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Hey my RealSelf friends, I first want to start off...

Hey my RealSelf friends,
I first want to start off by saying you guys are awesome what a great social network and supportive community where women can share a wealth of information.
I have been stalking literally stalking this website. I have a little info on myself I'm 5'9 I child. I had a regular pregnancy ( no C-section I mean). I am about 200 lbs and I am looking for a beautiful sexy body. I want breast lift, BBL and tummy lipo.
I originally only wanted the amazing Dra.Duran but she's so hard to reach I sent emails and I even took the advice of the fellow ladies and used the WhatsAPP messenger still no response. I called her office I spoke with Elizabeth but she said I have to wait for response its been about ten days havent heard anything back.

So I reached out to Yily via email no response but she did respond to Whats APP she quoted me 4700 for BA BBL and tummy lipo.....shes told me about hemoglobin levels and BMI requirements...
I really need quote for Duran Im looking to get surgery 1/5/15 ...I know its a long time away but I need to start saving and reserving my time away from work.
If you ladies have another way to reach Duran pls let me know. Also if anyone going from NYC next Jan would love a buddy so pls let me know ....Ill post my quotes and everything closer I get
Also lastly I asked Yily for everything plus chin lipo and she quoted 5800 ...I changed my mine but because honestly its not that serious just thought I'd let you guys know if anyone else was interested .

Small Steps toward small waist kinda

So still no word for Duran I tried emails I tried whats App I tried writing in English and Spanish still no response. Dra.Yily on the other hand has been awesome with her communication she even referrede me to Recovery House Upscale Luxury...if anyone has stayed ther pls let me know . I want to stay @ the best recovery house. I have read some horror stories about RH not being what that claim. So pls comment and tell me if you have any reviews on any recovey house.
Also anyone have another way to reach Dra.Duran she ideally was my first pic. But I cant get quote from her
Im so excited about my journey I think Im officially obsessed with getting it done.
I just want it to go well and safely .
Time to start collecting surgery supplies also ...wanna buikd my stockpile slowly but surely.

Wish Pic

Super Jealous Moment Dot Com

Sooo I have been planning this surgery and goin crazy looking at reviews and reviewing Dra.Yily and Dra . Durans work and I even got my friend recruited to get surgery with me. For some reason tho I cant get quote from Dra.Duran I even tried WhatsApp . Dra.Yilly has responded to everything E-mail and WhatsApp but Duran was my first pick for doctors. Now my friend who started trying to plan her BBL journey after me emailed Dra.Duran after me and Dra.Duran responded right away but referred her to Dra.Cabral but I dont know why. UGHHHHH this is so fustrating why cant I reach Dra.Duran and why is she not responding to email. So jealous my friend got to secure date and I didnt :(
In other news Dra.Yilly quoted me 4700 when I sent pictures on Whats APP
but she quoted 5500 via email with same pictures
Has anyine experienced this ....I req same surgies for both
I just want Dra.Duran to give me quote.
Does anyone know why Dra.Duran would refer someone to Dr.Cabral is that normal. My friend is a little nervous about getting surgery by Dr.Cabral.

Anyways good night guys

Quotes from Duran and Yilly and Cabral

Ok so its been a few days since I posted but I've still been on here researching aka stalking websites. I love the Google translate app which I guess Im late and all of you guys are already using. But anyways as stated in a previos post Yilly quoted 4700 and then 5500 weird but true. Duran ( the hardest one for me to contact btw) quoted me 6000 for everything meaning BBL BA and lipo or just 4000 if we take out breasts which I am not so 6000 it is.
I also received quote from Cabral he quoted 8500 really high and he is
recommending I lose ten pounds by January and thinks I should get implants. Iam not sure if I was talking to him directly or an assistant since we were communicating via WhatsApp but he was very nice. Took awhole because I was having to translate everything he said but yes very nice.
Yilly nor Duran recommended any weight loss. So I dunno whats that about


Seems so far away my surgery 1/5/2015 but still so close....
This summer weather makes me wish I did all this last summer....Anyone of you ladies going in January to see Duran or Yilly ?
I had friend that wanted surgery but Duran told her to lose 70 pounds and she's not sure if she will lose by January ...
Hope all you Duran dolls getting work this summer the best of luck . I'm going to purchase my flight next month and send Elizabeth depoist so it's exactly 6 months .

Still Team Duran

Soooo I haven't posted in awhile but I'm still actively researching , preparing and most importantly saving . I read one review where the patient was short $400 for a pre-discussed surgery with Dra.Yilly and then the patient wonders why Yilly is giving her attitude. I totally understand the concept of stuff happens ...situations cause you to not be fully prepared but in that case don't go . Also Yilly should remain professional no matter what. Can't wait to get to DR.Duran next January.

