Fatima Almonte it is! DECEMBER DOLL 2014

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ALLL Righty, I really don't know where to start...

ALLL Righty, I really don't know where to start off but I quess I'll start by talking about me alittle. SOO! lol I am 18 years old , yep so young! :) moving right along I have two beautiful little boys..Being a mother in general, and having kids just changes your body completely! I finally want to do something for myself as I deserve it. I just gave birth alittle more than two months agoo to my smallest child....and boy oh boy my body doesn't look the same. Beside the cat scratches lol (stretch marks) that I have all over my stomach. I have this huge** lower pudge...and to mention that my boobs are just hanging there lmao...soo yeah, I use to weigh somewhere around 120 to 115 pounds before my babies


YILY's quote:
The price of fat grafting to the buttocks, BBL, liposuction of the abdomen, underarms, back, flanks, waist, breast augmentation with implants is $ 4,700 USD. It also includes one compression garment, pre-operative testing (TTP, HIV, Hb, HCV, fasting glucose, glucose, urea, serum creatinine, complete blood count, VDRL, AND RH BLOOD TYPE), a cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (continuous epidural block), clinical expenses (room, operating room nurses, sera, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc.).

Hi ****, my price for lipescultura and possible breast augmentation with lift us5, 000
Thanks for contacting me. if you need to call my office for available date and all the details. Greetings

(I then asked Dr. Duran how much more would it be if I included the Fat grafting to my booty) the price she gave me was $ 5,300 So yeah most deff there is a price difference, but to be honest, I am whiling to pay whatever the price , as long as the job is done right... I didn't include my measurements or weight (in the post before) but right now I am between 148-150lbs-- my measurments are 36B-29-42 ehhh, I wished I can get atleast 36D-26-45 I feel that is realistic :)


Well my mind changed completely after seeing some Baez dolls..I am in love with her work and most of all her personality. She reponds quick, I am kinda obessing over this procedure lol, literally I sent Baez an email and I couldn't sleep I was just refreshing my email inbox just waiting like a freak lmao! But she replied in like 2 days!! Honestly that is the fasted reply I've gotten from a any surgeon and that's a plus..Like other Baez girls mentioned before just answers ALL of your question, ALL in a timely manner..Not to mention that she quoted me lower than anyone else ;)

I think I'm going to be a Baez GIRL!! I emailed her back for the following reasons, im starting college so the date I want is still suggested for any change..But ultimately I want to go sometime in May 2014...My birthday lol that's going to be a gift for myself ;) let see what she says

Wish pics

Decided on saving up for duran...I know she can deliver

More wish pics

Soo much things running through my mind

So originally I was planning to do that SX around July maybe June but I don't know maybe I'm thinking to much my mind is not letting me do this...but truly this is what my heart wants to do...so an update I was planning on going with baez at first..then i changed my mind to duran...(you ladies know how difficult this process is ) you think you rethink you research and research and as the time passes the more you know the more you get confused!! And then when you think that you found the answers you change ur mind again lol... Anywho as you see ima go on a mini rant! I decided to go with Dra fatima almonte..i have seen some of her work but her communication skills are superb! She actually said she would love to be my doc!! I felt flattered! Hehe...but yea this is not what I want to rant about...

I have been through so much I finally came clean to my fam about what I want to do and surprisingly they have my back...my baby dad and I are officially over...and to be honest one day I feel like that was the best desicion i have ever made and the next i feel like Sh*t...one day I look at myself in the mirror and say YES I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MY transformation and the next day i look at my kitties (my kids) and wonder what would happen if I die...I recently when through a death of a close family friend passed away of lupus...at age 21 and the last thing i want to do is die at 19..Leave my kids behind with no mother...i have a lot to do in life...so many dreams to accomplish but what do I do if one of my dreams is too do this surgery...idk ladies am I over reacting?? This is truly a journey ???? both physical emotional and spiritual... :( I'm feeling so down....

