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So I'm finally at the review point. I have been...

So I'm finally at the review point. I have been on realself for about two years conducting research and gathering as much information as I could about the procedures I want.. I am 40 years old the mother of three children, two sons ages 22 and 24 and a little girl age 11, yeah I still don't know how she slipped in, anyway. I have always had a shape and curves Im also a big girl, 6'0 tall, 270lbs, like I said Imma big girl, but I love my size and I ve grown to love me even more. Since the birth of my last child, my body has been doing some weird things, I have a serious kangaroo pouch that refuses to leave, it acts like its paying rent, my nice round butt is know some odd shape, so yeah. My procedures, im getting a TT, BBL and Lipo. I wanted the infamous Duran to do it, but I tried like a billion times and never got a response, the I tried Yily, but my heart wasn't set on her. I continued researching and found Dra Almonte. She doesn't have a lot of reviews, but from what I've read and researched she's great at what she does. I was quoted $4,900 that includes, 10 day stay at recovery house with 24 hr nurse, cost of the procedure, medications, post op garment, compression socks, 1 night at the clinic, transportation to and from airport, hospital and RH and pre and post op consultations. I think that's pretty good. So I will keep everyone posted and I will post pre op pics, *warning, view at your own risk*. LOL

Mommy needs her body back

So Im a little over a month away and Im getting nervous and excited at the same time. My best friend who"s been a nurse for almost 20 yrs is going with me, how great is that. I am staying at the Tropical Island aprthotel which is about 15 minutes from CECIP. Donald the manager is great. I have a 1 bedroom apartment with a queen and full size bed, A/C, internet, full kitchen and living room area for $50 a night. Since my bestie is a nurse, she's bringing me some extra meds, like antibiotics, percocets, bed pads and stuff like that.

I'll keep everyone posted, right now I'm trying to find someone to do my massages, so if anyone knows of one please let me know. Later Chicas


Hi ladies, Im so grateful to all of you for sharing such a personal situation. Im a month away from my surgery with Dr. Almonte and Im looking for someone to do my massages. Lesley, Dr. Almonte assistant suggested Gianna Columbo, has anyone gone to her, if so please share your experience. If you went to someone else and had a great experience, please share. I want to book everything in advance. Thanks ladies

Almost there

Hello Ladies, I am 24 days away from my surgery and I was asked to post what I was bringing and what meds Ive been taking thus far. For over a month now Iv'e been taking Folic Acid, B12, Iron, Vitamin C and a multivitamin. dr. Almonte did not tell me I needed to lose weight but I have been working out to get better results. Im not bringing a bunch of clothes because I won't be going out much. Im staying for nine days post op and my bff is going with me, she's also a registered nurse and she's bringing me some antibiotics and pain meds. So here's what I have so far
PeeEz female urinal
Arnica cream
Scaraway strips for scars, want to use them as soon as I can
depends adult diapers
maxi pads
sports bra - 5
house dresses - 5
body wipes since I cant shower for a few fays
flip flops
herbal teas
I still need to get the rest of my things, but this is what I have so far. Im also bringing about $1,000 cash just in case. I am getting massages done by Gianni she charges $40-45 per massage, I plan to get one everyday for my last 6 days there. So that's all for now. I will update as the time draws closer. God Bless Ladies

Its gettin real

Well ladies I am three days away from getting my shape back. I leave for DR on Wednesday, April 16th and sx on the 17th. I have so many things running thru my head right now, it seems the closer I get my mind is going thru all of these weird scenarios, but I believe God that all will go better than expected. Ill posy pics as soon as I can.

mommy got her shape back

Hello ladies so I've finally gone thru with surgery n im 3 days post op. Not a lot of pain more discomfort. Dr. Almonte and her staff are absolutely wonderful, They take their time with u n give u personalized attention. I left ve my results and I will ost more pics as time goes on. Hope my journey hels

One Year update

Hello everyone. I know Ive been gone a while, just enjoying my new body. I am one year post op. I had a TT, and full Lipo with Dr. Almonte. My experience with the Dr was great. The one thing I loved most about Dr. Almonte is that she is not going to sacrifice your health and wellness just to give you the flatest stomach or biggest butt. She will only do what your body will allow, please remember that. She does work miracles. Her and her staff where extremely helpful and patient. The hospital was clean, and sanitized, it does get crowded in the waiting area because she shares the floor with other doctors, but she moves as fast as she can. Her assistant Leslie is the absolute greatest. She speaks english very well and will try to handle all of your concerns in a timely fashion. PLEASE UNDERSTAND LESLIE IS A ONE WOMAN SHOW, NOT ONLY IS SHE HANDLING PATIENTS THAT ARE THERE, SHE'S HANDLING POTENTIAL PATIENTS AND PATIENTS THAT HAVE GONE HOME AND STILL HAVE QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS. If she doesn't respond quickly give her time she will get to you. My actual procedure went off without a hitch as far as I know. I had no complications and I was in no pain, I describe it as discomfort, the most uncomfortable part was the back lipo, at times it feels as if your skin is being ripped off your back, ITS NOT, DON'T WORRY. My actul sx date was April 11, but when I got there Dr. Almonte said my hemo was too low, it was 12.2, so I had to get two iron infusions which were $100 each. She said it needed to be higher because of my size, she wanted to make sure that I wouldn't need a blood transfusion afterward and I didn't o that was good, my sx date was pushed back a day. I didn't stay at a RH, I rented an apartment which was about $40 a day. I brought my bff who is a RN and she was able to take care of me. Overall I am completely satisfied with my body, my doctor and my experience.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love this dr, shes professional, personable and values the lives of each of her patients. Her staff Lesley n Raquel are also great

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