Booked for January 4 2017 for my bbl by dr Emmanuel Mallol still want a surg buddy

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I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian...

I'm 23 years old I've been looking into Brazilian butt lift for sometime now. I've decided that this is something that I want to do and is going to make me happy I'm already comfortable with my body but I just would like to enhance you only have one life to live so why not be happy while doing it I've been consulted by a few doctors and at first I wanted to go for something more natural but later on the side that I want to go as big as possible I'm 5'10" away 190 pounds I'm not sure if I have enough fat on my body to get the body that I want but hopefully I do I will be meeting with Dr. Lowson May 2 the day before surgery . I know what you're thinking no I haven't met the surgeon . I consulted via email But still I'm excited and getting ready and trying not to stress myself before the procedure because I don't know what to expect but I know I don't want to be stressed during the time of surgery

Yily Dominican republican

Are there any ladies looking to go to the Dominican republican for sx (bbl) or anything else ? If so when or how soon ! Or is there any ladies that have been to Yily in the last few months to year I want to read up on all reviews & feedback I want to find out as much as I can

Any Mallol Yily or Duran Dolls ! Sx Buddy Wanted

I've been Doing My research and narrowing down my options and
choosing who i think would give me great results Duran seems to give
more natural but great results (witch is board certified ) Mallol seems
to give more dramatic smaller waist and bigger butt what I want I'm sure
if you want bigger Duran can give you that and yily was my first option
I hear a lot about her also I'm just trying to make sure I make a good
choice & any dolls goin around the beginning of November .. Looking
for sx buddy kind of nervous to be going to another country and for
surgery but if I don't find a sx buddy I'll bring along a close friend
or family member but can you all comment if you have reviews or thoughts
on any of the surgeons I named

I Choose Mallol for my Bbl Still Want Sx Buddy

I got my quote I have a few questions

What to expect ?

Down time ?

What should I bring ?

Medications or victims I should be taking pre op and how soon should I start taking them

Any medications that I should bring with me

& if I do need to bring medication do I need to put that in my passport information (I haven't sent that off yet )

Hoping to find a sx buddy around nov . 9-17 somewhere in that time frame .

Haven't got a response from Mallol

Ok at first I was getting a response from Mallol within hours to a day I called the whats app number and also emailed and haven't gotten a response it's been about a week I had a few concerned before I actually sent my deposit off anybody else had this problem ! I was starting to feel comfortable with him and figured if he got back to me at a reasonable time I would be 100% comfortable to send my deposit an book the date ive read that he is very attentive with his dolls .. Anybody else having trouble with contact or communication ???

I don't mean to confuse the dolls/Mallol dolls

I don't have a date set I'm almost completely certain that I'm sticking with Mallol but what isn't known is the date I'm goin ! I don't have a date I haven't even sent my deposit in ! I rather not travel alone so when I find a sx buddy or even two that I'm comfortable with and we can go around or at the same time agree on a day at least a day or two apart whenever that will be & a recovery house or apt witch ever one I just want to feel comfortable and of course want my sx buddy/s to feel the same way .. I wanted to go some time this year and planned to go with two different ppl I personally know & seeing that that's not a good idea because everyone isn't as serious about going as I am yes I'm nervous I think I'm more nervous about traveling to a different country & that falls into play with having surgery in another country because I hear they have different practice than the us but from my research Mallol is a good choice and he cares more about your health ! This is why I'm more comfortable with him and I haven't even met him yet .. The more I put it off the less I feel like I will actually go through with it but now I want to wait a few more months instead of "rushing" to go this December when I haven't even fount a sx buddy .. But you never know things may change ! I'm just taking things a day at a time trying not to let it stress me but clearly I can't sleep at night because at 5:30 am this is on my mind lol first things first I guess I can use RS as motivation & I'll put in for my passport & put down a deposit and figure out everything else after


Don't come in my private msg to try to sale me anything ! No Thank YOU in advance u will not finesse me !

Mallol Dominican republican .. Any bad reviews

I've been looking to read up on bad reviews about Mallol I know all surgeons have good and bad reviews br every in has a great experience I want to be educated in the good and the bad all I've seen is good &I a few infections but nothing else

Recovery house ?

I've decided I'm going alone in January but I want to know a good recovery house preferably has a nurse that speaks English at least a little these are the options I was given by dr Mallol
paradise recovery
Serenity recovery
Relax recovey
Armonia recovery
Any tips for the ppl traveling alone thanx in advance

What to bring for a bbl

What should I bring with me I need to make a list so that I can start getting things and checking it off my list .. Thanx in advance

Date set dr Mallol sur bud still wanted

I was told to start taking folic said pills iron pills and vitamin c .. & to be on a high protein diet ! I'm still preparing everything I think I'm
Kind of last minute doing everything ! I have to get my passport & book my flight surgery date coming fast ... Looking for any dolls that's going for January 3-11
I'll pick up items and when I get them
I'll post a list and picture .. Thinking about considering vlogging for the Mallol dolls before and after my experience and everything I haven't decided but if I don't do that I'll still stay updated on here !

