made up my mind .....duran it is!!!!

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I'm 5'8 196lbs I wear a 38 DD ..29 and I have one...

I'm 5'8 196lbs I wear a 38 DD ..29 and I have one son. I wanna Bring in my 30's waist snatched and nice round booty.

I been researching for the past year I looked into soooo many doctors in the US .. And the pricing is way too much! My first choice was Dr Patel( until He recently quoted me 25,000)So I came to RS and found Dr Duran. I LOVE HER WORK!!!! I wanted a natural body ( waist to hip ratio VERY IMPORTANT). Her work speaks for it's self. I want a BBL.. Liposculpture (full back, flanks, inner thigh and possibly arms)I have to admit I was very nervous about going to DR for surgery and I heard a lot of horror stories. So after reading on RS ...Google and YOUTUBE. I got a clear understanding and made my decision.FOR ALL THE LADIES THAT ARE NOT SURE ABOUT THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ...DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!Just a few things I researched:DR DURAN ( check her board certification) I'n Dominican Republic GOOGLE...I googled her name and read every story and website that came up ( safe to say there were not that many negative stories ...NO DEATHS AND NO MALPRACTICE SUITS)YouTube ...I watched VBLOGS Of former DurandollsReal self and IGWhat I found out during my research was that the Dominican Republic was one of the top countries for plastic surgery ..Doctors are just as good as the US ( if not better) and the pricing is AMAZING!!!! I even found a few great dentist that does amazing veneers ( but that's my next journey)I was very impressed with her reviews on RS and I thought about it for a few days and then made my decision.DR DURAN IT IS!!!!!!!!So now onto my journey !!!!So if there are any DURANDOLLS please drop any advice in the comments!!Next step Getting my Quote. UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!

Wish Pics

I love the natural heart shaped booty...Hopefully I'm Next!!!!!

If you are still not as comfortable with your decision to go to Dominican Republic for surgery


They have several VBLOGS showing there journey with DR DURAN from the very beginning to post op ...Watching these two is what made me 100% comfortable with my decision.


Recieved my Quote!!!!

Hi Ladies,

I'm so excited yaayyy!!!! I just received my quote from Dr. Duran. In the email she has two separate quote one is for Lipo and BBL and the other quote is with Tummy Tuck.
I absolutely don't want a Tummy Tuck, I don't think I need one. I have no stretch marks or saggy skin. I'm gonna loose 15/20 pounds prior to surgery.

I tried for 2 weeks to get in touch with Dr Duran. She is a busy lady, so I went through SURGICOORDINATOR . I will have to pay the 200 dollar fee..

What's App +1 (347) 779-0624
Phone :1. 809. 707. 7163
Website : IG BIO

I'm gonna keep you guys posted ...I'm on to booking my date and finding a recovery house
Any Suggestions drop them below!!!

Booked My Date !!!!!!!


Duran finally had a few cancellations.
I called her assistant Elizabeth and Booked my date for March 28,2017.

Just giving you guys an update....

I DID NOT go thru SURGICOORDINATOR to book my date. After I received my quote thru SURGICOORDINATOR.

I emailed Dr Duran at her personal email,
I sent over my pics and answered all the health history questions.


The next morning I called her office phone and her assistant picked up.

+1 (809) 331-5050 ext 212
When you hear Spanish talking hit the EXT 212

Duran's assistant speaks pretty good English and very pleasant!
Just tell her you want a quote and you sent over an email. She will look up your email and send over the quote while you are on the phone.

So I saved the $200 fee, SURGICOORDINATOR charge.


I sent over the deposit thru Money Gram, HOME DELIVERY ONLY!
Elizabeth includes all the info you need in the emails.

Deposit : $250

Book Recovery House


Any good reviews on Recovery Houses please list them in the comments!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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