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I've got everything set up for the 12th of June. I...

I've got everything set up for the 12th of June. I read all the reviews so I pretty much know what and what not to expect. I will be staying at the JMSpa and plan to leave on the 20th. So if anyone is going to be getting their surgery done around this time, hit me up. I'll be traveling alone.

I'm not much of a blogger but it would be nice to communicate with some ladies and find a buddy.

Thanks for the well wishes! I'm ready to get it...

Thanks for the well wishes! I'm ready to get it over and done with already. I'm kind of OCD, so I've read and bought EVERYTHING I needed within a week. Now all I have to do is wait.

The first thing I'm buying after the procedure is gym clothes. I love going to the gym, but I never felt confident and am always buying long shirts to cover my butt or lack thereof. My preganancy just threw my proportions all off. I used to be able to work with what I had, but I just don't know what happened to it.

Current Stats

Height: 5'4
Weight: 155
Measurements: 39-31-41.5

Despite my measurements, in clothing my body looks like a rectangle. However, when I'm naked you can see I have a slight shape. Seems odd but oh well, Yily's going to fix it!

Got all my meds in the US and spent about 60 bucks...

Got all my meds in the US and spent about 60 bucks. I didnt get any Heparin, which is an anticoagulant. I'm pretty fit and healthy and plan to be moving around after the surgery pain or no pain so I'm not worried about blood clots. Plus i got some compression socks to help. My doc prescribed Tramadol for pain, which I prefer instead of the Diclofenac that Yily prescribes. I also picked up some medication for a yeast infection because I seem to always get one when i take antibiotics. I have one month till surgery my bags are already packed and I can't wait!

surgery is next week. is jmspa really closed????

So i havent been on in a while and then i hear that jmspa is closed for renovations. I didnt get an email from them to cancel, but i wasnt all too impressed with the confirmation. I just sent them an email. Anyone else going next week? I checked the calendar and PM'd a few girls but no response. My flight arrives at midnight and I'm not trying to be stranded on my first trip out of the country. I'm looking at some places on airbnb but if anyone still needs a buddy please hit me up.

Going to Yasmin's RH

Well looks like I'm going to Yasmin. I read some of the drama on here but I'm not going to be swayed by that. I'm sure she's learned her lesson not to overbook. She has so many great reviews on Airbnb and she's been communicating with me better than anyone else down there. Quick responses and her new house rules are extensive so I have no worries. Bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

Day 2 post surgery and feeling better than expected

First let me start by saying Yasmine and her family are great. Dont let the other reviews deter you. I have my own room with ice cold AC. Her apartment is nice and the rooms are modest. No frills, 19 inch tv with some US channels, CNN, TBS, BET, NBC, CBS. I was able to watch the Heat/Spurs game last night.

Now on to my Cipla experience. Yasmine got me there at 6:45am. The young male administrator with glasses spoke english and was very helpful. It is a long wait but it didnt bother me since I brought my phone and tablet to watch netflix.

I had my bloodwork and xray done and before I knew it, I was getting undressed, took my blue pill and Yily came in for my consultation. It was brief since i printed a description of what i wanted in spanish with pictures. She is very nice but very business oriented. About 20 minutes later they were taking me to surgery.

I woke a few times and started looking around. I felt no pain but could fell her jabbing me. I must have been delirious because i remember asking them to let me see lol.

After surgery, my stomach did not hurt much but my ass was on fire! I was so miserable because they wanted me to lay on my back. I was stubborn and kept turning over. I woke up about 11pm and couldnt go back to sleep. I called for the nurses but they were slow so i got my stubborn butt out of the bed and sat on the chair. I called again, this time saying the number of my room in spanish. When they realized i got up, everyone came. I dont recommend that though because i was soooo dizzy. Later i found out that i needed a transfusion since my hemo dropped to 6.4.

I finally left Cipla at 4:30pm yesterday. I'm moving on my own, the pain meds are doing nothing for my butt, however it is starting to feel better but its hard. I think its a little too big so i hope it goes down a bit. I wont be posting pics until about 3 weeks post op. Thats all i have for now, will update later.

