*Round 2 Review Is Up Now!* HAPPY 1ST BDAY!! I'm a #DiazDoll! BBL and BL (No Implants) with Dr. Manuel Diaz - Dominican Republic

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Hey Real Self! Today is OFFICIALLY the beginning...

Hey Real Self!

Today is OFFICIALLY the beginning of my journey! I am getting a Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Lift! I am waaayyyy too excited! I've been wanting this for some time now!

I had emailed Dr. Yily, Dr. Baez, and Dr. Diaz all the same day...
Dr. Yily has yet to contact me back (almost a week later), Dr. Baez wrote back but with some delay because of the language barrier, and Dr. Diaz has emailed me back numerous times AND he speaks pretty good english so when he is available, you can actually have an email convo with him. I like that!

With that being said, that made my decision. He doesn't have many reviews and/or pics on RS or on his site but from what I DID see... He seems fully capable of achieving the look I want.

I'm going to post my current pics and post my measurements maybe tomorrow... I would like to gain at least another 10 lbs prior to going so they have enough fat! Rather have MORE than LESS!

I will try my best to be one of the girls on RS that gives you the play by play as I go thru this journey...


Hey Real Self!

Sorry for the delay but I got less than 6 months left so I wasn't in a rush to post my measurements! LOL

Anywho... Not sure how often I will update but I guess as I get stuff together I'll post it.

Current Measurements:

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 165 lbs
Bust: 38"
Underbust: 31"
Bra Size: 34D
High Waist: 29.5"
Low Waist: 34"
Hips: 41.5

I went back to bootiliciousD's (My Wish Pic) page and her AFTER measurements at her hips are 42.5"!!! How is that possible?!?! I feel like I need my hips filled out more than an inch!!! I was thinking I could be about 44-45"! Also her bust size AFTER is also a 34! I think I need to find out what exactly is gonna happen (size-wise) when I get the lift? Does it stay a 34 because its a "lift" and you measure your bust with a bra on so that's the effect the lift gives? Confusing... my mind is thinking waaayyyy too much! Ha! I'm probably gonna stalk all the breast lift posts today now! SMH... LOL

TTYL! :o).

Descansa Breast Pillow

Has anyone used this thing? It looks like it could be of some good...

Got my fajate today...

So... I ordered a "butt out" fajate off eBay for $80! It's a size large because according to my research... After surgery I should be able to fit whatever size fajate I would wear currently (pre-op).

It took EVERYTHING in me to get it on alone! I think I'm going to wear it overnight and see how it feels... I feel the compression yet it's right around my butt! And it's not fitting correct (at least it doesn't look or feel that way) in the inner thigh/crotch area. I assume that is why I see some girls have cut them around the butt and made slits where the hips are.

Are there any vets that can look at my pics and tell me if its supposed to look like it does?!? LOL

Just Updating...

I don't really have too much to say... I have a whole 5 months to go!

I sent Dr. Diaz another $1000 last week so now I got another $3000 to go! I plan on sending him about $1000/month so I don't have to carry shit down there! I''ll probably go tear up eBay and Walmart today. I want EVERYTHING bought and paid for no later than the beginning-mid November! I'm jive ready to go already! Doesn't seem like my RS sistas comment on posts unless a person is new OR post pics of their new booty...

Guess I'll just continue stalking the site for now! LOL

Boppy Pillow!!!

Look what I found at my local thrift store! Too bad I don't know anyone on here that may have needed one! There were 2 of them along with this neck pillow! Can't beat it for less that $6!

Sooo... No love acknowledgement unless your Team Yily or Baez huh?

Whelp... I guess everyone gotta start from the bottom! LOL (I just laughed after I typed that)

$2000 left to go!!!

Sent Dr. Diaz another $1000! And business has been good so I may send him another $1000 next week! I think I may wanna get my arms done too but I think imma just work out and see how that works out...

Real Recovery Armonia

Just booked my stay at the Real Recovery Armonia! I'm excited and can't wait to get there!

Facebook Groups!!!

