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Helloo Lovely Ladies!!!! PSA: I am going to be...

Helloo Lovely Ladies!!!!

PSA: I am going to be very HONEST and BLUNT with my experience, the BAD and the GOOD!

Before I start I want to honestly say Thanks to Liz and Dr. Yily I have the Results I could only dream of!!!! Ladies if you like njprbeauty 's results(look her up on here), and my own, then GO TO HER RECOVERY HOUSE! Yes, Yily's most liked doll has her own recovery house now in the D.R!!!! I was able to go out there with her and her friend, and THANK GOD I did!!! She will get you first class service there at CIPLA and she knows them very well, and speaks fluent spanish ( umm a HUGE plus) Plus, I didnt have to bring any wish photos, All I did was point at Liz!!! Hahaha I am lucky to call her my friend and sister :) Ladies she knows Dr. Yily and their staff AND the D.R like the back of her hand! Plus her house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

****Upscale Recovery House*****
Contact: xxxx
Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Email: xxxxx@gmail.com

So I had the pleasure of going out to the DR on Aug 9, with njprbeauty and her friend. I am 5'3 and gained 10 pounds to arrive at surgery at 140 lbs, I wanted as much fat as I could get!! I guess I will recap my experience.

First off, When calling/emailing, keep in mind it is NOT the United States!!! They are seeing many girls a day for surgeries, post ops, consultations ect ect so be patient or be like me and be PERSISTENT!! I called and followed up with Simera everyday sometimes 3 times a day, to remind her to email me back. I did this for about a week, and then got my quote, I sent my $500 Deposit and then confirmed my surgery date! I got my upper arms,Inner thighs, stomach, flanks, back, and under my chin, I paid $3,500. If It wasnt for Liz (njprbeauty ) and her connections, I'm not sure I would have been able to get in!

Packing and preparing:

Ladies, DO NOT over pack, you guys are going to be in bed the WHOLE time, if you are not at the clinic. Save yourself the $25-$50 of checking a bag and bring on a carry on suitcase. Bring T-shirts with little sleeves (not wifebeaters) I prefered the t-shirts because the Faja will dig into your skin on your shoulders. All I brought was Maxi Dresses, thats all. And some jackets to cover my arms. You guys will be having a drain for the first couple days, I got mine taken out on the third day but the typical time for a BBL is 5-7 days depending on how much you are draining. I started taking my vitamins 2 weeks before and I am so glad I did, my hemoglobin levels were at 13.2!!!! Which is Awesome!!!

They also will give you a medication list after surgery to buy. Yall dont need all that stuff on that list. I brought my own stuff from the states and was perfectly fine! I got my own anti-biotic from my family doctor, make sure its a antibiotic for bacteria in or on the skin, like penicillin or keflex. I also brought Tylenol-Advil is bad for bleeding.

Here is my list of things I brought:
1.5 maxi dresses
2. 6 t-shirts
3. travel size shampoo/conditioner
4. Other hygienic items you may need
5. at least $400 in cash for food/cab rides/massages
6. Ladies DOWNLOAD A TRANSLATOR APP ON YOUR PHONE!!!!!!! They have wifi at CIPLA and you WILL need it if you don't speak spanish!!!! I cannot stress that enough!!!

My Journey:
The day I got there, Liz and her Driver came and got me, I went to the clinic they did all my testings, and Yily came in and marked me up, remember that she is seeing many girls a day so make sure to remind her where YOUR areas are and if you are like me and got any extra sites, remind her of that as well!

The anesthesiologist is very very sweet and will make you feel very comfortable! They will give you a little blue pill that will calm you down and then they will take you into the operating room. Since I am going to be very blunt and honest about my experience I want to prepare you for what you will go through. The room they take you to looks very very archaic compared to operating rooms in the US, you might even question if it is sanitary or not, but like I said, its the Dominican Republic, so I took this into consideration. They were unable to knock me out so unfortunately I was awake for the whole entire thing, yes...I was awake..for EVERYTHING. Though I hardly felt it because of the epidural, I was awake and talking to Yily and asking for her! hahaha she was very sweet though she kept reassuring me she was right there doing the work and making be beautiful!

The worst part is your first night in CIPLA. It was a NIGHTMARE for me. Once again if you do not speak spanish, forget about getting help when you really need it. Liz Came the night of and stayed the day after THANK GOD! Because I kept throwing up every time I would stand up or when they would clean me, Its also because of the combination of all the medicines they kept trying to give me to knock me out and not having any food in my stomach. Its really cold after surgery so bring a zip up jacket, socks, and even an extra blanket ( I wish I had brought one) all you are given is sheets, and no pillow.