Lunch courtesy of Senora Norris

One more post about Yasmine's Recovery House

I feel obligated to give a full review about my experience with Yasmine thus far. While we were eating dinner she had another girl cancel because she saw the negative reviews and pics. Yasmine overbooked because she thought she was going to be able to move into a bigger apartment. However the landlord got greedy and raised the price. She tried to cancel the extra girls but they were close to their surgery date and did not want to look for another place. I do feel bad for those girls because the living room is HOT! The AC is only in the rooms. Yasmine made a mistake but she has learned from it. Her family is so sweet and I feel at home here.

When I got out of surgery, Yasmine came to the hospital and rubbed my feet. Her nurse Marjorie is great and checks on me twice a day. It is a lot of people who live here, her mom Norris, her aunt Juanita, her brother Santos, and her son. Except for her son, they all take care of me and sleep in that hot ass living room while I'm sleeping comfortably in a private room. She has three bedrooms, two for single occupancy and one for double.

If you come here, you have to remember that this is not the US and a lot of the priviledges we're used to are not the norm. Treat them with respect and in return they offer you care, love and patience. When i found out JMSpa was closed, I too had my doubts about Yasmine but after being here, i have no regrets.

I'm not trying to downplay the other girls' experience because I'm sure I would've been miserable in that situation as well. But when you get a bunch of girls together, there's bound to be unnecessary drama.

Can't wait to take a bath!

Ok so I was mistaken before. Her whole family does not live here permanently. They were only here the first few nights to help me and the other girl right after our surgeries. Santos is just the muscle man so when we're able to move we only see him at lunch and dinner time. Juanita and/or Mrs. Norris are only here during the day. Juanita made some kind of fish yesterday that was really good.

I was so stiff yesterday but Marjorie helped me feel better. She has such a great spirit. This morning I was so constipated but a stool softener, raisin bran, and a bunch of gatorade did the trick in about an hour. Such a relief.

My follow up is tomorrow morning so I'm praying they take these drains out. The one at the top of my butt cheeks has been bothering the crap out of me. I think the skin is trying to heal around it so it itches and hurts at the same time.

You must bring some type of entertainment or else this is going to be a long boring stay.

That check up was no joke

I am so tired. I may be hungry and thirsty because we usually have lunch at 1pm but we're just now getting home, its 2pm. Yily was in surgery so her nurse did the check up. When she took my faja off I got so lightheaded and dizzy. She didnt take out the drain but I dont have to wear the collection thing anymore. I'm about to eat lunch and drink a lot of water and juice so hopefully I feel better soon.

Really loopy earlier

OK. so i must have been really out of it earlier because she did take the drain out. Anyway food and lots of liquid are vital to recovery and good results. Ate and took a nap and feel 100% better. Waiting on the masseuse to get here for my first massage. Cant wait for her to push this fluid out of my back.

Also, I really dont understand why people come down here with bad attitudes and cause problems. I only heard bits and pieces at the clinic earlier but I guess some chick told another girl that she was gonna beat her ass. Everyone still had drains on and was only a few days post op. My goodness, even though I came alone, I'm so happy that me and my housemate get along great. Some of these girls are really making a bad name for the US girls. Oh well, aint got time to worry about that drama. Until tomorrow...

Back at work

Haven't updated for a while, but recovery is still going great. I'm back at work. I bought some flare dresses to hide my new butt for awhile. I tried on some of my pencil skirts and yea...that's not happening lol. Too much ASS! But good news is, I am going to get a whole new wardrobe little by little and now. I no longer have to worry about what will fit my body type and what is flattering. Everything is flattering now! Even though I'm only 12 days post op, my shirt size is small/medium and my butt is a size large to xl depending on the fit.

I bought a size small waist cincher and let me tell you that thing is tight! I'm already on the second notch and could probably go to the thire by now, but to be honest. I don't need my waist to get any smaller. I think I'm going to try wearing it on an off for a few hours at a time. I fell asleep without it on last night and was worried that I would swell up by morning but I didn't swell up too bad.

I found someone to do the massages and I have my first one tonight. I hope she's as good as the dominican masseuse.

I'm not sure I feel comfortable posting my pics anymore. I would be devasted if I saw my pics floating around the internet and I have a few distinct tattoos, but I will think about it. Just know that I love my results, Yily did her thing but you must realize that if you go to her, she does not spend alot of time with you, is super busy, and her best work are on people who already have a shape to work with. If you are very picky, need great customer service and responsiveness I do not suggest her as your doctor. But for me she was perfect! I showed her my wish pics, she told me what to expect and where she was going to place the fat and that was it.
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