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Hello ladies! I was wondering if anyone has went...

Hello ladies! I was wondering if anyone has went to Dra. Duran without sending a deposit? I messaged her on 2/2/14 and got a reply within the next 5 minutes. She then told me to send a deposit if I wanted to secure my date and I tried to go to citibank like she asked but they wouldn't let me unless I had an account with them. I then asked her on 2/3/14 if I could just send her my flight info when I pay for my ticket to confirm with her that I was going. Of course until now I've seen her log online but not sure if she saw it but when I called Elizabeth on 2/4/14 she says duran has me down for the date she messaged me about and never mentioned anything about a deposit so now I'm really confused

Starting off..

Hello all! At first I wasn't going to post a review because I'm not the one to write reviews and share stories and also didn't want to until after treatment but I got bored so here goes lol so anyways I'm 21, 5'1 and weigh 125lbs! Couple months ago I was 110lbs until I decided to gain weight for this procedure. So it all started out in 2011 when I found out about this while I was searching up videos on YouTube and somehow ran across Dr. Cortes (houston) doing this surgery. I was so amazed and never knew of such a thing excited! Lol. At the time I was pregnant so I didn't think about it and of course didn't have the money. Then a couple months ago I was online searching up the brazillian butt lift exercise to tone my butt :) and I found realself. This was probably the best that I ever discovered!! I've been hooked ever since and on 24/7. My husband always makes fun of me saying, "are you on that butt website again?" Haha. I live in Texas and had thought about dr. cortes for surgery and was so against going out of the country. Then reading all these reviews from you ladies about going to the DR had made me feel at ease and I then looked into Dra.Duran because her work in absolutely amazing!!! After 5 months of being on realself I decided to grow some balls and contact Dra. Duran on Sunday since I've heard that it was the day she would reply to emails and surely enough she did quickly! I was so happy because of all the things I read about her and how she takes forever to reply. I got my quote, scheduled my date and booked my date 3 days later. Now I just have to play the waiting game. I love reviews with pictures but unfortunately I have lots of tattoos so I don't feel comfortable posting my pre op pics on here. I will try to post the post op pics whenever I get my procedure done and blur my tattoos out

Surgery date

Forgot to post. It'll be June 30th, 2014. I will leave to DR on June 29th and leaving back to the states on July 10th!

Ladies to brought ensure to the DR to drink..

How did you do it? I thought they don't allow you to bring liquids on the airplanes?? Also my where I am to the DR is a 11hr. plane ride, how did you ladies manage to sit on the plane? Did you have to be on your butt the whole time? Did you lay down or stand up? How did you do it?

My wish pics

Some wish pics I sent Duran!

4 months til sx..

But I'm dreading this!! I want it now lol but it's better that way cuz I have school and that's when I'm done with my associates ugh finally!! Anyways I went to go get my hemo checked and it was 13.8!! Wooooo!! I still bought vitamins and went to the dollar store to get some other supplies but ima chill on them until my sx date gets closer. So I have a question for you ladies who brought a friend/spouse with you to the DR, where were they when you had surgery? Did they come with you? Is there a waiting area for them to sit at or.....? Lol


My hubbs just told me, "you know there's more to life than being on this website all day right" lmao the obsession is real ladies


I was reading my other posts and I wrote that I had scheduled my date and booked my date 3 days later lol I meant that I booked my plane ticket 3 days later. I booked my ticket thru united airlines for $638 which was the cheapest out of all the ones I saw. I guess because I'm going in the summer that's why the ticket cost so much.. All the other reviews I read from the other ladies, their tickets were $200-450 :( my flight is 11hrs =0) geez. anyways I've been eating a lot lately and none of my pants fit anymore ='( sigh. Never thought I'd be sick of food but I actually am. I ate jack in the box yesterday and it almost made me throw up =X I'll be posting more whenever I find something else to write about lol and someone please answer my questions from my previous post!! Ohh and another question is did anyone bring dry shampoo the plane or hair spray? I read the ingredients and it said propane so im scared it might blow up on the plane lol and also idk if it's considered a liquid cuz it's not really liquid? But I read somewhere online it had to be less 100ml

Recovery house

Will be staying at Armonia. I was quoted $85 per night plus $40 for my hubbs which is $125 per day for both of us BUT I plan on staying for 12 days, 2 days before surgery to enjoy the Dominican Republic and then 10 days after surgery like Dra. Duran recommends and so a total of 12 days would be $1500!!!!! That's crazy and outrageous >:| idk how I feel about this. I do plan on staying at the recovery house for just the first week though and then getting a hotel afterwards so we'll see.. But $1500 is just crazy :O

Calculated costs..