Once I had my first meal I felt much better, I chose to stay at a hotel with Liz and her friend. PLease do NOT spend all that money to stay at a recovery house that they recommend, it is not a good idea. It is more like a refugee camp at those recovery houses! If Liz had her Recovery house when I went I would of stayed there but it wasn't available yet so We stayed at the MAGNA 365. Cab rides are $500 pesos each way ( Liz has her own driver as well). So exchange money accordingly. Also You girls need to bring someone with you that is not getting surgery if you aren't staying Liz's recovery house, down the street is a cafe and they have really good food, you can eat a goot plate for $5, and save a lot of money! Liz went and got me food everyday! You girls are CRAZY if you are gonna walk those streets to the cafe's after surgery not knowing a lick of spanish!!!

I started walking around my 2nd-3rd day. I am not the type to stay laying around, and I know they tell you to wait to shower, but believe me after you leave CIPLA you are going to WANT a shower, So I went in the shower after my drain was removed, I only stayed in for about 10 min, but it was so refreshing!

Once you get the "OK" to get your messages, GET THEM! I had Gisele come to the hotel my last 3 days and do my massages, she is WONDERFUL and SO NICE! She knows what she is doing and works with patients at CIPLA everyday! I would HIGHLY recommend her! They are on the 3rd floor, if you ask Teresa or Simera, they will give you the card to call them, and she will come to you!

I also ate a lot, The more you eat and walk around the better you will feel!
I brought a boppy pillow with me which I LOVED, especially for the plane ride home! But you would never know I had Surgery 12 days ago if you saw me today! I am 12 days post op and feeling WONDERFUL! My Body IS AMAZING! The first two days I wanted to die I was in so much pain and I really thought, "how am I even going to go home???" and Liz kept telling me " I told you, you would say that!! give it a few more days I promise you will feel better!! " And sure enough by the 4th day I was walking around moving, and was able to fake like I wasn't in pain! hahaha , the worst is the stiffness, and the hardness your skin will get in the places you had lipo done- thats why MASSAGES are a MUST!!! I left the DR on my 8th day there.

I am now doing weekly massages, My first week back I have gotten two done, and Will continue one a week until my body/skin goes back to normal. This is your body girls, you don't want to end up with a Tara Reid stomach!!! Massages are the only way to get rid of the lumps, I just go to Massage Envy, and have them work on my lipo sites only, you don't need the "lymphatic drainage" ones, they will charge you an arm and a leg in the US for those, all you need is a massage to get the circulation back and to work your lumps out.

I actually went out to the club (don't worry we had a table so I was sitting most of the time, no booty shaking just yet ;) ) The pictures I posted with my girl and I was 9 days post op!!!! and LOOK at how the results are already coming along!! They told me I wouldn't see the results in my butt until about 2 months post op, but for me I saw it RIGHT away, and so did all the guys ;) ...My waist is TINY! and It's still swollen, My results are ALREADY amazing!!! The only thing Is my bruising on my lipo sites were really bad, but they are almost all gone. I cant count how many men AND women kept coming up to me telling me how amazing my shape and body was!! ( And they had no idea what I just had done ;) I am love love loving it!!

I wear my garment 24/7 no excuses!!

I have ZERO complaints with Yily--SHE IS AMAZING!!!! I would go to her 100 times over again!!!! Even though the first 2 days are HELL (that you chose to go through by the way!) , the rest I am LOVING! I just kept telling myself "Pain is Beauty!" The pain is NOTHING compared to the feeling of the results!!!

I will keep posting pics! until later my dolls!


Before and After Pics -12 days Post Op

12 days post op. I am still very swollen in my waist and my booty still has some growing/rounding to do!!! Only been 12 DAYS ladies!!!! and look!!!! I had no shape before!!! Lovin my Yily Curves!!!

More pics 12 days post op

More post op pics day 13

Updated pics sorry its been awhile dolls!!

Can you guess which one is me?! ;)

Can you guess which one is me?! ;)

I Will be going back to the DR If anyone wants a buddy!

Hey Ladies!!
I know so many of you are excited about going to see Yily! Her baby boy is so precious and she is doing great! I am going with njprbeauty out to the DR at the end of January. We will be staying at her recovery house (SO beautiful!!!) If anyone would like to get a guaranteed spot and come with me please inbox me and let me know and we will discuss the details! If you have a friend we can discuss that as well! Hope you all are doing wonderful!! xoxo

Have you got your confirmation yet?!

Hi dolls!! Here are some new pics! Have you got a confirmation yet to be a Yily Doll?! Email me at xxx@yahoo.com with your name and information, what all you want done and your ideal surgery date/month!

Tried on some pants to buy

What do yall think?! ;)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have ZERO complaints with Yily--SHE IS AMAZING!!!! I would go to her 100 times over again!!!! Even though the first 2 days are HELL (that you chose to go through by the way!) , the rest I am LOVING! I just kept telling myself "Pain is Beauty!" The pain is NOTHING compared to the feeling of the results!!!

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