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I been contimplating writing about this for quite...

I been contimplating writing about this for quite sometime... I wasn't going to but now that the day is so near I need a support group and too vent!
I been researching and wanting this procedure for yearsss! 4yrs to be exact. I hate my flat back! Lol I'm latina so I got hips but that's it! So I got a wide square flat back lol...

Anyways I finally got serious and put my foot down and decided to do it in the new year. New Year New Me! I was initially going with Dr. Sacristan in Colombia but ended up going with Dr. Yily. Both are really good doctors and I would of been happy with either or.

So my surgery is Feb 26th, 19 days away!!! And I'm staying at Jacqueline's Recovery Home. Nerves are kicking in and I'm starting to get scared about the recovery process... It sounds like it takes forever to feel like u 100% again. I just hope it all worth it in the end. As of now I been taking my pre-op vitamins, I bought a second garment size med (hope that was a good choice), have my flight good to go, and sent yily my deposit almost 2 weeks ago (still hasn't picked it up *rolls eyes) all my packing I'll do last min cause that's how I do lol...
I'm traveling alone which sucks balls :( but this is what I want and I don't expect anyone to come with me... But it would be nice.

*Could any of the ladies who travelled alone to DR let me know how the flights went? I don't know what to tell immigration about why I'm traveling alone to DR for 10days. Did you tell them u were getting surgery? Or just say ur going on vacation?

* Did anyone buy the insurance for $250 want to know if its worth it? Trying to do some last min budgeting!
*If you had to choose one or the other: Squeem or Epi foam?
Lastly (for now :p) has anyone one bought there meds in DR but NOT from yily. How much did it come out too? I know she charges $250...

Thanks ladies and I'll keep you all posted on this journey of mine!! :)

So 4 days until I'm off to DR! The nerves are...

So 4 days until I'm off to DR!
The nerves are real! I'm both excited and scared all at the same time!
I know I'll be fine just hope I'm prepared for it all...
So I'm still going solo but I convinced my bf to come down after my surg :D LOVE HIM!! He could only stay a couple of days so I changed my flight and will be returning back home with him. I was initially staying 10 day but cut it down to 8... Hope it won't be a problem.
I'm done shopping and will be packing sometime this weekend. Actually I lied need to buy canesten cause I WILL get a yeast infection with the antibiotics :s and gatorade. Currently I have purchased: second garment, Foam Invalid Ring cushion, fajate board wrap, all vitamin, arnica gel and cream, pads, pill organizer, polysporin for itch and the antbiotic ointment, gauze and medical tape, dial antibacterial bodywash, nutrament cans, andddd candy :)

Wish me luck ladies!

I leave for DR tomorrow!!! I was calm but now I'm...

I leave for DR tomorrow!!!
I was calm but now I'm nervous again... I just got off the phone with junior from SpaJM and they had nooo idea I was coming :-s Yily confirmed with me that everything was set... But I guess not! Anyways if ur planning on staying there and confirmed it with Yily make sure u call them to make sure! I would of had a nervous breakdown if no one was there to pick me up from the airport or new a was coming... Ahhhhh! Anyways everything is setteled now I'm staying at a hotel tomorrow right... I'm staying at the recovery house after surg... Anyways that is all I will update again when I can!

Made it out of surg! Really sore and stiff... Pain...

Made it out of surg! Really sore and stiff... Pain is at a 5-6... I got here yesterday at 6am and finished my sugery at 11pm! They were really busy had to wait until 4-5pm to get my room... Yily is :O beautiful wit a killer bod... She kinda entimidating but really sweet! Surgery was something... And I wouldn't do it again lol. I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride and was sooo high... I actually was up for half of my lipo! It wasn't painful just weird :s I finally K.O when the did the front cause I don't recall anymore... The faja I brought was to big and for like a tummy tuck they said... The faja I'm wearing now is like armor! Hard, thick,tighttt!!
I did see my stomach and my pooch is gone :) Anyways I'm done for now update later on when I'm at the recovery house!

Hey... I been having the after surgery blues... I...

Hey... I been having the after surgery blues... I like my flat stomach and waist... My bum isn't what I wanted it to be...from the side I have no projection! Still a flat back... But if u look at it from the back it looks better and more round and plump... I feel like I should of stressed to her about my bum more... I feel like after all the swelling goes fully down I'll be back to the same bum as before... *Sigh... On the up side atleast my stomach and waist have improved

Final post

Hellooo hellooo,
This will be my finale post unless I go for a round 2 :X
I really want a round 2 but everyone thinks I'm crazy lol. Booty greed it real!
I'm feeling a lot better about my bum and results then I did before. 3months post op and all the swellings gone. Still a little tender on my sides but that's ok. My only thing now is the unevenness in my stomach and lower back. I'm looking into purchasing non invasive laser lipo or cellulite reduction treatments from groupon. I see so many of them and there affordable. I hope that those treatments can help tighten my skin and even it out.

Anyways that's all I got... Goodluck and happy healing ladies!

Round 2 in 28 days!!

Hello helloo,
It's been almost a year since my initial surgery and now i'm preparing myself for my second. Most people think i'm crazy for doing this again but idgaf! lol... This will be my last round.

I'm going with Dra. Yily once again. I'm sticking with what i know plus she gave me a great price. Can't say no to that! I'm touching up on my stomach and waist plus adding my thighs and chin. Oh and of course my bottom as well!

Anyways I will be heading out to DR on the 13th of February and having surgery the 14th. I'm staying at Daisy's RH this time around. I'm buddying up with someone I met on RS and they recommended this place. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I'm slowly getting everything set up trying not to stress... I'm doing all this alone this time around :( I'm stressing about the flights! Flying alone gives me major anxiety! I'm more worried about the flights than the actual procedure... smh lol

I will post again once i'm out there!
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