Thank you Salama !

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So today I called dr walkiris and spoke to her...

So today I called dr walkiris and spoke to her assistant Laura... I sent her a few pics by email and she quoted me my pricing and all the things I need to do before surgery. I have looked and searched for many doctors I believe this is going to be my choice and planning to have my surgery in april. I am very nervous to be leaving the country to have this procedure done but I've seen her work and I love it... Soon to have the body I always imagined !

Kind of undecided about which doctor to choose

I'm reading so many different reviews it's pretty overwhelming I'm stuck in between , Baez, Robles , and yily...ugh I don't know what to do

Ok final decision is made

I have chosen to stay in the U.S. and go to dr. Mel Ortega sending my deposit today I feel more comfortable with this decision

Yes I do have implants

I had a breast augmentation done October 6th of 2014 size 350cc silicone and I love them ????????????


I am so damn frustrated with dr.ortegas office they have failed to contact me nor send me info on the surgery 2 weeks after I sent my deposit !! It was a rush for me to send the deposit but now no one has emailed me or called me on how to move on with the next step this is so frustrating I'm considering changing my doc and they can keep the damn deposit !

Need help !

Okay so after I sent my deposit to dr. Ortegas office their communication with me was so poor that I don't even feel comfortable following through with the surgery at their facility. Can some of you ladies inform me to whom you believe has the best communication and awesome work ??

Recovery home for dr.ortega

Has anyone stayed in rh for doctor ortega ? Any reviews at all ?

It's official I'm a future Salama doll !

Since my communication was so poor with dr ortegas office I decided to let them keep my deposit since it's non refundable and I'll have to take that loss but it's not that big of a deal. I spoke to Cynthia today she is super nice, understanding and informative I booked my surgery for July 10th and will be staying at serenity recovery home for 10 days :) Im excited and feel so much more comfortable going to dr salama

Excited and nervous !

Okay my surgery is now only 1 month away I just can't wait to see what my results will be like! I'm currently at 145 pounds I will continue to maintain my weight

Hoping for the best

As the days go by I just get more nervous. Questioning myself if it's all worth it or not? Will there even be a difference? Ugh I'm really just getting sad that I won't be able to tell the difference after surgery. But I will be positive and hopeful that dr Salama can help me :(

About 4 more weeks left !

Super excited and also nervous... I'm ready for my new body! I'm currently at 150 pounds and will continue to eat well and maintain :)

About 2 weeks left

I've gotten all of my supplies out of the way, packing my bag. I have a lot of positive support from friends and family also from my beautiful realself sisters ! I'm so ready to do this :)

Anyone recently stayed with serenity recovery?

I payed for salamas recovery home months ago and the closer it's getting to my date the more nervous I am getting. I want to make sure I made the right decision with this recovery home. Hey ladies I would love your input on if I should stick with serenity or chose elsewhere ? Thanks dolls !

Changed my recovery home

I have been reading so many reviews on an angel named mayda... I contacted her and she was very sweet and I feel like she would take care of me like a second mother and I will get all the attention that I need. I will keep you guys updated when I arrive

Ok sticking with serenity recovery

I'm so indecisive but final decision and salama recommended I stay with my first choice. Anyways 9 more days !!

1 week countdown

One week from now I will finally have the surgery I have been waiting for. I want to thank all of the dolls for their positive comments and encouraging words. I'm currently at 153 lbs

Made it to Miami !

Hey everyone I made it to Miami from ny around 11:00. When I arrived at the airport Justin was there to pick me up. He is very professional and friendly. He took me to my pre op appt and I met Nomi and Jesenia. Salamas staff were very informative and comforting. Nomi was so sweet to me and she's beautiful as well. From my pre op appointment I went to a local Walgreens to pick up a few snacks. I'm staying and serenity recovery home which is recommended by salama and staff and now I see why! I don't know why I was so worried but this place is beautiful and so clean. There's a woman named Grace here who is taking good care of the other girls who have had surgery and she has made me feel at ease about my surgery tomorrow morning. All I have to say so far is if you plan to have a bbl surgery please look into professional after care it really matters the most, this time is critical and you will appreciate having someone taking good care of you. Anyways my surgery is tomorrow morning wish me luck !!

Yay surgery is over !!

