So Its Official Im Having a Mommy Make Ever with BBL with Dr.Yili De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am so over exited to become a Yili Doll. I'm so...

I am so over exited to become a Yili Doll. I'm so looking forward to this new experience. I know my life is going to change for ever. Doctor Yili is so awesome to return my emails fast and talking to her made me so sure that I picked the right doctor. I am doing various things with her . I am so looking forward to this experience. I will be going to Dominican republic on aug 3 2014 and returning back aug 17 2014. Giving my self enough time to heal before I get in an airplane. I also going to stay in the recovery house Healing Haven. I spoke to the owner today wao That woman is an angel she was very professional and gave me a good discount. Girls check it out!! I'm am so exited about this opportunity and I will keep posting messages about my journey.

Could anyone from USA could tell me how they comunicated with Dr. Yili??

I am so exited at the same time so nervous! I have to admit a little scared. Ok so I communicated with Dr. Yili through Facebook today and she confirm. For some reason she mention she is not accepting deposits because of some problem with her account but that she would separate the day for me. I am so scared of scams could anyone verify Yili email address?? Could anyone from USA tell me how was there experience in communication with Dr. Yili and how was that experience?? Could anyone tell me if they ever felt the same way as me??
Check out her facebook page where I talk to her is this the real deal??
(Empire of Barbie's YILY.) on facebook. I have not been able to access her website...

so I have to loose weight!!

After checking my bmi 35 doctor said I have to bring my bmi to less than 30 to have surgery. I have 8 months to loose 65 pounds. 165lb for surgery. Any help out there??
I figure out if i only eat less than 1800 calories a day and burn 800 calories a day with exercise that would have me loosing 2 pounds a week.

Please help!! Pain Medication

Hi! I was just wondering how do I get pain medication over in USA to take to Dominican Republic for surgery?? I know from reviews that Doctor said that for multiple procedures its better to take Percocet, valium, Vicodin, or oxicone or hydrocone?? I have Medicaid in USA but does not cover Dominican Republic, so I need help, so girls and boys please let me know how you got your narcotic.

im soo scared but I would not let it change my mind!!

Hi Girls well this is what is going on. I have been researching many long night and I just get so scared of the pain post op. I know that its normal to go through much pain when you are in recovery but what scares me is that once I am out of my country I would not get the meds that I would need to avoid the pain. I wont have no one out there to help me or be near me and that sucks. Still going through with it because I know that my life would change and I would come out of the hole I have put my self in for so many years. I know I am a beautiful person I just want to see that in the mirror. Good night and if any one has info on how to buy pain medication in USA please let me know advice welcome!!!

Merry Xmas Dolls!!!

Want to wish you all merry xmas and enjoy the holidays with all your family and friends!!!

Happy new years!!

So I started my journey at 235 pounds and have 8 months to get to 165 pounds. That is a total of 70 pounds. Wao!! Sound very challenging!! Well I weight my self last night I am 219. That means I lost 19 pounds in 15 days. If I keep going this way I will be at my way to healthy weight in no time. I will keep posting more updates as my day gets closer to my surgery. I'm so happy!!
If you wondering I eliminated all sodas and juices, all fried food, and candies, no potato ships, I don't eat after 8pm and I drink large amount of water!!

So Im back!! And ready!!

So I had issues I was to over weight to have any surgery done. So since December I been working with a doctor and from 245lb now im 180lb that is so cool still have some more to loose but now im in pretty good shape for surgery. I have to move the date for March 2015 but that is only 8 months from today im so very exited!!

Help me please

I need some recommendation on Recovery House asap. I have read some horrible story's and scared the hell out of me. It does not matter the cost it matters the service so please give me some help!!!!
My email is and my cel phone 678 914 2907 you could reply here any help please

I will be closing this blog and opening a new one

For some reason I am not allowed to change doctors here since I already picked a Doctor I will be opening a new blog under Shely1984. Please fallow me there!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

As I mention before she is very courteous, fast responder, very honest, awesome background, very talented, very educated. I have not met her in person but her reviews speak by them self. I will not be going to her because it is important to me to find a doctor who I could feel comfortable around them, who I could trust my life to and by reading all her current review I do not feel that I could trust my life in hands of someone who many claims that she lets surgeon in training help her through surgery. Customer Service is a plus when it comes to a business and as I have read many reviews she lacks of that. I do not know her personally and only based my opinion on her reviews!!

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