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I am the proud mother of three, two biologically,...

I am the proud mother of three, two biologically, and they are all over the place. 19, 9 and 2 years old. Like all of you, I've been stalking this site for the past four months. I am also blessed with the complete support of my husband. He researches everything deeply, because he doesn't want to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that I'll be on if things don't turn-out right!!! I have pics that make it clear that I am in need of help. I am getting the butt-lift with fat grafting, and a tummy tuck. I wanted to do the breast augmentation with implants, but hubby says that the recovery may be too difficult. As long as he's paying, I'll just have to be patient (LOL).

I have looked at more female behind in the last four months, than I did in all of the previous 34 years of my life!! By far, I thought that the best work was done by Dr Jimerson. When I called in December, I was told that a phone consult couldn't be scheduled until OCTOBER! Ladies, my personal feeling is that I have wanted my body back to pre-baby form for years. Now that I have the chance, I can't wait 10 months to discuss it! My hsband had me call them back and tell them we wanted a personal consult, and we would be paying CASH!! Well, I guess that I used the magic word because we got an in-house consult scheduled for January 28th. I got the "offer cash" idea from my dear BBL sisters. Besides, this decision and my body are too important to me to try to interpret medical jargon over the phone. Plus, I just wanted to get a feel for the doctor by meeting him in person..

Hubby and I rented a car and drove to Suwanee. He...

Hubby and I rented a car and drove to Suwanee. He likes long drives and it gave me a chance to talk him to death! We decided to drive down from Philly, leave the car in ATL and fly back Philly the next day. I can't believe how excited that I am just to be able to meet Dr Jimerson face-to-face and tell him exactly what I wanted. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, which was decent and covered all the basics. The staff was very friendly, but breakfast was extra. Just something to keep in mind. My appointment was for 9AM and a special thanks to gotmygrooveback with her pics of Jimersons office. He is at the end of the building and we would not have found it if it not for her pics! We got there a few minutes early and had to wait for about 15 minutes. No surprise, they were just opening and hubby made a game of trying to spot who had their butt done. Monica handed me an Ipad to fill-out a few forms. I didn't notice it at first, but hubby told me he almost yelled "POW" when she walked in! Monica is DEFINITELY a recipient of the "shelf" Her booty was so big and stuck-out so far that you couldn't miss it! Michelle was our patient coordinator and she was fabulous!!! We expected a 1 hour appointment, but we were really there for well over two hours. Michelle answered all of our questions and went into great detail. Hubby brought our wish picks and she took them out to make copies! Apparently, our full-page wish picks were popular throughout the office! She had me undress and put on a paper hospital gown.

We told Michelle what we wanted and she covered everything! She has a great personality and we laughed as we compared bodies. She is scheduled for later this year, but has to gain some weight first. After about 45 minutes with Michelle, she sent Dr Jimerson into the office. He was between surgeries but still gave me about 30 minutes. Hubby told him to grab away at my body because we want to make sure our expectations are reasonable! Ladies, he is courteous and professional and really knows his business. Unfortunately, he wants me to gain 10 - 15 lbs before surgery. He is also backed-up and has people scheduling sx for November! He mentioned that Monica was 3 months PO and was still wearing her garment. I asked him about how long a garment should be worn and he replied "SIX MONTHS for best results"!?!? He brought Monica into the office and we could see that she was wearing her garment under her clothes. She looked just like a wish pick herself. Round and full with a nice shape. She said that she had to get rid of her man because he got threatened by her new booty, and that sometimes people just stare at it in public. She also said that she had a new man, and her old man was still blowing-up her phone. Hubby offered some advice and told her that "threatened" is not the word that came to his mind. "I'm standing next to my wife and I still have to look, THAT'S how powerful that booty is!" "What did it take you to find a new man, two, three minutes?!?! You probably went to the mail box and came back with two numbers!" "That is not a threat, that is a CHALLENGE!" The whole room laughed! I love him, but he is crazy!

