Soon To be Fatima Doll Can't Wait to Be Transformed: TT, BBL, Lipo to Abdomen, Full Back, Flanks, ArmPits, and Inner Thighs - DR

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Hey all I'm new to Real Self, I'm a 31 year old...

Hey all I'm new to Real Self, I'm a 31 year old mother of 1 from Philly. Looking to be Yilyfied by Dra. Yily De Los Santos in Dominican Republic May 2014. I can not wait to get my new body. I want to have a Tummy Tuck with aggressive Lipo to the abs, full back, flanks, arm pits, and inner thigh. I also would like BBL but nothing too over done. Just a nice round bootay that will look very proportioned to my body. I have a few wish pics that I think could be realistic to my body that I will add later as well as a few pics of myself. 

A little more about me. I recently lost 100lbs through gastric sleeve. I am currently 199lbs looking to lose another 25lbs before going to Yily. I absolutely LOVE the way I have come down with still some curves but hate the way I look naked which is my reasons for seeking plastics. I recently saw a surgeon here in my city for an insurance covered panninectomy, I am now awaiting approval. While waiting and after my consultation with the doctor, I've decided that even if I get approved, I will not go through with it and just wait to see Yily in May. My reasons... the removal of the Pannis is just that, with no tightening of the muscles and nothing like an actual Tummy Tuck. If I was to go through the insurance covered procedure, I would still end of going to Yily in the future for Lipo and my BBL. So in an effort to avoid going under the knife too much and getting exactly what I want. I've decided just to go to Yily. I am really looking forward to seeing her as her works that I've seen so far is AMAZING!!! I've already received my quote from her and have even made adjustments already. I was looking to have a breast lift as well but when looking at her breast I've decided that A} I really didn't like her breast work and B} That may be too much at once for my body. So, I've decided to wait and just rock a good push up until I am ready to have my breast done and I'll just do it here in the states.

I an undecided if I want to stay at a Hotel while there and just pay to have a nurse to visit, or if I would like to stay at a Recovery House. If you know of any good RH please let me know.

Anyway, I will update as I progress and things gets closer for me. Thanks all and good luck on your efforts toward a better body!


Hey Guys, I'm back to add a few wish pics. I know I said I want something that looks natural, I really have no idea what I want. I guess a combo of them all with out going over board.

More Pics


Here's some pics of my before and after, and a frontal and side view of the me before. I am really hoping Yily can do wonders with this body of mine.

Recovery House Search

So while the original plan was to stay at a hotel and make a vacation out of it. My thoughts are that my sisters and I should stay at a recovery house. There will be 3 of us all getting surgery by Yily on the same day. Where have you ladies stayed or heard was a good place to stay. We would need somewhere where we can get massages needed and the proper care. Clean and reputable. Thanks in advace. I know there are so many and I've gotten a quote for one so far. $770pp for the 11 day stay. They are charging for the night we will be at CIPLA for whatever the reason. I am wondering if all RH charge for the night that you are a CIPLA. I was also wondering since we are going to be there for like 10 days should we stay half at a RH and the other half at a resort? IDK~ lol
Anyway ladies. I took some more pics of my nasty pre-op. I'll post them later.

Making Arrangements.

So dolls,
My sisters and I are now looking into making final arrangements for our trip. I am so excited. I can not wait. May 11th will be our departure date. I think we have made a final decision on Real Recovery Armonia Recovery House. They are charging 75pp and have room for the three of us to be together. I have heard good things about this RH and they have replied well and answered my questions promptly via FB!

We were also trying to figure out if booking a first class fight back home is necessary. I heard that JetBlue has seats with extra room that is good enough to come back home but we just want to make sure and be as comfortable as possible. Since we all are getting out butts done. lol. Well girls please share your experience in these matters if you're post op, and for my pre-op dolls, I'd like to hear about your travel arrangements as well. tootles!!!

So Anxious to Book our flights and RH

My sister and I have been researching the best deal on flights all weekend. I think we are going to book sometime this week. Bummer that we can not get a direct flight to and from but I guess that's okay. Coach flight going and first class flight coming back. I have been reading a lot of reviews and I am so so so hype to have this surgery done. I just had someone say to me that maybe I should just purchase a bootay pop instead of having surgery. LOL I laughed and walked away! Nope I will get my surgery and flaunt it! I am going to start getting supplies together for my sister and I. I have seen so many lists of what to take, some are very basic and others are simply too much. I always over pack and since we will be staying for 10 days I want to make sure I take what I need and not go over board with it, especially since it will be a lot to begin with.

