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My first post on RS! YAY! well I'm fairly new to...

My first post on RS! YAY! well I'm fairly new to this website considering this is my first post, but ive been going on and off on whether or not to get the bbl procedure done and ive come to a conclusion that im going to be doing it with drduran ! ive been emailing drduran for the past couple days and she sent me a list of things ill be needing after surgery, which i was completely confused about because either everything is in spanish or im just not familiar with the things she wanted me to have.

by the way im trying to have my surgery sometime around march 8th-16th. whatever works best for duran.

i neeeeeeeed help :( i have literally no idea what anything is its got me feeling stupidddd !

-fraxiparina o mexaprin *no idea*
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico *no idea*
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Omeprazol *no idea*
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema) *no idea*

Feeling lost :S

Okay well I have been emailing drduran for a while now and I realized I never let her know my age and that i wanted to book an appointment in march..

I understand the procedure I'm not close minded about it and I know what I'll be going through, pain, uncomfort, and recovery.. trust me ive been stalking this site since forever ago.

I've always hated how unproportionate my body is and I thought losing weight through exercise and eating healthy could help.. It didn't.

I went from being 173lbs to 130lbs (being 5'4, it's the average weight) but I literally carry ALL my fat in my stomach love handles back and arms.. I've got chicken legs and no ass it's horrible

Too happy for words!

Soo after almost 2 weeks of dra Duran not replying back to any of my messages I felt as if she was trying to send a message across like "stop msging me" llol, I pretty much lost all hope in being a Duran Doll so I was going to contact one of the doctors I had already spoken to. I waited it off one extra day and no reply.. I was so upset.

I got bored tonight and went on my Facebook page where I had messaged dra duran on as well about 2 weeks ago but completely forgot.. She responded back to Sunday at 345pm !! I wanted to scream cuz I was so happy ahhhh

She basically told me if I'm mentally and physically ready I can get this procedure done. That alone took the biggest weight off my shoulders.

She told me to send her pictures from each side, front and back and also provide her with my height, weight and hemoglobin level.

Now that I FINALLLLY feel some closure, I will be posting pictures and all my information probably in my next update since I'm going to need as much help as I can get from you beautiful ladies.

Follow my journey! :)

Soooon to be Duran Doll ? !

successful talk with duran

well she messaged me on facebook with my quote and sent me that long list of supplies n shit that she sends everyone. BUT i am only 130-135lbs(fluctuates lol) and 5'3 maybe 5'4. though most of my fat is in my stomach my arms are also bigger i dont want to have a tiny waist then u see my arms and theyre jus outta the world..... sooo i asked her bout full body lipo n she said shed only wanna lipo my back, belly, sides n armpit, i asked for arms n inner thighs originally but she said no to inner thighs since i really have no fat there lol but with arms she pretty much said if she can she will..

i was wondering how much did she quote u ladies with the full body lipo? over all she quoted me 3800 for everything i listed above and without arm lipo she said 3700.. not a huge difference but the more fat gone from my upper body the better booooooty n hips ill have !

tbh a donk would be great but i feel like if she took all the fat from my upper body n put it in my lower itd only proportionate my body lmao so im not even worried bout a big ass right now i just need my body to look less damn manly n more feminine

pre op pictures shield your eyes !!!!

theese will probably be the only pre op pictures ill post, (ill be flooding RS with wish pics though) since im most likely not going to gain any more weight, if anything im only going to be working out on my abs maybe keep strength training in my life but no cardio or nothing (for now), not tryna lose anymore weight lol

Just some wish pics

Tomorrow needs to hurry!!!

I'm getting my blood tested tomorrow since I can't on Sunday to find out my hemoglobin levels and if I'm over 12 - I'm gonna schedule my sx day for either the end of November or beginning of December.. Before I wanted March but I thought December is better since I have 2 weeks off of school and work to relax after the surgery and I'll just take off annotherr 2 weeks to make it a month and I'm sure I'll feel a lot better after a month since my body heals pretty quick n I have one high ass pain tolerance. But now that I think about it December is only 2 months away really .. Is that even enough time for me to start packing n getting ready? Like how long does it take for a faja to come in n all that cause I don't wanna be waiting on anything 2 days before my fly to DR.
I've wanted this procedure for over a year I just always knew I was obvsly too young but now it's like I know I want it and I'm mature enough to face it so I don't mind if it's in December, it's even better for me (not missing so much school) but I just don't know if it's enough time to get packed n ready

this sites addictingg damnn

ive been on here over 10 times today damn lolllll.. some more wish pics !