After Dr. Jimerson left, Michelle went over his surgery schedule. He is BOOKED until August if you are financing. We mentioned that we were paying cash and we wanted the earliest date possible. Michelle said that Jimerson has been taking cash patients on Tuesdays, his usual day off, and had an opening in April and May. Since he wants me to gain weight, we decided on the May 7th date for sx. We paid the $500 deposit and received "our" quote. Tummy-tuck, full lipo including thighs and fat grafting to butt and hips for $15800. Minus the $500 cash discount and we only have to pay $15300! Damn, no-wonder his hands are so soft. He counts money all day! I asked Michelle about after care providers in the area. She has a list of contacts and I will confer with her later about how many days that I might need an attendant. We also locked-in our price before the scheduled rate increases on February 1st!

Since we had nearly four hours for our flight, we decided to check another hotel. Hubby wanted to make sure that I was going to be somewhere comfortable during my recovery. We went to the Hyatt place hotel and got a quick tour. They have more space in the rooms and include free breakfast. The staff was courteous and they provided a free shuttle to Dr Jimersons office. Overall, if I have to spend two weeks in recovery, I would rather do it at the Hyatt. We checked-out and flew back to Philly and talked about the procedure and recovery. Hubby is not wild about the two procedures being done at the same time. Hell, I want three! On the way home, we both talk about alternative doctors, an he mentions that he really likes the tummy tucks done by Yily!?!?!?

Been a crazy few days. Contacted Yily and sent my...

Been a crazy few days. Contacted Yily and sent my deposit. Her office is crazy busy. Her assistant says that she is getting over 100 emails daily. I requested a quote, but everything has to be approved by Yily first. Sent the deposit through paypal. Ladies, her emails say February and March are full, but if you send a deposit, she will find a date!

Just want to throw-in my two cents for all my BBL...

Just want to throw-in my two cents for all my BBL sisters waiting on date confirmation before sending a deposit. Dr Yily has an English speaking assistant named Yira. When I spoke to Yira, requesting a date, she told me to just send the money through Paypal and tell them in the message what date I wanted. After I sent the deposit ( I've used paypal for years and KNOW I can get my money back) I called Yira back. I told her that I sent the money through paypal and she gave me a date right on the phone! The date that she had available was a day later than I requested, but that's no problem because I haven't made my flight reservations yet. I would ONLY use PAYPAL because I know that if there is a problem, I can get my money back. The process is becoming confusing because there are a lot of dates reserved, but no money has been sent! Every RS email from Yily that I've seen has February and March completely filled. BTW, I made all my calls and the paypal deposit within an hour. Make no mistake, they are BUSY and Yira got me off the phone quick! She says that all questions should be submitted to Yily via email. I've got my date, guess I can get most of my questions answered here and email Yily the rest.

When you call, a receptionist will answer. Ask for Yira, the receptionist will tell you "un momento". Five to Ten minutes later, Yira will come to the phone.

Been busy for a couple of days, gathering my...

Been busy for a couple of days, gathering my supplies for my trip. I'll update my review with more details later. For now I just have a quick question for all my Yliy RH sisters. Does anyone know if they have in-room safes at the RH. I'm not really worried, but it could be a cause for concern.

I've been busy gathering supplies, so I haven't...

I've been busy gathering supplies, so I haven't posted updates regularly. I'll post more often before my flight to Santo Domingo. I know a lot of people are trying to get an earlier date with Dr. Jimerson. I've got a May 7th sx date reserved that I'm not going to use. This is a CASH ONLY date for Dr. Jimerson. I've decided to go with Yily, but I want my BBL sisters to know that I'm going to pull-out and make that opening available. PM me and let me know. Either way, remember that he won't take ANY financing sx arrangements until October. Also, since there are apparently a lot of people waiting, FULL payment has to be received in his office by May 1st.

I'll also offer a dangerous-looking sleeping suggestion for those of us getting BBL and TT at the same time.