I want in!!! How do I gain access?!?

Better Than A Boppy!!! Leachco Podster!!!

Ok! So once again... I was at my local thrift store and saw this pillow sitting there. It wasn't a Boppy. It looked like one tho... Only a little more "cushiony". It was only $6 so I bought it and took it home and sat in it and lemme tell u ladies! It felt AWESOME! It's waaayyyy more comfy than the Boppy and if u can find one cheap, I'd buy it! They're about $35 regularly but I think it would be worth the investment!

Still here... Might put off my boobs... Not by choice :(

Damn Government Shutdown messed up the money! Might have to put the tatas on hold! That's gonna annoy me but its all good! My boobs are awesome as is... but this ass IS NOT! LOL

34 More Days!!!

I'm beyond anxious! However I don't have too much to say! I've realized that nobody seems to care too much about anything on this site until your like a week out from surgery and after...

Time for me to hop on eBay and order more stuff I probably don't need! LOL


Lawd knows that's the best feeling in the World! I just sent Dr. Diaz the final $1000 for my surgery today so I officially will be having both procedures done! I'm glad I don't have to take $5K down to the DR! The thought of it kinda freaked me out ESPECIALLY since I'm traveling alone...

I wanna cry soooo bad y'all! You have noooo clue all the shit I've been thru this year...

The whack niggas in my life... The haters, cheaters, liars, thieves... And none of them managed to hold me back and I only have God to thank for that! I know this surgery will change my life for the better and NOTHING but greatness shall come from it!

Stay Blessed RS!

Soooo close yet soooo far! Hurry up already! LOL

So shit is getting real and the few people that know I'm getting this done just keep asking if I'm nervous. I don't really feel "nervous"... More anxious than anything. I'm more looking forward to pain I'm going to experience for about 2-3 days.

I find myself looking in my mirror a lot... I don't even bother tryna "suck in" my stomach cuz I know it'll be gone soon and I won't have a need to ever do that again! I'm looking forward to feeling what it's like to not wear a bra and the girls be nice and perky.

It's like I strategically planned this surgery to the date so that EVERYTHING is perfect by my birthday! I can play it off like I've been hitting the gym hard allll summer! My bday is in the Spring so that would be right around the point where you "get to keep what u have", which is good and then when Summer hits! Watch out!

I wonder if there are any stories about how this surgery has changed lives for the better? Made more money? Found love? Found love with a bunch of money? LOL Hey, let's keep it real... If this ass gets me a basketball player, I WILL NOT COMPLAIN!

Well... I don't really have too much more to talk about... Just counting down and talking to myself... oh and maybe 4-5 other people who have commented...



hitting the gym all winter* LOL I'm so looking forward to summer...

Happy Thanksgiving Real Self Sistas!

Soooo... Today I thought my family was getting together but I didn't get the memo so I spent the day at home working. I can't complain... Made some good money so at least my rent will be paid 2 days early! LOL Any money I make between now and Wednesday is to take to the DR with me. I don't plan on spending ANY extra money anyways... Everything is "all inclusive" so I hope NOT to hear about no "hidden fees"...

Anywho... All I've been doing is mentally preparing for the pain and pleasure of this surgery, the haters that are gonna hate harder than they already do, the new haters (LOL)... ALL THAT SHIT! I'm looking forward to going back thru my closet and trying on my clothes! I have a feeling I won't need new clothes. Some things will have to be taken in a little bit probably but they should definitely fit better.

I need it to hurry up and be next week already! LOL Bye Y'all!

Clappas are consuming my mind!!!! Hurry up already!!!

3 days... 13 hours... 34 minutes... 52 seconds! LMAO I'm a psycho! I thought I was obsessed with looking at ass all day 6 months ago when I decided to take the plunge... It's killing me now!

At first I didn't want a huge ass but as I become more obsessed with pics... I'm like "Hey! People are gonna talk when they see me and I've never been a liar!" If anyone asks... My answer will be that "its mine cuz I paid for it".

