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I am 36 years old mother of 2 beautiful children...

I am 36 years old mother of 2 beautiful children living in a small town in Kent, United Kingdom. The years and of cos my 2 blessings have not been kind on my body. Although i am 165lb at the moment, all my weight is carried on my upper body. As you can see in the pictures, (Massive, Heavy sagging breast, fat rolls on the back and of cos the dreaded hanging tummy with a lot of stretch mark thrown in for good effect). I will be getting a breast reduction, Tummy tuck and BBL , I do have some decent junk in the trunk but will be asking for that to be filled out to the brim and that waist snatched within an inch of its life lol

I initially started this journey wanting a breast reduction, i did also decide to do something about the tummy as i don't think i am having anymore kids. Long story short, i found RealSelf so yeah, i am on my way to just that.My mind is totally and absolutely made up on Dra Duran so there will not be any going back and forth with that. I have also been saving for a while now (1st ever consultation in 2005 to for BL) as breast reduction in the UK typically goes for between £5,500 to £6,500 (I have had a few consultations this year also) . On finding Dr Duran and getting on the wagon, my first step was trying to get a quote. I firstly went through surgicordinator, filled out the forms but still waiting after 3 days. I was lucky to come across their email address and i also sent a message through there asking for a quote. Surprisingly Dr Duran got back to me that very day with a questionnaire to fill and attach the standard 4 pictures ( I asked for quote for BR, TT, BBL) hoping to hear back today. I have heard she is booked till February or March even. Now Ladies this is the important part, I really want/have to go before the end of the year, More appropriately November. As i have the money now, i am scared it will be consumed by something else if i dare to wait a few months. I have gotten my passport, ordered the tourist card for DR and dared to even start getting the other stuff together (Thanks to seeing others list). My birthday is also in February so i would like to be all healed up in my new body by then. This journey will be well documented, I am neither scared nor worried as i am in good health and feel very positive about the Doctor i have chosen.If any of you ladies have a date confirmed for November and cannot make it for one reason or the other, could you please reach out to me so we can reach some sort of agreement. I hope to get my date sometime today, i will ask if there are cancellations but i know most of the Ladies booked up are from here so ... yeah, please help.I will update as i go. Feel free to ask any question and i will be grateful for some support. Any UK Ladies heading that way about that time as well, please give me a shout, i am still on the 'Hoping' List but very optimistic.Thanks all x

Appointment Booking With Dra Duran - Major Improvement Needed

Ok so like i said, i am going all out to make my dream come true this November but the whole appointment booking or shall i say 'pursuing' with Dr Duran is quite frustrating.

Today is my 3rd day calling both numbers between 7-9am and 3-5pm DR Time(as advised by the ladies that managed to get through). Nothing until this morning, someone actually answered 4 times but kept dropping the phone (perhaps trying to transfer me to someone else due to the language barrier). She clearly couldn't understand what i wanted and always said something politely in Spanish before transferring me but the phone cuts eventually.

Not wanting to give up, i called surgicoordinator (already sent whatsapp messages plus email and pictures to get a quote but have not heard back in 3 days). Well, a lady named Stephanie answered and looked into my case but advised they are yet to get a quote and to call back later today.

I see a few days posted on Instagram by surgicoordinator so hoping i could still get one of them, fingers tightly crossed.

I will update xoxox

Dilemma! Two Separate Surgeries Looming!

Finally got through to one of Dr Duran's numbers, the lady i spoke to speaks fluent English thankfully. She pulled up my email and adviced that i will have to reduce the procedures ie I cannot have all at once as it will run into hours on the operating table which would not be safe for me. I have the choice of BR + BBL without TT or BBL, TT and Lipo. I will go for the TT, BBL and Lipo as i know these are her specialist areas. She promised to send the quotes soon, still waiting

I will have to have my BR in the UK before heading out there, i know that heals up quicker than the rest of the procedures.
Has anyone had 2 procedures perhaps in the same week or month? I want to book Duran for Nov, first week Dec latest but i was able to secure a November 16th(Yeah, i don't play) with another Dr i have already consulted with here in the UK which will be great anyways, close to home.

Would appreciate some insight if you have this experience. I honestly feel like i'll be fine but still wanna hear some opinions.

Switched Doctors

I have changed doctors and will start a new review.
Follow me on Instagram baezdoll_UK, my journey will be documented on RS and instagram
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm sure she would have been amazing but i have had to change Doctors

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