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I have had a such a hard time getting in contact...

I have had a such a hard time getting in contact with doctor Druran for a BBL =(
I have tried everything from calling, emailing, sending her a message on whats apps but I haven't heard anything back yet. I even tried messaging her in Spanish (using a translation app) lol but nothing! I heard about high class recovery from instagram and decided to check it out! I sent a message on whats app and was answered immediately! I sent all my information including pictures and was told I would have my quote and surgery date 10-14 days =( the anticipation is killing me lol she charges 200 for each (the quote and the surgery date)
i'll let you guys know how things work out =)

Dr. Molina or Dr. Mallol

Ok so dr Duran and I didn't work out ! Recently I decided that I really don't feel comfortable with the fact that I can't speak directly with her. I want a doctor who will communicate with me! So I got a quote for dr. Molina for 4200 and Doctor Mallol for 2700! Dr. Mallol is very good at the making the curvy figure that I want but I haven't seen any butts that he's done! Dr. Molina is so sweet, he got back to me very quickly and has answered every one of my millions of questions lol the only issue is he only takes deposit with chase ! I don't have a chase account and quick pay isn't working so I'm not sure how I would pay the 1000 deposit ????
High class recovery said I can use the $400 that I paid for dr Duran's quote and date for what ever doctor I pick! Thank goodness
Ok I'll keep you guys updated and let me know if anyone has made payments with chase before and has any suggestions !

Paid my deposit today for dr. Molina

So I paid my $1000 deposit today at western union ! Only weird thing was that I had to send the money to someone's name other than dr. Molina but I'm hoping that won't be a issue later on ! I'm just hoping he still has May 24th available ! I will be staying at high class recovery ?? anyone else staying around that time !?

May 24th 2016

Soo recently I've changed a lot! My surgeon and my surgery date! Dr Molina is great with communication but I decided to go with dr Mallol because he really understands what things are important to me! He is easy to reach and has answered all of my questions! He really makes me feel comfortable trusting him! I'm excited and nervous but I'm ready for May 24th! Any body else going around that time?

May 24th wya!?

Ok so I'm getting so nervous about this sx! I decided to post some before pictures so you dolls can see that dr. Mallol has his work cut out for him lol ! Im so excited to get snatched , and as you guys can see I have noooooooo ass :( ! So I was thinking about buying a stage 2 garment but I'm nervous that it won't fit! Any suggestions on buying garments, I've seen a few that I liked ! I want something with arms I want arm lipo as well!

Horror stories

Idk where to begin...I'm scared :( I keep looking at these pages and making myself sick! When I was doing research on a doctor I started by looking at before and after pictures, I really liked dr.cabral, dr.duran, dr.molina, and dr. Mallol. (In no particular order). I started doing research on these doctors and couldn't find board certifications on dr. Duran or dr. Cabral on the SODOCIPRE website. This is where I was told to look by my PCP. I did see dr. Mallol and dr. Molina! At that point I contacted those two doctors and decided on dr. Mallol because on the communication and the honesty I feel I recieved but after all the stuff I been seeing on deaths and people being disfigured I'm so nervous that maybe I'm making the wrong decision:( Maybe I'm just having cold feet but I'm just praying for the best! **** I'm not trying to discredit any doctors work or say that they aren't board certified! I'm just saying I couldn't find their certifications ****

Trouble contacting Dr. E :(

I've been trying to contact dr. E for about 3 days and haven't heard anything back ???? I no he's a busy man and everything but I'm starting to worry lol I don't want to get all the way to Dominican Republic and find out there's a problem ! I'm probably over reacting lol I got my confirmation email and pre surgery instructions ! I just need to relax lol but I can't !

15 days pre op

So today I decided to take some measurements of myself! My arm is 15" my bust is 45" my waist 41" my hip/butt 45" So I'm hoping that my post op results can get me down to arms 10" bust 42" waist 35" hip/butt 49 ! I'm just hoping he can do the arm lipo because he told me he had to exam them first before he would say yes or no.. He also said arm lipo is 250 more ! I'm fine with that I'm just hoping he'll do it ! So far my estimated extra cost (not getting the package) is : 200-250 post op meds 200 pain pump (if needed) 250 arm lipo 75 extra massages (25 each) 425 recover house (includes transportation) 200 iron shots (if needed) 150 blood transfusion (if needed) 150 second stage faja My current iron level is 14.8 so I'm hoping I won't need iron shots or blood transfusion! I'm still taking iron twice a day because I'm expecting my girly time in the next few days !

What is included in my quote

list of supplies

Ok so I made a list of supplies that I bought! But I feel like I may be missing something's! I never had any type of surgery before so I don't really no what things to get! I looked a few list that other dolls have posted and this is what I ended up buying! Please comment if it looks like I forgot anything! 80 XL maxi pads Tylenol Tylenol PM Gauzes Medical tape Lotion Pedialyte Anti inch powder chuck pads bug repellent flip flops Large night gowns anti bacterial soap liquid and bars peroxide spray Socks arnicare gel (2) Slippers thermometer 10 regular band aids 20 waterproof band aids 6 large band aids gloves 4 sundresses 4 cami's tissue (incase I start crying) a lot of baby wipes hand sanitizer compression socks compressions arm thingys lipo board bobby pillow travel safe tooth brush mouth rinse fanny pack stool softener iron pills yeast infection meds lady urinal deodorant lipo foam wash clothes hibiclens laxatives waist trainer (XL and L) ..ok dolls what do I need to try and get before May 24th!

Tomorrow is the big day !

I guess I'm ready! I'm a little nervous... Pray for me dolls !

So much pain I can't even sleep !

Sorry it took so long for me to update you guys but I been focused on staying positve and healing...Tonight is the first night without my pain pump and I'm really feeling it ! I'm stiff af and sore after my first massage ! I been told to drink lots of water which means lots of back and forth to the bath room ! So first I will say that I've seen my body for the first time earlier today and I'm pretty happy! Just worried that this was a lot of pain for the results I received so far... I no it take time but I can't help being a bit impatient! Second Dr. M has been amazing to me! The first night after surgery I lost feeling in my hard and my arm was really swollen so I texted him that I was scared something was wrong and he came to see me 30 minutes later ! Nothing was wrong i was sleeping on it weird but I was happy he came to check on me ! Sorry if my post is a little all over the place I'm just writing what's coming to mind !

My tummy after lipo


Ok dolls! I no people have been waiting for dr. Mallols patients to post pics but honestly I really don't no if I will! Don't get me wrong he did an amazing job on my body he gave me what I asked for a small waist with a natural looking booty ! I'm so happy with his work ! I did not get a tummy tuck just lipo and Bbl ! So I can not speak on results of things I didn't have done! I just feel like so many dolls are negative and don't understand that everyone has different goals for their bodies and it's pretty annoying. I used to love this site but lately it's draining and recovery is hard work ! I have no time for negitivity ! But feel free to inbox me with questions about Doctor Mallol, any recovery house questions, any questions about recovery, but no negitive shit ! Have an amazing day dolls! :)

Even though I don't want too

I feel like I've meet so many amazing woman on this site and just because a few people are mean and annoying I won't let that stop be from showing other my body and hopefully easing the minds of some of dr. Mallols future patients! So here are some pics these are from 3 and 1/2 weeks post op!

Just checking in!

Hey loves! Just checking in to let you guys know I'm doing amazing ! So first thing I should say is that I still have a little swelling in my back and sides ! And unfortunately I still don't have much feeling in my skin but my PCP told me to wait another 3 months ! I'm only wearing my faja 8 hours a day ! Umm I just wanted to update you guys with a few photos ! My waist is down to a 34 !
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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