Anybody use a foam roller for sitting

Witch works best I'm trying to go for the cheapest possible don't think I want to spend 80-100 dollars on a bbl buddy or bbl pillow everything else I need already adds up to about $200


Diamondcareandrecovery on Instagram has after care packages very reasonable so that you won't have to go through the trouble and stress of shopping go on their site and check them out

Dr lianzo dentist Dominican Republic

What's the best way to contact him to get a quote .. I want a whole smile make over .. There is Nothing major wrong with my teeth but I had cavities growing up got fillings and had a few extractions in the back and I feel like my teeth could be whiter I kinda don't like the way my teeth is shaped the bottom row is a little crowded in my opinion . People around me tell me nothing wrong with my smile but they say the same thing about my body but I'm getting my bbl because it's something I want to do not because I think I really need it & getting my teeth will be the next thing I come back to d.r for after I save up for that

Made a Instagram

Decided to make a sx page on Instagram .. Comment Instagram names mine is the same as my name on here @mallolDollGlocks

Best Dr recovery houses for traveling alone

What are some recommendations on recovery houses for dolls traveling alone as far as after care I don't want to go somewhere that's not concerned about the patients and just want the money . I want to stay somewhere who cares for the patients as if they are family

The list dr mallol gave me to bring on my flight and pre op instructions

1. Feminine Pads
2. Compression socks
3. Body wipes
4. Face towels
5. Tooth paste
6. Tooth brush
7. Mouth wash preferably the travel size
8. Flat Shoes
9. Summer dresses about 3 or 4
10. One cotton tank
11. Your laptop or iPad or cellphone
I don't need12 &14????????
12. If you have diabetic bring your GlucoTest. They could be required during the stay at home recovery.
13. Bring constipation pills, usually after surgery is necessary. Also you can buy here.
14. If you have asthma bring the drugs for nebulization.
15. If you use metformin please notify your endocrinologist and also let us know.
16. Bring Thrombocid cream (you can order online)

I will also bring
A female urnal(peeze)
a robe (you can get from any where
pain meds
A travel pillow for my neck or back
a 18" half foam roller (as my bbl pillow ) ordered it from Amazon for about 15 bucks I sat on it it's the perfect size for me it's a little hard witch is good I know it will last and it's way cheaper than a 100 dollar pillow that I read not so good reviews on .. I decided to try that I'll post a picture of it I'll figure out how to add cushion to the foam roller or I might deal with it it may not be so bad I'll do a review on that I'm going to practice sitting on it this week before I leave

Something I've noticed about real self

I came on here to learn more about sx and share information with people looking to have sx everything I learn or things I do from experience I try to post but when someone has concerns or questions it seem so hard to get answers .. if you can help someone why not ?! What else did you get a RS for ? I've asked questions in my updates and barely get answers some dolls either read a review of someone who has a answer or kind of have a answer but will look over you instead of leaving a comment or recommending you to someone else journey .. I just don't understand why dolls from anywhere make it so hard ! When this is something that you would think brings people together . I've been on here up late nights trying to help myself feel more comfortable and the more I stressed myself about it I had to realize that this is normal you will have these thoughts and feelings . I'm doing this for myself ! Everyone who is sharing my journey with tells me I don't need it but I'm going to get what makes me happy and they support me I had to let the negative ppl know ! If you don't support me you need to get out of my way because nothing is going to stop me ! If it's gods will I will be there and everything will go smoothly ! In my opinion ask your doctor questions when you meet them questions like "what do you do to avoid infections " what do you do to avoid Lipo burns ." Any questions and concerns in my opinion if your doctor rushed through your questions and seem irritated with answering them those are signs ! I've read plenty reviews about how everything went and the fact that before sx the doctor didn't make them feel comfortable but they traveled all that way and spent all the money they didn't want to lose their money ! Your life and health is way more important I haven't met my dr yet but I'm confident that he won't let me down !

Haven't heard from anyone from mallol office or my recovery house

I'm starting to panic because I've been emailing it's like since I sent my money in the responses started to slow down.. any other way besides email to contact them I tried calling the what's app number in the beginning of trying to get in contact with someone I never got a answer I see some dolls said they get answers but one day I literally called the whole day every hour on the hour no answer ???????????????????????? but they don't want you to agree but this causes stress and anxiety ! I don't want to fly to a different country for nothing time is ticking ????

Anybody know the address to mallol's office ?

Just in case of a emergency I need the address to mallol's office does any dolls have it .. & the address to paradise recovery house

This is so Unprofessional !