ALSOO i was wondering wth is the difference between a faja, a compression garment, and all those other things? is a faja just a fancy way of saying compression garment cuz they all been looking the same to me?

ive been tryna come to this website to gather info on a lot of stuff that i need to know from ladies who've experienced n been thru all this since duran doesnt have me on speed diial i cant really ask her every small little thing i wanna know..

i know what the blue pill is and what its for but its all pretty much based on timing and im afraid ill screw up so i wanna know everything before hand.
whats with the timing for the blue pill? an hour before surgery ..? idk i need some answers u guys are all i got

what meds/ foods should i be taking prior to my sx?

does lipo foam prevent burns or is it just helpful?

i have so many questions hooooly

its official!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


woooo im going to become a duran doll November 22nd 2013 ! is this real life? couldntttt be more blessed to know im in the hands of a straight artist when it comes to BBLs.

this is something i want so bad i dont think my nerves will bug me until im 2 mins away from being knocked out lol im so excited n thrilled at the same time

i still have soo much stuff to figure out though lol HELP MEE !!

Plastic surgery app

I'm gonna stay open minded cuz I'm sure duran can prob do even better lol , I just want an hourglass figure all honesty

Idk if I should lose the weight ..I need advice

I was 127lbs in this pic.. But in my recent pics I posted I am 135lbs but I'm feeling uncomfortable as hell since I haven't been this weight in a while.. Btw I gained this all in about 3 weeks by simply eating whatever I want and not counting my macros.. As you can see I gain EVERYTHING in my upper body.

Should I lose the weight n become 127 again? Or will duran have a hard time finding fat.. I really hate this body right now I feel like a mound of fattttt lol :(

nurses n recovery houses n drugs n such .......help a witto

im less than 2 months away and i have nothing but one white t-shirt llmfao itd be more than appreciated if i could get a list of supplies id need from one of the duran dolls ..

i dont know what drduran told me to get i dont understand how id even get them some are over the counter drugs which id need a prescription for, like fraxiparine for example i doubt shoppers drug mart (canadian drug store/ walgreens) would casually have needles in their drug isle lol.
should i go to my family doctor n let him know im having surgery in another country n its mandatory to have these drugs n i need a prescription?

ALSOOO before i forget , i posted a question up here but the doctor who answered kinda beat around the bush lmao, do any of you ladies know if i was to have my period literally 3-4 days POST OP, would it cause any complications? i know when youre going thru ur menstrual cycle u lose blood resulting in a drop in your hemoglobin levels.. wouldnt that make me drowsy and faint?
im scared.. ive never been knocked out, unconscious, put to sleep or had any sort of unnatural passing out happen to me.. im excited about this surgery so the anaesthesia and everything behind it really has me more excited than scared (weird huh) but i seem to be even more afraid of passing out or any complications after my surgery.. whats the worst that can happen? .. & will the pain killers duran gives me somewhat block out my natural period cramps FCK now that i think about it this is gonna be horrible ...........

I got in contact with a nurse in DR and im paying $85 for myself and 60 for both my mother and younger brother. each person is regularly $85 but if youre bringing two its 60. im paying $120 each night for:
- 1 room ( i chose to get 1 room but there was the option of 2 rooms available for me )
- 2 queen sized beds
- wifi
- good hygiene
- 3 meals for each person
- transportation to and from the airport
- transportation for all the visits to duran
- her 24/hr nursing care

plus $40 for each massage.
addddiiiiiition to this posssssssstttttttttttttt ............. how many massages should i get?

Bull shit :(

Soo I got my hemo levels looks like I can't get anything done basically I'm on the verge of being anemic. I wasn't told that I was but I was told that my damn hemo is at a whoppping 3.2. But I don't feel like it? I'm not drowsy or anything ever, I'm really never cold unless it's actually cold. Finding this all out has me devastated :( .. knowing all this plus I already sent my deposit is fucking aggravating. Whatever maybe it's a sign saying I shouldn't even be trying to mess with everything at this point in my life.

