and sent the info to armonia, just waiting on them to email me back. All the major things task are completed :)

Just updating

Recovery house booked. They way they book you is not really set in stone you just give them all your info and they say ok, but you have to call them a week before to remind them . Also I've been looking at the post op mess I'll need and my mother works at the hospital some we already have but others she's going to get online bc my doctor here might not be for me doing the surgery.
Im still losing weight, it's slowed, 5 of my 20 down. I have 2 months to lose 15 . I'm going to add the 1234 diet to my routine I here it makes you lose a pound a day.
But I also added another wish pic, I need hips! I don't just want that small waist and hump I need that shape that you can see from the front . And I uploaded another pic if me now


This is just a random update. Nothing new is really going on. Everything is set is officially April and a little over 1 month left in so ready. I uploaded another pic of me now. I'm starting the hcg diet this week and ready!

weight loss update

so just updating you on my weight loss. my surgery is May 23. im trying to loss 20 pounds by May 1st to get my BMI at 30 for my height, 5'6. I am now at 210! :) ive been trying to loss for about 3 weeks now. And finally got past 212. im on the HCG diet drops and it has a strict diet but im getting used to it. it is supposed to make you lose a pound a day and i believe that. i started 6 days ago at 217, now im 212. not exactly one pound a day but its a great boost.

-as far as my surgery goes, as it is getting closer i think "do i really need it?" and then i get naked and say HELL YEA! lol yes its a huge leap but i said the same thing when i did my gastric surgery but i lost much weight and im healthier and happier. i know i will get over my nerves and will get it done.
- stay tuned my next update will probably be at my one month pre op date, April 23.


yep today makes it 30 days exactly till my surgery! nothing much is really going on, starting May 15th ill start buying some post op things like garments, and meds. Im still losing weight i have 9 pounds to go till im 200 even, that im trying to get for a good BMI. Ill make a appointment to check my hemo also 2 weeks before my surgery to see where i stand.

- also i thought i would share with everyone how i plan to tell people about my body post op....IM NOT! lol i have a plan though . first I will stop posting full body pics on social networking sites on May 1st. But i will post things such as text post or images about working out, waist training, and dieting. Then after surgery when i do post a pic, i will post one with the corset on , gym pics, etc, to kind of make them think i lost my stomach with exercising and the corset. lol yes there is levels to this but hey i dont care. no one in my family knows besides my mom. so if you are looking for ways to inch around about the fact that you are shaplier post op. i think this way would be good too. the key is to delete all old pics, like dont post one the day before surgery , leave it up, then post one after, unless you want people to know. i personally dont need people in my business.

anyways my next update might be in 2 weeks to let you know if i reached my goal, about my hemo levels, and packing up things for DR! yep 30 days to go!!


So this is random! I'm so excited !! Ugh time is flying ! May 1st is Thursday then it will be 23 days and counting ! This is long over due ! I'm uploading a pic of me now , this was the other day, I have such a shape now that I'm so excited to see what I'll look like with no stomach hips and a body ! My next real update lol will be in 2 weeks or so


I just had to post today, its officially my surgery month and im 23 days away!!

- I wanted to say that i PROMISE i will not be like other profiles on here, out of the thousands of profiles n this site only a handful actually update on their process before and after their surgery. i PROMISE to update you post op.
- now thats its May i will start shopping for supplies, in the next couple of weeks ill post everything I get
- im making an appointment next week to check my hemo and iron to see where im at
- also aroud the 15th ill contact yily and the recovery house to make sure everything is set so there is no surprises.
- weight update: my goal was to be 200 even by today, but im 208, i started at 219 . its my fault bc i strayed away from my diet. but i have made a great loss. to lose these last 8 pounds ill be taking a body cleanse .
- thats it for now, so stay tuned. next update should be around May 15th


