Dr. Rafael Torres Acosta it is - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been wanting surgery for years I have...

I have been wanting surgery for years I have thought and even seen a few Drs throughout the years but never followed through for one reason or the other. It's time, making selfless decisions for my family was necessary and I have no regrets. I want my swag back not to please my husband or society but for me. Day 1

I was contacted by third party from Dr Duran's office

I have been obsessively stalking Dr. Duran and she is a superstar, but I need someone that is a little more assessable. Being just another job doesn't interest me I require more, so I have decided to continue looking. Who wants to add 200 to your budget anyway that could decide coach or business class flights. I'll let you know when I decide

Dr. Fatima Almonte it is

After going through all the feed and doing a process of elimination Dr Almonte is my choice after I receive an acceptable quote I will be paying my deposit and starting my plans. I decided a few days ago to use Dream Body Diva as my Recovery house. I will be requesting the third week of December the week before Christmas. I want to loose a few pounds before I would like a more of a streamline (athletic) with a lot of bounce. Saw a women at the store today and I wanted to ask her so bad if she's made a trip to DR her body looked just like the one I want, may have been a little to creepy though.

Deposit Paid

This was wrapped up quick!!!! I am sooo excited!!! Please note that Dr Almonte is requiring me to loose 30 lbs so taking me at my current weight was never going to happen, but no worries I'm a woman we make things happen if we really want something.

Date Set 04/18/2017

I was contacted on a Saturday by Lesley Dr. Almonte's assistant to confirm my surgery date. Yesterday I happened to be returning something there set a really inexpensive women's dress store (rainbow in Texas) and I found 5 maxi dresses all for 42 bucks. Now all I have to do is loose about 40 lbs and plan for every scenario.

Round trip tickets purchased

Round trip tickets purchased which is two of the three majors. The way I decided to organize this experience is to first ask the following questions: why? How? and Where? Why, to get some extreme improvements to my physical self deposit paid to Dr. Almonte. How an I going to get there American Airlines, tickets purchased. Now the last of the majors where, I have no idea which recovery house to stay in, I think I have found the one and revisit my requirements and my search starts over again and again. Anyhoo, I'll like to tell the young woman who contacted my about not loving her appearance, I thoroughly understand and its great to do it for yourself but remember until you are able love what you have I actual look at the picture of my grouse belly (her name is Sam) and grin like it a cute little pet. But trust and believe that come April 18th I will say bye bye to same and turning saggy to sexy without looking back.
P.S. It would be great if someone could give me a few suggestion of recovery houses in the Dominican Republic

Oasis Recovery House It is!!

It really does take longer to find a recovery house then it does a doctor. I think we tend to trust Doctors a little more but the people that you are going to have to live with for weeks is another story. They don't have a web site but they do have a Fb, IG, and whatsapp number 829-355-1919 I chose them because they have a doc in residents and several real nurses and the nutrition is geared toward recovery, and from the reviews i believe they are honorable people. When I get there I'll update and and either confirm or deny the reviews. If you guys are on a search for a recovery house you may also want to go to Instagram recoveryhousereview. I think she/he verifies who you are before she allows you to follow, it was very helpful.

I have been let down by Dr. Almonte!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I had it all wrapped up the doctor, the flight, the stay but no, Dr. Almonte's office emailed me and changed our original agreement ans wanted to charge me the same price. She told me that it would be too hard on my body and I told here not if I loose the 30lbs that she told me I needed to loose I would be okay. I would be going to a foreign country where I don't know the customs, or the language. her office would not properly answer questions and since I paid the deposit they have become far less helpful or responsive. I have requested my deposit back, we'll see what happens perhaps. I'll keep you updated. Soooo it took me a few days and I am going with Dr. Rafael Torres Acosta.

Passport laws change

If you have had your birth certificate for a few years please be advised that the passport people are required the long form. The one that you use to enroll your kids or to get a job is not good enough. Make sure you are diligent once you order it from your state because this is how identities are stolen according to the Texas.gov web site. Now I have to wait another 30 days before I can apply for my passport, which is why you don't let the big stuff wait until the end.
Well now I have to find something else to go OCD over.
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