So far that's how much I will be spending.. Already booked flight and hotel and bought supplies :O everything would of been cheaper if I would of went alone but the hubbs is coming a long =X

Current measurements

34-29-38 and that's with the weight gain 15lbs.. Before I was 110 with 34-26-37. There hasn't been much to say since there is nothing to talk about.. Right now I have 3 more months to go so I'll update more when the time is closer

Before pic

Here is a before pic of me with clothes on.. My butt use to be bigger but that was because I did 100 squats a day with other leg exercises. Underneath clothes, it looks fine but not naked lol. I wish it would be more round, I like the upside down heart shape! Also no matter what I do my gut won't go away! Even when my stomach would be skinny there would be a little gut hanging and I hate there. Also want smaller arms. Will try posting more pics without clothes when I can


Something cool I found online. I would like an average waist, low hip flare and wipe hips please! Actually I'd like a small slim waist but it's not on there lol

Forgot to post pic ^^

Reality check

The more I think about it, the crazier I feel for going out of the country to have surgery.. I mean, who goes to a place they know nothing about just to have surgery with a doctor and people they've never met lol I feel so crazy for doing this and question myself most of the time but I am sure that this is what I want. I just feel scared now that the time is closer. But I am glad I have someone to go with me. Sigh

New wish pics combined with some old

I love the upside heart shape bootys. Am not looking for a shelf. I fairly short so my bestie and hubby said that I'd look like a midget with a big butt :( I saw someone that was my height and she had a big booty and did look like a midget lol. I don't want it ridiculously big but very noticible. Having a hard time debating on how big I want it.. I think 1000ccs will do. I have 3 months to go.. Time has been going by slow so I will update more as time gets closer. As for now I've been calling every month to check if I'm still on the schedule for surgery and I am so everything is good! I'm just so and that I booked my flight soo soon before surgery that now all the flights I see are $100 cheaper and takes less time to get to the DR with no layover and waiting times. Sigh ;(

8wks to go!!!!

So excited. Time goes by faster when you try not to think about it a much lol

PLEASE HELP!!! With Real recovery armonia

I have been on real recovery armonias fb for awhile now and has always thought the owners name was Mayra. Now I have message the fb page and asked for their name and she says Ruth however Jazzelyn from bellavita consultant is telling else wise?? I am confuse. Can someone who has been to real recovery armonia help me with this?? Is there two places with the same name? Someone please help me! I don't want to be a victim of fraud. My surgery is in 3wks..

Does anybody else have insight on this?

Of real recovery armonia? Can someone give me Myra's contact number or whatsapp if she has one.. Thanks

Everything is a lie!!

So I talked to jazzelyn from bellavita consultant and she told me that these pictures are not from the real recovery armonia!!! She told me that it's actually at a mansion and that the old employee name Ruth is trying to steal Myra the real owner of recovery armonia's business and client so be aware!! At this point I don't even know what to believe because all you ladies are saying you're staying at real recovery but have different pictures! Someone please help me

Where to buy compression socks

Can someone please tell me what stores carry them!! Like Walmart or something? Lol I tried looking on ebay and amazon but they take too long to ship and I'm leaving in 2wks!!

One week to go!!

So excited!!!! Got all my supplies but one item- p ez. Can someone tell me where they bought theirs?! I decided to buy online but it's too late and they won't ship it in time.. Tried going to Walmart but don't know what section or isle to look and when I asked this lady where the female urinal thing was she looked at me in disgust and said we don't have that but it's on their website so I know they do!!