Random pic of me now, 21 days pre op

more updates, pre op & Yilys Blog

hello dolls! so im 16 days pre op!!! i cant believe it time is flying!
- ive made an appointment with my doctor to check my hemo just to see where im at, when i got it check n March i was 12.1.. hopefully its around 12.7 now
- My mother is ordering everything im getting for surgery in a couple of days, everything is from Amazon and my local walmart.
- we have our passports, IDs, and tourist cards.
-I will be contacting Yily and the recovery house starting to Make sure im set to go!
- im now 208, i keep fluctuating between 208-210 and its getting on my nerves. The BMI for my height is around 32-33 i am ok here but i would like to be 200 by surgery so i can at least be 31.
- to achieve this i will be doing the master cleanse the week of my surgery, all you drink is the cleanse NO FOOD. i will do what i have to to make sure im under 35 BMI because yily will not operate.
- as far as money: i paid my 300 $ deposit in march, my total was $4500, so we will be bring $4200 and about $600 for the recovery house. dont worry my mom is crazy and a hawk she will have the money in her bra probably lol.
- THIS IS YILYS BLOG----> this was posted on facebook, its her blog with some GREAT post op pics check it out.
- When my supplies starts to arrive ill take a pic to show you what im bringing.


so my updates will be getting closer and closer as my days count down, now 15 days away. I was going to contact Yily on Monday to make sure everything is in order, but she emailed me first! she just asked me to give her some basic info and my flight info. It just makes me realize im so close to my dream body!!

12 days pre op!

time is winding down! im 12 days away..
- i got my blood drawn 2 days ago to see where my hemo is, so i should have those results in a week
- i will be getting my post op meds in DR, and that is around 200$
- i will contact the recovery house this week to make sure everything is in order

In the single digits!

officially a week until I leave for DR, And 9 days until my surgery !!
- I ordered all my supplies on Monday so things should be coming in this week end , when I have everything I'll post a pic.
- talked to the recovery house and they are so sweet , they just redecorated and it looks good, they assured me they'll be at the airport when we arrive even if it's 230 am,
- I've still been around 208 and can't get past this hump ! My BMI is around 32, but my fast dosent start till Sunday so I'll be fasting for 5 days until my surgery . My BMI is fine where it's at I just want to make sure
- I got my hemo checked last Friday it takes about a week for results so ill post those in another review
- I'm uploading a pic that I will use for comparison post op. I will wear the same skirt post op to see the difference
- also after surgery I will start a new review because this is gettin drawn out, so this will be my pre op and as soon as I can ill start a post op one
- my mom is getting all the money together , about 7000 with everything , in cash! Lol shell keep it in her bra or some crazy place so don't worry about that
- well my next update will be when I have all my supplies and start to pack! I'm so anxious if I could get the surgery today I would!! My dream body is 9 days away !! Stay tuned !

My luck

I got my iron checked last week , and got my results but they weren't for my iron ! My doctor took blood work for cholesterol instead ! So I won't know what my hemo is until DR, I could make another appointment but I don't need to put more crap on my insurance , it was 12.1 in march and since then I've been taking iron supplements and when my supples gets here I'll take geritol
- my fast will start tomorrow, 7 days , If I eat I'll eat one small meal a day , like a salad or fruit. I have to lose these last pounds . Stay tuned 8 days!


- ok I am too excited! as days get closer i can barely sleep!
- ive bought everything I need just waiting on some lase minute things to arrive from amazon, which should be in the next couple days.
- my surgery is Friday May 23rd, me and my mother are leaving on Wednesday the 21st around 6pm, we will arrive in DR on Thursday at 230 .
- My Geritol came so ive started taking that plus my vitamins and my iron pills
- My fast starts today! i will drinking ballerina tea for those who dont know, that stuff is the truth! you will be in the bathroom very soon. along with the tea i still have my hcg drops and water, a very small meal ONCE a day like fruit and a small salad. i just want to lose 6 pounds in 7 days! lol well see how this goes!

recovery house drama!

so i get on instagram and a duran consutant says that this facebook for aromina is fake! she says the site is fake and the address!