If it's even possible to be at 12 by February or March I'm definately going to reconsider this.

ill definately still be following all you beautiful ladies' reviews but for now November 22nd sadly is notttt going down .......

Whys this happening to meeee!!

Honestly I think my doctor is a dumbass. Who says my hemo is 3 but is supposed to be 70, and when I asked about it being 12 he gave me some half assed answer like oh no no it's supposed to be 70... I think I'm gonna switch my doctor or get another blood test because it being at THREE???? I'm a small person id be fainting left and right .

Also I read some of the posts on here about how some of u have been taking iron pills and nothing happened .. -__- I was assuming it'd be up to 12 by February but now I feel like there is noo hope :((((( ..I'm taking 2 iron pills a day (300mg x2) and a folic acid pill as well as a b12 vitamin (each being 1000mg) .. I have this messed up gut feeling like this won't help at all. I'm about to complain to my doctor that his iron pills are giving me stomach pains and I need an iron infusion lol nothing else will bring up my hemo up !!!

Looking for a buddy

If I get my hemo up and I'm able to go to DR for my BBL with Duran, I'm looking to go the first or second week of February & I'm also staying for 2 weeks! Anyone interested in buddying up?! Inbox me :)

145lbs ...

I've gained almost 20lbs mooooo

vitamins + supplements

so these are the vitamins im taking right now to treat my low iron ..
folic acid 1000mcg, b12 1000mcg, iron (euro-fer) 300mg and vitamin c 1000mg.

i heard its better to take iron with vitamin C a couple hours before taking anything else since iron is more difficult to absorb. vitamin c is an absorbing aid.

folic acid and b12 help make new red blood cells and of course iron is needed if youre super low..

supposedly hemoglobin is 3 (still a lil iffy on that) so im taking 1000mg of vitamin c and 300mg of iron TWICE a day.. 600mg of iron! i see products at GNC that are 30mg of iron lol im taking 600 which is insane. also 2000 mg of vitamin c daily. you shouldnt go over 5000mg.

im wanting to get my blood tested soon but the last time i got it done was in september..
do any of you know if its safe to get it tested again being november?
im curious to know if my hemo has gone up in 2 and a half months because if it hasnt im supposed to get a iron infusion and i dont want to wait last minute for it if i want to reschedule my date for February and its already november im only 3 months away.

oh by the way im shoving chicken liver down my throat at least 5 times a week lol .. i really want my hemo up in time. nothings stronger than a prayer so im just gonna keep praying for it to be a little better next time i get my blood checked!

this weight gain is killing me lol duran told me to gain 5lbs and after that reckless eating started it never stopped lmao i flew off track of my regular diet and gained 15 extra pounds on top of the 5lbs i was told to gain.. i cant even go out without feeling super embarrassed ughhh i think im gunna lose 13lbs because even at 127 Dra Duran told me I had enough fat for the procedure but shed rather me at 132.

I can't wait to be a duran doll !!

Feb 14th is my new date & I'll be sending my deposit definitely by this weekend!! Duran's gunna be my valentine hahahah

Hemo up wooo lol

I got another blood test and found out my hemoglobin is 11.7 ... :D even though it's not 13+ I'm happy with it because my doctor said it used to be waaaay lower . (still dunno wth he meant by "3" but w/e) I'm 3 months pre op and taking the supplements I've been taking helped like crayyyyzzzee in only 2 months which means ill prob be at 13 or 14 by February.. (hopefully lol)

Some supplies

Haven't updated in a while but I have bought some stuff so far.. I have more shopping to do but most of the little things are out of the way..
So far i have

Boppy pillow
Flip flops
8 tshirts
1 zip up robe
1 regular robe
14 pairs of underwear
Over sized pj's
8 maxi dresses
2 zip up maxi dresses
Anti bacterial soap
Wet wipes/adult wipes
Folic acid
Vit C
Alc pads

I still have shopping to do but I'll probably get all of that out of the way tomorrow since it's Boxing Day (Canadian Black Friday) and I'll update my full complete list of supplies by next week

I'm still set for February 14th I've sent my deposit to Duran and I'll be getting my plane tickets sometime this week


Btw Merry Christmas beauties xox

16days til dominican republic

Time is flyinggg!! I'll be in dominican republic in 16 days, surgery in 18.