Sorry ladies, I haven't been updating my journey...

Sorry ladies, I haven't been updating my journey on a regular basis. RS just got to be too negative for me so I had to take a break. I have enough real-life stuff to take care of, so I just couldn't be bothered.

I've started packing, but I'm not posting a a list of things that I'm taking. I've been borrowing from everyone else's and I have nothing unique to add. I have paid my entire balance to Yily via paypal and confirmed with Yira that it was received. I didn't feel comfortable traveling with so-much cash. The best way to get through to Yily is to call her office and ask for her personally. The receptionist will transfer you to Yilys' office, then you will ask for Yily again, then be transferred to Yira. I guess the office she occupies has one central switchboard that will only recognize Yilys' name if spoken in English. Whatever works.

During one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I would try to experiment with sleeping positions that would work best for those of us getting a TT and a BBL. Since I won't be able to lay on my stomach, and I don't want to lay on my new butt, I would try sleeping on my elbows and knees. I placed about six pillows on my bed and staked them together, where they would support my weight, but still be soft and flexible enough not to put too much pressure on my stomach. WHAT DA HELL WAS I THINKING! I have an ultra-supportive hubby, who has been helping me pick-out a nice bum, but insists that it isn't necessary! There I was, ass in the air, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Can we say "wasteof-time!!"... Well, not completely, but I'll have to work on that at the RH!

As I said, I have not been updating my journey because of the negativity on RS. But I gotta ask, What is going on where we can't post our PO pics because people are "outing" people who've had surgery? Are haters that petty? Facebook run your life that much?!?!?!?

When I am able I'm going to post my PO pics because it will help and support someone else. That's why I'm here. This is real life!

I leave in four days!

I want to start off by thanking everyone who has...

I want to start off by thanking everyone who has been so supportive! RS has it's ups and downs, but I've gotten a lot of positive support and advice from some of the most wonderful people! I thank all of you fro your prayers. A special shout out to my Yily Girls group!! Can't wait to hookup!

My mind is racing all over the place. I'm happy and nervous and excited and tired and looking forward to meeting Yira and the Elusive Dr Yily! My hubby went through my bags because I always overpack, but he is another avenue of support that I couldn't live without. I want to shout, hide, pray, sing and cry all at the same time!

I'm getting my high-school waist back! Pray for me. My next pics will be from the other side!

Quick update! I want to thank everyone for their...

Quick update! I want to thank everyone for their prayers! I survived the surgery, but I can't move enough to see shit! I'm exhausted and can only stand for about a minute. I gotta let ya'll know, this TT is no joke! On top of that, I don't know why but they make like the damn WiFi password is a secret. Lol. I have been here for almost three days and I just got connected! . What I did was ask one of the staff for junior. Then he will come in and grab your device and put the password in himself....so ridiculous!!!! I'll post more when I have the strength,

Day 4 and just had garment washed. Will try to...

Day 4 and just had garment washed. Will try to post more later.

Ladies, forgive me, and thak you for all the...

Ladies, forgive me, and thak you for all the blessings. I am still in RH and STILL attached to this damn drain!! I gonna keep it short because I am on an iPad. The RH is WAAAYYY overworked! My garment concentrates on compressing my belly for the TT! Because of this, my BIG ASS is getting compressed! The projection that I should have is being flattened out! Since it's still early in my recovery, I will switch to my butt-out garment when I get home. I am supposed to have this drain removed on MONDAY, a full TWO WEEKS after sx!! I can see that Yily totally filled-in my dents, and I can feel a lot of meat back there. Much more than I had, but the priority for the garment is to support my TT :(. I saw my scar yesterday during my (VERY) brief visit with Yily. Her assistant did all the work redressing my bandages. I thought that I would see a huge gash, but my scar is PENCIL THIN!!! :) Finally some good news!

