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Can someone please help me contact Dr. Duran???!!!...

Can someone please help me contact Dr. Duran???!!! I love and admire her work so much and it would be so hard for me to pick another doctor :(
I want this surgery by 2015 and I have my down payment saved up already! I have emailed her twice already but sadly, no response. She must be so busy though because her work is AMAZING!
I want lipo on my full upper body including face and I also want liposculpture on my waist and flanks.
I'm only 5'1 and I'm 125 pounds and my weight tends to shift around a lot so I don't know if I should gain more weight prior to my surgery. My measurements are 36-27-37. My waist used to be 24inch just a couple months ago. :( My goal measurements are 36-24-40.
I have a question for you girls that had this surgery. How many inches did you gain on your butt and how much did you lose from your waist?

Salama's work is AMAZING!

Lala85 from realself is a Salama doll. I'm in love with her body! Salama injected 1100 cc's on EACH of her butt cheeks!!! That's amazing! He's more expensive though and it would take me a while to save up 8000$. I researched about Salama though and he left a poor girl reallllyyy bad burns! She said he ruined her body and it wasn't worth it. No matter how nice Salama's work on Lala85 is, I don't want to risk my body having really bad burns. I'm still team Duran??

the reason why i'm getting surgery

i'm was very insecure in my early teens to the point where i dropped out of high school and solved my problems by going to juvenile hall. i was in and out of the halls for about 2 years. in there, i didn't have to worry about anything. it was the only way for me to escape my problems at home and at school. i had no social life, all my friends were prettier than me, i had no motivation. i was so insecure about my body and face. i was so naive and all i cared was appearances. i wore boy clothes so i didn't have to expose my body. i just wanted to feel loved and i still to this current day never had a boyfriend. but i don't care about any of those anymore. i just want to feel pretty or sexy... not for anyone but just myself. i've hated my self for years and i thought i was never good enough for anything. i was not happy, i went through stages of depression and suffered from eating disorders. but that's all over now, i'm saving my money and i'm on the road to happiness
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