I've got all my supplies and necessities packed, I bought my plane ticket for feb 12-26 and im gunna be in dr for 2 weeks .. Ill be there 2 days before surgery(surgery feb14) to enjoy the warmth before pain for the rest of my stay lol.

Im staying at Daisy's with my mom until the 17th and 3 other girls, one whos having surgery same day as me but with yily and two others who will show up later on.

Next time i update ill be in DR!

Jk lol

I said if update when I'm in DR but I just got my hemoglobin results and my anemic ass got it up to 14 ! Anythings possible lmfao


I deleted all my pictures but here are just some before & wish pics..

Packing list

So I didn't think id have much to talk about but I'm a week away and I keep catching myself on here for extra support and supplies I'm missing etc etc.

I basically am finished packing, just waiting on my pain killers.

Here's a list of everything I'm bringing.. Note that some stuff I just brought for my benefit.. You don't really NEED them.

Measuring tape (not needed)
Hand sanitizer
Feminine wipes
Baby wipes
Antibacterial body wash
Band aids (idk)
Pill organizer
Tylenol extra strength
Dulcolax (laxatives)
Arnica cream
Acid control
Alcohol wipes
Gauze pads
Maxi pads
Powdered Gatorade
Arnica Montana 30x pills
Benadryl itching cream
B complex
Vitamin c
Folic acid
Compression socks
Chux pads (@ RH)
Go Girl (urinal)

In the space vacuum bags are a pillow and 2 robes, a sheet and some towels.

I already have my clothes folded and packed so I didn't wanna take a picture but what I brought with me was

8 maxi dresses, 2 zip up.
XL underwear
3 pairs of fuzzy socks
2 sweaters
8 T-shirts

I don't think I'm missing anything but maybe I am lol? Help a sista out

Pic to the update above

Recovery house

Again on the RH I'm staying at, I didn't write much about it but I'm staying at Daisy's. The woman who owns it is Joselyn and speaks fluent English which is great!! She's so sweet and will go to beyonds to help.
If you're alone - $85
Extra person (no sx) - $40
2 people - $75 each
3 people - $65 each.

My situation is a little confusing lol I'll be paying all three prices because some buddy's are leaving and some are showing up throughout the 2 weeks I'm there.

The package I chose basically includes everything and the place looks very very nice I can't wait to meet Joselyn Dr Duran and get to DR


Love itt ..

Flight + Recovery House

Made to DR in one piece lol
The flight was 5 hours but I had to wait 2 hours for the second flight so pretty much 7 hours in total. The flight went smooth I flew from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale then to Santo Domingo where I was picked up by the lovely Joselyn and her husband who run Daisy's Recovery. I can't stress it enough that having someone so genuinely sweet and caring will definitely make your stay 10 times better. I met Lina, her helper and my day had brightened up x100 lol she's adorable. Everything here is good so far, I'm getting my tests done tomorrow morning at 8am then I might head to the mall for a little.

Dominican Republic is beautiful I wanna visit the beach lol but I'll be so busted up after Friday fml.

My buddy's will be flying in this week, one tomorrow and another on the 19th, then another on the 24th lol can't wait for Friday!!

Blood tests and CIPLA

I went and got my blood test EKG and xrays at 930 and Durans office was PACKED! and so cold lol!!
I met her today and she's so sweet and beautiful. She recognized me once she seen me which was surprising considering how many people she has every day haha.

My EKG was beautiful. They lady just hooks you up to a machine then she knows the rest lol. My xray scared me at first cuz there was a black spot but it ended up just being my stomach lol so I'm clear!!
My blood test was amazing hemo turned out to be 14.2 I'm sooo happy!
I had my period before I came here and I thought it would have been like 13.6 or something but nope! 14.2 muffugggas

CIPLA is great, super cold in the offices but outside is hot as hellll so it's very refreshing.

