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Hello ladies, I have recently been in contact with...

Hello ladies, I have recently been in contact with Dr.Duran. I have my sx date planned on March 6th, 2013. I'm getting lipo on my arms , abdomen , and flanks and getting fat transferred to my butt. I'm very nervous about traveling abroad but I will go through with it. Right now I'm 5"2 160 lbs. 26 yrs old. She sent me a long list of things that I need that I've never heard of to take before the sx. I got my passport so far and I bought a one way flight to SDQ. I'm thinking of staying at a hotel close by cipla for 10 days. The reason I'm getting my flights one by one is because after the 10 days in d.r. I'm going to fly out to my family in Puerto Rico for 7 days then return to the states. What are the most important things to get done to prepare for such a procedure?What kind of clothing should I buy for recovery and must haves for this trip. I have my sister coming with me to support me btw. I'm so excited about Duran due to her great reviews. I initially was going with Yily but I switched to Duran. She seems genuine about what she offers and I can wait to be a Duran doll. I would love to hear some of your feedback:)

Updated! Two months until I'm a Duran Diva!

Happy new year to y'all!! I am now in the process of getting all my things together for my sx!I am so excited! I bought a few things since the new year began!I now have exactly 2 months to gather every thing I need! I'm happy and also very nervous! I was going to come to dom rep. with my sister and my boyfriend. But now I have a feeling that I might go alone. I also figured that I might be needing a recovery house. So I've been looking into armonia and healing haven. I'm also looking to have a breast lift as well. I will email the dra. Tomorrow to see if I can get a new quote for adding breast lift to sx. So that would be breast lift,lipo on flanks,back,abdomen area,arms,and bbl. I'm currently at about 160 lbs. and I'm 5"2. I am a D cup now and would like a nice lift and keep them at a C cup. For my flat butt I would like to get 1000 cc on each side and also add to my hips. I love my thunder thighs,so those can stay the way they are. My thighs and legs are my best asset. So far I've been on an iron regimen and eating lots of seafood like clams,oysters,shrimp.I am eating red meat as well. I'm attaching some pics of myself and a few wish pics:) Oh and of the things I got so far. To the p/o vets, What were the things that you would find very necessary that I don't have yet?I would hate for my lazy butt to overpack and carry unnecessary things. Thanks in advance ladies:))

Few pics of myself...

So far this is what I bought!

I'm already on an iron regimen as well!I have Arnica gel,Pain relief spray,2 packs of maxi pads,B12,vitamin c,baby wipes,tshirts,summers eve wipes, and will start shopping tomorrow for maxi dresses and other clothing I will need for the trip to d.r.

Things I bought

Ladies!!! I also wanted to share another experience!

I was once 190 lbs!!Before I gained all of that weight,I was always a petite woman. Through my teens and my early 20s I was always between 130 and 135. Well soon I got really comfortable with my relationship and was eating out all of the time and my weight crept up on me really fast.One day I was complaining at work. I had a coworker of mine tell me about a miracle weight loss pill called Adipex (phentermine). She was petite about 130 lbs. and she showed me a photo of her when she was 170 lbs. She later told me that she lost the weight very fast and how it gave her so much energy to work out!Man was I excited and ready to get this poppin!Lol! So I spoke to my doctor about it, and bam he prescribed me the weight loss potion.I started working out everyday at the gym with a great personal trainer and eating right! I threw all of my size 16 jeans(yes I was wearing a 16) and the rest of my clothes away. I was wearing between a 5 and a 6 in jeans in about 4 months.I never felt so good and sexy! I was literally flying to Miami every other month just to show off my bod on the beach. It was so exciting! I drastically lost weight so fast from this pill. So one day my doctor finally said I won't be getting anymore of these pills and told me to maintain my weight. This was where it went downhill. At the time I stopped I was 135 lbs. I was looking great!! I didn't know what I was getting into.The moment I stopped taking this pill, my energy went down drastically worse than before I started taking them. I was so miserable without them. Literally it was affecting me at work and I just wanted to sleep all day. I've been off of these pills for about a year now. And guess what?!! Out of the blue my weight kept creeping back on me and I gained almost half since then. What a crazy experience. I've been seeing some reviews with women wondering if they should get on them to lose weight before surgery. I say if you are mentally strong , then go for it. Because once your doc tells you you can't use them anymore, this is where your body will truly be tested and you will have to follow through with all the things you were doing while you were on them.Sad for me, I didn't. I still managed to keep half of the weight off since then. So if you are thinking about taking Adipex,be mindful of what can happen when you come off these pills. Because you can't take them forever. I just wanted to share that experience with you ladies.So there's pros and cons to these pills. Be careful taking them. I find them to be a bit dangerous. It also made my blood pressure go up sky high while I was on them. I almost fainted a few times on them. I was sleep deprived from them. I was literally sleeping 3 to 4 hours a day on them.Just be mindful as they are not for everyone.So now the weight I've gained will be put to good use and I'll finally be proportionate like I've always dreamed:) Here's the drastic weight loss photos I have from these pills.