I am also thinking about contacting Yily and requesting another quote. I think that I would like to add lipo of my inner thigh. But I also wondering if it would be worth it. Oh decisions, decisions!

Panniculectomy vs. TT, BBL, etc!!! What's a girl to do.

Well I am still waiting for approval from my insurance for a Panniculectomy. I saw a PS at the end of October and was told by his office that they submitted my claim on December 11th and it takes a few weeks to come back. I have all sorts of things running through my head because I would love for insurance to pay for my procedure BUT I know with insurance comes restrictions. The PS here will NOT give me the results Yily would. BUT I will not have to pay one dime if insurance approved. I have been looking at Panniculetomy before and after pictures and i have to say that I do not like any of the results that i've seen. No one has a shape, everyone looks like a box. The surgeon told me that it would really just be a cut from Hip to Hip and the pull down and create another belly button.
While I am been saving my ass off for DR. I think that I may be getting a little over my head about going. can i really afford this, why pay if its going to be offered free. i know free isnt alway the best way but what if this doctor can work magie on the body. Ugh What's a girl to do.

Money...Money...Money and reason!

So unless we are rich I can assume that we are all working so very hard to stack this cash for our desired bodies. I for on while being a mommy of a 1 year old little girl is maintaining a Full-Time job, a part-time job bartending, and a business selling sex toys. I have to say that I am working my ass off! lol I am exhausted but this is going to all pay off by this summer. Working hard to get the dream body we want! These two pictures are the very reason why I am working so plucking hard. Even after dropping 100lbs I am still very much insecure with my skin. So much lose fat and skin hanging. I just want realistic results and while I hope that Yily can work her magic in one pop, I am pretty sure that I may have to go back. My "after pics" may have a person saying it don't look like that with clothes on, BUT I am the Spanx queen and wear two when getting dressed. I am looking forward to the day when I don't have to wear any!

Just Playing around

Downloaded the Plastic Surgery Simulator App. I love this look on me. I think I may use it as a wish pic. What do you think?

Sending to Yily....

So these ladies are my final wish pics. I've played and played with this app and with the Plastic Surgery Simulator App and finally came up with something that I thinks looks realistic enough for my body. I'm so excited that I'm sending these pictures to Dra. Yily. I'm also going to hang them all over my house especially on the refrigerator. I want to lose 25 more lbs before heading to DR in May.

It just got real!

I'm so excited that my flight is book and confirmed and my sister will be sending our information over to Yily. It just got real. We are flying coach going over and first class coming back. I'm so excited. Now onto confirming a Recovery house. Still considering Real Recovery Armonia. We'll ladies happy new year!

I am so so frustrated ladies!

I never thought ath this would be such a hard things to do. My mind is so cosumed with information and thoughts. I have decided to stay at a recovery house but now the only questions is Which RH! There are so so many and all RH aren't good RH! My first choise was Real Revocery Armonia, I am now looking into Carmellia RH. My main goal is that I am well taken care. I am also having an issue with Yily NOT replying to my e-mails. I am about to switch to Almonte and just send my deposit to her. I undertand that Yily may have more experience and more "known" patients BUT Customer service and communication is key for me and if youare too busy to email me back regarding my care or upcoming surgery then maybe your patient overload is to much and you could use one less one. I am sure me changing to another doctor wouldn't make a difference to her BUT the fact taht Almonte Assitant called me and talked with me on the phone meant ALOT! especiall since I had only sent the email a day before. Well taht's my update ladies. I am all ready to go finall I just need to make some final decisions about the RH and Doctor and I will be AOK! will update again soon.

Well it's official

I have officially changed to a Almonte doll. I'm sure Yily is an excellent doctor but not excellent for me. I'm too much of a hands on patient to not have communication with my doctor. So my deposit was made to Almonte this morning through her BOA account. I'm excited. I've been going back and forth about staying at a RH so I've decided that half of my stay will be at a RH and on the 5th day I will move to a hotel.
This is my new wish pic. Lol I'm showing it to the doctor. Can't wait, now that I've made my deposit I'm a lot more relaxed. It was hard to step away from Yily and her fab results. But I am confident that Almonte will give me the natural look that I'm looking for.

