Recovery ain't no Joke. I had no clue it was this BAD!

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Hey everyone, I'm kinda sorta new to this site, so...

Hey everyone, I'm kinda sorta new to this site, so please be gentle with me (LOL). I've posted some pre-op pics of this horrible body of mine. I'm currently waiting on Dr. Yily to email me back with a quote and a date so I can get this ball rolling. It's been 2 days now and still no response. She's a busy woman. But the procedures I've chosen are Breast Implants, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction (back, belly, waist, flanks, and probably inner thighs) with some good ole Fat Grafting to the Butt. I know that's alot of work to get done at once, so I'm probably gonna have to wait for the Breast Implants. I'll ask Dr. Yily what would she recommend me to do. I'll keep yall posted.

Updated on 8 Mar 2013: For some reason I can't add any of my pics. I'll keep trying.

Updated on 22 Mar 2013: Well I've paid my deposit through Chase Bank and I just scanned it and e-mailed it to Dr. Yily. Hopefully she doesn't take that long to respond to my e-mail and confirm my surgery date set for Saturday May 18th. I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, nor did my passport come in. I'm still undecided where I'm gonna stay. Dr. Yily recommeds JMRH but I'm not sure if I want to stay there or not. DECISIONS...DECISIONS...DECISIONS...

Updated on 25 Mar 2013: Got my confirmation email from Dr. Yily yesterday stating she received my deposit. She told me to email her again as soon as I purchase my plane ticket so she can set me up with Jacqueline Spa. I must say my overall experience with her has been great. I know a lot of ladies have had some bad experiences with her long response time and her after care, but so far so good (knock on wood). She responded to all of my emails within a day or 2. I hope and pray nothing changes and we continue to communicate well even after my surgery. FYI...ALL OF MY EMAILS WERE TYPED IN SPANISH AND SHE RESPONDS BACK IN SPANISH...BUT I TOLD HER FROM THE JUMP THAT I DON'T SPEAK NOR DO I UNDERSTAND SPANISH, BUT I DOWNLOADED THIS APPLICATION ON MY PHONE THAT TRANSLATES MY ENGLISH EMAILS TO SPANISH AND HER SPANISH EMAILS TO ENGLISH. It makes our communicating back and forth soooooo much easier.

Updated on 2 Apr 2013: WELP, I bought my plane ticket 3 days ago. I emailed my flight info to Dr. Yily that same morning and she responded back later that night confirming my flight info. She told me to hurry and pick a Recovery House because the date is near and I was unsure if I wanted to stay at Jacqueline or CIPLA. So after reading everyone's review about the Spa, I've decided to stay there. I called today to Jacqueline Spa hoping and praying someone answers that speaks and understands English. Low and behold a man named Junior answers and says he speaks English. He put my name down for May 17th and told me to email my flight info to the Spa. I did that and within 5mins he emailed me back confirming he got it and will be picking me up at the airport that day...So I emailed Dr. Yily letting her know that I made up my mind to stay at Jacquelines. Woke up just now at 1am to my email notification alarm and it's Dr. Yily confirming she got the email. I'm thinking "hold up"...Why is she awake at this time of the night??? I know she gotta go to work in the morning. Then I realized DUH DUFUS, there's a time difference. Even though it's 1am here, it's probably 10pm there. WHEW!!! I was afraid there for a minute. I sure don't want her operating on me if she been up all night.

NERVOUS! 1 month to go!

NERVOUS! 1 month to go!

Very excited!!! I received my passport today!!! ...

Very excited!!! I received my passport today!!! 3 weeks left!!!

Just wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude...

Just wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude to everyone on this website. I'd be lying if I told y'all I wasn't scared because I'm terrified, but y'all have been so helpful to me. Whether you had surgery with Dr. Yily or not, I've taken bits and pieces from everyone's blog, everyone's supply lists, everyone's do's and don't, and everyone's journey to help me through this process and I want to Thank You!!!

Got all my labs and my prescriptions filled on...

Got all my labs and my prescriptions filled on Monday, so I'm just waiting on the results. I emailed Dr. Yily asking if I could pay for my surgery in advance because I will be traveling alone and I don't want to travel with all that money on me. She just responded yes and email her a copy of my receipt for proof. Do yall think that's a good idea because I've heard they aren't to organized over there at CIPLA. I've purchased most of my supplies already. I still need to get the board, lipofoam, and the Pee-Ez thingy. I ordered a Large post-surgical bra from ContourMD, I think that was a stupid idea because I don't know what size I will be after my implants.

I'm kinda beginning to think R.S. have a few...

I'm kinda beginning to think R.S. have a few perverted men lurking on this site, posing to be women and probably "getting off" on our pictures. IDK, I could be wrong. Am I the only one who thinks this?

Welp guess what??? I just got my confirmation...

Welp guess what??? I just got my confirmation email from Dr. Yily for my surgery on Saturday!!!! Got my confirmation email from Jacqueline on yesterday. I'm trying to remain calm and not forget anything, but that's impossible@!!

Flight leaves in the A.M...

All done packing. YAY ME! Hopefully I didn't over do it. I will try to post some before pics. I'm not sure how to upload them from my phone, but I'll try.

Hold My Hand

Heavenly Father I ask that you hold my hand as I embark on this journey.
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