- BUT the site she says is real, has not real number on it, 123-456-789 !! and no real pics and u have to enter a deposit, IM CONFUSED

- anyone who has tay at armonia in the last month can you please give me their contact info so i can clear this up!

Update on real Armonia!

- the real page is !
- if you have been emailing that's not Myra's
- now the other page is a recovery house , BUT they are using armonias name idk of the pics are theirs . People have I guess stayed there and it's ran by Ana or Natasha , but Idc I put my deposit in for MYRAS recovery house because that's who I thought I was getting in the first place I wouldn't trust a place that's using other peoples name . Each his own ladies .

Armonia update

Ok I've figured it out I think lol! Excuse me being crazy over this, I refuse to be like a lot if the other stories on here that have had everything go wrong once in DR. I'm nervous as it is !
- so the face book "real recovery armonia" is a real recovery house , just not the famous "Myra"
- they have the same name
- Myra has a actual house 2 stories very nice which I'll post pics
- Myra does have a condo but is I the process of moving and spreading out
- in a nutshell : you can stay there or Myra's they are both legit I guess lol . Each his own hope this helps
- Myra sent me these pics , these are not from Facebook . Her house has none

tid bits

well im 6 days away from surgery and 3 days from leaving! here are some random tid bits
- APPS: if you dont have the app "whatsapp" , get it! my doctor is Yily, and i write her randomly about how excited i am and she write back lol. its good to get a good relationship with the doctor, one reason i think some people have problems in DR is because of their attitude. download "itanslate" its a awesome app that lets you type in whatever in English then translates it and can read it out loud, when talking to myra from the RH i use it is great! download "Mo+" its a great app to use over seas to talk to people from the states you can text and call even if they dont have the app!
- as days get closer, they seem to go by slower, and im just ready to get it over. lol , im still waiting on a couple of things from amazon soon a they get in ill post my supplies list. i got a few things, no need to go overboard just the basics.

Last pics pre op!

So here are my last pics pre op! I decided the write dress will be my comparison outfit because it's fitting and white and pre op you can see the difference .

scared and more tid bits!

so its natural to be scared as time gets closer, the fact that its out of country brings the levels even higher. one thing that i have read maybe for more than 5 TIMES, is girls waking up during surgery! no they couldn't feel pain but they were cautious enough to ask for water and talk, and even remember it. they say they just felt pressure, makes you think.....
- ive been reading actual peoples stories about from the time they arrived in DR, so i can get a feel of what to expect there and at CIPLA.
- Tid bit: i read that its a good idea to bring your own blanket and pillow to surgery because we have to stay the night, and i hear the place is freezing.
-also bring antibacterial wipes, which i have purchased, because its easier to clean your self up on your own if a nurse is not around.
- if you have any pain medicine bring that too, i have oxycoden from my past surgery and that stuff is the truth knocks you out and feel no pain.
- so in a nutshell to the actual surgery i will bring - blanket, pillow, pain meds(my own), compression socks(everyone needs to bring these, or buy form yily), outfit to leave CIPLA in( mine is just a moomoo, unzips and easy to get out off, and crocks) , antibacterial wipes( for my own benefit always wipe your hands and watch for the nurses if they have on gloves or not)

2 days to take off!

- hello ladies its now the week of my surgery!! I leave in 2 days and my surgery is in 4 :)
-the rest of my supplies should get here today i then will post a pic and a complete list.
- also if you wear perscription contacts bring extra or glasses because you have to take them out for surgery, and from my update above bring a small tote bag for your overnight stay surgery day, so u dont have to lug your whole suitcase.
- ive been talking to yily via whatsapp, i sent her a pic of me now and a wish pic, she asked who did the surgery on my wish pic, (bc its clear she had bbl and lipo, but she is a stripper in miami and you know those famous bigbutt girls on IG never tell lol) but i told her idk i just told her that my goal is the "super flat stomach, small waist, and hips you can see from the front"
- I will contact Myra from the RH too on Wednesday before we leave to make sure she will be at the airport.

