Mallol Doll in the Making. UK to DR - Dominican Republic

Hey guys, it's great to be back. I am no stranger...

Hey guys, it's great to be back. I am no stranger to plastic surgery having had a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift with Tania Medina about two years ago.
On reflection my first round with Dra Medina was more about the liposuction as I remember telling her I don't want to have a large butt but this time it's all about the bass!! Tania Medina did an awesome job with my liposuction removing 10 litres of fat but my butt is left needing a little attention! It's a bit flat and square sadly. Welcome Dr Mallol who I hope will perk up and beautify my sponge bob square pants bum!!!
So back to basics, I am 41 years young, 5ft 5 inches and weigh 70 kgs and live in the U.K. Myself and my partner are both getting work done as he is having lipo to his whole torso, flanks and back. It's great really as we are in it together!!
Having already been through the whole London to Santo Domingo thing I am far less stressed than last time. We are flying to the DR arriving on the 4th of December, staying in a lovely hotel for 24 hrs to catch some rays and then being picked up on the 5th by Dreambody divas recovery house driver....I wonder who is going to surgery first me or my partner Dave lol
Oh before I forget I am wanting a perky heart shaped butt, not huge but not small! Also I am having a thigh lift as previous cryolipolisis has created craters in my thighs and I am not a happy girl????
Real selfer's should I stay the same weight wise or put some on? You can see I have plenty of fat in my thighs. Hope this will do????

Booty buddy for sale. Any takers?

Originally two of us going to have BBL now now only me. Meaning booty buddy for sale. Paid 60 pounds but will sell brand new for 45 pounds. Anyone interested let me know. Still boxed.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Will after surgery

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