Dr. Diaz for Brazilian Buttlift - Less than a month countdown! New bootaayy! Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm planning on going to the D.R. in a month to...

I'm planning on going to the D.R. in a month to get the Brazilian Buttlift, and a (possible) tummy tuck. Does anyone have any info on who is better for curves and a big butt, Dr. Manuel Diaz or Dra. (Fragoso) Baez? ANY information that is firsthand would be extremely helpful to me!! Also if you have pictures and your experience in the clinic? THANK YOU!

Still Searching Doctors in Dr...

Well guys, I'm still searching for the right Doctor in the DR...anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? I tried contacting Duran and she's booked for months..Yily gave me a quote but I'm semi scared because of the whole CIPLA thing...I also got quote info from Dr. Manuel Diaz, as well as Dr. Australia Baez. I just found out about Dr. Javier Baez Angles..anyone have info on him? or any other doctors in the DR..it will be much appreciated!! thanks lovelies :)

Dr. Manuel Diaz it is- 4 weeks til my BOOTY!

Well hey everyone, after forever of searching and researching doctors, I've finally decided to go with Dr. Manuel Diaz. He was so prompt and professional answering all of my questions. Here are the snippets of our email conversations:
My email From Dr. Diaz:
Hi ! Sorry for the delay. What's your age? weight? height? do you have kids? send me pics front, back and lateral. The quote for lipo + fat transfer to butt is 3000 dollars and includes: blood work, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night clinic, garment, massages and follow up. I can make a package incluning 8 days stay, transportation from-to airport and pos op meds for 3800 dollars. The payment is cash only. If want to come late March or April musr do deposit asap to secure your spot. Have to save a date with a 300 dollars deposit to our a Bank of America account # 898054962186 or by western union to Manuel de Jesus Diaz Guzman, address: ave. pedro henriquez urena 137, santo domingo, republica dominicana. When do deposit send me a pic or copy of the receipt for confirmation. Any question don't hesitate to ask.

Hi! i saw your pics, since you are 25, only have 1 child and your skin seems good (without stretch marks) let's avoid the tummy tuck scar. The package includes a hotel like room with tv, wifi and 3 meals a day. Should do a cbc test to know how your blood levels are and if any iron or vitamins are needed.

YAYY! I'm so excited I don't need the TT. I do want kids again maybe, and for now I wasn't sure if I was ready for a full TT recovery, especially since I have a little kid running around at home LOL. Well I guess I'll be sending my $300 deposit to secure my spot..I'm planning on going to DR March 27th!
Anyone need a surgery buddy around 3/27 with Dr. Diaz? Will keep updating you ladies!


Hey all...well I've finally made my deposit with Dr. Diaz and I'm scheduled for 3/29 with Dr. Diaz. I'm soooo excited, I've dealt with having NO butt for most of my life, and it was only after i got pregnant with my kid did I have a "lil" butt even after..I mean some people say I have a butt, but if you see my mom's..well I just feel self conscious lol..anyway! .I'm super excited to finally have the confidence in swimsuits. My tummy has always been the bane of my existence. I'm getting liposuction without a TT...dr. diaz says my skin looks good and won't need the TT since i'm in my mid 20s and want more kids..if anything I'll get a TT if needed later, but I'm gonna just do the lipo first, see if I can't get my tummy super tight with wraps and the faja and exercise. We shall see! In the meantime, D.R. Here I come!! WEEPPPA!

Deposit sent! Flight Booked! Less than a month away!

Well all, I sent in my $300 to Dr. Diaz, I'm just waiting from his confirmation that he received it. I also booked my flight for the 28th..I'll be arriving in D.R. around 10 AM, that way it gives me the whole day to go to get the tests done before, and a whole day to relax/unwind before my Sx the next day! Anyone have any ideas of fun things to do for a day I can alone? I'm still hoping to find sx buddies, if not I'm fine with being in a hotel and seeing sights for just one day alone..anyone have any suggestions where they have PERSONALLY stayed close to Cipla? I'm SOOO Excited for my new body I could scream...I can't wait for this gut and backfat to be gone! Tighten me up Senor Dr. Diaz! :) lol

