Future Yily Doll! TT, BBL, Thigh Lift - Dominican Republic

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I can't believe the day is finally here. I'm...

I can't believe the day is finally here. I'm scheduled for surgery with Dr. Yily on August 12, 2016 and called today to confirm everything again and was asked if I can change my flight from August 11 to August 10. I don't want to take connecting flights (only thing available at this time). Now I'm starting to worry:(

OMG! I leave tomorrow! Butterflies in my stomach - soon to be snatched!!

Thanks for your kind words ladies! I spoke to Luz, thank God I didn't have to switch my flight. I hope and pray Dr. Yily is not overwhelmed on my surgery day. I read she does as many as 6 surgeries a day!

Taking VitaMedica support recovery vitamins. These vitamins are big and you have to take 3 at a time:I It will be all worth it if they work. I read the bruising and pain is serious!!! I also ordered a USpro 2000 ultrasound because I read this is good for swelling, draining and pain.

Found a few Hyperbaric Chamber Services in DR but they charge a whopping $100 a treatment!!! I really want to heal fast so I can get back to work so I may have to foot the bill!

Still trying to find Yily thigh lift reviews. Please help!

Hey RS Fam! I'm here and safe! I couldn't get TT or Thigh Lift because my skin wasn't loose enough :(

Dr. Yily and her staff are so nice. They were professional and explained everything so I can understand in broken-english LOL.

First, Dr. Yily said I didn't have enough fat for BBL and the thigh lift wouldn't give me the results I wanted so she said she would do liposuction instead.

Today Dr. Yily came to hospital to make sure we were okay. Her assistant (that speaks English) said BBL was done but my TT wasn't done. I will see when I remove the faja tomorrow. I can't really tell because I am swollen and pain is everywhere!

I have to contact the office for refund. I hope it goes smoothly. I will keep you posted.

Photos coming soon.

Drain Removal

Okay ladies, I have to tell you it took some time to get use to my surgery purse (drain). I was so afraid of breaking it while sleeping or forgetting to pick it up when going to the bathroom. I asked the nurse during my first postop visit, how long the purse has to stay and she said at least 10 days. So this meant I would be going home with the drain so I prepared the perfect outfit to wear home hiding my drain. Then one of the Luxury RH care attendants to me they will disconnect the purse to travel through the airport and I have to reattach it at home. The drains we had were larger than the ones I see here. I only had one drain with the tube going across my back, under my skin, from right hip to left hip. When I finally get use to my purse I went to the clinic for a followup, 8 days postop, Dr. Yily's assistant pressed my stomach and back and said the drain is going to be removed now. Ain't nothing wrong with a big strong girl! I looked at her and said (to myself) "HELL NAH" I don't want them strong hands removing my drain! OMG! I was excited and scared at the same time. All the talk about how painful it is to remove the drain. I heard my roomie scream when hers was removed during my first postop visit. I prayed asking God please dear Lord give me the strength Jesus!
So Dr. Yily's assistant went to check out another patient and another (much smaller) nurse came in and she opened a razor blade. Girrrrl is said to myself, I'm no punk! I can do this! Before she started I asked her to give me a moment. Okay I'm ready. I took a deep breath and she cut the stitch holding the drain and slowly pulled out the drain. THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL!!! I noticed that the tube had little holes (like every inch) so it can catch the fluid. I thought the fluid had to enter the one hole where the drain started only.

So pray ladies and the Lord will deliver!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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