Bag is packed and I'm ready to go now!

Hi ladies! I'm back:) I have exactly two weeks left before I touch down in santo domingo for sx. I'm getting Liposculpture and a bbl with Duran.my quote is 3500$ with her for march 6th. But I do have a confession to make.... I also have a consultation with Dra Baez. Baez quoted me 2800 for the same procedure. She answers all of my questions so quickly and seems like she really cares. So I emailed her one night a few weeks ago and I asked for a new quote to add a bl to the lipo and bbl. Guess what?!!! I was quoted 4000$ I love her work as well. Her and Duran seem to give different results from each other. But in all they both do amazing work. My flight gets to DR on march 3rd. I'm going to consult with Baez first thing on Mardi Gras day March 4th. (Big day for us in New Orleans) lol and if I really like her and I'm very comfortable, my sx date would be on March 5th. I did send my deposit to Duran for holding my date of March 6th. But honestly, there hasn't been any communication since I booked my date. When I needed to know what to take and what to do here medical wise, Baez would answer me in less than 30 minutes! No lie! Looks like I'm leaning more to her due to her wonderful professionalism. If I do go with Baez, I will kiss my deposit with Duran goodbye... You know time is money. And I don't like to waste anyone's time. On another note! I do have my bag fully packed with everything that I will need. I packed more because after I leave DR I will take a short 30 minute flight to San Juan Puerto Rico and stay there for 2 weeks recovering. So I will be gone for almost a month. I will post my luggage pic now and explain what's in the bag later on tonight. Ttyl ladies

Few days left! I'm so excited:) I have butterflies

Okay ladies, I know I said I was gonna tell what was in my bag. But I've been back and forth with my grandfather in the hospital.Im praying that he recovers soon. He has a broken pelvis:( I'm really concerned for him right now. But I will take the time to explain what I have. I hope that it isn't over 50 lbs. I had to pack extra because I will be gone for a month. Even though I think that on international flights, your bag is free. I'm not too sure if they still do it or not:/ crosses fingers I need my extra dollaz $$ lol I'm a tight somethin. I tell ya! So here it is.... 15 maxi dresses, 3 pairs of slippers, my beat up satin robe, 22 pairs of undies (some large and some extra large;) just in case, thick socks , 2 large pks of maxi pads, chux , t shirts , whitebeaters,extra clothes, baby wipes , 2 pk dial soap, dial body wash , arnica gel , pain relief spray , thermometer , dressing bandages , neosporin , coconut oil , hibiclens, lubriderm lotion, hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrush , 2 pk feminine wipes,pantiliners, loofah, 3 different style of body shapers, copies of my ID and passport, vitamins, Vicodin, Percocet, and I'm waiting for my fiancé to get back from vacation in Mexico. He's bringing me arnica tablets, iron shots , and bromelen. Hopefully he can cross the border with this stuff. (Hehe, I'm making him sound like a criminal lol) so far that's all I can think of. I have a feeling that I'm missing something... Oh and I'm getting a boppy pillow from babies r us tomorrow. I really didn't want to carry that big ole thing around but also in PR I will rent a car, so I def need it. I have a sx buddy:) thank god she came right in time. Heaven sent:) we will be staying at healing haven recovery house. I was initially gonna stay at a hotel and hire a nurse, but I chickened out lol. Who knows what can happen while I'm all alone in DR. I mean I do speak fluent Spanish I'm Rican and Cuban but still I've never been to DR. So I'm glad I'll be with someone at a recovery home while there. Well Next week I'll put up my embarrassing pre op pics. I'll keep y'all posted on that. Well I'll update some more a little later. Gotta go to the hospital in the morning. Besos;)))
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