Dr received Deposit...3 week countdown to new body!! Updated

Well Dr Diaz received my deposit and emailed me back...I emailed him my flight itinerary...now I'm just looking for a hotel, since I'm coming one day before my sx I'll just need to stay one night. I'm trying to find a nice one maybe by a beach or something so I could have one day of relaxation before the I recovery :) This has been a hard process, I only told select few family, and they all are just like You look good how you are, blah blah...no matter how you look if you don't FEEL that way inside, it doesn't matter..I'm just so tired of my gut and I want it gone..I have a fairly nice sized butt now but I could use a little more side profile..I just can't wait to have my confidence SOAR again..is that too much to ask? lol

BBl & Liposculture - #DiazDoll ON THE WAY! MARCH 2014

So Dr. Diaz has been Great so far, so helpful with my questions and generally concerned about my health. I put my deposit down and booked my flight..I just got my passport a few days ago so it's official! I'm just ordering stuff off Amazon right now...lipo foam, arnica gel, deep tissue massager, etc! I'm sooooo excited I can't wait. Also nervous, but I just gotta trust everything will turn out for the best! I'm scheduled for March 29th for liposuction of the abdomen, back, and flanks, and fat grafting to the butt. My current measurements are 38-33-41, so I have a kind of good foundation to go on, but my stomach has ALWAYS plagued me as well as a little back fat, as i'm kind of busty..But i'm trust Dr. Diaz will get my waist SNATCHED! I'll update with pics soon :)

3 DAYS til SX!!

Well ladies I'll be in DR in 2 days, I go in on the 29th but i'll be arriving the day before to do labs, rest/relax and mentally prepare..I'm going alone..I felt that alot of times I have outside people telling me I should be happy no matter WHAT size, I am, even if it is overweight (at times I've been in my life) and not healthy..I don't know if it's because they can accept themselves even with flaws or they want to see other people down as well? It's not that I don't believe a person can't be beautiful and not have the perfect body, but it's like for ONCE in my life I would like to feel COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE IN MY OWN SKIN! Without having to cover my tummy with my arms, without the constant trying to "suck it in" for pictures, for always not feeling quite fit. I am a healthy person but have ALWAYS had stubborn stomach fit, because of the way I'm built and because I'm kind of busty. I just can't wait til I can feel comfortable in crop tops/tube tops in the summer and NOT laugh hysterically and simultaneously feel bad about myself. *SIGHS* REMEMBER LADIES, EVEN IF FAM AND FRIENDS DON'T SUPPORT YOU, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE DAY!!! I just gotta keep saying this to myself over and over..

Anyway I digress, I'll be updating with pre op pics later. UGH! lol I can't wait til I'm NOT ashamed of how I look in a two piece!

PACKING! My to-bring BBL LIST !

SOOO everyone, I'm currently packing, it is T minus 2 days and counting, (I think I did that right), and I have received my stuff from Amazon! I'm super excited because it's real. My suitcase is like 80% medical things lol. I'm bringing with me:

5 pieces lipo foam
Bromelain tablets, Arnica tablets, Arnica gel, Arnica salve (pomada de arnica), Bacitracin, Benadryl tablets, Extra strength Tylenol
No-rinse bathing wipes
Suction Hooks (for drains if needed)
Maxi pads
disposable undies
Extra Chux
Compression socks
tank tops/maxi dresses, baggy sweatpants, flip-flops (chancletas!! lol), light sweater
pack of Ensure, pack of Gatorade, pack of Water bottles
non-salted crackers, ginger snaps, low sodium chicken noodle soup
extra blanket, extra pillow, towel, toiletries

PHEW!! I hope I haven't missed anything. Dr. Diaz offers a package which includes the whole surgery/meds/anesthesia, 10 massages, boarding for 8 nights room/3 meals a day, and transportation to and from Hospital and appts. I'm adding an extra not for $100 as well as a nurse he said he would hire me who will stay with me the following day post-op for $50. I'm doing this procedure by myself so I want to have someone there with me the day after to watch for me, God forbid, and just for a little company even lol...I know this isn't a social call but oh well, sue me. LOL

So yea, I think I pretty much got everything..I'm gonna get some cotton balls/q tips I have them in my house somewhere. I'm gonna bring my laptop, kindle, and 2 books probably as well so I won't be so bored. I'm arriving a day early, so I'll have time to do my labs then maybe see the sites for a little before Saturday morning! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S SO SOON...AFTER A WHOLE LIFE OF A BIG TUMMY I'LL FINALLY BE ABLE TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF!!!

