Future Yily Barbie!! - Dominican Republic

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Hey ladies, I'm new to writing the reviews on here...

Hey ladies, I'm new to writing the reviews on here but this site is amazing!!!!! I have been researching surgeons for the last 3 years and made up my mind! I want to be a yily Barbie!!! The surgeons here in the US are overly priced with not so good results so I am going to toughen up and go to DR for my surgery!!! I'm so excited! I will be turning 28 in May and all I want is a big booty and hips for my bday!!! I have a 7yr old (by c-section) and I had a nephrectomy (gave my mommy a kidney). I've NEVER had a butt or hips but I have big breast (pretty unproportioned lol) I'm 4"11 and My days of having a nice flat stomach are gone :-( but I'm SURE Yily can fix that!!! I'm kinda scared of the thought of going out of the country for surgery but RS has calmed me and I've met some great ppl on her!! I received my quote from Yily within an hour of emailing her!! I'm going to submit my deposit to secure my date I think I've found a SX buddy but I guess the more the merrier! My parents are freaked out that I am going abroad for this but the money isn't the issue it's the quality and from what I've seen DR has hands down thee BEST results!! I had a surgery date set up with a local surgeon but I KNOW he cannot get me where I am trying to go!!! Ladies feel free to share your tips, pros/cons on this procedure and recovery process! Counting down the days until I make it to the other side :)

Deposit to Yily and Dates?

Hey ladies, so I've been trying to figure out the easiest way to send my deposit to Yily!! Any suggestions on the easiest way? Also, my BFF and I are going together and the earliest appts are end of May, if anyone has a couple spots they plan on rescheduling PLEASE let me know. I'd rather go the end of April or beginning of May, thanks!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Got a quote back from Yily within an hour of sending pics and email!! I also chatted with her on whatssapp! Sent my first message in English and didn't get a response then I translated the message on google and she replied! She seems really nice and down to earth!

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