Duran's Special Edition Aug 2013, whose with me!?

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OK so I've been on the site a little while now and...

OK so I've been on the site a little while now and have decided to go ahead and post my own review. I just want to thank all the dolls that have posted your experience and research on this site, you have been GOD SENT ANGELS!! I mean I like to think I'm on top of my ish but you ladies are freakin awesome. A bunch of great minds together just equals TEAM BBL making the experience that much better for each of us no matter who your surgeon is. I like to say if you haven't made Real Self apart of your research, you don't know ish and in any situation knowledge is power!!! So again thank each and every one of you beautiful ladies and bad itches....which ever you prefer.... :-)

As for me I'm 36yr old, mother of 4 ages ranging from 7-18. I have a successful career, family , beauty but this body is a HAM!!! lol. Let me take that back.... from the front not to bad, from the back sponge bob, sack of potatoes, or a can of bust biscuits is what I like to call it....ugh. With clothes on...no no no....with the right clothes on Ima bad itch, after that I gotta keep the lights off lol.

So I'm not a stranger to surgery, I've had a breast reduction and a TT. TT has te area flat however it still has that fat layer over it because I did not do lipo (live and learn). I have gained some weight since me and my boo been living together but it goes straight to the mid section back and thighs.....noassatall as my dad would say. So for the past year I've been going to consults for lipo to give me curves and get rid of the hated back fat!!!! yuck!. Ive been quoted from 2900-3500 just for upper back and flanks and was just about to go through with it until I stumbled across RS. The BBL, I don't know what I thought this was ...mayb a procedure to lift saggy booties idk but know you cant do anything to this body unless the BBL is included.

So now my search has changed for lipo to BBL and I'm excited. I was seeing these before and after pics of tryna find me a doctor, I even had my sisters looking for me. Then I saw some of Yily and Duran work and OMG, them chicks doing their thing with that sculpting. Tiny waist and curves, nothing sexier than that!! After seeing their sculpturing the decision of DR was easy. I mean I work for a surgeon that will give me a discount but I know the results will be no where near what I would get from those ladies. So for me it's not about just the money its the entire package, procedures, quality work, money and outcomes == happy. I want it done right with no regrets, no round 2,3,4 etc... So I'm putting in the time and research now.

Now earlier I said I love Yily and Durans work. I've heard some bad reviews about Yily but nothing that has scared me off from her. Infection may be the worst thing Ive heard, a lets face it that's a risk of any procedure.
All you can do is minimize the risk; if you see them not washing their hands or using gloves call them out on it, If you read they didn't prep the body right from another RS sis, buy you some hebiclens or betadine and prep your area before you get to the office, take your antibiotics and vitamins as directed. Not saying we are doing anything wrong but that's why we post our experience so that our other sis can be better prepared. Sorry got off the subject, I'm a nurse and I was in work mode just then.

Anyway what I was saying is I think Yily and Duran both do awesome work. I leaned to Duran because I will out of the country alone, while I'm use to my sisters taking care of me when I'm sick I won't have them there to make sure I'm good so I need my doc to be warm and compassionate.
I have chosen a surgery date and have begun to look for flights which has giving me a freakin headache! I'm in Florida why in the hell should layovers be 20 hrs when the total flight time is 3h....
Which leads to question number one: how are you ladies keeping off your new booty on the flight home?

I think people really don't realize how...

I think people really don't realize how unattractive back fat is. I don't care how much weight I loose it does not budge, just a slimmer me with the same sponge bob shape!! Cant wait for Aug 8!!!

So I received an email from Dr. Duran last night...

So I received an email from Dr. Duran last night providing answers to some simple questions I had and to get so much needed re-assurance that she could get me the look I want. She states that she gives codeine and ultram for pain medication (looks like I will be taking my own lortab or Percocet). She does not decide on the garment size until the procedure is over, so I guess I have to wait until I get home to order my second garment. Does any Vets have any input on this?
My cell phone carrier does not provide service from the DR, is there any pre paid services that I can get here or there that would allow me to make and receive calls to/from the US?
I see girls wearing the Faja and like a waist cincher, are they both necessary? Where do we get the stomach boards and foam from?
Thanks ladies

Looking for sx boo Aug 8th....

Looking for sx boo Aug 8th....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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