Leaving to DR tomorrow morning!

Flight is at 6am. So nervous yet excited. Can't wait to see what's stored for me

Made it to the D.R

Idk but for some reason I feel scared being here lol maybe it's because im at a place that I know nothing about and around people I don't know. I felt so lost at the airport and nobody spoke English so I had to ask other travelers for help. Going thru custom is a pain in the butt!! The lines were extra long and it's so hot over here!! Myra from armonia picked me up. She seemed like a sweet lady. Right when I got here she fed me. The food was good and also fresh passion fruit juice they served was delish. As we were driving to the house I looked around and couldn't help but think wow this place is.. Something else!! All the buildings and places looked deserted, empty, dirty and there was trash everywhere. Im so glad I live in America. I booked for 10 days but thinking of leaving early cuz I don't think I want to be here this long. I just feel so out of my comfort zone. Everyone here at armonia also seems nice so far. They all said hi and some chit chatted with me. Going in to CIPLA for bloodwork tomorrow and surgery will be on Tuesday but I'm going to see if I can have it tomorrow cuz I want this over with already and go home! I cried on the plane today cuz I missed my little one so much this is the first time I'll be leaving her :(

More pics

Made it to the other side!!

I'm alive!! Lol will post more details after. Here is an after pic for now. Sorry no before pics

But at what cost? :(

Wth is happening.. I'm finally back home after exactly a week of being over there and not showering at all except for the day before surgery I showered but with water bottles and today when I got home and showered my hair just kept falling and falling out wtf even when I comb it. Could it be the medicine from post op? Ugh

Review time

Sorry it took so long to blog but here is the whole shenanigan of what happened with my journey!

Arrived to the D.R and Myra the owner of real recovery armonia was already waiting for me at the airport. I was scared at first that she wouldn't be there and I didn't have any way to reach her cuz I had no phone service but sure enough she was. She greeted me with a kiss and we got into the car to get to the recovery home. On the way there everything surroundings us was deserted and empty. All the buildings looked ran down and it seriously was looking like a 3rd world country. I was hoping things would get better as we drove into the city but it was still horrible looking. After about 15-20min we got to the house and everyone there talked to me and seemed nice.