Here it is im supposed to be leaving in 18 hours and still haven't heard from the recovery house mallol himself or his coordinator .. I'm not willing to travel across the country and they haven't reached out to me to confirm I'm being picked up and I also asked for the address and haven't received any response .. I'm starting to believe the negative things that was said about mallol as far as ppl reviews being fake the main thing ppl said was that he was very responsive .. but I have yet to hear from anybody at all in days

Any mallol dolls scheduled with mallol this week

Please comment or comment their name or dm me ! I want to know if I'm the only one having a problem getting in contact with anyone

I spoke to my surgeon

Dr mallol called me and assured me of everything I feel better now ! He was in surgery witch I knew but as far ass the coordinator they wasn't responding to my emails in a timely matter in my opinion but I have the information that I need

Let me make this quick I made is surgery is in the morning

First of all the coordinator wasn't on point note was the recovery house as far as communication .. I had a long flight (witch was a journey itself but I made it ) from Chicago and was not dressed for Santo Domingo lol the weather is so nice but right after the flight I went straight to mallol's office (I'm tired ) I had so much to say and ask at first but I was start struck and he said everything without me needing to ask .. we understood each other very well as far as what I want & what he can give me .. my surgery is tomorrow morning I'm a little nervous idk why I wish I had someone close to me here to comfort me I know my dr will deliver and he personally picked this recovery house for me sea lily RH it's very nice and the ppl are to so far any questions because I don't want to rant for no reason I'll post my ugly before pics & a picture of the clinic

Getting ready to enter the flat side !

Showering with anti bacterial soap (hopefully nothing is wrong with me showering ) and also I'm not eating anything like dr mallol said ! I'm ready to get it over with ! Praying everything goes well and hopefully recovery won't be so bad

My recovery is harder than I expected

Dr mallol delivered and gave me more than what expected I can go into details about how great he is but right now it's even hard for me to post this update I know I had some of u waiting to hear from me

I have a bad infection

It's hard for me type but I got a bad infection I started leaking where my drain used to be on the back and thought it was drainage but it had a Oder so I went to the hospital they had to do emergency surgery they squeezed some of the infection out and packed I get the packing removed Thursday.. I can barely stay woke to type but I wanted to let you guys know what was going on I'm in a lot of pain and can not do hardly anything myself I need help doing everything

Turned out I had dead fat injected inside my butt

I had 3 different surgeries to save my life from what I went through after what mallol did I don't want to type a lot because I'm ready to put this whole thing behind me but I'm still recovering but I'm doing much better than I was from what I went through I just recently got out the hospital I still have open wounds from where I had to get the dead fat taken out along with the infection being drained out! I've read some comments & everybody is entitled to their own opinion but my opinion after spending almost two months in a hospital and days in a nursing home and almost losing my life because I was unable to do anything get up walk use the bathroom eat literally couldn't do anything myself I couldn't be on here the last thing I was thinking about was real self when I almost lost my life ! Now is to late to say I wish I didn't do it but I cried everyday asking myself why I did it ! I saw some comments about the nurses and stuff being unsanitary is very true I snapped a few times on a nurse trying to stick me with a Iv for a blood transfusion (witch if my hemp was so great what went so wrong that I needed 2 ) with no gloves .. from the recovery house to the actual surgery the clinic .. worse experience of my life I don't recommend that's just my opinion mallol is a very sweet/nice guy don't get me wrong ! Don't let that SH*t fool u ! It can happen to anybody I don't think it has anything to do with water and all that shit I did everything I was supposed to do everything I was told to do I can go for days in details what happened but it's not gone be today I just wanted to let the ppl who was really concerned know that I am doing better I have a few months of healing but I am here .. all of my results are completely gone ! I lost 40 pounds in the hospital!another thing that was fishy to me was that he called me the next day after surgery and told me to let him know how I was feeling all the time he said no particular reason he does that with all his po patients but my roommate was his patient also and he never called her . And I was always sick so I decided to come home on my 8th day when I got home that's when the infection started pouring out and everything else started to go wrong with my body

Heart broken

As I lay here in pain from what I experienced! It kills me every time I get real self notifications and see ppl still traveling out of country to the DR to any surgeon breaks my heart and if I knew what I know now I would have stayed in the states and paid the extra money because it just wasn't worth it ! I almost lost my life ! I'm blessed enough to still be here and I understand some ppl didn't have a issue .. but no one who does actually speak up about it ! No one listens anyway .. I was the same way I ignored all the negative things I heard I ignored the signs and I did it anyway ! Thank god the devil didn't win this battle ! All I can say to the dolls that's still considering traveling aboard for surgery! #GoodLuck! Let God be with you !

I spoke to dr mallol briefly . I'm Looking for a good reasonable priced Scar revision/removal surgeon

I spoke with him through what's app &I he told me " the fat didn't take because my hemo was to low " I'm not understanding if my hemo was to low why would you do a procedure on me .. smh I also told him I had a "flesh eating infection " witch is why I have these scars .. I'll post pictures later I'm waiting for them to heal completely I still have open wounds ! I'm looking for a doctor to fix my scars I feel like they can be fixed I prefer some place close to Chicago ! I have scars that's so big and hideous and it makes me emotional every time I take off my clothes and I'm just ready to put this whole thing behind me ! I have taken it as a lesson learned ..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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