Btw i posted some pre pics

Have to keep faith!! :)


Happy late mothers day to all my bbl sistas

Hola! My loves I hope that all my bbl ladies (who are mommies) had a wonderful mothers day. I just wanted to update my review and share some info to you all! I was browsing the web and found that depends is giving out free samples they send you a pack of 2 which is awesome for those who love free stuff like myself lol and would benefit from using depends for their bbl surgery so just go on depends.com and find the free sample tab ;) enjoy ur free sample muah!!

stephanie Santiagoo's story admits 2 surgery

its on youtube heres the link:
( btw not promoting her doc or nothing we all here make our own decisions by research )...I shared this just because I find it a bit more consoling that ladies can be real about their procedures..one way or another there will b ladies who encounter those who opposes the thought of you or some1 u kno getting surgery ( family friends the media ect) under no circumstance is there reason to be ashamed.. we are all here to make improvements on our lives and we each find a way to do it.. no need to bash ones life choices and we are living, free, to make own choices...good ishhh! :)
I Wish much bless and success to all of our journeys god knows how stressful this process is...

love ya!

Helpful info from website

•Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
•Take certain medications or adjust your current medications (ex. starting a vitamins supplements regimen )
•Stop smoking
•Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding ( Birth Control as well)

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, and it does not prevent future weight gain. This means you should be maintaining your weight at or near the level you consider ideal before you go in for liposuction. Otherwise, you could see your surgical results erased in a few months when your weight cycles up again. Fortunately, activities like eating a nutritious diet and getting plenty of exercise that lead to healthy, stable weight loss are also those that make your body ready for a smooth recovery after lipo.

Smoking is one of the primary reasons for liposuction surgery complications. When you smoke, you are depriving your tissues of oxygen. The effects of smoking delay wound healing and increase your chances of tissue death and excessive scarring. It’s best to quit smoking permanently. But you should at least stop well in advance of your procedure and only start up again once you are healed.

You will want to make sure your hair is clean since you might not be able to wash it again for a while. Be sure to follow all instructions about when to stop eating since you will be under anesthesia. Remove nail polish from your fingers and toes so the anesthesiologist can easily see your nail beds. This is one way they monitor your oxygen levels during surgery.

Of course, you will need to take good care of both your body and mind during liposuction recovery. This means you should have everything you want within easy reach of your bed or couch (wherever you plan to spend most of your recovery time). This may include:
•Ready-to-eat snacks (put some meals in the freezer too)
•Plenty of water and other (non-alcoholic!) beverages
•Remote control
•Laptop, books, magazines, Kindle, iPod, etc.
•Cell phone (turn it off when you need to sleep)
•Old towels or blankets that you don’t mind getting stained as your incision sites drain
•Kleenex and soft cleansing wipes
•Heating pad for your back

Supplies I decided to take

• Hibiclens antibiotic skin cleanser**
• Scar away silicon strips- amazon
• P Ez amazon
• Water, snacks
• Gauze
• 2 packs of white beater
• Ensure
• Bath robe
• 2 Dark towels and the mini towel
• Anti-bacterial Soap
• 3packs Baby wipes
• Feminine Wipes
• 2 Leggings
• Hoodie
• 3 Maxi Dresses
• Flip flop ?
• Toothbrush ?
• Toothpaste& hair brush
• depends underwear
• 2 Light blanket
• Tylenol PM
• Thick Maxi PadsPacks no wings
• Boppy pillow
• Band Aid
• Anti-itch cream Benadryl
• Chux
• 2 front unclip sports bras
• Arm&Thigh Compression

I used mostly Walmart and Amazon to get the best deals

famous vixens and wish girls


Obession! Obession!

My SX date is in dec and i already have more than half of my supplies lmao..i just want to wish time away and get myself on the plane and land in DR..i cannot wait until my transformation :) i think its best to plan ahead and be prepared early so I wont have to worry later..so 2mrw ima take my passport picture since my passport is expired...i cannot wait december in DR...here i come in full force!!! Ready to be a bad bishh!! 2014 is my year

Mas fotos

More wishh pics
Kyra chaos

More vixens before..

