Hey Dolls! So im new to the site, i've been...

Hey Dolls! So im new to the site, i've been searching for a good BBL dr for awhile and now im juiced to come across Yili! I NEED her to work on me! i have a thousand questions but I guess i'll start with one. Has anyone got a BBL AND BA from Yili at the same time? how was recovery? any tips? Im looking forward to hear from everyone! I still have alot more reasearch to go so ill be talking with everyone soon!! ;) LorenaB

Completely over the top, dramatically obsessed...

completely over the top, dramatically obsessed with wanting this so bad! It's kind of pathetic the more I think about it but i seriously cant help it! I wrote Yiliy last week and got no response. I first used a translator to write her and a friend told me that it probably didnt make any sence. Lol OOPS so my friend ( spanish was her first language) wrote her again for me! I wouldnt be able to go untill later in the year but this is a big decision to make so its better to learn everything now rather then after! I wanted agressive lipo BBL and a BA.. BUT I cant seem to find alot of reviews on Yiliys BA.. Does she do over or under the muscle? where is the incision? Does it depend on diffrent patients? I know for a fact I want my lipo and BBL tho! haha I know shes not a magician but hey if she can turn me into something a little better ill be happy with that.. altho I must say im already getting booty greed and i havent even done it yet! haha Later for now!

FINALLY got my quote! i've been going nuts trying...

FINALLY got my quote! i've been going nuts trying to be paitent and i finally got it!!
The price for fat grafting to buttock/BBL and liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3200$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Lipo of thighs is 250$USD extra.

Lipo of chin is 150$USD extra.

Lipo of arms is 200$USD extra. It includes sleeves compression.

Lipo of knee is 200$USD extra.

The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.

I knew it would be 3200 and up but I guess It just makes me a step closer to setting a date! Im super excited right now!

Hello ladies! so ive heard of Duran about a week...

Hello ladies! so ive heard of Duran about a week or so ago so I had to do some investigating! She really does give those DONKY bootys that everyones saying! I had to check up twitter, IG, FB, her website lol SOO I emailed her and she responded so quickly ( I like that) I wrote her in spanish and in english and she replied in both. EXTREMLY nice woman and so far what ive expierenced through email and read im leaning towards her now. Don't get me wrong I still love yilis work I mean she makes her waist lines so skinny! and i definatly need that lol but then again Durans asses are my main reason for wanting this procedure! BLA i wish they would join forces for me and do what they gotta do to get my body where I want it lol Duran quoted me 3500 I asked for breast implants too but Im waiting on a response if that was included in the quote already ( I dont think it is ) BecauseI wrote her a really log email so i just want to make sure!
ALSO Im worried about not being small enough so ive been dieting ive lost 8 pounds so far. Originally Yily told me i dindnt have to but I wana be skinny and i have plenty fat all around lol Anyone els having these thoughts??
anyways talk to you later girls!!!

I uploaded some now pics//surgery app and also...

I uploaded some now pics//surgery app and also seen that I never gave my stats.
23 years old
now 150 pounds

So Dr.Duran emailed me and gave me the quote for...

So Dr.Duran emailed me and gave me the quote for both BBL and BA WAS 5500. Im undecided if I want both at the same time.. Apart of me is like " You can do it, Just do both at one. " The other hals is like, " Realisticaly your going to be in to much pain to do both.. THINK ABOUT WORK!! " Lol BUTT i'm willing to make it happen so we shall see how I feel about it when the time gets closer!
She also gave me a list of Airlines I can take:
American airlines, Continental airlines, Delta airlines, Spiritairlines, and Jetblue

and recovery houses :
spa medical JM +18094128239 AND Angelas Recovery House +18095953109

So I came across Dr.Baez

So I've found a new dr. In the DR named Baez. I've already emailed her and pics she gave me specific instructions on how to get healthy before my procedure. From what I've read she's really strict on health before she performs any procedures on you and that alone caught my attention. I mean going so far and having a communication barrier a dr that is big on your health is a must!! She doesn't speak very much english but her assistant does. Te only thing I could say is I haven't seen very many pics on her work :/ so I'm still digging! Hopefully the people who have made a review on her work will post more pics that way we can get a visual :) until next time
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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