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I' so exited trying to fix aday for my BBL with...

I' so exited trying to fix aday for my BBL with Yili in DR and wondering if someone is going around the same days to share room I'm planning to arrived there July 19,I live in Montreal, Canada...I had a Lipo August last year and they left me "flat"poor me I need "curves" so looking forward for get them with Yily

Hi !!! I been thinking and thinking and maybe is...

Hi !!! I been thinking and thinking and maybe is not worht it to DR cuz Yily doesn't have too much experience and can be risky...I'm trying to set up a date with Cynthia from Dr was hard between Yili and Robles their good prices and the amazing job showed on her's really hard but all the journes I read from girls that went to DR are kind of "scare" even if at the end they got the I'm thinking choosing a dr with more experience and not traveling so I'm from Canada so I think going to the States would be better...

Decision made I'm going with Dr Salama got in love...

Decision made I'm going with Dr Salama got in love with his job and feel more secure about it...he said I have to gain 10 to 12 started eating plz if you know someone maybe interested in no lost deposit or is having surgery early..pls let me know looking for July 19 or 22...thanks

I had been eating a I'm 150 pounds now...

I had been eating a I'm 150 pounds now !!!! I will go a bit slowly now until July ( my surgery is July 19 ) and I would like to add 10 pounds posting pics happy about getting this surgery done !!!!

Hi girls !!! please need your HONEST advised...I...

Hi girls !!! please need your HONEST advised...I gained 12 pounds and I don't see big difference I don't want to go to surgery all the pain etc and don't see you think that I have "enough" fat to have more projection...I'm considering Implants because I don't want to spend all that money and not see results...please let me know what are your thoughts ???

Surgery next week, need help with transportation ...suggestions pls

Payment done today and I'm first of the day for surgery next Friday ( July 19th ) Cynthia told me that they are not using Larry anymore so gave me back the money for transportation and I need to find a person now...she gave me a name and phone # but I would like to heard from you girls !!!! I can't wait for next week gained 34 pounds and I feel huge ....I can't wear my own clothes I'm too big !!! hope Dr Salama will do his art with me !!!

Surgery next Friday !!!

My last pictures before surgery, ready for surgery next week !!! I'll be posting pictures as soon as I feel ok after SX, pls keep me on your prayers and send me all your good and ++++ vibes

1 day post op ....

Thanks God I made not to bad the pain but hard to get used to be only on your abdomen...loving the result so far..Dr Salama is amazing....


I had my surgery with dr Salama Friday and they gave me XL garment...yesterday after my first massage they gave me L but the one that coves your butt and is killing me and I'm also thinking that is doing too much pressure on my "fresh and new" butt.....pls need your advices in what kind of garment should I buy know because I feel that the ones from Dr Salama's office are really uncomfortable and can't wear them...I don't live here in Miami and leaving to Canada soon so pls let me know where can I order or buy one that will help me to keep my waist small and my butt big....thanks girls

1 weeek post-op

still a lot of swelling , just 2 massages done but so far loving the results

my 3rd massage with Celia today ...she's amazing

I have 10 days post op today still have my front drain :( but I feel so good and can't belive I have a SMALL WAIST !!! don't want my butt to shrink but tha's reality I far I'm happy and Dr Salama is the best !!!!

how should I seat in the plaine ??? pls suggestions

I have too take 2 plains to go back home each more than 2 hrs so pls let me know how's the best way to seat while in the plain...

some pics 17 days after

I'm suffering like crazy with this garment ...I hate it !!! is to small for my body..not wide but I'm tall and this thing is killing me...any girls that stop using this 2 stage garment on the 3 weeks ? pls let me know if I can change to another garment. I don't mind foam, and board and even the small corset but the garment itself is destroying my shoulders and arms...insane !!

Driving is the worst thing ever....

Any comments in how yur butt was after driving...I have to drive 30 minutes twice a day just 2 days this week and 2 days the next one..but I have to seat ( on boppy pillow of course..) cuz that yoga thing and the boppy pillow on the back din't work for me..I have a mini van but I'm too told for the seat so my driving was miserable....I feel like I'm slowly killing my fat cells and all this pain and sacrifice was for depressssss

4 weeks after PO

lost 50 % of depress......about but try to just "deal with ...." I just keep my ++++ attitude thinking that my shape is better than before but all the pain and recovery and losing all the volume and projection is definitely not fun at allllllllll

almost 5 weeks...can't wait ti seat....

Almost 5 weeks and inflammation in general is much better, love the shape and even after seen all the volume going away ... :( still happy with the shape; some girls out that start seating @ 5 weeks ????

a lot of changes...lost a lot of volume :(

:( legs r swelling again cuz I'm back to work and 9 hours standing r definitely not fun at all...feel like loosing volume but measures r the same with the exception of my waist that is getting smaller is 26 now !!!! I guess is dropping a lot and all the inflammation is gone ( or almost all..) can't wait for next week so I can start sitting...massages r done and wearing just spandex garment Small and XS corset cuz cant stand the other garment and foam :( the new shape but is not a BIGGGG butt is just round and better with a small waist....

6 weeks but still painful ...not sitting

Sadly I keep loosing volume every day...I think my body is not used to fat...I gain weight for this surgery and my body reject it...I love my shape but I'm almost back to my pre op measure... 41 before surgery 42 now...better shape but same size and just 6 weeks I may loose more :( I'm 6 weeks but not sitting for long time cuz painful...

Revision April 2014

I'm 9 weeks already and my shape in general is good BUT I got a "bag" in my right side and also the size is different is like if this "bag" absorbed all the fat and that side and I look uneven and the "bag" is hard and painful ...Dr Salama already gave me a date for Revision...I don't have fat to fix this so I hope it'll work just fine.

The bad part

This is how it looks so u guys can have an idea of what can also happened...and have to wait until next year to have this fix...I hope it will get fix...

3 months and 1 week post op

Happy with my results even if I have to go for a little touch up next April but overall my body had change a lot and I think looks better and my life had also change :); just a few pictures so u can see the changes...almost feeling my body back to normal and don't have pain anymore when sitting, my measures are now waist 25 and hips 43.

15 weeks post-op pics

Happy with the result and hoping that will stay like this :) more pain I think swelling is almost gone some days my abdomen looks bigger but if depending in what I eat :( measures are lovely waist 25 and hips 42 and my clothe looks good and people always complement me for how I look I can't say more cuz I'm really happy with Dr Salama's job even if as I said before have to go for a touch up next april.

some more pics

just loving it more every day..happy thanks Dr Salama

Revision around the corner help !!!

Hi !! I'm having my revision on April 17 and would like to get some help regarding transportation people and condos closed to the beach pls !!!! I need to start booking this...just staying one week this time...thanks for ur help and promise to post pics after revision is done
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