Woke up at 6:30 and got to cipla at 7am. Dra Duran office was suppose to open at 7 but she came late, at 7:10. She seemed so chic and fashionable. Tiny and cute! She greeted me with a kiss and told me to come in her office. A little while after that fania her Spanish speaking assistant came and Elizabeth didn't come until 9am, anyways Myra told Duran that I was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow but wanted to do it today instead so she agreed cuz she said somebody cancelled. I went downstairs to get my bloodwork done then came back upstairs to see the cardiologist in her office and consult with Duran. There was about 15 girls in her office I kid you not waiting for post op and some for consultations and her office is tiny as f. Some had to stand in the hallway. Anyways I spoke with her and she marked me up- full stomach and full back lipo with arms lipoed too and hips. I really wanted my thighs done but she said there is a time limit for the anesthetic and if I get too much done then there won't be enough time and I'll wake up so I said ok :( surgery day I was 135 and hemo was 15. After filling out paperwork and waited in the room at cipla for them to come get me for surgery. Duran does consultations and post op from 7-10 or 11 and then does surgery after that. I was the last one for the day because they came and got me at 5:30 with the blue pill and rolled me into surgery at 6. The surgery room made me feel like I was in the back of fiesta's warehouse for some reason. They had music blasting while doing my surgery. I remember them giving me anesthetic and my head was spinning in circles and I knocked out. Dra Duran told me she always does lipo on the back first and then stomach and arms then thighs. So when she first did my back I was asleep and did not feel a thing, when she did my stomach I partially woke up and felt the tugging and yelled I feel it and she said don't worry we're almost done then went back to sleep and was woke up wide awake when they were doing my arms. I felt that shit and it was hurting!! I was screaming stop stop it hurts and she said ok you want me to stop? Then I thought about it and said no cuz I don't want messed up looking arms. This was when my anesthetic wore off, anyways as they were doing my stomach and I partially woke up I heard a man and duran's anesthesiologist next to me. When I was awake during my arms it was NOT Dra Duran my arms but some man doing my left side and Duran's anesthetist doing my right (weird I know) but I swear! I didn't want to believe it, I was angry and scared because I put my faith in Duran to do ME and I woke up to hearing other people talking lipo-ing me. I screamed doctor doctor and heard her in a distant so she was in the room but I guess she didn't do my arms. She probably just did my bbl and back but I know for damn sure she did not do my stomach and arms. As they pushed me out of the operating room I saw her sitting here telling me I look beautiful and she will see me in the morning. The first night was the HARDEST and worst. I felt miserable and had wished I never did this. I was shaking and freezing and like most girls say the rooms at cipla are freezing, it is not true, we are shaking and freezing cuz of the anesthesia wearing off and it's effect, anyways they gave me no blanket and a thin ass sheet, you need to bring your own because they don't have any there. My butt felt like bricks and was super hard and heavy, they had me on my back even though I begged and begged to be turned over on my stomach but they said no because of the anesthesia and it would mess me up idk but they said I couldn't because of it and that I would be able to be on my stomach in the morning, I could barely sleep thru the night or pee cuz every time I did my stomach hurted. Every other hour the nurse would come in changing my IV bag and let me tell you I think this was the worst part of my surgery. They poked a hole thru my hand and had a tube connecting to my IV bag and every time they changed the fluid my hand would burn like hell!!! It hurt so f'in bad I kid you not- this would be the deal breaker of me not wanting to have surgery again. Hurt so so bad every time they change the IV bag and drain it in my hand. Ugh, I felt like I was given a lethal injection. Anyways morning came and Myra's assistant? Came and took me home, she helped me into my faja and wheeled chaired me out the hospital, it is important you bring baby wipes and pads, lots of big thick pads!

Will update later.. Tired of typing lol

Liking my results so far

With this all being said, I do love my results and butt, at first I was disappointed because I wanted atleast 1000cc but she said my skin was too tight and wouldn't stretch and only 800cc was put in.. It does look a bit too big though so I'm waiting for it to go down. At first it was round and bubbly but with my 6ht flight him I believe it smushed my butt :( cuz now it doesn't look as round


Does anyone know if I'm suppose to have a string coming out of my drainage hole? I just barely noticed it now and it's really bothering me, I tried texting my doctor but she isn't replying, when I try to pull on it, it comes out a little but really hurts like it's stuck in there

Oh yeah

And don't even bother sending a deposit cuz they don't even check or ask.. Or atleast to me they didn't. When I was in the waiting room to be brought into surgery Elizabeth came in and ask me how much did Duran quote me and I told her $3500 and paid her and that was it, I could have said anything and she'd believe me. They don't even keep track of these things or even deposits

Pregnant after bbl?

Has anybody gotten pregnant or known someone who has after their bbl? How were your results afterwards? Did you go back to the way you were and still had a flat tummy and hips? My husband keeps trying to get me pregnant and it's very upsetting that I won't be able to enjoy my new body that I have been suffering for. It's really pissing me off and I'm scared if I do get preggo I will be fat again and won't get my tummy and hips back. That alone my flat back that was lipoed the shit out of :(

And so

The pain wasn't bad as everybody said. I only felt stiffness. By the second day I was able to push myself up out of bed and do things and I had arm lipo. I managed to get 2 massages at cipla before I left which felt good and is NOTHING compared to the one I just got in the US today- the massages back home sucked. Idk what the hell they're doing but the lady who did my lymphatic massage did some light ass baby strokes which didn't even feel like nada and I still felt the same afterwards. They don't even use an ultrasound machine like at cipla and really try to drain you. Matter fact she didn't even drain me at all, I'm better off letting my husband do my massages at home where it actually relives me afterwards cuz he drains me and it's free! Oh and the lady who did my bloodwork at cipla was very clean. Everybody wore new gloves and used clean needles. The rooms were clean too except the waiting room I was in before surgery- it looked yucky and made me feel dirty being in there especially with the couch all torn up