I had my surgery today at 730 am and Justin picked me up on time. When I met salama he was nice and answered all of my questions and spoke about the surgery in detail. He was realistic about what he was going to give me and told me I already had a nice butt and he was just going to improve it ! I can't write anymore right now very sleepy from the pain meds I'll tell u guys more later

Forgot these pics !

Yep it's a little messy , I had arm and thigh lipo Also... Can't keep my eyes open b back later

First shower

This recovery is no joke but I'm loving the way I look right now I can't wait until swelling goes down! That shower felt amazing

11 days post op

I'm feeling great and happy to be home. I have some bruising left on my inner thighs and arms but I use arnicare gel and cocoa butter every night and it's making everything go away so much faster. Overall to keep it short for now, any future dolls for salama please pick who will take care of you wisely!! You will need more help then you think. Serenity recovery home is great. Grace is an angel and was there for me, and her lentil soup is very tasty :) The house is clean and comfy!! But so far loving my shape and can't wait until I see my final results.

2 weeks post op feeling good

I ordered a new garment from lipo express and feels good to have a nice tight garment on snatching this waist! I am no longer wearing the foam and just using a lipo board and foam in the crack when it starts to hurt.I'm happy my swelling went down and I'm feeling pretty normal other than burning sensations when I stretch in my back and abdomen but it's all normal. And my booty itches like crazy which is also a sign of healing...

Salama beauty :)

Hey guys I know some of you wanted to see pics of me without my garment on. Hope everyone is having a smooth recovery !

Loving my curves !!

3 weeks post op and trying on some of my old jeans the struggle is real ! Going to have to give them to one of my smaller friends lol but I'm not complaining ! I've been driving with a boppy pillow and a yoga mat. I continue to eat healthy and drink 2-4 ensures a day. So far I have not seen much volume loss. This definitely has been a life changing experience for me going out in public with the stares and compliments is amusing. Even women are stopping me in Walmart and telling me how great I look. I can't thank Salama enough for delivering 100% !!

4 weeks post op Salama beauty

Hey guys back for another update ! I am continuing to get lymphatic drainage massages about 2-3 times a week and drinking plenty of lemon water and I'm feeling like myself more and more each day. Patience is definitely important. My back still has burning sensations when I bend down to pick up something or when I first wake up. But so far so good.

Booty is amazing !

I'm at 7 weeks post op feeling almost back to my normal self. My stomach and sides have so softened up and so has my butt. I've probably had close to 20 massages since I have come home from Miami. Which is a great help I also use a heating pad on my back and stomach and that feels amazing. I finally started going jean shopping I went from a size 8 up to a size 12 and I can't complain :) I'll keep you guys updated goodluck and happy healing

4 months post op!! Booty is stacked!

Hey you guys haven't been here in awhile but I just want to say my booty is still amazing and I see it is here to stay. I get so many compliments and stares lol. Dr.salama definitely gave me everything I wanted and so much more!!

Call me crazy but i want more ! lol

'yes I said it I am planning a round two Brazilian butt lift with dr. salama. I'm going to try to schedule around May or June. I also love my breast but I would like the more "fake" high look. I want to try to do a breast lift and an implant exchange and go up from 350cc to 450 or 500cc. Hopefully I can get my round two bbl and the breast revision but if not I will try to figure out which one I will do first. Hmmm maybe im becoming obsessed with this stuff? But I want perfection that's all. Loving my body so far but I want just a little more...

Need recovery home Getting a breast lift and implant exchange

Hey dolls I booked a breast lift and implant exchange with dr llorente for March 21st and a second round bbl with dr Salama may 22nd. I have 375cc implants silicone I'm looking to go between 500 and 530 ccs for an update. I need your help ladies finding a recovery spot for my breast lift because I will be traveling alone I will arrive in Miami March 21st and departing March 26th please help. I stayed at serenity recovery for my bbl because that is Salamas recovery spot but I need someone who will care for me coming from dr llorente. Please comment or message me any recovery spots and your opinion.

2nd breast augmentation with Salama

I don't trust dr llorente, there is not enough of his work posted online and I have to follow my gut feeling. I will be having a breast lift and an implant exchange I'm thinking about 500-550 ccs very excited.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Salama was very kind, patient, and answered all of my questions. He has exceeded my expections... I did not expect to look so amazing. Dr. Salama enhanced my body 100%. Everyone at the office is super helpful, professional, and welcoming. I couldn't imagine having my surgery done with any other facility. I would also like to thank the care takers at the recovery home for their motherly love.

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