I'M Officially a Yilly Doll!!!!!!--Dominican Republic, DO BBL and Tummy tuck

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First off let me say THANK YOU to all you lovely...

First off let me say THANK YOU to all you lovely ladies here on RealSelf!! *SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO MAMACITA1987* Girl your review was beyond informative thanks boo!!! For without u guys I would not have known where to start or what to expect let alone what doctors to choose from for that I am TRULY AND DEEPLY THANKFUL!! But OMFG I'M SOOOOOO OBBER EXCITED!!!! I just booked my surgery BBL with Dr.Yilly for February 21st 2014!!! OMG talk about crunch time!! I have to shed some weight and buy supplies!! And only have like 2months to do it! WOW I'm excited yet I'm like is this FINALLY about to happen!! =) I just confirmed with Dr.Yilly's asst but she didnt ask for a deposit!? Is that weird?? And is anybody else going there then? Even if it's for another doctor Let me know =)


So im updating on my phone and typed up a nice update and i got a phone call towards the end and the ish got erased!!! Grrrrrr. And now i have to get up and get ready for work in a min sooo to make a long story (review) short...im on count down mode. I have officially 25 days before im off to DR i have started ordering all my supplies and they are trickling in, i ordered me a squeem this am a size smaller than my actual size to take with me and to wear when im out my faja and so forth. I was debating on what size to get seeing as how i don't know what size ill be out of surgery plus i might be also getting a tt depending on what she says after seeing me in person and looking at my body, i really was leaning against it because of the recooping from it and i know its a more invasive sx but if she says i need one imma get one i don't want to havr to come back or havr loose skin...yuck! plus im a "thick" plus size chick standing at 5'8.5". So i will post somr of the supplies i have purchased so far...in the mean time i am just trying to remain calm and prayed up!! I work in the medical field and have mostly been worried about getting an infection afterwards i have read a few reviews of ladies contracting MRSA which i know is no joke after sx and nervous about that and burns...but GOD willing I wont have any problems, complications or infections before, after or during!!!! Im also still dieting i want to be down another 10 pounds before sx which should not be hard. I have packed some infection fighting including MRSA gauze/wound pads and wound spray and also MRSA and other bacteria disinfecting wipes..hospital grade. Can yall tell I aint got time for that lol I aint playing... I have also already received my passport I got it in like 2 1/2 wks and no i didn't pay for expedited shipping...i also already booked my flights through Delta and im coming from Cali...I will post some pics of some of the items i have now and will update again probably right before I leave...ttyl


Info for all my dolls with FSA accounts and other useful information: 16 DAYS AND COUNTING!! OMG

So time is reallly flying by! Im beyond excited and really at this point just ready to get it done!! LOL But to the good stuff if any of you guys have FSA-Flexible Spending Account make sure to put them to use for your procedure! I know I did!! And for you dolls who have this procedure up and coming if you are able to get a FSA account through your employer do it, and you can buy a lot of your supplies with it for next year or whenever you go. You cant buy all your supplies with it but you can buy A LOT of stuff you will need and anything helps and its less money you have to come out of pocket with. I will list thinkgs I bought and was covered with my FSA account below:
1. Benadryl pills
2. Benadryl Cream
3. Laxatives
5. Gauze
6. Rubbing Alcohol
7. Neosporin
8. Compression Socks
9. And dont forget all your prescribed meds for the surgery! Such as pain meds, abx-antibiotics, and a sleeping med if you need it which I got


Hey my dolls!! So the time has FINALLY COME!!! And I will be leaving for D.R. tonight!! My nerves is bad right about now LOL but im actually working most of the day today and leaving for the airport right after work so thats helping a little keeping my mind occupied! LOL I have my rx'd anxiety meds on hand though but I will take them when I get off to help me relax for this lonnngg flight lol...... Im just hoping my bag isnt over 50lbs cause its stuffed LMAO mainly with sx stuff but im a prepper I prepare for any and everything I can think of the best way I know how so honestly I probably overdid it LOL but I will keep you dolls updated and YES I WILL BE POSTING BEFORE AND AFTER PICS FOR YOU LOVELY LADIES to show were I started and where I will be.... KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS LOVES!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!! MUAAHHH XOXO

Dun... dun...dundunnn SURGERY DAY!!!