I have to add, MY BODY IS CHANGING DAILY!!! Patience is a must. My ass was completely flat when I first saw it in the garment! I've still got a LOT of swelling and bruising, but I've got a nice V were my cheeks meet! Can't wait to change to my butt-out so I can get more lift! This is absolutely surgery in a foreign country! I'll post more comments on the RH later, after a nap.

Not having a good day. I'm in ABSOLUTELY the...

Not having a good day. I'm in ABSOLUTELY the wrong garment. My ass is shaped all wrong! My followup was a glance and a smile from Yily while her assistant did the work. Yily never even examined me while she was bombarded by other customers in her cramped fucking office!! I can't believe that I'm in this country and its still impossible to address any of my concerns with my doctor!!! There is no personal service here! RH is swamped and now I'm being asked to change rooms! I think I may have made a mistake.

These are the last pics that I'll be posting for a...

These are the last pics that I'll be posting for a while. Nothing looks right until you can stand up straight and the swelling goes down anyway! Going to work on my patience and let Jesus have the wheel.

PO Day 15. Just getting around to updating photos...

PO Day 15. Just getting around to updating photos that I promised. TT photos were taken while hubby changed my bandage. Yily wants the tape changed every five days. I wasn't sure about my booty until I tried on old underwear. Can't get it over my big ass! I didn't want a donk, and Yily doesn't give them anyway. but I'm happy with results so far.

For the record, I'm back to my old self! I think...

For the record, I'm back to my old self! I think the overabundance of medication caused me to become overly emotional about my results. After looking at my before and after pics, I realized that I was Trippin!

My pre-op measurements were:

Waist: 34 1/2
Hips: 38 1/2

Post Op so far:

Waist: 28 1/2 and still swollen
Hips: 41

Yily said that I can have my breasts done in three months. I'm looking forward to it! The rest of my body really shows how bad the boobs need work!

The more time passes, the happier I get. I'm...

The more time passes, the happier I get. I'm adding a few pics from my third week PO. Yily put me in a medium garment after sx, mostly to give room for the TT scar to heal. I moved to a small faja so that I could get more compression on my tummy. My waist is still shrinking. It's really true, your body does change every day! I'll provide a more complete update in a few days, from the RH to week three and the new faja! Thank you all for your heartfelt support!

YILY PICS - Just over 3 months!

Haven't forgotten about all the wonderful ladies on RS. I got a lot of requests for updates. I'm having my breasts done next month, hubby wants me to stay in Philly for that! I stopped wearing the garment last week at the three month mark. Feel a little strange without it, but I'll see how it goes. I'll post more pics in the next few days.

My original belly.

What a difference a TT makes!



Yilys' work approved by US doctors.

Last update didn't take!!

It's been 14 weeks since my sx and I have had very little reabsorption. I would like to add that I am scheduled for a BA/BL in the next three weeks. I only bring this up because while I am having the breasts done in the states, all of the doctors for my breast consults have been interested in the work that I had done by Yily in the DR.

I saw five different PS for my breasts and THEY ALL said that Yily did excellent work on my TT and the the scar and healing looked very good! I expected to hear a lot of criticism from the US doctors. They did warn me of the danges of having surgery abroad, but they couldn't find anything wrong with her work. These are people who would have LOVED to charge me for a touch-up procedure, if they could find anything wrong. It really made me feel better about going to Yily. They did mention that I will feel tenderness for up to one year from the date of surgery around my TT. They also caution against any abdominal exercise, since the muscles take longer to heal than the skin.



Fluffing is REAL!

I've gotten a lot of requests for update. I've gained about 5lbs, but I have to say that at least three of it has gone to my butt! I'm having the breasts done on the 9th, in five days! I'll post closeups of my healing TT scar b4 then. I promise to answer my inbox messages also.

Requested Updated Pics

I've gotten a lot of PM requests for updates. Not really part of this forum, but here are the BA/BL pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Personal meetings, photos and realself have provided enough information for me to make a decision.

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