Yes, I had to shout that to the world. lol I'm going to tell Dr. Diaz "lipo muy agresvio" lol VERY agressive lipo on my tummy. That has always been a problem spot, and I'm just tired of it. I have a *slight* butt as it is, so this BBL will just make it POP. I'm super excited! Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers BBL sisters!!

leaving for Flight soon, Dom Republic Tmrw -preop pics!

So I promised I would update with pics..go easy on me Dolls, this is why I'm here :/
PreOp Stats

Bust 38"
waist 33 (terriblee )
hips 41"

I'm 5'1 and 155 pounds...I feel so gross in almost as heavy I was when I was Prego ???? Oh well this Sx will give me the motivation to lose that 20 pounds..I don't wanna be thin thin skinny, i wanna be nice n thick but tight, so we will see how it goes..i already have thighs n hips, n a lil arch in my back, n that lipo will get me where i need and those ccs to the butt will make it pop!! God willing! Lol!! well I'm gonna finish packing, im leaving for the airport in a few hours ! Ill be arriving in DR like 5 AM..pray for me Dolls! will update as soon as im in DR!

Safe Flight..Arrived here at CIPLA! SX TOMORROW!!

Hello from the Dominican Republic everyone! It's beautiful here! So here's a quick recap on my flight:

I arrived to the airport without any hitches..my bag was 5 pounds overweight, and Santo Domingo doesn't let you bring overweight luggage apparently so I had to get rid of a pack of Gatorade I bought :( but luckily I still have my Ensures with me lol. So yea, the flight was pretty uneventful, we arrived about 10 minutes early. When you are coming to D.R. & you're not a citizen, be prepared to have your Passport, declaration cards and flight ticket ready with you until you're completely out of the airport when you arrive! They check your passport and customs cards like 15 times it felt like LOL. SO anyway, I finally managed to get my bag, went thru the one last checkpoint and HALLELUJAH! There was the driver Dr. Diaz set up for me with my name on a card waiting for me! He didn't speak English (Get used to a LOT of that in D.R.) but since I can speak some Spanish, it was all good lol. I told him I needed a calling card, and on the ride here he asked some vendors in the street if they had one (you'll see how traffic is here, very stop-and-go, so it's possible for people to like move thru the streets selling things,) and the vendor like tried to start tryna "holla" at me! LOL my driver wasn't having that, he pulled right off! LOL so anyway we arrived at CIPLA safely. I must say, it's a small building, maybe a little bit "old-fashioned" to American standards (well some places in America cuz I'm sure there are hospitals way worse, but I'm used to the NY/Northeast standard of things) but it's clean and the people are nice. I came into Dr. Diaz' office, and his secretary is SUCH a sweetheart. Anyway, took the tests, peed in the cup, got my blood drawn, did X rays of my chest, and went into the Doctor's office next door to do an EKG or something like, and THANK GOD all my tests have turned out fine! I was sooo afraid for the chest Xray cuz I used to smoke cigar Black n Milds when I was younger a few years back like RELIGIOUSLY, and I was afraid I did permanent damage, but the Dr said the tests came back great. Dr. Diaz secretary took me downstairs to get something to eat, then we came back up and I signed the Sx consent forms and stuff. Now I'm just here with waiting with her, we're going upstairs to my room in a little while. I must say girls, everything is going super smoothly so far, THANK YOU for your prayers and well wishes! I want to go outside for a little while today, just to see the sites for a little, since I don't know how much walking I'll want to do tomorrow. Well Dolls, I'll update a bit later in the day, it's Noon, I'm in D.R. the sun is shining, I'm excited for Tomorrow, and I'm feeling good!!

my Room at CIPLA and update - Surgery TOMORROW!!!!!

Hello Dolls, here are some pics from my.room I'm in at CIPLA. overall it is a nice place, the food good and many helpful people. I feel good being in the hospital RH as the nurses are right here, emergency room just downstairs, doctors downstairs, etc. I feel more secure this way esp since I'm here doing this on my own. I know some girls complained about the nurses but I think a lot of that is a language barrier, one girl got mad cuz she called after the nurse and it seemed like the nurse ignored her, but when I called after in Spanish, she stopped and came back. Please remember if you don't speak Spanish, it may not be that the nurse arent attentive but they LITERALLY dont understand what youre sayin so it would be like someone yellin in gibberish after you.. This isn't all of Them of course, but even the doctors and assistants here it is obvious english isnt their first language..Overall everyone is Extremely nice and helpful. Im glad i choose to stay here and I pray everything goes well.