Hey dolls so im here at Cipla as we speak waiting to go in for surgery....im in my blue gown and booties patiently waiting and HUNGRY as hell its 1:25PM here and we been here since 7:30 am and no food since last night and actually a LOT longerfor me....but i will get back to that ughhh lol bit im up next and Dr.Yilly had 2 before me but i was supposed to go second today but a girl from yesterday had something going on so she did her first thing this am....well i met some amazeing dolls who are staying at Upscale Recovery House and they said that its beautiful and they love it there they are here waiting with me and we also were here yesterday all together doing our labwork and things...they will be yilly dolls also yeaaa...shot outs to my girls!!!! Coco, Lisa and Heather muah luvs!!! Im staying at Daisys RH for now bit I will get back to yall on that one........FYI to all u ladies unsire of Dr.Yilly butt work, cause lets admit we all heard the stories on here and kknow she geta down with the waste let me tell SHE GOES TO WORK HUNNTY!!! Lol i came here with those same concerns so i had before hand booked with another surgeon here for the same day just to coVer my ass lmao literally i guess LMAO...i will touch back on that, because that what i most desired was a nive big booty!! Well i seenseveral girls at my RH actually 3 thathad wprk done by Dr.Yilly and hunty hunty WOW I needs me one of them had them looking RIGHT BOO!!! No jokes....so im very happy and excites to see what she can do for me and work her magic!! Btw im a plus size chick at 5'8.5" and 230 pounds will update more later...keep me in your prayers luvs!!! Thank u in advance xoxo



Blue pill Time!!!

Just took my blue pill yall!!! Shit is getting REAL FYI-Its 4pm here

Day after surgery...

Ok livs so its the first day after surgery for me and im currently laying in bed waitin on my dinner....oh amd im now at Real RRecovery Armonia...touch back on that later,,,we lwt me just say everyone feels differently after there surgery. There are dolls up amd walking just fINE today who also had there surgeries yesterday and those like me who are i a lot more pain and can hardly walk lol Iuckily i have percocets i brought with so those are helping me tremendously! FYI-NO VICODIN AT ALL LADIES it has codeine in it so they wont allow u to take it cause it shortens ur breaths when breathing...so just gone ahead and get spme percocets u will thank me later trust me....let me say Dr.Yilly SNATCHED this waist of mines hunty hunty YES I DID GET A TUMMY TUCK!!! My butt looks good too but u know how that booty greed gets going real fast but im liking my resutls so far....oh another med that has helped me tremendously is my SLEEPING med it has been wonderful especially being uncomfortable and really unable to get uncomfortable it will knock u out anyway...oh i had a tummy tick also i wasn't sure at but glad...so i had my first BM today and OMG ITS NOOO JOKE! I felt like i was giving birth and i did take a ducolax stool softner as soon as i got to Real RECOVERY RH but omg i was literally dripping sweat!! Swear...and was in there forever!! My boo also thoight she was only suppose to pay in Dominican Pesos and for all u future dolls coming in the future NOOO?!
U can end actually losing money depending on the conversion rate for that day...plus if paying in pesos u all will have figure out how much it is in u.s dollars also....


