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I'm knew to this real self community and im.so...

I'm knew to this real self community and im.so glad I have found it. Not only has it helped me decide on the procedures steps and recover ...it has also given me an I sight on choosing the perfect doctor based on the results and reviews posted. I'm excited to begin this journey share my thoughts feelings and experiance along the way.....
By the way I'm 28 single mother of two girls 9 and 8...my current weight is 143, sadly I gained 23 lbs since meeting the love of my life this last year but im.hoping that fat will be put to good use ;)
i have decided to get a BBL lipo tummy tuck if needed and a breast augmentation...might as well get the works and go through all the pain once lol. I chose Yily De Los Santos due to the body she has trademarked and I would love to visit the Dominican Republic. I'm going with her package and takeing my hunny with me. We will be there 7 days and I hope it will be long enough to endure the long flight back...which im.not looking forward to. Anyways I'll keep posting I'll be collecting my materials over the next few months so that I'm gully prepared. If anyone has any advice please share I feel like a chicken with my head cut off lol


So I'm wording if I should get fajas to take and the arm wraps but I don't remember what they are called lol...can anyone recommend cheap faja websites and the styles that work best?!?! I hear about the zip vs hook and hole in the utt vd no hole and abdominal board...what will i need?!?!?

Days are going by soo fast

So I just started to take vitamins in hopes of a healthy surgery and quick recovery...I still haven't ordered any fajas since I'm not sure what size to get....I'm trying to loose some weight also so that I look as small as possible....I keep reading about epi foam and like abdominal foams..are those really useful?? If so does anyone know where I can get one for cheap or a diy way?

My now fiance is going to this trip with me and feels that im going to leave him aftwr the surgery lol i think hes going nuts but has anyone out there experianced breakups or relationship termoil after getting work done?
I still haven't gotten anything to pack I'm so confused I need help getting a list together of needed supplies lol

tick tock

The time can't seem to go by any slower..it has now sunk in that I'm actually going through with this....I'm so ready to be in love with my body again and wear a 2 piece bathing suit! Yily was my choice from the get go and I'm so confident in her transformation ability...she's so talented. Well I packed everything under the sun that I could possibly need...the last thing on mylist is a robe and prenatal pills for the healing process.

Let's start form the begining..

My and my husband got into the Dominica. At 3:45am...Jose was there to greet up...just as a side note im.mexican and understand thier lingo but it had me lost several times.I jus noded and said yea ...alot...lol. Jose was great he was very chatty From the gate...he explained some of the dominicans history and pointed out a few landmarks. He took us straight to the luxury Recovery home. At first the nurses greeted me..they looked so tired I felt bad that they had to wait up for me ...they showed us the room it was huge..3 beds and a closet and large bathroom..almost too big for us..at first I thought someone else would stay with us but that wasn't the case. At 6 am we left to Cipla to meet Yily and get all my tests done...there i got my blood work done x-rays and went back to pay my bill for everything. Once I saw the cardiologist I was cleared for surgery. I went back downstairs and got checked in by a nurse who took my height weight and vitals,o h and filled out paperwork. They then assigned me to a room (which later on they had changed it). Once in the room I changed took out my piercings and slept until yily came in..she greeted me and my hubby with a hug and kiss. She got down to buisness I told her small waist big boobies all arms and big butt but not high more like a heart shape....she asked my size breast...that through me off I wasn't sure how many ccs to do..she didn't have samples or anything..so I went with her recommendation I showed her a pic of some I liked but I have a small frame she said to stI k wirh 375...she left and I layer back down...then a male nurse came in asked if I took the pill and I said nope no pill given they looked around for like 5 min then left to get it. I popped it with a nasty smelling drinking cup like so money 3lse had drank from it...next I remember kissing my hsnand goodbye... once rolled Into the surgery room I remember getting cleaned and catheter put in. I'm not going to lie to yall I woke up 3 times during surgery..it was scary as fu kkkk...I didn't know what to think. First time I woke up they were lipo ing my back then my arms and then I just woke up cause my air breathing thing fell out of my mouth. I couldn't see anything but I felt a man's warm hand carresing my cheek telling me it okay relax....
finally woke up in the roo with my hunny I was so scared and in so much pain. I we'd so much he changed it for me since no nurses were around. Honestly the Cipla nurses didnt like thier job or something cause ether hardly ever came in when my husband went looking for them. On top of the pain I couldn't sleep at all I wasn't comfy and no pillows were given to me.I couldn't wait to leave. The next day Yilys assistants came in put me in my faja and cleaned me off...Jose was there and ready to take me home....I was so glad to be back at the recovery home..they moved us to a smaller room buy it was better just me and my hunny cozy and bathroom was closer. ..I peed like eveything 15 min I guess cause of all the fluids I got through the iv. The food here is to die for I wish I could take the cook with me to show how she gets down lol... well its my first official day at luxury and I slept way better have many pillows have help moving...oh I forgot I have the go girl peeing device I guess I can't use it cause I've peeded myself 2 times using it lol really ember easing my hubby had to clean it up..so I got a tu my tuck and it's hard to move but I've been walking around I need to be able to go home in 6 days...I'll keep you posted I have to pee lol

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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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