Surgery tomorrow! Super geeked I can't wait

Day 1 post op

I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Duran at 830am, I was the first one so I was done surgery around 12 I believe..
So I got to cipla at 7, did the consultation with Duran, got all marked up and waited..
At 8 they gave me the blue pill that relaxes your anxiety... I took that and it knocked me straight out lol I honestly don't remember anything after that. Didn't wake up during surgery, didn't see them put in the IV or epidural. I don't remember what time I woke up at, I know I was in pain in the beginning but it is not soooo terrible like everybody makes it seem.. Be prepared but don't kill yourself with it lol.
I woke up with no faja I just got one put on today but it was intense lol my sight went completely black 1 nurse was pouring cold cold water on my head n the other made me suck on a lollipop to wake me up but after 2 mins of that I was okay. I had a LOT of upper fat and the more fat they remove the weaker you'll be.
I got arm lipo so I can't do anything really, it's hard but with somebody around you'll b ok.
Duran is so so sweet she checked up on me a couple times but I was passes out 2/4 times.. Shes very professional and won't give u empty promises. She said she loved how she did my body and once I seen it id love it too. I haven't seen it yet but my mom said she loves it lol.
My hands and cooch were sooo fat and swollen omg

Honestly this surgery just feels like you hit the gym for the first time in ur life and went super super hard ..

Idk what else to talk bout so any Q's I'll b happy to answer

Day 5 / massages

Doing good, just gotta keep up with ur pain meds! I take 2 a day and I'm great.
Mornings are the hardest just because you're so stiff from sleeping in one position for a while aaaand you're not on any pain meds while ur asleep, after I walk a little and take my meds I feel amazing.
I walked to the pharmacy, ice cream shop and smoothie place throughout these last 3 days; no problem just the tightness of the faja lol

The RH I'm staying at has good food.. In DR your lunch is generally the main meal I guess, so for breakfast we get served something simple like eggs and toast or paninis or fruit which are all always served with juices. Lunch is usually like meat salad and rice or something .. Dinner is small, same quantity as breakfast.
Wifi at the RH is great, everyone's so nice to each other there's like 13 girls here right now and we all go out for walks together, chill n talk etc.
There's a salon 1 minute walk away from the RH and they charge 150 pesos to wash and dry your hair which is like $3US... (You'll want it sooo bad after day 2)
350 pesos for a pedi which is like $7US

DR is super cheap u can get most of ur necessities out here like pads wipes medicines ensures etc from the pharmacy.

OH I got my first massage yesterday by the lovely Giana!
The first one wasn't bad at alllll it actually felt goooood just kinda weird.. Pain was like a 1/10.
She uses an ultra sound machine, then her hands then wraps u in Saran Wrap and uses hot wax over top which is like inflammatory.. It feels so good.

Second massage today was bad omg hurt more probably because the massage from yesterday made my skin more tender but wow big difference lmao.. Pain today was 7/10.

I'm getting massages every day until the 26th n on the 25th I get two.

Back view

Didn't wanna upload lol


Massage lady's name is actually Giselle, she's very sweet and her massages are amazing.. Got my third one today n it hurt so good!!
$30 for 45 mins.

Before .. Lol

Another before pic

2 weeks and 2 days post op

Doing good. So happy to be home, sadly I'm still in my Stage one Faja because the guy that delivers my mail keeps leaving before I get home and I ordered a Faja
online so tomorrow is Monday hopefully I'll have it.
Meanwhile my Stage one faja is jampacked with pads and lipo foam since I'm so damn paranoid of not having enough compression.

Alright so my body to begin with... I had NO BUTT at all on top of the fact that my butt elasticity was terrible my butt was so tiny and so tight.. I had no idea Duran would be able to even do what she did. I definitely was not expecting what I got. I don't have that much side butt that I woulda preferred but shit I don't even care I do still love my results so so much just because that big gut is out of the way n now I have hips which I've never had.

The second I got home I started trying on clothes and everything looks so pretty even with the Faja that's packed with pads lol

I still have so many hard spots but I think it's because I need to start getting my massages.. I got nine massages in Dominican Republic but I was told to continue them until my body basically told me enough .. But tell me why every massage place that I call and ask them about getting lymphatic drainage massages after liposuction they tell me I have to be at least 4 to 6 weeks post op because if there is an infection in my body the lymphatic drainage massages will only spread it all over ??? Idk I'm not waiting four weeks postop to start getting massages again when
I already got nine done.