Excuse my spelling and grammar errors in advance im on my phone and i keep dozing off lol...Ok so idk about you dolls but i found trying to figure out whay RH to stay in more challenging than finding a freaking doctor u wanted to do your procedure!!!! That finding a recovery house business is a nightmare!!! Ok so let me start from the beginning...i initially had it narrowed down after looking at numerous reviews to Daisy's & Real Recovery Armonia both were $85 for a single room per night not including the day of surgery and included round trip transportation to and from the airport and to and from Cipla anytime u neededto go. And I eventually decided on Daisys bacause they seemed to offer pretty much the same things i was looking for just that Daisys also offered 3 free massages.... so i was like shoot if i can get more for money why not right! Lol well i contacted both of them and like i said decided on Daisys and she requested a $85 dollar deposit through PayPal which i sent her and i gave her all my flight info and that was that...so i whattsapp Daisy the day before i was to leave for the airport to remind her im coming i get no response....so im like okk then i whatsapp her again as im going to the airport and at eaxh airport i stop at i had to change flights 3 times as i came frpm Cali but still not one response back from her...so i get to santo Domingo airport abd im worried now but mind u i had back numbers just in case but my damn phone nor my internet wasnt working at that particular airport so im like FUCKKK....so as soon as u get off onto the walkway u see gentlemen with signs with names on them so i like maybe she didnt forget so im searching nope none had my name so im slowly walking to baggage claim like WTF so i get my bags and start heading out and once u start heading out u see LOTS pf people waiting for their family members so i just happened to look to the side and there goes the guy with my name on his sign saying daisys i was like whewwww omg lol....so he takes my luggage i try to conversate with bit he holds his hands up like no i dont speak english lol so we just drove in silence..weget to the RH i meet Lena who is the nurse there and she is a ssweetie but doesn't really speak any english either just a few words so sje gives me the key to my room and shows me where its at and i go put my stuff up its. Like maybe 3pm here in the D.R..so Lena then comes in and says its time for me to go to Cipla i was like ohh ok i had been trabeling since 7pm the night before but i was like ok i getto cipla do all my bloodwork and tests and then go bacl to daisys and i see a few other girls and asked thrm wgere Daisy was amd they tell me New York since Tuesday so im like ok who speaks english here and they were like nobody except the owner who wasn't there so im just like ok well whens dinner and there is a sign on the kitchen door that gives two hour Windows for each meal..breakfast lunch and dinner and the time frame for dinner was posted as 5-7pm which it was after 7pm when i got back from Cipla! So i was like REALLY and one of the girks was like just vo tell Lena the nurse they should make an exception for u! And i was like damn they strict like that!! And she was like yupvif ur not out here between those times u wont be eating SMDH NOW GET THIS Then she tells me dinner is grits anyway i told her quit playing but sure enough i look in the kitchen and its grits! WTF then the girls start telling me about how one night they got served mashed potatoes and boiled eggs for dinner!! Who the fuck does that!! And they were like they serve what they serve and if u dont eat it then u just dont their are no other optio.s except going out to buy your own food and i seen countless people going to buy there own food and coming back with it. One ladies husband went out and brought fruit back and shared it with us...and not to mention it was only Lena the nurse there as i only saw the cook once and the driver came and went whenever he was needed...oh and theres the front desk guy but thats it to take care of at leat 8 girls from what i saw but i didnt even go to the second or third floor...so i ask the girls why didnt they leave and they said because as soon as they got thrtr Daisy collected there money for there whole stay! So im glad Daisy wasn't there because it won't have berm some problems..i like to get what i l pay for. So i just go to my ro luckily i had brought some ensure with me cause by this time im dogg ass tired lol all i wanted to do was eat take a shower and eat...so i drink my ensure yes that wascmy dinner the night beore surgery (not cool) cause u know yhe dau of surgery u cant eat or drink ANYTHING.. That's whyvin my earlier post i said it had been longer for me not eating...so as soon as i got out the shower. I whatsapp Mayra who runs Real Recovery Armonia and told her i needed to leave and wanted to come to her RH and i was having surgery the next day and was supposed to be at Cipla at 7:00Am the nxt morning and she asked who my doc waa and i told her and she said i needed someone to stay with me the whole time i was at Cipla...i wasca little confused lol abd was like idk and she was like u do so i will see u tomorrow and i was like ok... so as i mentioned the doctor told me to be at the clinic at 7am which i told Lena and she told the driver right in front of me...needless to say i luckily set my alarm and made sure i was up om timeto be able to get some stuff ready and tske my last shower for a while....they did not check on me once or wake me up...needless to say i was waiting on the driver and luckily another girl was too because she told me what i needed to bring with me that i would need.....ughhh NO communication there! So we end up getting to Cipla at about 7:40 and Mayra is already there waiting for me! She comes over gives me a kiss and says "i take care of u" & she did she introduced me to one of her gorls who spoke english who stayed with me the WHOLE TIME she even slept in the room with me! My girl Heather ended up having to stay in the same room as me because they were packed that night which wasva blessing because she endedvup taking care of both of us even though my girl wasnt even staying ay there recovery house! Rubbing our feet getting us water sppon feeding us our soup when we finally got it cause FYI-U cant eay for 6 hours after surgery and we couldn't even get up fpt even longer after surgery! I think it wasn't until about. 9 am the day after surgery when they allowed us to get up! So Yully is the girls name was a godsend u ladies have no idea...I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH U NEED SOMEONE WITH U THE WHOLE NIGHT WHEN U GET UR SURGERY even if u hire a nurse...trust me u will regret it if u dont...so when the doctor finally cleated me to go before we lefy they called in my girls rxs for her to the pharmacy because she didnt bring any over and was getting them all there had here count out her money in pesos and had the pharmacy deliver them to her at Cipla....now im here ay Real Recovery and when i say they take care of u hunty THEY TAKE CARE OF YOU!! Mayra even asked me what i like to eat for breakfast and i told her wheat toast so she went and bought me some and put my name on it and said " just for u" lol so every meal they ask u what YOU want individualy and even if ur not hungry at the time they cook they will check on u to see when u are and cook something for u! They havei dont kknow how many staff here and they are ALL SUPER sweet...they also come check on u throughout the night all night they are amazing plus this condo is BEYOND AAMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL Iwill definitely post pics