I want hips and ass and everything else he can give me! Fuck it! Anything he sucks out shall ALL be placed back! I need every drop of that damn fat!!! OMG Why isn't it at least Thursday yet?!?!

I'm praying Dr. Diaz does a bomb job so that maybe some of you dolls can hop on another bandwagon... #TeamDiazDoll And as much as I've been searching for other dolls he's made... Looks like I'll be the first Real Self one! Stay tuned...

Bags packed... Dog is gone...

Now I'm just waiting at this point... My Boo Thang is coming over before he flies back home to Miami, and my mommy is spending the night and driving me to the airport in the morning. I'm #Ret2Go!!!

My "Wish Pic" has updated pics! LOL

I'm waiting on my mommy to get here so we can indulge in Popeye's! While I'm waiting... I decided to go look and noticed BootyliciousD posted new pics! I want her damn body!!! It's so natural... *swoons*

I'm on the plane!!!!

All these Domincans on the plane tryna speak Spanish to me and I'm just looking at them like "Como?" LOL

Dr. Diaz is a cutie!

I don't wanna go into any details... As of right now all I can say is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE study ur Spanish! The language barrier is REAL! It makes for a very long and boring ride from the airport to wherever ur going!

I'm at Real Recovery Armonia and it is very nice up in here! Ruth es mi Puta!!! Maaaannn she won't let u do ANYTHING for yourself up in here! They wait on u hand and foot and my surgery ain't even til tomorrow!

I'm here with 4 other girls and it's gonna be just us until a new set of girls comes next week...

That's all I got right now... Gonna just hop in this jacuzzi since I won't be able to take a sit down bath again for a while!

Good night and ttyl!

More pics! Pressed save by accident...


I forgot my charger so imma just post pics til tomorrow! I'm not in ANY PAIN ladies! I got out the bed and walked until the nurses scolded me! "no get up Yenny!" LOL TTYL RS

Post Op pics...

Nothing special to show y'all besides my maxi dress pics! I'll show y'all better pics maybe tomorrow or Monday when I'm getting my faja washed...

Oh and my ass is up to 44" from 41.5"! The fluffing is gonna be REAL! *waits for it*

Warning: The boobs WILL NOT stay like this! LOL

Once they settle and heal the left one will turn so my piercing won't be crooked! I was jive scared by Dr. Diaz said it's normal to look like this! Thank God! My boobs are fuckin' amazing tho! Just the thought of NOT having to wear a bra makes my day!

I'll post a booty pic when I come out of this faja!

2 days post op

I've been snapping random pics so don't mind me... My post won't be so "all over the place" when I get back home!

The itching is driving me CRAZY!!!

I dunno if it's the anesthesia or the Percs or both but Lawd Jesus help me!!! I wanna scratch EVERYWHERE!!! LMAO

I feel like I'm helping out all of Instagram! LOL

I started posting pics of my surgery and all of a sudden EVERYONE is following me and my story! I guess y'all can too! I'm @darkerthajenni!

Bout to get my 2nd massage... I'll be back later!

I just wrote a whole damn post and the shit deleted... -___-

I'm over it...

THIS ASS THO!!! *faints*

Maaannn! I'm looking like this 4 days post op?!? Jenn is gonna be a problem when the "Fluffing Fairy" comes by! LOL CLAPPAS TO THA FRONT!!!! OWWWWWWWW!

BRUNILDA!!!! *faints*

Son! I don't really have another massage therapist to compare to but if u need one... SHE IS THEE ONE! She's a sweetheart! She doesn't speak a lick of English but I understood her... Just needed my Google Translate to help me reply! She's already given me 2! She's coming back tonight to give me another... Then 2 more tomorrow... And 1 more before I leave! I wanna pack her up and bring her to the States! LOL

5 days post op... DRAINS OUT!