Everything else is good I'm healing well my incisions are all closed and everything is looking good.
I'll post more pictures once I'm in my stage 2 faja



More pics


Picture update

I've got a wedding to go to in two weeks (I told them I wouldn't be able to make it 3 months ago but I'm healing so well and I'm out every day.. Im a firm believer that people really exaggerate this surgery.. Maybe everyone's different.) which will make me almost 5 weeks post op..
Found my dress :)


Just a pic update.
Oh!! Ladies wear that faja right! If you notice it creasing put foam or a pad in there, mine burnt me :(

Another pic

New lingerie pretty pretty .. 3 weeks post op!


Okay so I got a total of 9 massages well I was in Dominican Republic but when I got back I recently got another massage and it was so much more gentle than they are in Dominican Republic I kind of feel like the lymphatic change massage that I'm getting at home is not as good as what I was getting in Dominican Republic?
They were so much more aggressive now I feel like they're not doing anything?
Anyone else have this problem?

Feeling poopy.. Round 2 shenanigans

I feel like my bum looks square from the back n sides n my right hip is disappearing :(. I don't have much projection because like I said I had absolutely no elasticity in my butt but now I want it lol fml.
I reallllly don't want round 2 but that'll be established when I'm 3months post op n my fat is settled. Maybe stretch my butt so more can fit IDK!! I wouldn't do it til 2 more years or so anyways. Maybe never if it at least looks half decent.
Maybe I'm just going crazy


Pic update

Recovery is smooth, thank you God. I'm loving my shape, looks super natural, not crazy Barbie-ish but I have an hourglass shape which is all I even wanted :)

5 weeks

My boobs are 34 inches, Waist is 26 inches, butt is 43 inches and I lav it .. I'm in a medium faja right now but I should definitely buy a S I think cuz it's not aaaaaas tight.
Still have lumps and fluid build up in my tummy/ lipod areas. My belly ring fit in regularly so that's awesome

Long time no seeeee!

Hey dolls!! I'm about 4 months and 1 week post op and I love my results, I go to the gym 5 times a week now, to intensify my shape a little more. I've been feeling great started sitting I my butt without a pillow pretty early idk how some ppl can go 3 whole months.. sounds amazing too me.. I would lean on the inside of my thigh while sitting but id still be sitting, u know? Up to 3 months post op id tryyyyy to sit like that. I didn't loose any ass so I'm thankful for that. Here are some recent photos!!

10 month mark!

Hi loveyssss sorry I've been Mia .. after u get the surgery done u just forget about lifeeee lol THANK YOU guys SOOO much for all the compliments!!! It means so much to me. Duran is truly amazing. I'm now 10 months PO. I'm 140lbs basically dropped 10lbs but I don't really look any different lol other than some muscle definition. my waist is 26 inches and my butt has been sitting at 42 inches for as long as I can remember shitttt I love everything about what Duran did I'd recommend her to anybody . I can't even believe I was contemplating on round two lmfao I sound dumb as hell .. Honestly give it up to a year before u make up your mind for round 2 because I wanted all that 2 months out of surgery but now I'd never do it im one hundred and ten percent content with the way my body turned out and it had to take my ass 10 months to realize it.

THE ATTENTION IS REAL!! Girls boys everybody loves it or low key loves it haha you will notice you'll get more stares and definitely a ton of compliments. I love dressing up I love going out and I love trying clothes on, those three things I would never have been able to say if Duran didn't use her magic on me and that is no joke! The photos I took are about 3-7 days old but omg Sometimes I can't believe I used to look like how I did before lol my body was so boring smfh. If you guys have any questions inbox me I'll respond as fast as possible xoxo

14 months post op Duran doll

I believe it's been 14 months now, my fat is still in all the right places Duran is the bombbbbb!! Both these photos are pretty recent, the dress pic is about 2 days old and the back pic is about 3 weeks!

One year and 5 months!

everything is going perfect, Duran is stillllll the bombbbbb I'm still in love with my shape. I gained like 20lbs but I've been super sick so I recently lost most of it but even then the fat wasn't distributed unevenly lol. My hips got wider, my ass got fatter and my waist obviously got a lil chunky too but it was the least of my worries, honestly I thought my hips were toooo big hahah. Just wanted to update some new pics while I'm on here, I actually just got a rhinoplasty done as well 4 days ago but I'm not going to make a new review on that since it really wasn't a big deal and I'm not going to post photos of my face.. Any questions I'm still happy to answer thru inbox or comments. Measurements are currently 34 26/27ish 43.

Pics didn't wanna upload

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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