Telling people

- earlier in my blog I told you guys I don't plan in telling anyone about my surgery . I plan to do the "worked out thing "
- first I deleted all full body pics weeks ago and haven't uploaded any since
- then I started talking about working out, fasting, and dieting to all my friends even told them I have a trainer
- then every other day or so I upload random pics of the gym or waisttrainging to give people the idea I'm doing something lol ( yes there are levels to this lol )
- and after surgery while I'm recovering it's important to still upload those kind of pics , so when I do make my debut , everyone will out two and two together
- I'm uploading a snapshot of my ig to show u, and a snapshot of what the rapper Plies tweeted lol, he's on to us but who cares

packing and supplies

- I have everything packed now! here is my list, im only staying 3 days after my surgery and there is no need to go overboard. I have seen pics where girls have a whole nother suitcase with everything, these are just the essentials for me.

- Maxi pads - to put over the entrance wounds bc they drain and bleed
-truform compression socks- from Amazon, everyone needs these to help with swelling or get from your doctor
-bendryl gel itch cream- to help with scar itching, i hear its a must!
-mederma cream- for scaring
-Germ X antibacterial wipes- easy to wipe down hands or body
-hibiclens skin cleaner- from amazon, this is also a must, wash with this the night before, day of your surgery, and the week after your surgery
-curad sinstve skin paper tape- for my breast lift
-folic acid, vitamin b and c- been taking these for over 2 months, plus they are on the post of med list from yily
-abdominal absorbent pads- serve the same purpose as the maxi pads, i got these to put the hibiclens on and pat down my body before the maxi pads, these are not needed
-boppy pillow- for plan ride home
-arnica montana- from amazon, this is also a must. help with bruising and swelling, starting taking week before surgery and after.
*** not pictured: geritol- raises iron and energy, extra contacts and solution, my blanket im bringing to overnight stay at hospital, my oxycodone for pain
CLOTHES AND WHAT NOT( im only staying 4 days so not much is needed):
- crocs and one pair of flip flops
-moomoo( i imagine ill spend most of my time in this)
- pack of 3 white tees
- underwear
-3 sports bras
-2 pair of loose sweatpants
-tote bag for overnight stay
-2 towels and 2 wash clothes
- passport
-valid ID- this is for Yily and the airport
-Deposit proof- Yily requires you bring proof of your deposit to her, i have the actual sheet from the bank
- tourist cards- If you are coming from anywhere besides DR, you need this. just a card stating why you are there, you can get this in the airport or order online, we ordered online bc it will save time, 10$ each. here is the link
- all money- cash for surgery, cash for RH, and cash for post op medicine

leaving for DR!

hello ladies! the day is here! me and my mother will be leaving in a few hours for the airport! we are leaving from an airport in the next city so we are getting there early, but our flight isn't till 6 tonight. we will arrive in DR tomorrow morning around 230. a few things..
- first, my surgery was moved up!!!! yep i talked to myra from the RH and told her im coming early, and she called yily. when we arrive well go to the Rh, then around 7 to cipla for paperwork and test , then my surgery will be tomorrow! dont have a time yet. yily said since il get there a day before and she has space there is no need to wait, so my surgery is now tomorrow instead of friday!
- if you do not have whatsapp get it!!!! it is a must have i have talked to yily and the rh daily and its very fast how they respond
- im so ready to go!!! and get it over. as days get closer i have been taking my vitamins and geritol twice a day for my energy and iron. before i leave today ill also take a vitamin c packet, you just dd water, it just boost your immune system.
- the RH is supposed to have wifi , if i can update i will, if not, it will be when i get back here which is Tuesday the 27th.
-keep me and your prayers, and hope all goes as planed, and we are safe. stay tuned :)

Post op

Hey ladies I'm starting a new blog on my post op journey so go to my profile for all the details,

