It's My Turn Now!!! Team Duran! BA W/ Lift, BBL, and Lipo! Im Going All In!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

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So yes the thirst to this site is real!!! I have...

So yes the thirst to this site is real!!! I have been on RS day and night reading reviews in hopes to getting closer to my dream body! I told my friend about this site and she was pumped so we are going to DR together.

I have read a lot of reviews on here with people being undecided about whether or not they wanted to have their surgery done by Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran, and although Yily’s work is good, the choice was very clear to me Team Duran!!!

A little about me: I’m 27 years old, I have two children, 5’5, 149 lbs, 36 FLAT B (Pumping milk took the life out of my breast) and as another doll stated, No-ass-at-all!!! I have always wanted a round butt with thighs and hips to match but never took the initiative. I am getting a BA with lift, BBL, and Lipo. I know a lot say getting all these done at the same time is recommended due to the pain, but I feel as though the pain from the BBL alone is going to make me not want to go for a second round of surgery so why not get it all at once! Plus once I see my new body in the mirror I know it will be well worth it. So watch out b**chs, let a bad b**ch through!!! I’m not even going to lie, although the surgery is not going to change me as a person, you won’t be able to tell me NOTHING!!!

I hate not being able to buy certain outfits, jeans, etc because of the way my butt looks in clothing, but soon I won’t have to worry about that!

Getting in contact with Duran was not bad at all with me, I guess because I was persistent with it. The only thing that was bad was the anticipation. I emailed her on gmail, added her as a friend on Facebook and once accepted, posted on her wall and sent her a message in her inbox. A couple of hours later and I had my quote!!! A quote which is GRRRREEEAATTT compared to the states! $5300!!! Woo-hoo. I am looking to get my Sx in March 2014 (No not because tax time) I just started new job and want to have a little bit of time under my belt before I take a lot of time off.

So yes I will be posting quite a bit!!! And I look forward to talking to you dolls!!!

P.S. will be posting before pics soon

Before & Wish Pictures

So here it is. Dreadfully posting this but f it, in the end ima b a bad b**ch!!!!

Day & Night

I can not seem to stay off this site, ugh the anxiety is killing me!!! Literally! All I do is read others reviews and dream about this new me about to take place. March feels like an eternity and I am still in the process of figuring out an excuse for work.Any help with this????
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