Dr. Emmanuel Mallol works his magic again !!!!!!

So girls, I am finally posting my pics and...

So girls, I am finally posting my pics and beginning the review of this entire journey. I'm so excited... One thing I want to sat after reading several post by other people, If you are new on this journey.. remember this is your journey; no one elses. There may be people who have had a challenging experience in the DR or any other country including the US; however, due to the odds in numbers there will always be a chance that you may experience something less thatn what was expected. Once we embark on this journey, barring anything horrific, lets support each other by keeping it as positive as possible. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be honest about hour journey, but modest knowing that others have embarked on a similar journey and need the respect and support them as they move forward. I am looking forward to letting you all know how things are going. So far I have booked with Dr. Mallol, and am staying at the Armonia Recovery house fore 1-2 nights and 6 -7 nights at the Armonia Villas. I wanted to have a view while I was recuperating so I looked into the Armonia Villas and spoke with Mayra regarding what would be including, she is the owner and very helpful. If anyone else has stayed at the Armonia Recover House or Armonia Villas, please tell me about your experience.
Deposit to Mallol --> Check
Deposit to Armonia Recovery --> Check
Tourist Cards --> Check
Airline Ticket --> Check
Surgery Toolkit --> Check
Travel Buddy --> Check

Things I still need to purchase for my SX kit.

Getting healthier before surgery for a positive healing experience.

I usually weigh around 150, but have put on 10 pounds in the past year, so I'm really trying hard to exercise more, strengthen my core, and get back to my normal weight so that Mallol can base his advice on that normal weight. I dont to have surgery then look in the mirror with flabby arms, etc. so I have another month of strict exercise and diet.

Complete Surgery Kit List ~ Did I forget something?

So this is my complete surgery kit list. Please let me know if anyone sees anything that I forgot.

Wish Pics 1 ~ If only Mallol could perform miracles...

It was so hard for me to find wish pics. I think I'm going to be too picky for this process because I really could not find anything that I really liked. These are "ok", I do love Nicole Murphy's shape.

Updated Surgery Kit List

Here is the final list of things that we are bringing next week to the DR. Myself and my best friend will be having the surgery together. This is the list of things that we are bringing. We are staying at the Mansion Armonia Recovery House and the Armonia Villas. We will be donating any of the unused supplies to the Recovery house.

Leaving for The DR Tomorrow...


Surgery 9/14/16 Mallol

Great recovery from surgery. Note: Ladies always take your health seriously, ensuring that medical assistants and nurses thoroughly wash their hands. I would suggest bringing your own germicidal and requesting that they use it before touching you. The facilities are clean, and most everyone was very professional.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. is Mallol and so far the communication has been great. I have called in the evenings and he has answered the phone and addressed my questions either during the call or in an email the next day. So far I am scheduled to have a BBL. It's possible I may also have a mini tummy tuck also, but we'll see next week. I'm so excited I can barely sleep at night.... I'm going to have a friend recording during the trip, so I will post as much as I can, if not here then on Youtube.

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