Post Op BBL Journey

I'm one day post op!! Thank you for your prayers! I'm still in DR and at Armonia as I write this, just letting you know I'm doing fine , but loopy from all my pain meds. Not so much pain but very sore, my skin is tender to the touch but i will update in the next couple of days to give you all the details

First post op pic

Still very swollen and need to get a massage

After second massage, 3 days post op

My back side 3 days post op

3 days post op

Back home

Hey ladies thanks for your compliments I'm back home and resting, everyday I feel better but it will take time for me to feel normal again . I will put up an actual review on the nitty gritty of my surgery and my stay, so much I think you pre op ladies should know . As for me, I love my results just can't wait till my swelling is gone and I get feeling in my back . But stay tuned for more pics and the nity gritty

1 week post op

Hey ladies I'm officially 1 week post op! I'm feeling good, walking up my stairs, bending down a little, sleeping much better. I always feel better when I take my vitamins the same ones I took pre op. I'm still waiting to put up a full review of my surgery because it's a lot to write but trust me I will. I ordered some lipo foam and an abdominal board yesterday which I should've done pre op , bc I think they are really needed. When I take off my garmet my stomach is lumpy and still tender to touch . My back is also very numb still. The foam will help speed up the process and will give you an even look. I also ordered another garmet , it's a short one instead of a half thigh one, bc I have big thighs and this one really cuts at my skin . And the one I ordered also has the holes cut out for my butt and is a size medium, the one I have now is a large . But stay tuned , I also uploaded a pic of me in my girdle