TOMORROW is my day Dolls!!! DR Diaz just came to my room to discuss tomorrow, Im not allowed to eat or drink anything after 10 pm (I got a little over an hour left to get my greedy on!) lol and I go in at 730 tmrw morning. I was on Skype with my parents and my son when he came in , and my dad asked if he would please take good care of me, Dr. Diaz said I will I promise! He's such a good guy. And you guys are right he is Definitely easy on the eyes!!! i wonder if he had a nephew...Lol!!! But anyway Dolls I'm gonna go shower (last shower before Sx since cant take one after Sx) and try n eat something. LATER DOLLS THE NEXT TIME I UPDATE I WILL BE A #DIAZDOLL!! Keep me in your prayers all, I trust God that He is gonna bless and keep me thru surgery and ill come out after with confidence i havent had EVER! LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!"

#DIAZ doll for REAL!!!!

I made it to the other side girls!! I'm very sore in pain but I can tell my body is gonna be like dammmmnn just from rubbing over my stomach to hip ratio and mg butt. I've been laying down since surgery so I haven't even seen the whole effect but I FEEL the drastic difference just touching myself. I cannot wait to take pics n update n see this body, Thank you soooo much for your thoughts n prayers girls!


I'm gonna just put the pics up since they're on my phone and then update again with details since its easier to type on my laptop..but look at me now!!!! mind you I'm super swollen with faja on n this is only one day after my sX! Team DIAZ ALL Day!!

Dr. Diaz Miracle Worker/Sculpter Extraordinaire PART 2 POST OP PIC!

SOO GIrls I promised I would update. I had my surgery yesterday morning, around 7:30 Dr. Diaz called my room here at CIPLA, i went downstairs to his office. We went over my medical history one last time, I paid for the surgery, and he marked me up. He sent me back to my room and about 10 minutes later a nurse came with the Blue Pill and my operating gear. They put me on the gourney and that's kinda the last thing I remember...I DID wake up slightly during surgery and I remember asking "terminado terminado?" "finished finished" He said "not yet" and the pressure kinda hurt cuz I think he was doing my MASSIVE amount of backfat, but then they must have gave me more anesthesia cuz I knocked out again. I remember waking up like in my room as they helped put me on my bed and I like slept for a few hours. I woke up in PAIN. Surgery is no joke ladies, you will be SORE AS HELL and like a throbbing type of pain. BUT like they say, NO PAIN NO GAIN, BEAUTY IS PAIN blah blah all that lol...so anyway my nurse came and stayed with me the whole day, she was SUCH a sweetheart, and helped me do everything from like putting meds in my IV to putting the covers over my feet and like doing everything you can't do (cuz after surgery you WONT be able to move and do anything for yourself honestly.) Last night to be honest, was TORTURE for me, my hips throbbed and my butt and the sides so like no position was comfortable, and laying on the stomach is where the drains entered so it burned like hell..they kept coming in to but the meds thru the IV, that helped take a SLIGHT edge off the pain, mind you I say SLIGHT..lol anyway I made it thru the night, and Dr. Diaz came in this morning, changed my bandages, gave me my meds that I'll begin taking Orally, as well as some gel for bruising, and showed me how to change my drains. I asked him how many ccs he put in, he said 1000! I'm like DAMNNN it's a good thing I didn't tell him like 1500 ccs, he said he had that prepared but after awhile your butt just didn't expand anymore! LOL i'm glad for that cuz these cheeks are HUGE let me tell you...I can't wait to have someone else take a Ass pic for real so you can see, but let me tell you, YOU CAN SEE MY BUTT FROM THE FRONT...seriously! lol and my WAIST...I HAVE A WAIST! I have absolutely NEVER had a flat stomach without love handles no matter how small I got, (it's just the way I'm built naturally, being busty and all) so when I saw my waist I literally CRIED! I WAS SO HAPPY! He also mentioned to me that I MIGHT have some sagging skin before the surgery, but when I took the garment off, my lower stomach barely has ANY and I'm only ONE DAY POST OP! I'm SOOOO FREAKIN HAPPY I didn't do the Tummy Tuck. Dr. Yily and ALmonte said I would probably need that, not taking into account my skin texture, but I'm GLAD I WENT WITH DIAZ! He knew and understood it depends on the elasticity of your skin, if you have many stretch marks now, if you had loose skin after pregnancy, etc, and I really had none of that so i'm THRILLED I got the lipo only, I don't want a TT scar or the pain of that operation! I couldn't imagine! Anyway, my personal nurse left this morning, I ate some breakfast, was able to take off my garment and I'm just like DAMMNNN IS THAT ME? YO i could be in anybody's video, I'm not even kidding...lol girls Dr. Diaz doesn't have the "name" or isn't as "famous" as Yily and Duran but he could SCULPT JUST AS WELL! He knew what to do with my body and how to make everything compliment your OWN personal body shape. Remember we are all shaped differently, so what may look good for someone else, may not be necessary for you! Like I said I wanted 1500 ccs, but honestly I didn't need it since I had a slight butt before, he knew how to get as much as my skin would stretch, and STILL sculpt for my frame! I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM!!! He has given me my confidence that I have NEVER had now I have the body to match my pretty face (lol but seriously though) I can NOT even rave about him enough. THANK YOU DR DIAZ!!

