THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN DURANIFIED PLEASE HELP WITH MY *second guessing* ughh so many ?'s but no one to answer them

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?omg dolls let me tell you, i am overly excited...

omg dolls let me tell you, i am overly excited and amazed that i have stumbled across this sight!!!!!!! nd all my life i thought i was crazy becuz i'm wanted a phattie and now look theres a whole community of ussss yayyy :-) ! nah but really girls, i am like a junkie wen it comes to this site. i decided to go ahead and make me up a little page because when i tell you there is no questioning about it ***im having this amazing procedure*** i mean am i the only one who thinks this is a dream come true lol especially with those prices in d.r what??? and those results chile im tryna tell you lol, no really though my first exploration on this topic i came across the infamous dr.jimmerson and his results is what i dream for but honnney them price's ->whoa now im a mother of 4 and though i want me a phatty i just dont see 10 to 15,000 being in my budget sorry mr.j curves! but i did enjoy viewing his results, so since i've been snooping around this site i've really enjoyed dr.yilly and durans results although i do desire a nice round phat bootay :-) i really like the fact that they really take more time into creating that coke bottle shape to the body because im really looking to get rid of all this jelly belly! like i said 4 kidz honey will do some damage lol. although i've never had a body anyway i mean no butt no hips i have nice thighs nd legs but that still does this body no justice lolol so im really looking forward to having this procedure done which probably won't be until early 2015 but trust me it'z going to happen and ill be sure to take the dolls interested in my journey every step of the way! till next time...stay beautiful and sweet


Well my big booty dolls, I'm am getting so impatient on this looooong wait I have ahead of me to become duranified 8,( and the more I see reviews on these beautiful transformations.....itz not helping lolol!!!! But patience is a vertue :-) so RS darlings I'm just sitting back, cooling, and looking at you all's journeys taking in the good and the bad while awaiting my own till next time * stay beautiful and sweet*


Ok dolls so I'm here -> I want the bbl,tt, lipo arms full back! So I'm planning to have my sx beginning of 2015 hopefully between february and march (depending on whenever I lock in my date with duran and hrr availabiltiy). Now...I work in fast food and I've been trying to come up with an excuse for my time out of work for recovery time, I'm thinking it should be no longer then 3 wks if all goes well and smooth because I work mainly standing and sitting will be the main no no in recovery so I think I should be fine to return to work in that time period. So anyone who has had this issue with coming up with the perfect excuse PLEASE COMMENT OR INBOX WITH THE MOST PERFECT EXCUSE LOL sounds horrible I knw but hey if it works it works so i'm prepared to work it. Anywho the tt....I knw I have to prepare myself for that scar but wats up with the belly button ery pic I see the belly button stretched out or jus weird looking with bandages and what not so ladies who've experienced the tt PLEASE FELL FREE TO COMMENT OR ENLIGHTEN ME ON THE RECOVERY WITH THAT. Please ladie chime in on my journey I'm on here day in day out and is very serious bout having this but I really need all the details, so please ladies let me know wats good with this sx and is it really worth all these changes....stay beautiful and sweet! Xoxo

***BACK ON MY BOOTY QUEST*** soon to be duranified 2017

OK so hi ladies, haven't posted in a while but I'm back. So I know 2015 was suppose to be my surgery year but hey shit happens and I mean a lot I had to get a new car and blah blah blah!!!!!!!! Anyways I'm back on my booty quest and I plan to still be duranified chile yasss I need it in my life huney. I have been watching iamlesliemoskowitz reviews on YouTube and honey she gives me all kinds of life!!!! I can't wait to have this surgery. I was able to contact Angie who offers the Silloette recovery house to us, and she seems pretty cool Im sure I'll go with her as my pick as far as recovery houses go. She just expanded too, dope new pent house looks really nice. Her pricing is reasonable and she speaks English and that's great because Chile I don't know a lick of Spanish just hola and a few more small words baby that ain't gone get me far lol but she is very fluient in English and your gonna need that for communication purposes cause trust when you are about to have something as serious as a surgery you are not going to want to be misunderstood about anything ijs. Ok anyway so Yea I've been hitting Angie up and she referred me to laura who sets up Duran's appointments, and ive contacted them through wassap BTW but unfortunately laura informed me that being that I want my surgery set for April of 2017 it was to early to begin my appointment process :( no worries tho she said I would be able to set my date as early as December of this year. I hate I have to wait that long it kinda takes the excitement away but idk I guess since this is what I really want I'm just gonna have to stick wit it. I've also been trying to reach Duran on wassap but haven't had any luck, I'm not surprised!!!! I be hitting her with messages like everyday praying for a response lol still nothing. I sent her current photos and a few wish pics idk I'm hoping if I stay persistent she'll pop in my DM one day, soon I hope cause shitttttt its frustrating when you looking into something with no leads and no answers to your ?'s. Well I hope you dolls are blessed I'll update whenever I get a step further in my journey, stay sweet babes.

pre op photos ????????????

Here are some of the photos I sent Duran. I don't have my exact weight but I'm anywhere between 160-180lbs and that's for sure. I think my last doctors app I was at like 173 idk something like that. Well Yea girls this is me smh no shelf at all, idk where the hell the top have of my ass at!!!!!! I have like this box waist thing happening there ughh spongbobsquarepants for sure, its just not popping at all. I think if I didnt have all this stomach I might be ok but why not kill to birds with one stone snatch the stomach and fattin the bootayyyyyy ayyyee I'm wit it.

3 Months away from becoming a #DURANDOLL

I haven't undated in a while, so since my last post I have been quoted and scheduled for surgery with Duran. I will be receiving a bbl, TT, full front/back lipo I was quoted 4900! I went through surgicoordinator to help receive my quote and schedule my date, all went well their a great company any questions I shoot a email and they respond in a timely manner. So I'm scheduled for May 2, 2017, I will be staying at Angie's Silloette House Ive heard great reviews and we have been in contact for the past year, great woman I feel secure with her helping hand so I chose her. I stopped smoking Jan 1 yayyy I ordered my vitamins off amazon they should be arriving today, I ordered folic acid, B complex, iron, and vitamin C. Those were all recommended by Duran. I plan to start taking them Feb 1 that will be 3 mths in advance so I should be good. I've been drinking plenty plenty water, i am going to start drinking 2 cups of 100% pineapple juice 1 cup twice a day ughhhh yea that's really all I've been up to oh I haven't applied for my passport yet, I'll be doing that next week hopefully. Well alrighty dolls I hope all is well I'll be back in touch soon! Stay sweet.

Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Bbl

So I just wanted to come back and show you dolls the vitamins that I'm currently taking. Iron, folic acid, vitamin C, and B complex. These were all recommended by duran in her pre-op care list. I started taking these February 1, 2017 exactly 3 months away from my procedure. In April I'll start taking the iron pill twice a day just to boost my hemo levels. But so far just taking these once a day, drinking plenty of water still. Less than 3 months away yayyy, stay sweet dolls! New year and soon to be a new me.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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