March 2017 Yily Doll in the Making - Dominican Republic

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Hello Beautiful RS community, I am here for the...

Hello Beautiful RS community,

I am here for the very reason that some of you may be here. To feel confident and happy with myself. As I sit today I am the furthest from that. I would love to learn from others that have been through this process or will soon be going through this process. And figure out what I should or shouldn't buy and be ready as to what to expect as far as aftercare.
But enough about that... I am very happy to start posting because I have finally decided that Dra. Yily De Los Santos will be my doctor! My deposit is set! March 17th 2017 Is the day! I will be getting a TT, BBL, Lipo. I will add some pics on this post! A little about me... 25 y.o 5'4 and I currently weigh 184 pounds. I have a goal set to get to 170 before surgery. I will continue to update regularly.

I am looking for a surgery buddy! I have not chosen an RH yet but am wondering if anyone has any helpful feedback on:
Luxury RH
Serenity RH
Diamond RH
Kindness RH

Or if anyone has any recommendations as far as a great RH in the DR?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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