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Well things are now starting to move for me, after...

Well things are now starting to move for me, after weeks of stalking and during research, I choose Dr. Yily to do my surgery. I will be getting a tt, bl, bbl and lipo. When I email Dr. Yily she responded back in two days with my quote. Also we have been emailing back and fourth and she always responds the next day or so. My surgery will be Jan 31st, I purchase my plane ticket yesterday and have already gotten all of my pre op vitamins. Now I'm working on narrowing down a recovery house. I,ve been hearing good things about Dominga recovery house and when I call and talk to her she was really nice, all though she couldn't speak English that well so we started to communicate through whatsapp. I will be staying for 11 days,my hubby will be going with me so hopefully my recovery want be to bad and we can make somewhat of a vacation out of it. In the mean time I'm taking my pre op vitamins and trying to gain at least 10 pounds.

Counting down 2 months pre op

Well I'm almost at my goal weight which is 150lbs, I only got 4 more pounds to gain. Which I know will be pretty easy with the holidays so close. I'll post pre op pics soon. Starting to get all my supplies ,I ordered my poppy pillow. So if any one need one go to nursing Using code family 2013 and you will only have to pay s&h. Soon I'm going to make apt with my dr. To make sure everything is good. I been taking my vitamins so hopefully my hemo is up to par. I'm a little nerves that my cycle will be on around the time of my surgery , if it continues to go like this. I know that brings your level down some. Hopefully my cycle is just a little off track since I stop taking my birth control last month. We will see.

Ready to be a yilly doll

I have 30more days before I'm a Yily doll and sad to say I still don't have all my supplies. I'm not worry about it because I'm taking the very minimal. I will post my list soon. Well I did gain weight (yayyyy )I was trying to gain at least 10 pounds but I gain 12.5 pounds which is fine, so as of this morning my weight is 152.5 pounds. My husband will be going with me and we are staying at Dominga recovery house for 11 days. She was running a very good special back in October so for the both of us it will be $930 with 7 sections of post op surgery massages and transportation for shopping or sightseeing.

Pre op pics

Pre op measurement

breast 36
waist 37

Chin lipo or not?

Since I've gain weight its starting to look like I got a lil double chin going on. Have anyone had chin lipo and was it worth it? I think I will be adding it, not sure still deciding. Here is my pre-op measurement, I tried to post this the other day and my lab top froze up.
breast 36 wishing for a full c cup
waist 37 wishing for anything in the 20's
hips/butt 41 wishing for 43 maybe 44
I will be a happy girl!!!!

Chin lipo

Nine more days before I"m leaving for the D.R.

Nine more days before I’m leaving for the D.R. I got my labs back and I’m all cleared for surgery, my hemo level was 12.6 I wanted it to be higher. I still have time so I guess I will start trying to eat more green veg and liver, I love liver so that want be hard. My bags are all pack and I’m ready to go. This is the list of things I’m taking. My list is the very minimal, I don’t want to bring unnecessary things that I want be needing and to have to worry about bringing it back when I’m coming home not at 100%. Also Dr. Yilly email me today with all my surgery preparation.
Maxi dresses
Tank tops/ T shirt
Baby wipes
Maxi pads
Compression socks/socks
Co Co butter
Arnica lotion
Hydrocortisone cream
Female urinal / funnel Walmart
Stool softener
Poppy pillow
House shoes
Pain meds

Leaving in two days and I'm a little pissed right now. I'm all set to go and been lying all my ducks in a row and this damn reco

Leaving in two days and I'm a little pissed right now. I'm all set to go and been lying all my ducks in a row and this damn recovery house want to act stupid. We suppose to be staying at Dominga's, I already sent her the deposit and everything. I've been trying to contract her though whatsapp since last week and she still have not responded. Man I'm trying,but like Ving Rhames on baby boy What. When you call they don't speak good english so I'm not sure what to do. I heard good thing about her from different people, but this is not good at all. Not good business. I'm praying I don't have to try and find another recovery house last min. SMH ughh

Finally on my way to the DR

Finally on my to the DR. My flight got cancel and everything. Wish me luck because I definitely had some obstacles to overcome. Will tell you all about.

Still waiting

Ok ladies one of my flight got cancel due to the snow, so I had to drive 10 hrs to get to my connected flight to the DR. It took 14hrs because they close the interstate and we had to take the back roads. By the way I had to stop by the bank in another state to get all my cash. The weather was so bad,everything was close by me for the last two days,so I didn't have a choice. I get to the bank and they talking bout they ain't got no money it took them forever and all they had was small bills. So ladies call ahead before you go to the bank to get your cash. They took so long at the bank that we miss our flight. We got there like 45min before time and JetBlue will not let us check our bags in, they said we had to check them in 1hr before time. Smh so we had the guy look up a later flight. I was so mad but I didn't fuss or anything I just stood there my husband trying to comfort me saying I was looking so sad. I guess it worked because the guy didn't charge us for anything he said he just waive it. My plan worked out Lol let me stop I did want to cry I guess it showed all over my face. Thank God that man didn't charge us, I was just getting discourage .So now I'm about to get on a plane to San Juan with a 7hrs delay. I will not make it to the DR until in the morning and straight to Cipla. So tried right now I will update soon.

