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Hello, just to get started i've been self concious...

Hello, just to get started i've been self concious about my back side for the longest. and ever since Instagram has been so main stream seeing all these curvy girls has just made my feel more self concious. I began looking into doctors and first had a consulting with Dr. Matthew Schulman and I was quoted $8,000 with the discount from using real self. He made me feel extremely comfortable and with the consultation I felt comfortable and excited, especially that i really liked his results. The down payment was $800 and I had applied for credit care. The more I looked into Dr. Schulamn doesn't really lipo the abdoman area but more of the flanks and thigh section. He would for an additional cost but being a full time college student it was kind of steep. I ended up hearing about Dr. Yily from a co worker and after seeing the results I was extremely impressed especially for the price.

I ended up emailing Dr. Yily and getting quoted for $2,900 for lipo of the arms flanks inner thighs and abdomen. I know her prices range anywhere between $2,900-$5,000 depending on your figure, and after loosing 30 pounds this past summer I have a curve but I also lost a lot of my butt. I am considering getting a breast lift as well because with implants it will be an addition $1700 and without it will be an addition $900. I plan on staying in the recovering house for a total of 5 days maximum.

I am nervous leaving the country to get this procedure but I've been wanting to have this done for the longest but I am extremely impressed with her results and I know it will be worth it. I plan on going sometime in the beginning of March.

So I am unsure as to whether I will still be going...

So I am unsure as to whether I will still be going to DR YIly because she has began to raise her prices. As stated before, she was willing to lipo my back arms flanks and inner thighs all for $2900 and include the compression garments and arm compression along with the $2900, my friend had emailed her and she is charging an additional $200 for lipo of the thighs and $250 for the lipo of the arms and is also charging for the arm compression seperatly in addition to the $2900. I am wondering if this is because she is getting more well known. She said she is booked all of February and March and I have been contacting her assistants and havent been getting any type of response. I also am considering Wendell Perry in Miami who is charging only $6,000 and has dates available in February and also accepts credit care. As much as I want to go to Yily I am iffy about her raising prices and not being able to set a date because her assistants havent been replying to emails or text. I am waiting to speak to Dr Perry again before making my final decision because I want to do my surgery asap but i dont know if I am willing to wait till April if I can even get a response from Yily or her assistants. Dr Perry said I can get my hips just like the wish picture and my waist just as small but not as much projection which is fine with me because I still want a somewhat realistic figure. I will be posting pictures as soon as i decide which doctor to choose.

SO I BOOKED MY DATE ! I am super excited, my...


I am super excited, my date is set for March 15. I finally got a reply from DR. Yily and I just sent my deposit of $500 to lock my date I am super excited. It is crunch time I just have to book my flight now and send the rest of the money before then. I am super excited and nerve wrecked. Let the count down begin !

38 More days.

I have also started taking one a day women's for surgery. hope this works. I also need to go to my dr and get the ok test for surgery. I am beyond excited.

Sent my deposit to Yily for march 15, she picked...

Sent my deposit to Yily for march 15, she picked it up about 3days after because I received an email saying she did. I emailed her the day after asking her for the next step, and then again 2 days later. I'm irritated that she picked up my deposit and has yet to email me about it. Is any one else having this issue? Has any one else been contacted by her? Or haven't? Let me know because I don't want my $500 to go to waste or my date to be changed. Seriously annoyed.

So I finally got it cleared up. I got in contact ...

So I finally got it cleared up. I got in contact with Yily's assistant Yira after calling for about 3 days straight and being put on hold and hung up on multiple times because no one spoke English and wasn't answering my emails. Yira looked through out the emails for mine while I was on the phone and confirmed it with me on the phone and also sent me a confirmation email. So I am officially booked for March 15. She told me to send her my flight details so she can book me at the spa. I will arrive on March 14 some time around 3pm and i'm staying in dr till the 22nd my only concern is about the drain cuz it's suppose to come out the 12 day I heard, hopefully I don't have to change my ticket.
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So after i finally got in contact with someone one in Yily's office I just got the confirmation email for March 15. I'm super excited, but I was extra pissed that no one speaks english and they really cant help you with your issues, so be prepared to call multiple times.

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