Tatted up holly

Photoshopped wish pics :(

Half the girls in the wish pics dont even look like the photoshopped verison..we need to be more realistic with our expectations..




Please stop taking any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Ibuprofen.

Please stop taking Warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix or other medications you have been prescribed as a blood thinner, or medication to prevent blood clots or stroke. If you are unsure about your medication, please make a list of all your medications and supplements and non-prescription drugs and email it to use to review.

Herbal medications and diet pills should be stopped.


You should have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before. You may have sips of water with your medication if required.

Please remove ALL piercings

Please remove nail polish from at least one finger

Please DO NOT wear make up

Please DO NOT put on body lotion or any creams

Please DO NOT bring any jewelry with you

i will go there even if ya dont like it

I don't even know how to start this and I really don't want to start controversy but I don't want to throw things under the covers and not let everyone know why I haven't been on real self and why I haven't updated my journey well here's my updated journey I decided that I'm no longer going to Dominican Republic to do my surgery after all these deaths of these beautiful must I say women it's actually disgusting to me. But you know what idc as a Dominican woman I'm going to go there I have the right. If I offend any of you. Keep in mind this is my** review and my journey so if your mad, kick rocks.

I have noticed a disgusting and vicious trend on real self and actually this diswayed me to want to NOT write this review but I really don't care. W.e I have noticed that a lot of lady's who post negative review certain women bash the poster and call her a liar and say that what happened to her is not true because she did the surgery and it didn't happen to her. Ha u know how silly that sounds but a lot of lady's do that. And it makes women with negative experiences not want to document their journey at all. That is not fair to the poster and it's not fair for women who are clueless and new to their surgery journey.

Now down to why I won't be getting surgery in Dominican republic. After see what happened to one of my friends she went to the Dominican Republic to get a liposuction and Brazilian butt lift and she ended up in a coma. Her family said she was lucky to have survived. They transported her to the US where she was able to receive the proper medical care. Because let's be honest Dominican republics medical care does not compare to here. I will not say her surgeons name because I don't want to stir the pot being that there are TEAMS who come for women who say something negative of their surgeon ( see ya pettiness) This emphasizes my next point the equivalent of the Department of Health out in the Dominican Republic (El ministerio de salud publica)official name if you wish to indulge in your own research. Has come out publicly to say that the surgeons clinic are not in conditions to perform these surgerys. Do you understand how serious that is. Dominican officials of health say it is not safe. So why would I even think about putting my life in risk. I am not saying that the lady's who have went are fake or lying. Yes you do you look great. But lets be proactive and understand what we are putting our self under this is surgery. And there are risks with that alone. But based on the surgeon you choose you either decrease or increase the chances of putting yourself under life or death scenarios. And what I'm going to say is probably going to be even more shocking but my friend who was in a coma her results do look amazing lnao there is no doubt that these surgeons have TALENT. But one thing they do lack is the correct measures to prevent you from dying if one of those ifs happen.

This may seem hurtful and offensive to other Dominican lady's. I love my country I am going on vacation there next year. I love me people my culture everything. But I will not sugar coat the negatives out there is very corrupt especially in the business matter. They pay people off throw things under the rug things like that. And I say this from personal business experiences I have endured. I will even say that these surgeons run a business I am not trying to deal with a currupt surgeon when my life is in danger. He or she [surgeon] won't care about me , only of his business and try will try to defend it.

I go on to say that I am in a point of my life where I am happy and excited for the future I will limit my risk and search for a doctor in the US that has ALOT OF experience and where if a IF** happens I can receive the adequate medical care and that I need. Not a turn of a back.

miami is looking real good

What do you lady's think ABOUT michael salzhauer. His work is amazing :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

changed doc to the lovely almonte :)

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