Switched Teams Yes Im down to be a Yily Doll

I switched to be a Yily doll....I love her work. I also love her work specifically on Rashida from Love and hip hop NY . I decided not to do my breasts just my lipo and fat transfer. I received a quote of 3K Im pushing my surgery up to October .
I have been in constant communication with Ms.Yily and I'm ready to get this surgery. All my supplies are purchased. Vitamins and such I also purchased my stage 1 garment from marenagroup.com. I puchased folic acid, bromelain, vitamin c,iron pill. I also got arnica for the post surgery bruising. Im so excited for surgery. I also love how good Yily has stayed in communication with me. If any Yily dolls headed to her aroung October 1st pls let me know ...
Take care ladies

Pictures of Yily and her work

can't wait till she gets her hands on me ??????

Angie's Recovery House

Made Reservations to stay @ Angie's Silohouette Recovery house in the double room ...I'm really excited surgery is about 29 days away ... I talked to Angie on WhatsApp she was very informative . I sent her deposit through Western Union of $100.
Wish I was doing my boobs but hey I can always come back...
I'm glad I don't have the added stress of getting a passport like some. I'm going to go back through my supply list to make sure I'm ready .... Hope everyone is doing well I can't wait for my BBL.

Quote from Yily

Confirmation for 10/1/2014

Hey ladies I'm gonna be a Yily barbie 10/1/2014 !!! I spoke with Yira she confirmed and sent confirmation email. My appointment tomorrow with my primary care physician fingers crossed that he gives me the prescriptions Yily is requesting.

Meet with my PCP - Scripts filled Yea!

Hey guys everything's going as scheduled meet with my primary care physician today ( for the first time ever btw ) and he gladly wrote me scripts for my procedure . He didn't know what Ronex was so he didn't give me that and he didn't know what Klossara was so I called Yira she said replace Klossara with diclofenac which he did - he substituted my heparin with Lovonox which they didn't have so the pharmacy had to order I included a picture everything's there except Lovonox . Also my magic foam and abdominal board and medical chux sheets delivered so I included that in the image...I am getting pretty excited ! I still have not secured flight but that's fine. I have an appointment with my cardiologist for my EKG and radiography on Monday ...So I'll hopefully get cleared for surgery here in the states...

flight booked So Excited??

Got my flight and everything ready to go ....Can't wait to go there and get back. I've been taking my vitamins trying to drink more water. My doctor said my pressure is a little on the high side so I'm trying to watch my sodium in take and relieve stress. My cardiologist did write a note for Yily saying he believes I am safe for surgery !!!! hope to meet fellow Yily dolls and RealSelf sisters when I go down. Oh also my BMI is 33.2 whew my weight is 225lbs which I carry pretty well since I'm 5'9 .

Drainage Massages

Drainage Massage DR
Massage Time!

Time is close - Time is close

So Sep 30th is officially ten days away That's the day I fly to Santo Domingo . My surgery with Yily is 10/1/2014. I went back to my PCP yesterday he said my blood levels were above 12.7 and my glucose and everything was good . He wrote me prescription for Vicodin ( thank God) also we made spot for him to check me for infection when I get back . I'm so freakin excited .

Still Getting Supplies

I leave for Santo Domingo in 8 days I am still packing getting last minute clothes for my trip. Not that I need much. Typical stuff you've see on other ladies trips list....antibiotics , granny panties wife beaters, PEZ,vitamins, I packed about 6 maxi dresses a couple pairs of sweats and a hoodie . I heard it freezes in CIPLA while your waiting pre-op. I really cant believe that I am leaving so soon. I messaged Yily if I could just wire her balance of money of my surgery instead of carrying the cash she did not respond yet though . My surgery is on 10/1/2014 and I am set to return to work on 10/20. I am almost postive I am not going to return on 10/20 I might try to strech this to November 1st. Anyways I know I owe you ladies some pre-op pics (I'm scared to post) but lovely ladies before were brave enough to share their pre and post op pictures so I shall as well. Still taking my vitamins cocktails everyday my Calcium, Iron,B-12, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Bromelain Pill and D3. I took D3 pills before all this pre surgery stuff started so I just kept it as part of my program. So tomorrow I will post my pre-op . Wishing you ladies well not much to report on .

Pre-op pictures Finally

So since I'm 7 days out from surgery I'm finally decided to post my pre op photos. So I'm getting BBL and lipo . I'm hoping for small waist definition and flat tummy. I'm sure Yily can work her magic . I truly want to do my breasts but I'll wait till next time. Again Yily quoted me 3000 and I am so excited to to be a Yily doll!