My mom said "My Butt is talkin!" LOL w/ Pic

I sent my mom pics, (she has a BIGGGG ASS) and she said uh oh! I gotta hold a meeting (for the butt club) cuz your butt is TALKIN! haha sure is mama!! Excuse the bloody garment, I get it washed soon, but I had to show yall a pic!

CIPLA stay info and things you MUST bring!

Hey all, so I just thought I would give a little more info on my CIPLA stay since I've been asked. Dr. Diaz offers a package that includes 8 day stay, transportation to and from airport (the driver was there waiting with a card with my name on it like in the movies! lol) along with medicines and anesthesia and surgery, 3 meals a day/WIFI and 10 massages. My original quote for just the lipo/BBL with one night clinic was 3,000. With the package I paid 3800. BUT I also added 1 extra day (100$) and a nurse to stay with me in my room overnight the day of surgery/overnight. ($50) I'm absolutely glad I choose to get the nurse, I could NOT have survived last night without her! Seriously i couldn't move, it felt like an elephant was tap dancing on my back and sides and butt! Hurts so bad! But luckily the pain is subsiding and now am just very sore. I didn't really have to do much, I just emailed Dr. Diaz my itinerary and he did the rest for me! Now THAT'S service at it's best!! I don't know if Cabral or Duran or Yily offer this package, as I didn't get into that info with them, but I know Dr. Diaz does, and I'm absolutely THRILLED with my results, I'm soo happy I choose him! He quoted me less than Yily did and Duran never got back to me, so I'm glad I made the right decision! Just do your research Dolls, and you won't go wrong! :)

Things TO BRING:
bottles of water (DR water you can't brush your teeth with or shower after surgery because it isn't treated)
Bath wipes
a comfy pillow (not necessarily a Boppy, in fact some Drs recommend against it because it puts uneven pressure on your butt)
extra towel
maxi pads (for the garment)
any miscellaneous snacks you may want

Everything else was included, food, meds, etc. If you can, bring pain pills, I'm mad I didn't bring any percocets cuz the Meds here aren't the strongest, but I survived the night so I know I can do it again!
I love my room here, it's clean and large and comfy. Anything else don't hesistate to ask me Dolls!

Girls please be REALISTIC about your Wish PICS Of What you want for YOUR INDIVIDUAL BODY!