I forgot to mention a big issue was that the beds at Daisys were ROCK fucking hard like it was concrete under or wood and i hadnt even gotten my surgery yet! So i could only imagine how uncomfortable i would have been if i had to stay there after surgery! Can we say miserable...the beds at Armonia are actual beds with real mattresses not feeling like u in prison! Oh and FYI-Daisy finally whatsapp me back this morning asking me why ibleft and what was wrong and what i didnt like....like REALL WTF a lil too late....but u will reply back to her and tell her exctly what thw issuedls where but when i feel like it juat like she did me! Aint nobody got time for.that!

some real recovery armonia pics

Real recovery armonia pics-i guess the first set didn't upload

Surgery day

So im not quit sure how long mt actual surgery was because once they gave me that blue pill about 10 mins later i was knocked out i barely remember them putting me on the gurney and wheeling me into the surgery room...the lady that was with me said they came and got me loke about 4 or 5pm and i didnt come out till about 9pm, so i was in there for about 4 or 5hours and i had a BBL and tummy tuck...,i wasn't so sure about the tummy tuck at first but knew i needed it so u got it and im thankful i did so far it looks amazing she SNATCHED this waist honeyband i am a plus size woman...it feels good to be able to lppk down and see ur vajaja lol but that real talk no lifting my muffin top anymore lol! But i did wake up at least 4 or 5 times during surgery...its common from what i hear because they dont wantvto put u too far under and i dont mind that at all better safe than sorry! I woke up i think as soo as i got to the OR and the aneanesthesiologist was their and he was poking my hand trying to get the needle in and i remember saying "ouch" then he rubbed my head and ended up jusy putting a butterfly needle n my hand which i would have told him but i was sooo out of it at this point lol i kept looking around then i was out, then o woke up and i felt tugging and pulling which scared the hell out of me so i was like "OMG i can feel it, i can feel it am i suppose to feel it". Then i woke up again and i saw Dr. Yilly and she rubbed my head and then i was out again....then i woke up amd saw a blue drape in front of my face and i just yelled out im up again LOL. ...i was saying some other stuff too but it was like i was drunk or something cause my speech sounded slurred. So the last time i woke up they were wheeling me to my room and they were like ur all done and i was nervous because everytime i woke up i was on my back so im like did i get a bbl too!! They were like yes u did....so i was relieved and i did i just cant wait to fluff lol to REALLY see what im working with lol but as soon as i got to my recovery room at CIPLA I started puking all over they said it was normal and good its from the anesthesia but shit after a tummy tuck that shit hurts having ur stomach heave and all i was throwing up was stomach acids as there was mo dood in my tummy...then i started shivering like a mofo i. Did bring a thick pair of socks so my helper who was there from real recovery put them on for me and she went to go get me more blankets my firl Heather was also in the room with me and she was the opposite she was HOTT so my helper went and opened her window by her bed and fanned her down... i cant stress to u ladies how important having a helper with u at cipla will tremendously help u!! U need one trust me! Anytime we needed meds or something to drink she would either go get it for us or have a nurse come in, and she would translate for us, not to mention she would rub our feet.... and she stayed the whole night with us and slept in our room...trust me she was a godsend for real!! Love u Yully ur the best!!!!