Two days post op

I'm two days post op and feeling a little better. Thanks you all for the prayers and well wishes. I'm so blessed to have gotten my surgery on Friday because ladies was getting turned around from left to right. I will take a pic later today and update more

Two days post op

First massage

I got my first massage yesterday and it hurts all so good. You really feel a lot better after the massages, a lot of fluid comes out. When I got my massage there was still a very hard spot on my side so I just kept rubbing and massaging it to find out later it was the drain. This drain ain't no joke it's the worst it stings and is very sensitive to the touch. I've been up and down with my recovery one min I feel good the next not so good. Today I was like way the f**k I did this.

11days post op

Thanks ladies for being so patient, I've been focusing on recovering these last past days and getting some of this swelling down. Actually yesterday was a good day for me. I was able to go to the store and stay up longer without falling a sleep so much. After surgery you just feel so fatigue and out of breath at times. When I left the DR I got held at custom the girl security guard kept poking my damn breast and then called the guy over pointing at my breast. They wanted me to go to the back to check me more. We get to the back and I pulled up my dress and was trying to tell her I had surgery. So she start trying to take my faja off, long story short that didn't happen and I was just disgusted afterwards. So ladies don't be surprise if you get stop. DR. Yilly gave me a letter but it was in English and they don't speak english. So you guys can probably ask for the letter to be in Spanish I don't know if that will help or not. And please get wheel chair service. You will need it. Like I said I'm feeling a lot better now at 11days PO. Still a lot of swelling in my back and the itches. Every now and then I feel a little pain in my breast but then again I haven't been taking any pain meds. I love my breast a lift no implants.

Stage 2garment

I finally got into my stage
2 garment. I was in a medium right after surgery and before I left I move into a small. Unfortunately I had to go make to the medium size because my legs was swollen and it was so uncomfortable. I like the waist part on this small but it seems like I'm smashing my booty. I already have to sleep on my back because of my breast so I definitely don't need to add to any other thing smashing my bootay. I don't know about this one for 3months. I think I'm going to buy a squeem this week. More pics coming soon because your girl has been feeling really good lately.

It's getting better

Everyday it gets better. Well let me rewind I only got lipo, bbl and a breast lift. DR Yilly said I didn't have loss skin for a TT so she will do aggressive lipo. Dr. Yilly is very nice but straight forward. I am happy with my results, I just wish my stomach was flatter. I know it's still early and I have a lot of swelling in my abdomen and back. I am starting to do waist training, with a clincher because my 2nd stage garment just don't work for me, it's to uncomfortable.Here a pic that I took a couple of days ago before my shower. Oh I have these hard areas right at the edge of my arm pits that hurts a lot, I think it from the lipo. I self massage it and it helps a lot.

Four weeks post op

It gets better every day. But let me tell you this recovery is a process its definitely a marathon and not a sprint.You have to be mentally really for this challange before getting into something like this. I still have a lot of swelling, especially in my back. I've been trying different garments and cinchers to see what works best. I purchase the vedette 107 the problem I have with it is it don't give enough compression on my back. Also it holds in moisture. Funny enough the one I like the best is my second stage marina garment I got from DR Yilly. My breast is healing nicely, I get sharp pains now every now and then and my breast are very sensitive. However, I still don't have full range of motion in my arms. Over all I'm loving my results.

8 weeks post op

I am now 8weeks post op. and it get better each day. At least thats what I keep telling myself. That's been my motto everyday it get better, really you have to stay positive and motivated through the recovery process. Well I have lost a lot of volume in my butt. My measurements are 42 1/2 after surgery my butt was 44in. I'm not disappointed because I wanted a natural look and thats what I told Dr.yilly. My butt was hugh at first, I was not going to be able to expand where I got all that ass from. This way it just work out I was gaining weight for the surgery and people had notice it. So know when people see me its just like, dang girl that weight gain is going in all the right places. I still get very stiff in my lower back and sides. Last week my stiffness was multiplied,every time I get up it was like everything just pulled down to my lower back slowly and just stayed there and started to rip my skin apart. The pain last a while so I get up I have to stay there for min until I stand all the way up. Also my back and side still itch some, but not nearly like it was. I am so over all this stiffness and pain, but every time I look in the mirror I just say pain is beauty, its definitely worth it.

9 weeks post op

9 weeks post op

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