A pic

Sorry! Will post more pics tomorrow when my hubby is awake to put back on my faja for me lol

Things I used

You will need lots of undershirts to wear underneath your faja, lots of big pads, chux/bed pads (however I did not use them because I didn't drain a lot), dresses- since you can't really wear anything else, baby wipes(I bought a pack of 300 and used about 200), arnica gel/cream- I only bought one bottle but you're gonna need about 2-3, a urinal pee thing which was a lifesaver, gauze and medical tape and that's really all the things I used. I brought shampoo but never even used it because I never took a shower, course I used my toothbrush but I don't find any other things necessary. after tx they prescribe you medications that include liquid iron(nasty ass shit) so you don't really need to bring your own unless you don't wanna take the liquid one cuz its disgusting! Every time I took it I threw up so I ended up taking my pills Instead.

Second garment not needed

I bought an extra garment off amazon for $90 to bring with me to the DR but never even used it. I had already washed it so there was no way in returning it but I feel like it was such a waste of money :( after the 5th day they already put me in a second stage garment so I didn't even need the extra one I bought

Bellavita consultants

I wanna take the time out to write about bellavita consultants. Now as many of you know there is Jasmine Navarro whom most of you go thru to get to the doctor in the dominican. Not many people know about Jazzelyn which I am hear to speak of. Unlike Jasmine who is located over there, Jazzelyn is located in the United States! Which makes contacting her way easier. I found her thru IG and she had her number on there and that was where i contacted her from. I texted her and asked about real recovery armonia because there was a fb falsely saying they were armonia when really they wasn't! She answered all my questions and even helped me in booking with the right recovery house. She helped me get Myra(Recovery armonia owner) and guide me thru who was gonna pick me up once I arrived in DR and such. Hazily was such a sweetheart, constantly checking up on me and texting me make sure everything was ok. I didn't even have to pay $150 for her services for her to help me. Being that we didn't even know eachother, I put my faith in her and trusted her and I was so glad I did. She even made sure for me that I was on Dra. Duran calendar for surgery! When I had told her I was having problems calling over seas, she checked for me and said that she had the calendar of all the patients and could see who was having surgery what day and such. So if you ladies wanna go to Jasmine, it is fine because she also works for bellavita but if you want faster response, then you should contact Jazzelyn because she is here in the states and easier to get ahold of! I will post a pic of her info here and of her IG, she has her personal number on there also


I meant to write jazzelyn not hazily lol and also i believe jazzelyn does charge the same fee as jasmine ($150) however she was nice enough to answer my questions and not charge me


I'm starting to not like my new body because I feel fat even with a flat stomach and small arms :( I use to be a size 2, then when I gained weight a size 5 and now I'm a size 7/8!!! Now I'm really wishing I had gotten my thighs lipoed. I feel huge. I went to the mall today for the first time to buy some new pants since none of mines fit and I looked so big in them :/ i had a hard time getting into jeans. I also feel like my waist is getting bigger each day like it's going away unlike most ladies who say theirs is getting smaller by day. Ughhhhh

Pics with jeans

Losing a but volume at the bottom as you can see but it's no ones fault but mines. I live very far from everything so when I drive somewhere it takes 30-40min so my sitting time is about 4hrs a day. I try not to sit so the only time I do is when I drive :/

23 days post op

I know it's a little too soon and I have to wait for swelling to go down to see my true results but at this point I truly don't feel like my butt is that swollen anymore. The only thing swollen is my arms. I'm kind of sad at this point but we will see


So I really really do not like big thighs and now depressed about not being able to have them done. I might consider round 2 to have my thighs lipoed and get another bbl IF this doesn't work out. In the mean time does anyone know if I exercise or go running to try and slim down my thighs/lose weight if my butt will go away since when I'm exercising I'm losing fat and my butt was injected with fat sooooooo...

Just wanted to point out

What prissypoo81 had said that jazzelyn and jasmine from bellavita are the same person but they are in fact not.. Here are both of their IG pages, if you need help contacting any doctor in the DR feel free to ask for their assistance!