You have NO IDEA how fuckin' annoying that damn thing is! I'm glad it's gone! I got my last massage today and I go home tomorrow! I cried when I left the Dr.'s office because I'm gonna miss everyone! *sighs* I asked Dr. Diaz his age and he said "Guess..." So I said "Between 38-43... How old cuz people think ur 'mucho Guapo' and wanna know!" He said "Tell them keep guessing!" ROFLMAO I laughed soooo damn hard! He's a mess! SMH... He didn't recall how many CC's he put in because he said he's seen a number of patients and doesn't wanna tell me the wrong amount, so when he gets the operative report, he will let me know.

Clarissa (one of the girls at the Recovery House) took me all over the city becuz I wanted to see as much as I could get to see in like an hour (LOL sorry but I ain't come here for pleasure this time) and she took me to Haagen Dazs! I wanted HELADO!!! So now I'm jive tired from riding and sightseeing and getting drains removed and etc... STILL gotta pack my suitcase now... Imma sleep good tonight!

And I PROMISE I will give details about my whole experience once I get home and settled. I don't plan on going back to work for at least another week so I'll have NOTHING but time!


Good Morning ladies!!!!

Sooooo it's 6 days post op and I wore my stage 2 garment last night and well well well... Would u look at this GRANDE CULO I'm toting around!!!! Muchos Garcias Dr. Diaz!!!! I swear to y'all I had NO CLUE she was so big til I woke up this morning!

1 Week Post Op!

I'll be back when I get on my laptop ladies but here she is... In the same undies as the BEFORE pic! *faints* She's amazing! Not too big... Just PERFECT!

Been resting ladies... Besides being featured in a blog AND beefing with Rihanna's BFF... LOL

I've really just been catching up on sleep and doing a lot of walking. Walking around my building has helped me "loosen up" when I'm feeling stiff! They tell u don't exercise but I've been walking since I got out the OR. Make me feel better.

I was also featured on a blog on www.sandrarose.com. I had never heard of her until that day but from what I was told... The blog was "nice coming from her". I thought so too! I've opened a lot of eyes in reference to plastic surgery. I guess I'm the one that let the cat out the bag! I've never been a liar so why not keep it real?

Also, Rihanna's... (YES THEE RiRi) BFF tried to come for me on Instagram so I had to put her in her place! Don't come for me unless I sent for u! Had to tell the bitch SCRAM! How u got 123K Followers and ur coming for me? Like other people weren't commenting that they thought she had work done? Whole time tho... My friend "@" me on a pic of hers asking me "Jenn do u think she had work done?" And all I said was "Probably"... Guilty conscious maybe? It's clear she had work anyways... Then comes on my page denying she did have work done... But comments "I hope your anchor scar heals well"! BITCH how u know wtf and anchor scar is?!? ROFLMAO Phuck Outta Here Lee Lee Boo! *flips locs*

@darkerthajenni on Instagram (I post more on there than here! I reach more people than RS since everyone on here only cares about Yily or Duran anyways...

Haven't posted the boobs...

I fall in live with them more each day! Unfortunately I don't think the left nipple is gonna straighten out so I'm taking that ring out! Not sure if I'm gonna repierce it yet. And NO I'm not upset about it! I mean look at the girls!!! They are GORGEOUS! I kinda like having the one in anyways since it's on the side with all my tattoos! I feel beautiful! Everyone says they can see it on my face! *blushes*

Am I crazy or crazed?!?

Soooo! I've been celibate (by choice) for 4 months now, because I had to make sure this guy would wait (and he has)... But NOW all I think about is SEX!!! WTF is wrong with me?!?

It only seems to happen when I'm naked in front of the mirror! I've always thought I was sexy but now it's just RIDICULOUS! I tried on most of my lingerie that I didn't care for before and NOW they look sooooo damn good on me and all I think of is wearing stuff for him and I'm mad cuz I'm still so stiff and sore that I can't act out! Grrrrrr!!! ROFLMAO Anyone else go thru this? Or am I just sexually deprived and need Jesus and some Peen in my life?!?

*rolls j and lights it*


Today was the first day I SLEPT! I finally found a position I could lay and just SLEEP! I swear I slept allllll dayyyyy looonnnggg! I think the REAL healing starts now! Sleep is EVERYTHING!