All Set!

So people, as you know I've switched from Yily to Almonte and I couldn't be happier. The communication with Lesley (almonte asssitant) and Fatima ( Dra. Almonte) is all that I've asked for. Surgery is set for Monday May 12th, I asked to be the first patient. I will arrive on Sunday afternoon and head straight to Cecip for pre-op work and stay there over night for surgery first thing Monday morning. I will be staying at Tropical Recovery House, where both owners who are husband and wife are both nurses. I've heard nothing but great reviews about Tropical Recovery house and I can't wait to experience it for myself. I have collected most of my supplies. So far I have Chux, Adult diapers, Anti bacterial cream, Arnica cream, Gloves, maxi dresses, flip flops and meds. I have to still get a few items. even though I have a few weeks to go, I have already started to pack. lol. I have also printed my wish pics to take along with me. I am going to tell Fatima to hang them in the surgery room and reference them as shes working on me. I'd like to get as close to the wish pic as possible. Hopefuly I am being realistic. I am also trying to lose an additional 15 lbs before I go. So working out, juicing, and upping my water and protein intake will be my diet for the next few weeks. Alright Dolls, I'll to post again soon.

16 Days...

I'm almost there. Im so excited. I just hope everything goes well. I have faith that it will. My flight has been changed twice and now I won't be arriving to DR until Midnight Sunday Night. In a panic I contacted Dra. Almonte assistant Lesley and what a god send she is. She told me not to worry and just send her the new flight information. She'll switch some things around so my surgery can go as planned for surgery. Whew! That made me feel so much better. I have to say I really appreciate the communication. I have all my supplies and is just about all packed up. Think I'm going to finalize my packing so I can concentrate on my baby girls 2nd birthday party which is 8 days prior to my departure.

I have to say I am so pleased with the natural results that Almonte is giving. There were a lot of girls that went in April and from what I've seen, their results are really nice. Tummy tuck scars are straight and low and BBLs are noticeable but not over the top. Well thats all for me for now. I'll post more before my departure. Thanks for reading luv bugs

1 month post op Fatima is a God!

Hey Dolls, I'll give a full review in a few but real quick. I had surgery with Fatima Almonte on Tuesday May 13th. I stayed at Tropical Recovery House and I have to say all in all it was a GREAT experience. I'm currently 1 day post op. I've only had 3 massages so far. Dra. Fatima is A god. She and her assistants checks on my progress daily. I couldn't have chosen a better surgeon. Here's a few before and after pictures.

Comparing my results. Thank you Dra. Almonte

Hey girls... so since surgery I've been feeling great about my body and it really changes every day. I've been in my stage 2 faja for about a week or so and I'm already on the last set of hooks. My back still aches a little but that's getting better by the day as well. I take pictures almost every day. I stand on the mirror and just look at my body. I am so in love with my results. I can't say it enough but I couldn't have picked a better surgeon. Fatima Almonte was everything that I needed. Her and her staff are simply amazing. So loving and caring. Compassionate for their patients. Since I've been home I talk to them via whatsapp at least twice a week if not more. I've had my 5th massage which is like heaven. I go to my next this Saturday and when i tell you the masseuse hands are the best. I fall alseep every time. Yesterday I decided to take updated pics and compare them to my preop and 3 week post photos. My mouth dropped. So I decided to share

Stage 2 Garment

updates pics almost 6 months post

Almost 6 months post op. Thinking about returning for round 2 just lipo all over and back lift. With Almonte again. Hopefully by February. I love my results. My back has healed very well. Just an ugly scar. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

6 months post op!

It's been 6 months post op. I am still loving my results. I gained 10 lbs but that's okay with me, I plan to get those back off soon. My plan to return in February has been pushed back til fall. I want the Back lift but it can wait. I was told to wait 6 months to do any serious Ab workouts. So let the body sculpting begin. I ordered the Keyshia Ka'oir waist eraser. I heard it really works. Anyway, here are some updated pics. Enjoy. Ask any questions you'd like.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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