Also if you need Dra. Duran contact info it's listed in the pics also

1 month post op

So tomorrow will be my 1 month post op of bbl and lipo with Dra. Duran. I believe she is a great doctor however right now I am still not loving my results. I did see roundness for awhile until now. It seems like it has gone back to what it was before but still a little bigger and fullness. Trust me I'm not over exaggerating! As of one month my arm still has some discoloration, stiffness/hardness and tenderness, it is the last thing to be healed. My stomach is somewhat soft and flat but after about 3hrs of not having my faja on it gets swollen. I do wear my squeem waist cincher in the morning and my faja at night but the squeem is so small that it dents my stomach and makes it not flat cuz it pushes everything together. My back is ok, gets hard/stiff whenever I don't wear my faja for awhile too. I have resumed working on the 3rd week and now I'm back to doing normal things. I feel good and so happy and glad I made it in one piece and survived the DR

More pics

My butt looks better in a faja :( here are 2 pics. I like how it's so round


I finally found a before of me and it was the one I sent to Duran. On surgery day I was 135 but in this pic I was only 125. So after looking at it I do see a difference. My butt is more fuller (but not so much) and also a bit rounder however still not much

Measurements now

Wish my waist was smaller! *Tears* I need to wear a tighter compression

Love hate relationship

So yesterday I was hating but today I loveeee my butt. I took off my faja and then bam, so full and round lol more pics to come!

Pics of lipoed area

Sorry there's only half of my stomach, I have some tattoos I don't wanna show. I also had my back lipoed but I didn't take a pic cuz I couldn't but it looks normal


It feels ok to sit now, it gets a little bit uncomfortable after awhile but that's about it. Arms still tender and back is still itchy at times. Right now I'm ok with my butt, still wish it had more volume, not loving it yet. Sorry for the sideway pictures, idk why it's like that. I tried to fix it but nada

2 month po

so tomorrow I will be 2 months po. As of today I am back to normal. I actually felt normal on the 7th week as to where I can sit now for a longer period of time and lay on my back. I still try to not as much but I do it more often now. My stomach is completely flat however I have fat/loose skin hanging when I sit down but It only happens whenever I eat "bad" food. The first month I diet and was looking good but now in my second month I gave up cuz that sh** is hard to keep up with. I want to eat whatever the hell I want damnit. So anyways, I don't wear my faja as much now, only at night. I still wear my arm compression though I can go longer without having it on and not get swell as fast. After surgery, wearing the arm compression my arms were so small but now they're not lumpy/hard anymore they're getting kind of big. I only see a 50% difference. If I could choose over to do my arms or thighs then I would have done my thighs (Duran said I could only pick one) because it still looks the same and it wasn't even that huge at all in the first place. I think it's because i been eating unhealthy though because when I get fat, it all goes to my arms and thighs first and then my stomach and back. My butt- I love it, but only 75% lol. It's way better than before and I like it a lot but not "love". I still want it to be round!!! It only looks good in certain angles but if you look at it completely to the back side it's not much projection. I get itchy during the day sometimes but not as much as at night. It be killing me at night!!! The itch is real. I go to bed at 11-12 and can't sleep until 2am cuz it itches sooo bad. My incision scars are healed however it's still very visibly noticeable and dark. My butt usually looks different every day and changes shapes if not then every other day or week but for the past 2wks it has been looking the same so I'm pretty sure this is the final formation

Measurements now:

1yr and 2 months update

Helllooo everyone! So it's been a year and 2 months since my surgery and I'm doing well. I did gain some weight but only on my thighs :( my arms did get fat too but I felt like the lipo on my arm didn't work from the get go. After surgery my arms were swollen so they were still big looking and a couple months along the line they were still fat looking so I'm probably considering round 2 for lipo on my arms and inner thighs. I'm really tired of my thighs rubbing together! My measurements are still the same but I feel like my butt is a bit smaller? Maybe it's just me but I would like it to have a bit more projection :) I'm afraid that if I have the lipo on my thighs and make my butt bigger, it'll look too big and gross :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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