2 weeks post op! I don't feel the "Pins and Needles" anymore!


Now maybe I missed the memo cuz I was on Real Self too busy looking more at asses and NOT reading the blogs in their entirety but I don't recall reading about the "Pins and Needles"!!!! That feeling had to have been THEEE MOST ANNOYING feeling for the past 2 weeks! I researched and saw it was normal and it's just my nerve endings regenerating but Lawd did it get on my damn nerves!

Now time for the stiffness to go away. I wanna take a nice big stretch and I wanna crack my back... I need to get adjusted ASAP!

Forgot to post this...

I haven't been keeping up on here...

Too busy with life I guess... I promise imma do a 1 month post op overview of EVERYTHING this weekend! Meanwhile... Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pics...

Exactly 1 month ago... My life changed!

I dunno what made me pop up at 6:30am and hop on RS but I did! I've been overwhelmed with responses on Instagram, people asking me questions about my surgery... Usually the same question 6-7x (kinda annoying seeing as tho if people took a few seconds to research, they'd find their answer). I'm thinking I might hop on Ustream soon and do a video show so people can ask alllll the questions they want.

I'm also in the process of typing my experience this past 4 weeks... It's DEFINITELY been an interesting month... But each day gets better! Sometimes I feel like it's a waste of time and energy even writing on here! Dr. Diaz will probably NEVER get the type of hype Yily and Duran get AND literally NOBODY on RS cares about any other doctors BUT them 2!

I however think he did a GREAT job and my boobs don't look like rockets! That's one thing Yily and Duran ARENT good at! Some of us need the total package... Not just some ass! And had them slow heffas replied back in a timely matter I probably woulda saw either of them before Diaz BUT they wouldn't be doing my breast lift! Hell my savvy ass woulda finagled a way to get one to do my butt and the other to do my boobs! LOL

Oh well... Back to sleep I go for another few hours! It snowed last night so it'll probably slow for business today!

Tomorrow will be 1 month/30 days!

Time flew by! I just took these pics so imma just post them. Now I will say... When I look at the pics... It doesn't look like a big change... And it WASN'T! My changes were very subtle but I'm tryna tell y'all... This ass is NO JOKE! It's crazy cuz the pics don't show it but I'm tryna tell y'all... And other girls keep telling me "The fluffing hasn't even happened yet!"

I don't even really know what to be looking for/ expecting when that even happens because I don't think I've ever had a real description as to what to look forward to...

Oh well... Here's some before and after pics...

Y'all keeping my Dr. busy! LOL

Or maybe it's just the holidays but it took forever to get this op report! LOL

Anyways... Dr. Diaz says that he put 830cc's in each cheek. I swear it feels like he put a little in my hips but maybe it just feels that way...

I'm gonna have to research what 830cc's would look like but I definitely know it's there when I try to wear certain clothes... Feels soooo tight around the booty! I can't wait for the "sore/tender" feeling to go away.

I sooooo haven't kept up with this site...

Anywho... I just got me 26" of weave and took a pic and then I was like "My ass look AWESOME SAUCE!!!!" Owwwww!!!

3 Month Anniversary!!!!

Ok... So I couldn't wait to post tomorrow but I figured I'd do an update since I've reached my 3 month mark and can start working out.

Now before u start judging the outcome... Let me start off by saying I DID NOT WEAR MY FAJA!!! I repeat... I DID NOT WEAR MY FAJA!!! I just couldn't take it and it was annoying and sooooo uncomfortable! Plus I just wanted to enjoy eating and keeping the weight on until I was in the "safe zone"... Meaning (from what I've read) that once u hit 3 months... What u have is more than likely what ur gonna keep! I'm actually a few pounds HEAVIER than I was preop!

I'm VERY happy with my results and as I'm sure you've all heard... Pics don't do justice... I was in NY 2 weeks ago and I swear on a bible a group of like 30 boys started following me down MLK in Harlem! I gave them a quick twerk and kept it moving! LOL

Anywho... Measurements... I'm sure that's what y'all wanna know... I know I posted BEFORE measurements but I forgot to write them down prior to typing this so you'll have to go up top to compare...