Hey Dolls, I just wanted to get this out...A lot of time I see Wish Pics on people's pages of models/movie stars that just AREN'T realistic for YOUR BODY FRAME. Please remember, that a Dr. can only work with what you Have. For example, if you are naturally very very slim, with little to no hips or butt and very little fat harvestable, you can't expect to get a J Lo booty or a "buffy the body" booty. Please look at people who have similar frames as you, not just height/weight/ but who seem to "carry" their excess weight in the same places you do! Also, if you have 35 or more pounds to lose, do remember the BBL is NOT WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY! It is a "shaping" and "contouring" surgery. So you can get the BBL being 50 pounds overweight, but honestly, until you are closer to your goal weight, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. It may help with the "shape" of you body but it still won't help if you have many pounds to lose. Also, if you are Very slim and only about 5 pounds overweight, don't expect for a HUGE butt, for the simple fact, you need a good amount of fat to get a Good sized butt! So I feel like between 10-25 pounds overweight is perfect. Just a word to the wise, don't set yourself up for failure! I know I have a "medium" frame and although I'm short, I will never a super tiny tiny waist, because I'm just not "built" like that, my "bones" are a little larger. Be realistic of what you have and who you are, and LOVE YOU FOR YOU FIRST!

More Post-Op Pics! (One day after SX) Look at that PROJECTION THOUGH!

Girls, do you know that song where he goes, "look back at it, look back at it"...well that's how I feel right now! lol I took my faja off to put on my bruising cream and neosporin on and I'm just like DIABLLOOO DAMN! Lol I'm still swollen mind you, and very bruised up, but you guys can be the judge! Dr. Diaz did his THANG! My butt is still sitting kinda high, but he assured me it will drop a little...but DAMN! That's all I can keep saying lol! I'm one happy camper!

first Massage today & Arnica pomada

Good morning Dolls, I just received my first massage. It was kinda painful but more the kind of pain that is followed by relief. I took one of the pain pills a few hours before she came to my room, so I'm sure that helped as well. I brought this pomade with me I for off Amazon, called Pomada de Arnica, or Arnica salve. The lady doing my massage was really Happy and surprised I had it, so she used a little bit.of that during the massage. She first used some type of handheld machine which wasnt so painful. My stomach is soo sensitive to the touch though, it kind of stings and Burns when you even touch it, ouch! My back feels a little bit better but is still hurting. She saw my butt and said Wow! You got a lot! lol it is big...I'm hoping it's not too big though? I sent my mom a pic and she said it's too big for your height! Lol I'm only 5'0 or 5'1 on a good day...but I know the swelling still has to go down as well as some Fat will be reabsorbed. So im keeping an open mind! lol im Sure it will be fine..fingers crossed! I'm currently waiting for my faja, they're hand washing it for me, So I'm just relaxing in my room for the rest of the day. I think the massage lady said she was gonna come back and do a little more before I put the faja on. You really feel the relief especially cuz you can like watch the fluid go into the drain while you're getting massaged, maybe it's a mental thing! But I'm feeling much better today, still very sore but the pain about a 6 and not a 9 like the day of Sx. Pics of my tummy up later!

Tummy Pics Post Op day 3

Hey all, still here recovering. I'm feeling better, not 100% but the soreness is subsiding. The massage helps a little, but it's a slow process,.a lot mental, so im just trying to stay positive and strong! I promised I would take some tummy pics. Sorry the pics aren't full body, I'm short and the only mirror I have is a little short mirror here in my bathroom. I'm still swollen in my back and tummy, but my butt is slowly but surely softening. (It felt like a cement Block the first day after sx ) lol which is to be expected due to inflammation. Here's the pics, ill update more later!


Hey all, so many people have asked what did I need or didn't need! HERES A LIST:

No-rinse body wipes (I could have brought another pack along with me actually!)
Maxi-pads (to stuff faja in places it's loose)
Ensure/mini bottles of water
ARNICA POMADA (My massage lady like LOVED me for bringing this along, it's great for bruising)
Arnica gel/Arnica tablets/Bromelain tablets
Bacitracin or antibacterial ointment
stool softener
Qtips (for putting the ointment on stitches)
Wife beaters or tank tops for under faja) Robe/slippers/bball shorts or maxi dresses
Extra Comfy Pillow and 2 towels
Anti-Itch gel
Ginger snaps/snack food for between meals

Hibiclens (my skin is sensitive so it was allergic to it, but I still would get some kind of Antibacterial cleanser for your body)
Adult diapers (been wearing faja and robe all around, didn't even need to put panties on)
So many different clothes (I been wearing the robe/faja and just t-shirts underneath, and only put on a maxi dress a few times to go to the Bodega down the street today)

-one more pack of no-rinse body wipes
-antibacterial/ alcohol pads (just to clean where stitches are, I've been using the no-rinse bath wipes to wipe and put the ointment over them instead)
-More gauze/nonstick tape (cuz I don't feel like keep asking the nurses for more each time, but it is available here at CIPLA)
-Dermoplast, to spray the incisions/stitches when they sting/burn

Don't forget to bring your laptop/Ipad/books or whatever to keep you occupied during your stay, especially if you're coming alone like I did! Keep the packing to a minimum ladies, you won't feel like bringing the whole world, and trust me you WONT feel like being cute, so you dont need all these clothes! I hope this has been helpful Dolls!

