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Hi everyone! So since I can remember, I have...

Hi everyone! So since I can remember, I have wanted a sexy shape and butt. Since May 2015 I have been researching doctors and I thought I had my doctor pinned, Dra Cynthia Disla, because I absolutely love the results that she produces. However recently I came across a horriffic review about her regarding a patient contracting a bacterial infection after surgery with her. That led me to resquest a quote from Dr Goico. Dr Goico's reputation is stellar, however from looking at his before and after pics, he provides more subtle results. I am not trying to be a video vixen but I do want a tiny waist and nice round hips and butt and I really want it on the first round. It truly seems like in order to get the results I want I have to risk my life which OBVIOUSLY I am unwilling to do. :( Can anyone suggest a doctor or doctors who give you results like Disla/Yily/Duran but maintaim safety and hygiene standards like Goico? Seems like a tall order.

29yr Old, No Kids Looking for Realistic but Sexy Results

Hi RS! So I have finally made the time to do this review. I have been stalking realself for literally over a year, before I even realized that this journey could actually be a reality for me. Quick update to where i'm at now; I am writing this review from the comfort of my bed at the Healing Haven RH after having arrived in the DR at 4am this morning and completing my labs and initial screening by the queen herself! Let me tell you, Dra Duran is gorgeous! The pics do her no justice and her body is on point! I know a lot of future dolls have problems contacting Duran but my experience getting my quote was different; the owner of the RH I chose took my deposit into her office personnally and set my date for me (during a period that was already fully booked). The only negative thing I encountered thus far was that of the changing prices. I was quoted $220 for labs and was told it was $250 when I got here, reason being apparently Duran added more tests that she wanted done pre-op. Another doll's quote did not even include the cost of labs. Also there was this recovering doll who needed a blood transfusion and she paid $250 for 2 pints of blood when the quote said $110 per pint. Tip of the day: DO NOT WALK WITH EXACT CASH! Also I saw a doll today at Duran's office who was 4days PO and took her faja off and couldnt get it back on. That recovery is no joke! But all the PO dolls I saw were in great spirits with no regrets so I just cannot wait to get this over with and begin my recovery. My actual date is on wednesday but Duran promised to try to squeeze me in tomorrow so fingers crossed. And re photos, awhile back there was some mess about photos leaking and people making negative remarks about other dolls' photos and I am not having that negativity at all before my procedure so maybe after i may post some. If not message me your whatsapp and imma send pics to interested dolls. Love and blessings ladies! 

1 day post op

Hi ladies! So I had my bbl yesterday. Got to Duran's office around 9am. Did my chest xray and got marked up. I was then sent to the 'emergency' room at cipla for my blood pressure and lungs etc to be checked and to be interviewed. From there I was given my documents and instructed to take them to the 4th floor. On the 4th floor a nurse took me to my private room where i changed into the gown and was given the infamous blue pill (dormicum) within 10minutes an orderly came and wheeled me into the surgical ward where i saw duran for literally 2minutes while the anesthesiologist was doing her stuff. Next thing i know Im back in the private room being awoken by a nurse to have some soup.. lol.. it literally felt like the blink of an eye. When i went in the clock in the OR said 12:25pm and i heard I got out at around 3pm. I wasnt in any pain, just extremely groggy. When i woke up that night though the pain was realllll! I begged for sleeping meds or painkillers. I didnt sleep all night last night due to pain and I didnt get painkillers until 6am when a doctor came and made his rounds. Needless to say that first night was torture. By this morning i had drained quite a lot because only had lipo and bbl so I got open drain.
Duran's nurse came in like 9am and cleaned me up and put me in the faja. Duran discharged me at 9:30 with along list of rules and my prescription. My butt is harrrrddddd im waddling like a duck and where i was lipoed the skin is soft and mushy like jello.. extremely sensitive also. Biggest hassle is taking the faja off to change the pads under it that is absorbing the fluids.. so far ive messed up my faja twice and its my first day after surgery. I have to change them every 4hours so that means dizzyness every four hours. Sighs.. will update again tomorrow.. super tired and have to be up at 12:40am to change out my pads. Goodnight ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far Duran has been very sweet and forthcoming.

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