Weight: 168lbs
Chest: 40" Bra Size: 34DD
Waist: 30"
Hips: 43" NONE of my jeans fit anymore! *smirks*

I'm not sure if or when fluffing happens but I'm looking forward to starting to work out and get this body ready for the haters! Also I'm still debating on if I should do an online video chat for those that have a bunch of questions... Everyone can tune in and ask questions live!


Dr. Diaz is on Instagram!!!! @drmanueldiazg

It's his personal page... Tryna get him to make a professional one! @drmanueldiazg

Went out last night and KILLED IT!

Lawd... Leggings are great... They are God's gift to our asses ladies... Check it!

OMG I just typed a whole post and then my phone reset! #Pissed

Ugh... I'm not typing all that again! SMH... LOL

Anywho... My 34th birthday is tomorrow! Here's pics of some outfits I wore this weekend...

I've been slacking (as usual...)

Here are some recent pics! I've been working out and waist training for about a week so now u can REALLY see the amazing work Dr. Diaz has done! I know understand the importance of that damn faja! I wasn't wearing it because it was driving me crazy but that's what makes ur curves pop out! My ass looks HUGE ever since I been wearing my waist cincher! I also started using my NutriBullet and eating healthy! I don't want summer to show up and I'm not ready!

Also my friend wants to go get some work in December and I'm plotting getting some more hips... I don't need more ass... And besides... More hips will make my butt slightly larger by default!

Welp... Back to Instagram I go! Follow me @darkerthajenni... Plenty of pics on there...

None of the pics posted... SMH...

Let's try this again...

Pics taken over the weekend...

Nothing new to report really... I think "fluffing" is starting to take place tho because all of a sudden my ass look HUGE and it's more jiggly! I'll add the Thirst Trap pic I just sent my Bew cuz he's down South Beach and I need his attention to be on me! LOL

6 months and 1 week Post Op!

Hey RS! Nothing much going on with me. I'm loving my body more and more every day! I've started juicing and exercising and it's definitely paying off! I'm shrinking but I'm still curvy! I'm down to 159 lbs now. I can't recall how much I weighed preop but y'all can scroll up... I wanna say I was 167...

Anywho... Here are some pics I JUST TOOK like 7 min ago. Also everyone has been requesting pics of the boobs. YES I do have scars. I've never healed well from scars. I still have a scar on my knee from 8 years ago... But trust me I'll be getting a tattoo to cover them... Just looking for the PERFECT one... I still LOVE my boobs! They are perky and look good in clothes. I also know that microdermabrasion helps smooth them out so I need to get on that as well!

#DiazDoll 8 Months Post Op AND Round 2 Coming January 2015

I apologize that I haven't been keeping you guys UTD with my process but I'm an Instagram chick! You can follow me and/or contact me on there and you'll get a reply! I'm NEVER on here! However now that I've decided to go get Round 2 I'm going to have to start back up!

I'm really excited to see Dr. Diaz again and thanks you a lot of you new and almost new #DiazDolls informing him that you found him because of me... He's going to do my Round 2 on the house! I'm so excited!!!

Now I'm just gonna post some random pics I have in my phone and the I'll do side by sides when I start my new review for my countdown to Round 2! It's definitely gonna be easier this go round since I've done it already! I know everything to expect and how to deal with it!

I've already booked my flight (going in anyways) and paid my reservation to RECOVERY ARMONIA (Where Myra is... Not Ruth). Oh and let's get into THAT $#!T... Sooooo... My Bew Jazmine (BellaVita) posted something on IG about REAL RECOVERY and REAL ARMONIA (see... Already confused right?) saying that someone emailed her say how Ruth was shady and overcharging people, being shady... Etc... (Which btw I am STILL shocked about because Ruth spoiled me the whole time I was there in December). Does anyone know the REAL story? I'm staying where Myra is tho and that all I was worried about... So sad tho...