Day 4 Post Op

Hey dolls,
Not feeling the best today. I'm really sore because I didn't take my pain medication (I HAVENT HAD A BM In 5 DAYS! so I stopped because narcotics will plug you up and I really want to "go" cuz my stomach is hurting. TMI I know but this WILL happen if you take your pain medication consistently.) I'm also kind of homesick today, I really miss my kid and my family. I'm still here a CIPLA, and will be leaving in 5 days. I'm halfway thru!! SO I'm trying to stay positive and look on the bright side. I'm slowly but surely feeling better but still very very sore. I've been able to like squat my legs and stuff so that's good cuz I'm getting my full range of motion back. The girl came asking what I wanted for dinner so I'm gonna get steak and rice and beans (Yummy!) So that made me happy. LOL sad food makes me happy, but it still does :) I'm just trying to learn to eat things more healthily than before though! I'm trying to rest and continue to rub the Arnica on places, cuz that is very helpful with scarring and pain. So far the nurses have been helpful trying to make us happy, so I appreciate that especially in this time of pain! Well dolls I'll post more later!

Post Op Day 5- Feeling Great!

Well dolls, I've been feeling really great today. I walked around alot and was able to get some pasta cuz i've been DYING for some down here. The food is on time here at CIPLA but definitely not the best VARIETY, if that's what you're into. Then again, for surgery we should be focusing on recovery not all the different types of things we can eat though right :) But it was a really good day. I feel alot better and I am slowly but surely getting full range of my body back. It is still tender to touch but in the places especially where the lipo, it's starting to tingle and I can feel the numbness being replaced by feeling again. My butt is still very hard but I'm able to make it bounce and jiggle a little! it's now starting to feel how you feel day 2 after a REALLY intense workout and not so much a car crash or elephant stomping on my back. I'm also using the Arnica gel consistently, which has really helped with my bruising. I had LOT of bruising, even on my right arm which is kind of odd because I didn't have Arm Lipo, but Dr Diaz basically explained because i had a lot of backfat, sometimes blood vessels in surrounding areas can be disturbed. It didn't hurt though so I was glad about that, I'm just happy the bruising is going away. I'm gonna update with a pic in a minute. I was able to put my waist cincher on today, which is helping cuz my back swelling is going down, I can feel it getting "loose" in that area of my Faja. Pics up next! Recovery is going really well for me so far, thanks everyone for their prayers!

Post Op Day 6/7 REVIEW!

