Mallol for my Bbl Still Want Sx Buddy December 2016 - Dominican Republic

I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian...

I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian butt lift for sometime now. I've decided that this is something that I want to do and is going to make me happy I'm already comfortable with my body but I just would like to enhance you only have one life to live so why not be happy while doing it I've been consulted by a few doctors and at first I wanted to go for something more natural but later on the side that I want to go as big as possible I'm 5'10" away 190 pounds I'm not sure if I have enough fat on my body to get the body that I want but hopefully I do I will be meeting with Dr. Lowson May 2 the day before surgery . I know what you're thinking no I haven't met the surgeon . I consulted via email But still I'm excited and getting ready and trying not to stress myself before the procedure because I don't know what to expect but I know I don't want to be stressed during the time of surgery

Yily Dominican republican

Are there any ladies looking to go to the Dominican republican for sx (bbl) or anything else ? If so when or how soon ! Or is there any ladies that have been to Yily in the last few months to year I want to read up on all reviews & feedback I want to find out as much as I can

Any Mallol Yily or Duran Dolls ! Sx Buddy Wanted

I've been Doing My research and narrowing down my options and
choosing who i think would give me great results Duran seems to give
more natural but great results (witch is board certified ) Mallol seems
to give more dramatic smaller waist and bigger butt what I want I'm sure
if you want bigger Duran can give you that and yily was my first option
I hear a lot about her also I'm just trying to make sure I make a good
choice & any dolls goin around the beginning of November .. Looking
for sx buddy kind of nervous to be going to another country and for
surgery but if I don't find a sx buddy I'll bring along a close friend
or family member but can you all comment if you have reviews or thoughts
on any of the surgeons I named

I Choose Mallol for my Bbl Still Want Sx Buddy

I got my quote I have a few questions

What to expect ?

Down time ?

What should I bring ?

Medications or victims I should be taking pre op and how soon should I start taking them

Any medications that I should bring with me

& if I do need to bring medication do I need to put that in my passport information (I haven't sent that off yet )

Hoping to find a sx buddy around nov . 9-17 somewhere in that time frame .

Haven't got a response from Mallol

Ok at first I was getting a response from Mallol within hours to a day I called the whats app number and also emailed and haven't gotten a response it's been about a week I had a few concerned before I actually sent my deposit off anybody else had this problem ! I was starting to feel comfortable with him and figured if he got back to me at a reasonable time I would be 100% comfortable to send my deposit an book the date ive read that he is very attentive with his dolls .. Anybody else having trouble with contact or communication ???

I don't mean to confuse the dolls/Mallol dolls

I don't have a date set I'm almost completely certain that I'm sticking with Mallol but what isn't known is the date I'm goin ! I don't have a date I haven't even sent my deposit in ! I rather not travel alone so when I find a sx buddy or even two that I'm comfortable with and we can go around or at the same time agree on a day at least a day or two apart whenever that will be & a recovery house or apt witch ever one I just want to feel comfortable and of course want my sx buddy/s to feel the same way .. I wanted to go some time this year and planned to go with two different ppl I personally know & seeing that that's not a good idea because everyone isn't as serious about going as I am yes I'm nervous I think I'm more nervous about traveling to a different country & that falls into play with having surgery in another country because I hear they have different practice than the us but from my research Mallol is a good choice and he cares more about your health ! This is why I'm more comfortable with him and I haven't even met him yet .. The more I put it off the less I feel like I will actually go through with it but now I want to wait a few more months instead of "rushing" to go this December when I haven't even fount a sx buddy .. But you never know things may change ! I'm just taking things a day at a time trying not to let it stress me but clearly I can't sleep at night because at 5:30 am this is on my mind lol first things first I guess I can use RS as motivation & I'll put in for my passport & put down a deposit and figure out everything else after


Don't come in my private msg to try to sale me anything ! No Thank YOU in advance u will not finesse me !

Mallol Dominican republican .. Any bad reviews

I've been looking to read up on bad reviews about Mallol I know all surgeons have good and bad reviews br every in has a great experience I want to be educated in the good and the bad all I've seen is good &I a few infections but nothing else
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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