my surgery review, the nitty grity

ok so im finally giving you guys the nitty gritty. so this is my experience and each his own.
- so the trip to DR was smooth we arrived there at 3 am morning of my surgery. myra told me earlier that day that a driver would be there to pick me and my mom up, she gave me his name and said he would have a sign. when we got to the airport i saw one guy with a sign with my name i asked his name and he said something different than what myra told me! so of course i wasn't getting in the car just yet i used his phone to call myra and she said the other driver couldn't come and thats him and to go with him, she forgot to tell me...smh
- so we arrive at the house and we paid for a double with a private bath for 5 days. myra said that girls were in our room but were leaving the next day so she put us in a triple room, but just us two. the place has walls, but no walls connecting to the ceiling so you can hear in the next room... my mom is so booujie and she was just flipping out and kept saying "we shouldve went to a hotel" but besides that the house was nice, had air, and comfortable beds. mrya said we would move to the double when i got back from surgery.
-woke up around 7 and got ready for cipla. the place was so busy at even that time of morning! i see why it takes those docs forever to email back its a madhouse. yilys office was packed so when i got there i met yira and she told me that since my original surgery was friday but moved up, i had to wait to see if i could actually go that day. so she got my hemo done, ekg,bmi and etc.
- so hours go by, and side bar.. the days i went to cipla there were so many women in and out of there old and young and so many different races, and its crazy that we are just Regular girls just trying to get a dream body you will never know whose body is real back in the US lol.
- so now around noon yira gives me paper work to fill out, basic stuff. and attached is my blood work sheet. it said my bmi was 13.5 i even asked the girl beside me to make sure. so i turn it in and wait again, i saw yily and she hugged me and was very sweet. my bmi was 33 so everything was good to go.
- around 1 i went to the 3rd floor where they give u your room and do surgery . i changed into te gown and yily came to mark me up. here is where it gets messy. yira comes in too, bc she speaks great english. i was supposed to get arm lipo, bbl, liop of tummy back etc, and a breasts lift. first thing that yira said was i cant get my breast lift bc my hemo was 12.1! mind you i just saw my sheet and it said 13.5! i said no! go look at my chart they go get it and , it said 12.1! but it looked like a whole new chart, the words where smudged like it was just printed!! my mom is crazy so she was like WTF! but iw as like whatever i dont NEED a breast lift so i said ok. then yira asked how long was i staying post op , we said 4 days. yily went crazy ! this was not the yily i saw that morning. she was frustrated, had blood on her scrubs, and was all over the place. yira said no you need to stay at least 10 days! *** ladies no one stays that long! mostly everyone in the house stayed at most 6 days!* and yily was acting ike if i didnt say i was staying 10 days she wasnt going to do my surgery! so me and my mom said ok whatever yea will stay, but we knew once monday came we were out!
-** heres what i think happened. yily supposedly only does 4 girls a day, and since i got moved up and my surgery was litery last in the day i think she was too tired to do all of my work, and made a fake chart so i couldnt have my boobs done. but its whatever
- now maybe hour and a half later i get the blue pill, that just made me fall asleep, i woke up a little when they started wheeling me to the surgery room. but feel back asleep, now this is when it gets messy AGAIN! ladies earlier in my reviews i talked about how i read on here girls waking up during surgery and makes you think. well its TRUE! out of nowhere i remembered sitting up with my head in some mans chest with an epidural going in my back at least 3 times! it was the worst pain! i starting crying and he said "why u cry, its ok" smh. then i guess it knocked me out...but then surgery started! and i felt it! yes i felt it! no not actual pain but them poking me and i could feel where they were at! my mouth was so dry i kept saying water water and they would ignore me. your nose gets stuffed up so all u have to breathe out of is your mouth but its 10x harder if your mouth is crazy dry! then they put me on my stomach to do my back and that was the worst t felt like she was rolling a prickly thing on my skin, it felt like i was getting a full body tattoo. it was bearable but this is NOT normal. in the US you would never hear of this. now in a nutshell i love my results but i would not go back to DR for surgery and i dont think its really worth it. i honestly feel if it wasnt for me being sane in my mind during surgery, i just kept saying"be calm, breathe, itll be over soon" and mind u im young, no kids, no allergies, no asthma. but what is someone thats is older comes in has problems, and etc i feel like my whole surgery coudlve went south if it wasnt for my self!
- after surgery was finally over i woke up in my room, with nurse from the house who would stay with me all night, my body was very tender and i was glad i didnt get my boobs done. the stay overnight was good, i slept most of the night except when they came in to give me meds. and getting in my faja wasnt that bad, i got a little dizzy standing up but i got through it.
- in a nuttshell , everyone has different surgery experiences. some girls at tthe house said they were knocked out the whole time, others said they were up like me, so each his own ladies.
- my mom wants to com in November to get surgery and im seriously worried! i love my body but what i went through there in DR, the surgery and my stay... i dont think its worth it... but my next review will be the nitty gritty on the recovery house stay tunes

Random pic

Tried on some workout pants . I really can't wait for my lipo foam to get here, it's a must ! But it's coming along

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Pre op vs. 1 week post op


so thank u ladies for your compliments. surgery is the easy part, recovery is the hard part. Im a little over a week post op and im driving a little, walking up stairs, bending down. and so forth. only thing i wish would hurry up and go away is my back tenderness! my stomach and back are really tender, i tried on a high waist skirt and couldn't feel where it stopped at my stomach lol its very numb. my arms are still bruised also. i put on arnica under my garment and its not stomach as sore anymore but tender. so starting next week my plan is to wear lipo foam under my garment with creams. these creams are for cellulite and are supposed to keep the skin tight and etc. in my opinion i suggest everyone get lipo foam, when you wear the garments for so long they leave marks on your skin and since your still healing you stomach will be lumpy and uneven. the creams and lipo foam really help even out your skin. im so ready to wear regular clothes and stunt lol.

