Hire Nurse for BBL with Dr. Yily? / Corset Training After Surgery? - Dominican Republic, DO

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Has anyone done this or any variation of this? I...

Has anyone done this or any variation of this? I love Dr. Yily's sculpting the best, but too many complaints of negligent incidents such as infections and burns are starting to worry me. I'm considering hiring a nurse out in the DR or bringing one with me - does anyone know if she'll allow them in the operating room?

I read a review here where one poor girl woke up in extreme pain because they accidentally forgot to connect the pain meds IV to her person. I just don't want any problems. I'm very low maintenance but I can't with that kind of thing

Also does anyone know if a girl uses corset training soon after surgery if it would maximize the permanent shaping of the waist to hip ratio since the body is still "soft"? Has anyone tried?

My goal is to get a mean waist to hip with a little butt added and shaped. Too flat in the back with the fat on the bottom of my cheeks, and too little of a dip to differentiate back from butt :( I'm not interested in getting a very big butt, just full and shapely. I already have large breasts so my goal is to go from apple shaped to an unforgiving hourglass. I will make this dream come true this year

Thank you lovely ladies! I will be documenting every step of my journey and contribute to this realself community!
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