Anyone Know Good Massage Person IN Brooklyn, Ny

Any of my fellow real self sisters no know anyone in Brooklyn who can give me continued massages after surgery ? If you have any referrals that would be great !

My final Wish Pic decision

Miracle Watss
My wish picture is of the beautiful Miracle Watts I love her curves and her body definition !

Paid Recovery House in advance

So in an effort to not have to travel with so much cash .... I sent the money western union to Angie for Silouhette Recovery house . I am staying 10 days in double room at $75 a night * 10 = $750 . I did indeed find cheaper recovery houses but I love love love her reviews so that's why I choose that recovery house. I am 5 days pre-op and I am starting to get the jitters lol. Still packing ladies . I know I've been packing for like three months now. Anyways thank you all for the kind wishes and warm words . XOXO

Maybe Breast Lift Maybe Not

So I have 5 days till surgery ....I leave in 4 days . This morning like 5am I sent Ms.Yily pic of my boobs on WhatsApp and asked her how much more $$$ to just do a lift with no implants. Ms.Yily text me back 1,000 bringing my total to $4K for BBL and Lipo with breast lift. I am still debating whether are not to do it and just stick to original plan. This is so tempting though just to do everything for $4,000. Well thats all for now I'm still sipping on this pineapple juice :) Have A great Night LAdies

Leaving Tomorrow Night

So as usual on most trips I have this big suitcase...I really really really did try to keep light ;(. I'm a 100% packed though .Decided not to do my boobs ;( . Tomorrow night I have a direct flight to Dominican Republic from New York . I am supposed to arrive in DR @ about 11:30pm and then head to CIPLA for about 6:30am .
I'm getting nervous I really am I've wanted this for so long I'm trying to tie up loose ends here in NY . I think I pretty much got everything but there's always that 1 thing that people forget who knows as long as its not the Vicodin ...we good!
take care ladies . I prob won't lost again till after surgery ....best wishes xoxo to all Yily& Duran Dolls.

out of Surgery part 1

Ok so I have a lot to update you guys on . I arrived Wednesday morning about 1am. I was tired and I was hungry . I could not eat anything because I was scheduled for surgery in a few hours. My driver Carlos picked me up from the airport and drove me to the recovery house and picked me back up at 6:20.
I went Cipla met everyone it was a good day because Yily only had 2 patients and I was first she came in the room very sweet gave me a hug and was like OMG you have a fever . She started marking up my body and I got really naseous. Yily requested them to run tests and find out what's wrong with me. Hours later I'm hooked up to IV and they tell me I have really bad UTI and my surgery is cancelled :(

Out of Surgery Part 2

Sorry guys its taken me so long to update....Okay So after I was diagnosed with UTI Yily postponed surgery. They hooked me to an IV to break my fever and kept me in a room in CIPLA for about 6 hours. So when the fever came down Dr.Ana Cedano who is Yily's other assistant who speaks good English btw gave me prescription to go home (back to the recovery house) . Angie who owns Silhoutte Recovery house was checking on me the whole time I was so sad at this point. Anyways my driver Carlos came to get me and took me to go get my prescriptions and back to the recovery house I went. I was so sad. Anyways my UTI symtoms really started to kick in and I was having like lower back and abdominal pain and I struggled that Wednesday night and Thursday night. Thursday night I was really getting nervous that I wouldnt be well enough to get surgery so I took an amoxicillin/augmentin pill that I brought with m be and just like that pain was gone. Moving on So I headed for Yily office early Friday morning that was 10/3/2014 since I already di everything before like my labs all I needed to do was pay for my repeat urine exam for like $6 dollars and I was good to go. At about 10 am I was told I was good to go for surgery I got all marked up by Yily yes. BTW Yily is beautiful. So I they took me in for surgery at about 4:15pm . When they wheeled me in the operating room I met the anthesthiologist who prepped me to knock me out he speaks perfect English. I asked for Yily they brought her in she was so sweet she said not to be nervous and that I was going to be ok. After that I was snore status. I remember waking up in my room with my overnight nurse Seneida who was so sweet. I woke up feeling like a MAck Truck hit me teeth chattering body trembling. I was in so much pain. My ass hurt my stomach hurt everything hurt. Im really not exageratting . Yily came in about 11pm or midnight to check on me . That was really refreshing that I saw her the evening of my surgery to tell me everything went fine and go over surgery with me. I dont know what attitude the rest of people saw but I didnt get any attitude from her she was nothing but caring and attentive. Overnight staff kept chacking vitals providing pain medication and checking my blood. At about 10 am they told me I needed blood transfusio. My blood was 13.6 prior to surgery I dropped to 7.3 hemo after surgery. I was told I was in surgery for about 3 hours and 15 minutes. At about noon I paid $206 for two bags of blood and got my transfer of blood. At about 2 they took my catheter out and put my faja on. The faja made me hate the world and i got dizzy putting it on.
I got back to the recovery house about 4pm I was so tired and sore.I brought all my meds from New York so I didnt need to buy any in DR. I couldnt wait to get back to room to pop my vicodin. Overall surgery was a sucess.