New shape wear

My lipo foam came in . I ordered 4 sheets from amazon they are bigger than I expected. I also ordered a new garment from hourglass angel size medium and a bottom shape wear from a boutique online . I wear the lipo foam in the front and back

my post op care

this update is to tell you guys what im doing for my post op care. first ive been reading up on numbness after lipo and its normal, and it can be like that for up to 4 months after lipo. but anyways
- every night i sink wash with hot water and hiciblns antibacterial wash. i haven't taken a real shower yet because im only a little over a week post op. then i dry up and go over my incisions with a antibacterial wipe.
- i then rub my body down in arnica for swelling and bruising. now that im almost 2 weeks post op i started putting on merina scar cream on my incisions also.
-** not every night but every other night i put firming creams on my stomach, its a mixture of bio oil, nieva cellulite cream, and skinny cream. they tighten skin and etc.
- then i put on my garment with lipo foam in the front and in the back .

- i have done this routine every night since surgery . and it works for me.


I wore my lipo foam on my front and back and you see the places I didn't have the foam . I swear by the foam , tonight I will cut up my other sheets and wear them around my whole stomach , the lines are so annoying . And where the foam is my lumps have been compressed and my stomach is much even

2 weeks post op

im now 2 weeks post op! i am loving my curves and people are taking notice. i think im going to start waist training. yily gave me hips and a flat stomach which is what i wanted the most, but i feel my waist could be not so numb anymore in my back, the feeling is not all there but its getting better.


So I'm over 2 weeks post op and I'm experiencing these ridiculous headaches could be migraines . I mean throbbing pain for over an hour. When I sleep or lay down . I'm going to get some OTC drugs today if they don't go away Ill see a doc about them , yea they are that bad

3 weeks post op

Hello ladies ! I'm now 3 weeks post op ! My body is doing great and I got my headaches under control . I've Started doing light exercise like crunches and sit ups. I wear my compression garments every day , I'm about to order one more in a size small maybe , I also bought a corset from a local store and it's a size small but still lose lol I went out last weekend and didn't wear my garment and I notice when I don't wear it even for an hour my stomach puffs up like swollen like so it's important to wear your garments ladies

4 weeks post op

Hello ladies! I'm almost a month post op ! Everything is well, my arms are still sore and my back , but I do have feeling. Ordered a new stage 2 garment size medium and I swear I was about to send it back bc it took me an hour to get in , but the thing with these garments is if u don't struggle to get in it , it's to big. And I need more compression on my stomach so the puffiness . My old garment from surgery is say to easy to get into now and the other I ordered didn't have rows of clips to make the size smaller . This one is the best I'm on the first row my waist is a 30 inches, was 36 before surgery


Hi ladies , just doing a quick update I'm on the second snap of my lipo express garment , 2 weeks ago I was barely getting into the first snap and it took me a hour . Went from 29/30 when I first put it on now I'm on the second snap past 28 inches for my waist


Hey ladies! Sorry I have been Mia! But I'm enjoying my new body ! When your pre op u wonder why would girls have surgery more than once , I see now! Yea I like my results but I don't think my stomach is as flat as it could be and considering a round 2, but not anytime soon maybe in a couple of years . But I'm very happy and uploading a pic

Post op months pics

New pics

6 months post op

hey ladies i have been MIA because of school. but all is well. i still love my body and have gotten back in the gym. now that most swelling is gone i wish i had more hips,lol . but other then that im good. let me tell you, i thought i got attention before...but NO! i was not ready for the attention i get now. with great booty comes great responsibility! i mean i wear the simplest thing and i get stares and whispers, smh body envy is real ladies. i had a mom and her daughter follow me while i was shopping in the store and when i finally was like what the hell, they were like " is your butt real, you have no waist," !!! like i get reactions like this one the daily! but trust me i wouldn't change it.

pic 6 months post op

round 2!?

hello ladies! it has been 8 months since my surgery and i love my body. i thought once would be enough. but i have since thought that my stomach and arms could have had more fat removed. This is my personal decision and im sticking to it. Im looking at DR.baez this time. She does good work, isnt always too booked, and has great prices. Im looking to get arm lipo, lipo to abdomen, and fat transfer to just my hips(no BBL). my butt is big enough. im looking to get it done in December of this year
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