New Weave and New Tattoo! Breast Lift Scar coverup!

YAAASSS!!! I got 5 bundles and a closure for $198 so I'm kinda feelin' myself! LOL Anywho... I had an AMAZING tattoo session yesterday with my artist and he did a scar coverup tattoo on my right breast. I will get the other one done probably in the next few weeks but I'm in love with it!

Did it hurt? Surprisingly it wasn't that bad! Probably because all of my sensation hasn't come back fully so it wasn't too bad around my areola... However... That part of the scar that is right under ur armpit and on the rib... I almost lost my mind! I literally couldn't take 10 more min of shading so I tapped out! We will finish it next session... I'm a wimp! LOL

9 months post op... In NYC for Fashion Week

Nothing much to say... Took a few pics... Hit me on IG if u have minor questions.... @darkerthajenni

Photoshoot! 1st one in 3-4 years!

I can't wait for the edits!

Photoshoot pics are back!

Well let's see... I'm 10 months post op now. Still happy with my results. I've been gaining weight for Round 2 so I may appear "thicker" than I was about 2 months ago and that's why. I can't wait for Round 2! It's gonna be great!

11 months next week!

Doesn't seem like almost a year already! That's CRAZY!

Welp! I've been tryna gain weight... I'm back up to 167... I'll be happy if I can get to 170 but this is a good weight for what I'm tryna accomplish!

Also I've had a few people tell me my but is growing! It kinda looks like it but u know when u look at urself everyday u can't really tell. I just want my damn hips done already! LOL

I was thirst trappin' for the Bew this morning and I'm still pleased! Even tho I have a pouch again now! Can't wait for THAT to get sucked out again! LMAO

Back on this Faja $#!+...

This damn thing is cutting into my cooch! It's the only one I seem to like BESIDES that part! I need to find one of those bra band extender thingies to use...

Plastic Surgery App

Done playing with my hips and I can't wait! Look at what a difference a little bit of hips makes! Hermosa!


Happy 1st Birthday a mi Culo! Wow that year went by fast! Now time to do it again. I think I will prepare to start my Round 2 Blog! I am definitely going to try to keep up with RS... Be more detailed and possibly offer weekly video chats, etc... STAY TUNED!

Ending this blog to start my Round 2 blog...

Meet me over there!

Just realized my One Year pics never posted!

While I'm here... Just wanna let u guys know that I wrote my new review and it's pending approval from RS. They don't allow you to make another review for the same doctor, for the same procedure. The new review will be listed under Brazilian butt lift revision.

Now before anybody makes any comments, please take into consideration that the surgery performed is exactly what I asked for.I will admit that I was a little scared to go for a very extreme look. I really needed the breast lift, and I was looking for a little help getting a few extra pounds off of my midsection. However, in these current pictures, I am now 8 pounds heavier than I was pre op, as I am gaining weight for this upcoming surgery. NOW I want the extreme look! LOL

I'm only going to be posting before and after pictures and leaving out the measurements, only because I have all of that listed, along with the same pictures, on my new review which is pending approval.

Let's try this again... -____-

Link to Round 2 Review I just started


I'm #Ret2Go!

This next 3 weeks is gonna go by slow... Just like last year... Ugh... LOL

I don't really have anything new to say... I'm trying to gain weight and it seems damn near impossible! Crazy right?? When ur NOT trying to gain any weight it always happens anyways. Now that I need to gain it... The struggle is real! I'm gonna buy me some Krispy Kremes tomorrow! I'm thinking 2 boxes a week for the next 3 weeks should do it! I will definitely enjoy it! LOL

I'll add my pics to RS when I get home! Wifi sucks here!

Follow me on IG if u want pics! @darkerthajenni

8 days post op

Pics on my Round 2 journey story
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am BEYOND pleased with Dr. Diaz as my GO TO surgeon! NOBODY else will ever lay a hand on me! Round 2 coming in January 2015!!! 5 STAR RATING!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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