Some pre-op /post op pix

Yily Doll

Feeling Swollen - Massage Time

I got referred to a lyphatic massage person here in NYC thats worked on past Yily patients and has good reviews. I hope she drains me like they did in DR. Oh and anyone in DR get your massages from the beautiful Yenny Acosta - text her on WhatsApp 829-885-3888 in Spanish shes so sweet her massages are $30 each I only got 7 because I was leaving soon but if I had more time I def would have got like 3-5 more she's so sweet and she got so much fluid out of me . So i hope the lady here in NYC does as good of a job. Also the girls that dont want to spend money to get massages your crazy ....You feel so much better after massage you need it some bring the extra cash to get as many as you can in DR no ones wants to look lumpy after surgery

Post Op Life Sucks

Lol so I'm like 17 days post op .... and I'm swollen .Not stiff anymore but Definitely sore . I do give off a whole lot of sexy in my clothes but I do not feel sexy yet! Sigh keep your Faja's on Ladies

45 Days Post Op

It's time for a much needed review - and I've been delaying it with all my pain after surgery and keeping up with massages getting back to my life I got very busy but all praises to Dr. Yily she did an amazingly beautiful job and Im going to post pix for you guys to see . She posted my 30 days post op pix on ig and ppl really loved it. I also have amazing review of my recovery house which was silhouette recovery house .Angie and her staff were wonderul and a few of the nurses I became so found of but I will put full review on seperate post. Lastly I have to do review for my ladies in NYC looking for massage therapist . I love my massage therapist she has massage salon here in Brooklyn but she is the absolute best and I had a massage lady before her that didnt get the job done. So at this point 45 days post op my pain has subsided greatly I went back to work 6 weeks post op that was my choice not necessary though to take so long if you dont want to or cant.

My Late Picturez

Here's the picture I'm sorry to anyone That genuinely was worried about my recovery Nd lack of posting she did a fantastic job. My healing has been really a roller coaster when I got back home the pain was more than I had expected on top of swelling and stiffness . Btw I'm still stiff ....lol im looking for pic of my CIPLA receipt for yall to post for authenticity lol ...I have to get ready for work Ilol keep posting I also will post pix of my swollen belly because boy did I swell God Bless and for everybody in Tristate area stay warm

Still posting pix


I feel so bad for not posting I'm trying To catch you guys up

More pictures

These are some right out of surgery pics my surgery was at about 4pm October 3rd most of these are October 4 -10th I left recovery house in 10/10 and came back to New York


I apologize that pictures are not in order but I have 2 phones so I'm posting from the gallery of two phones I will write in caption where I was in the healing process in the caption tho....and I'm trying to post as I find the pix while I have the time

7 1/2 weeks post op

Very happy with my results I'm already making arrangements to go back down for round 2 . #teamyily all day ..., I'm very sad about lose of doll last week I saw all the sad posts on ig . I believe she was a Robles doll . This surgery thing is very dangerous I still can't believe I did . I thank God for keeping me safe and healthy through my surgery . I hope all the future dolls best wishes and safe procedures take your pre-op vitamins and get checked out from your primary care doctor in the states and go to a cardiologist and get your hemo levels up even I had to have to bags of blood transfused in me because my blood dropped too low. Okay I'll stop preaching but just look at the doll we lost pictures I was getting so emotional because we do this for so many reasons not only physical not because we're vain because we just want to improve upon what we already have. Anyways that's all for now

Best in Boobs

As I get ready to plan round 2.... I wanted to know who you ladies recommend for best boob job work ....im going to start researching all over again I'm going to create second page for my round 2 journey ....so let me know ladies which DR doctor is best in boobs.


Pain is so minimal ....no complaints

Love my Yily

Still thinking about going for round 2 but thought I would give my RealSelf sisters an update smooches

Almost 7 months

Almost 7 months Pic update
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Pre-op post op Journey from fat to fabulous with the help of the lovely Yily #teamYily2014

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