So one thing i have noticed is my butt has gone down since i first got out of surgery. And i truly believe because i have been laying on it pretty much nonstop since because i had a tummy tuck also and have had to lay on my back and butt, no choice but too....although the girls here say it looks good and big but you know how it be....shit i wanted ALL that i could get LOL i just hope the fluffing gods aree on my side and your girl fluff is REAL!!! *fingers crossed* cause its not going to be no damn round 2's around here!!! This was/is quite enough for me I am not trying to go through this again!! And YES the before and after pic I posted is after my butt shrank *sad face*......

Ok so I have had two massages so far and i had to wait 6 days after surgery to start due to the fact i had a tummy tuck...and for me NO it hasnt gotten any easier the ish HURTS! I do takey percocet about 20-30 mins before and u just have to breathe through it, i take deep breaths and just grit my teeth. My sides are very sensitive for.some.reason and when she is massaging my back it feels like my skin feels like alligator skin although she says she feels nothing at all, but to me thats how it seems. She also uses a like ultrasound machine which doesn't hurt as bad as when she uses her hands for me....and i also brought the arnica cream and bio oil but she says she really likes using the bio oil just and FYI and the are $25 here and are done here they have a massage room

2 1/2 Months Post op 2014 w/ pics

Hey loves!!! So its been 2 1/2 months since I had surgery and its been a journey let me tell you LOL but it hasnt been that bad as far as recovery, I want to stress to my ladies that IT IS NOT JUST THE SURGERY ITSELF YOU NEED TO HAVE MONEY FOR POST OP COSTSSS!!!! I have seen so many reviews about people stressing over the cost of the surgery and trying to come up with the money just know post op is VERY important and is ultimately going to determine your end results so you need to take that in account when you are saving and have enough money for post op also.... I did a LOT of research before hand and read LOTS and LOTS of reviews and honestly I think mines went pretty good. I am LOVING MY RESULTSSSSSS... I am still getting massages once weekly I go to massage envy and get a lymphatic massage its like $40 each time which is not bad at all. I dont really have problems with itching I know a LOT of ladies said they did post op but the only time I have felt itchy is when I get really hott, and its because I have this faja on and it makes you even hotter so its understandable. Oh and I am in my second stage garment I was suppose to start using it 21 days post op but end up starting with it more like 30 days post op do to the fact the first one I ordered was wayyy too small LOL but it all worked out

I was off work for a total of 3 wks and went back and was on light duty for 3 wks so just basically admin stuff...when I first went back I was a little stiff and slower to get arround but I would say as of about that 6 wk mark I was good and moving pretty much regularly.

When I went home I did have my drain in and did get wheelchair srvc at the airport(all)....that is a MUST ladies only if you get a TT also if you just getting a BBL you will be fine...My sis in law helped me with taking my drain out and let me tell you I was scared and nervous lol and I work in the medical field! LMAO but its totally different when you have to do something on YOURSELF versus someone else! LOL but I bossed up and pulled it out myself and first the area where the suture held the drain in place was a little tender but after my sis cut the suture I pulled it out like a boss and it felt WEIRDDDD! It was like wrapped around my waist in the inside of course so I felt it on the other side of my abdomen as I was pulling it out It was a very weird sensations but I wouldnt say it hurted... but it has healed nicely and I pulled it 14 days post op I only stayed in D.R for 10 days

My butt has went down from when I was in the D.R. but just know your sooo swole from surgery and your fat has not settled yet so your first results are not your end ones....not to scare anyone but i still have a NICE A$$ LOL but its not as big as it was at first LOL I just dont want anyone to be overly disappointed and know what to expect....

I have been sitting on my butt since day ONE LOL pretty much because I had to since I also had a T.T and had to sleep on my back but luckily my butt still looks damn good LOL

2 1/2 month post op pics D.R. 2014

2 1/2 months post op Tummy tuck D.R

update pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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