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I'm just a short, small girl, 29 y.o. 5'1, 140lbs...

I'm just a short, small girl, 29 y.o. 5'1, 140lbs and I just wana look like a doll to be honest. I want a petite waist and a beautiful behind with perky boobs. Not asking for much lol.. I dress up a lot and just want to look great in my clothes but with confidence. I will become a Duran Doll this upcoming February. I'm so excited.

Countdown begins!

So my date is finally set in stone Feb 29th, my RH is booked Princess RH and all I have to do is book my flight. Going to just purchase a one way and once I'm cleared to come home I'll book the first flight home. So excited and nervous. Already had a tummy tuck here where I live 7 months ago and the same emotions are coming back! Idk what to expect since I won't be with my own family! Praying everything goes great! Leaving Sun Feb 28th from NYC, going to enjoy some of the country before surgery the next day & being cooped up for the rest of the time there.

20 days till I'm off to get SNATCHED!!

It's really getting real now.. Everything is running through my mind.. Wondering if I have everything.. Hoping I don't forget anything.. Wondering how the recovery process will be.. Wondering how the heck am I suppose to relax when I won't be able to lay on niether my stomach nor my back... Hoping I get the results I'd like.. So much running through my mind!! Uhhhh.. Just can't wait till its done and over with! #soontobeDuranDoll

10 days till surgery day!!!

I am so excited to be going to DR. Although i am nervous I'm very excited and feel i made the right decision despite everyones opinion. I cannot wait to be a #DuranDoll. =)
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