Hello all, just thought I'd stop back to let you know how I"m doing...I'm currently 7 days post op! I feel so much better, still very sore. The hardest part is not having full range of your body muscles. I've always been a semi athletic and very flexible person, even heavy, and that is my biggest complaint not being able to stretch properly on a daily basis. Also, I'm softening up but I'm feeling "hard spots" that like move around and hurt, the only way to get those out is to massage them and use Arnica gel or pomade to help with relief! BUY ARNICA! I purchased "Arnica Pomade" off of Amazon.com and I swear by it ! I had terrible bruising even in surrounding areas I didn't get lipo'd, my arms and my chest, and my chest is completely gone and my arm bruise is almost completely gone. It also helps relieve the pain a little. Yesterday (DAY 6) I was able to get out and about with family friends that Live here. WE ARE BLESSED IN AMERICA! I saw a SLUM, I mean no running water, no electricity, babies running around with no diapers and cradle cap, an outside area that acts as a bathroom/washroom/laundry room/play area..all at once. The poverty in DR is REAL and I saw it first hand. I literally broke down and cried to see little babies with cradle cap and no shoes on running around in complete filth and squalor and still SMILING AND PLAYING. We take for granted every day what we have here in America. Always remember some places people have it 10,000x worse than you! I was also able to see the statue of Christopher Columbus as well as many historical monuments which was absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. It was an eye-opening day and I'm blessed to have been able to get out and see the REAL city. (This area is not by CIPLA, as I told you my friend came and picked me up in the car, the part of Santo Domingo where CIPLA is where there are the businesses and more influential buildings, so rest assured.) But always be GRATEFUL ladies..the fact you can afford PAMPERS for your kids, and some people in this world have no fridge, no stove only a HOT PLATE to prepare food for their family...just overwhelming to think of. I'm walking around a lot better and I just am continuing to stay positive, put arnica on, and trying to feel better. I have 2 more days here so I'm gonna just try and relax and maintain a good attitude! The biggest complaint about CIPLA I have is the repetivive Food....LOL! But I guess hospital food WHEREVER you go can't be expected to be chef's status! Besides that I like it here, they'll wash you clothes and help you out best as they can. THE LANGUAGE BARRIER IS REAL! SO IF SPANISH IS NOT YOUR STRONG SUIT OR YOU DONT HAVE SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP, KEEP THAT IN MIND! Luckily I know a lot of Spanish so I've been fine, but another lady who doesn't speak Spanish, her and her daughter are having a really hard time, because they'll ask for something and it'll seem like the nurses are ignoring them and taking forever, it's cuz they don't Understand you and sometimes it takes a while to find a person who speaks English. Luckily there are people here who speak English here that also work here, which is another reason why I choose the hospital over the RHs as well, because those for the most part those are strictly Spanish-speaking. But anyway, I just had my breakfast, I'm feeling great, gonna go up the street to the Bodega and get me a nice Blue Gatorade! LOL later Dolls!

Post Op Day 11- Back in the States!

Hola everyone, I got back here to the States 2 nights ago. I'm feeling a lot better, still VERY sore, but I'm using Shea Butter to try and massage the lipo'ed areas every night. I feel like my butt went down a little, but I'm also swollen in my back and stomach still. I LOVE my shape, I have the perfect hour glass shape. I can't wait until my skin isn't so tender so I can start wrapping my back with body wraps, then it will really help with keeping lower back swelling under control! I'm wearing the faja that Dr. Diaz gave me, It's getting big and I bought one in DR but that's toooo tight and I'm not getting faja burns for anybody, so I'll probably try and buy a new one next week! Dr. Diaz gave me a woman's card in the Bronx who does lympmatic massages that he recommends, so I'm probably gonna try and do one next week. I ran out of Arnica so I have to order more. I'm back to work, yesterday was hard but I made it thru! If you have a very vigorous or streneous job, I do NOT recommend going back until at least 2 weeks post! My job is low key and I can stand, sit, walk around pretty much whenever and I don't have to bend/lift/move things around so that's good. I ordered a hand massager off Amazon and I can't wait to try that..the Best feeling is a hot shower after not being able to take one in so many days! And then using any type of oil on the lipoe'd areas really helps loosen you up. I can't wait until my skin is not tender and all these sore/hard lumps are completely gone! I'm gonna look up any remedies to help quicken the process..well that's it for now Dolls, I'll take a pic soon and update once the swelling decreases a bit! Later!

Month n Few weeks Post Op Pics!!!

Sorry I been MIA ladies!!! Lipo recovery is no joke, not to mention the Drama associated with so called family members n friends n the Jealous..it's crazy guys, prepare to be lusted after more than ever, n hated for no reason..what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

Anyway, I been healing slowly but surely, still have a little hardness in abs but for the most part it's been going smooth. Lipo is a real surgery with real recovery time, its been a month n I am still stiff. In time, I will feel 100% better! More later Dolls!:

5 Month Update! #diazdoll

In LOVEE with my body still..5 months in a little. All pain is gone and all hard spots are almost gone! Enjoyy :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diaz, from the time I contacted him, was extremely helpful and responsive. He set up my nurse for me as well as my transportation. He made me feel so comfortable doing this alone. He is a MASTER sculptor and gave me the shape I've always desired! I cannot even begin to rave enough about him! His assistant is a sweetheart, he's a nice, professional man and makes you feel comfortable no matter what. THANK YOU DR DIAZ! If I ever need something else done I'm DEFINITELY taking the trip back to the Dominican Republic to see him again!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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